First Sightings of ‘30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES’, Pre-Release Photos of Tomorrow’s New WWE DVDs

October 16, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Shipping to Stores!

The first sighting of WWE’s next three-disc DVD set, “30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES”, is above and comes to us via @WrestlingShop on Twitter ahead of the official release anywhere!

And right here at today we’re bringing you an exclusive sneak peek at the main feature which counts down the 30 greatest moments in Survivor Series history.

Check out the clips below for a first look at moment #27 (Roman Reigns winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2015… only for it to be stolen from him minutes later!) and moment #26 (John Cena’s return and Championship victory at Survivor Series 2008).

The full-length version of the “30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES” countdown will run for 1 hour and 10 minutes (see it all by pre-ordering now) and that will be accompanied by more than 6 hours of historic matches from the PPV event’s 30-year history; Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker, The Bad Guys vs. The Teamsters, Triple H vs. The Rock vs. The Big Show, Team Orton vs. Team Kingston, The Rock & John Cena vs. Awesome Truth, and Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar to name a few!

If that wasn’t enough there’s an Easter Egg confirmed for the content. You’ll be able to find this extra footage buried within the chapters of the countdown portion, presumably an extra #31 moment.

There’s not long to wait now to see everything included! WWE will release this DVD collection to fans in the UK exactly 1 week today, following a day later on the Tuesday to fans in the United States.

WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Cover Artwork

Get your copy of WWE’s new “30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES” DVD…

UK/Europe: Next Monday! Get the 30th Anniversary Survivor Series DVD on

USA: Next Tuesday! Pre-order the 30th Anniversary Survivor Series DVD here on

Australia: December 13th. Your pre-order is opportunity just went live at

Tomorrow, WWE debuts a new DVD series to fans in the United States — “Iconic Matches”.

This one is pretty similar to the Superstar Collection series from back in 2012 whereby one star is selected for a short profile compiling a handful of their matches from recent years. Originally found as a bonus in Mattel figure packs, these single-disc titles will each be sold at around the $9.99 mark in stores this week and will center around Roman Reigns, John Cena and Finn Bálor.

With thanks to WDN reader JayJayRock206 here’s a first look at “Roman Reigns: Iconic Matches”.

WWE 'Roman Reigns: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE 'Roman Reigns: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Back Cover

“Roman Reigns – Iconic Matches”

5 Unforgettable Roman Reigns Matches!

– Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan
– Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry
– Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
– Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns
– Roman Reigns Participates in a Battle Royal

WWE 'Roman Reigns: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork

Next up, “John Cena: Iconic Matches”. This has much the same style packaging and disc artwork as Reigns and while there are less matches featured on the DVD it has a similar overall runtime.

Look out for a few photos of the Finn Bálor edition in the coming days.

WWE 'John Cena: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE 'John Cena: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Back Cover

“John Cena – Iconic Matches”

3 Unforgettable John Cena Matches!

– John Cena vs. Mark Henry
– John Cena vs. Cesaro
– John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

Full Content Listing for Roman Reigns, John Cena & Finn Bálor “Iconic Matches” DVDs

WWE 'John Cena: Iconic Matches' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Justin says:

    For the Iconic Matches dvds, check $5 dvd bins at Walmart. Found Balors in it & did ring up $5.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      i went to a walmart and only found Roman Reigns one for 5 bucks no cena or finn was found

      • Justin says:

        I went back to the same Walmart & found one Cena & one Reigns but no Balor. I figured that there would be more than one copy of each which was weird being that there are multiple copies of other dvd movies in general in those bins. Another thing I noticed (off topic) was that WWE has fixed the year error on the Unreleased matches set.

        • Jeff Copeland says:

          i been to a few walmarts near me and so far no cena or finn even went to my best buy which had none. so far once again only one i can find is Roman Reigns aka BIG DAUG!!! xD

  2. RabidHeat says:

    I find these PPV anniversary retrospective sets to be quite superfluous if like me you already own every single PPV in full on the Tagged Classics, as Discs 2 and 3 literally don’t contain anything you don’t already have, and the main features usually aren’t all that on these sets either either (True Story of ‘Mania / Rumble, etc.) I can understand the benefit of them for those that don’t have all the PPVs though, and just want a summary.

    I am hoping this is the last post about the Iconic Matches DVDs, although I love how the articles always vaguely refer to “new DVDs” in the title to get us all excited thinking it’s going to be something more substantial, lol. 🙁 Clever, WDN.

  3. SCSA says:

    I received my 30 years of Survivor Series set today & so far after just watching the 30 greatest moments on Disc1, I must say that these moments could have been far more better! Most of them were good & great but some really sucked! e.g;

    #28 – A HEROS QUEST – CRAP! All we see is Kurt Angle in the ring being booed!
    #26 – THE WORLD CHAMP IS HERE – Cenas return as champ – Wasn’t as fun as watching an Austin return!
    #20 – CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL – CM Punk Vs Delrio – quite boring
    #6 – VIGILANTE – Very long and boring until Sting made his intro (A very short scene).
    #2 – CORPORATE TAKEOVER – A great moment to watch, however it could have been much longer, giving more scenes for The Rock!
    #1 – CHAOS IN CANADA – Again a great moment to watch, & even though this moment has been talked about a lot, it should have given more detail and length, being Number #1 on this set.

    The entire Moments disc is very short of 1hr 9mins 46secs.

  4. SCSA says:

    My set has been shipped & is likely to come by tomorrow morning I’m not so excited since it’s no Blu-Ray set☹️ though I’m looking forward to watching some of the matches as well as the 30 greatest moments of the WWF/E Survivor Series, though I must say that the no.26 moment of John Cena’s return was kinda boring

  5. Nicolas Hébert says:

    I like the countdown style DVD. This one will be great too I think!

  6. Robert emons says:

    Received all 3 iconic matches DVD this morning!

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