EXCLUSIVE: First Video Preview of WWE ‘Owen: Hart of Gold’ DVD/Blu-Ray Documentary

September 2, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Owen: Hart of Gold DVD & Blu-ray Documentary

It’s time to get a sneak peek of the “Owen – Hart of Gold” documentary!

The documentary will be available as the main feature of WWE’s new Owen Hart DVD and Blu-ray which right now is scheduled to be released to fans in Australia on December 2nd, fans in the United Kingdom on December 7th, and fans across the United States on December 8th.

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Check out the exclusive preview clip below (the very first official footage of “Owen – Hart of Gold” unveiled to date), and a reminder of the synopsis for the DVD/Blu-ray set.

Owen Hart was the youngest of 12 from the famous Hart Wrestling Family, and one of the most likable personalities in sports entertainment, Owen Hart was a champion who won the hearts of fans around the world.

For the first time ever, hear from his brothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues as they fondly look back on the life and career of one of sports entertainment’s greatest WWE Superstars!

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WWE: Owen – Hart Of Gold [DVD]
WWE: Owen – Hart Of Gold [Blu-ray]

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WWE: Owen – Hart Of Gold [DVD]
WWE: Owen – Hart Of Gold [Blu-ray]

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  1. Steven Jackson says:

    I am really excited to see the trailer for the Owen Hart set. I also like the amount of interviewees that look to have contributed to the set.

    I understand Martha having her reservations, but my opinion is this (as I have not put it on the internet before). Yes Owen should be here with us all and yes people can be blamed for his death and the aftermath, but for me, if I was one of Owen’s children or family, I would feel extremely humbled and privileged to be related to such a beloved and respected man. Not a wrestler, not a performer, not a superstar, but a man.

    One thing which is a recurring theme whenever people talk about Owen is that they never mention him in a wrestling ring, it is always outside the ring. The ribs, the kind gestures, the jokes and the passion he had for his family. While not directly dissociated with his wrestling career, that is what Martha wants people to remember, and that’s what they do remember.

    I am looking forward to this set, and I hope that it builds bridges for the WWE with Owen’s loved ones.

  2. Foley is Good says:

    Stampede Wrestling matches….yes please.

  3. superfrank says:

    I got chills watching this teaser, cant wait for the set. I hope they choose some good matches like king of the ring 94 against the kid, that was amazing.

  4. RCS1988 says:

    Trailer looks good. Hopefully they include some rare gems like Bret & Owen vs. Money INC, Owen vs. Sabu, & Owen vs. Angle.

  5. Nicolas Hébert says:

    WOW, great sneak peak!!! Can’t wait for December 8th!!! I preordered my Blu-Ray copy from Amazon.ca several weeks ago!

  6. Lemo says:

    Since WWE & NJPW is on good term i wonder if they will include some Owen matches in NJPW

  7. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Looks to be great. The only beef I have with this is if a 90 min to 2 hr doc could be done for this release, it could ( & should) be done for EVERY release. Just sayin.

  8. SCSA says:

    Documentary looks interesting 🙂 I just hope its at least as long as 1hr & 30mins or more & includes his rivlary with Bret Hart including his match against Bret at WM10.

  9. Justin F says:

    I’m definitely getting this for Christmas. I cannot wait to see footage that we fans have never seen of Owen before. This is going to be the DVD of the Year, DEFINITELY.

  10. attitude.era.4life says:

    great.. pleased to see that The Anvil Neidhart looks to be part of the doc..

    • Charlie Brick says:

      Great to see Jim “The Anvil” again. Hopefully they edit out the part in the documentary where his boss interrupts the interview and tells him to get back to the concession stand.

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