First WWE DVD Release of 2015 Revealed, Video Week Day #4 (Puppies!)

October 16, 2014 by Daniel Bee

We’ve dubbed this week “Video Week” here at, as we reveal short but exclusive preview clips of upcoming WWE DVD/Blu-ray titles each day until Friday.

Yesterday’s entry was a first look at the new Randy Savage documentary.

It rolls on today with a clip titled “Puppies!”, as shown above. You guessed it, a look at next month’s Attitude Era Volume 2 DVD, with new comments from Jerry Lawler!


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“The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014” looks to be the first WWE DVD scheduled for 2015, right now set for release in January. Like last year, there does not appear to be a Blu-ray version planned in North America nor Australia, but it could happen in Europe.

A preliminary synopsis for the upcoming DVD reads as follows:

WWE Superstars deliver 52 weeks of action on WWE’s most exciting TV Shows – RAW and SmackDown per year, with no off-season.

This 3 disc set compiles the most thrilling segments and matches from 2014. Witness the epic rivalries, shock moments, and all the biggest stars that defined the calendar year in WWE.

The “Best Pay-Per-View Matches” series, usually released late in the year, may have been cancelled. There are no indications right now of a new DVD in the works.

WWE Home Video 2015 Logo

The new Stephanie McMahon and Triple H “WWE themed” workout DVDs have been listed here at They are priced at $14.99 and release in early December.

In comparsion, Amazon has them for $12.73 each right now, up from around the $10 mark when they were first listed. Below is the synopsis for the Stephanie McMahon DVD.

Wish you had a ripped, sexy body like the extraordinary Divas of the WWE? Well, now you can! With the help of WWE mogul and mother of 3, Stephanie McMahon, you can achieve a lean, sculpted physique worthy of the main event.

Crafted by world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco, this system, complete with a 4-week calendar, transforms and strengthens the upper and lower body, chisels the abs, sheds fat with powerful cardio, and creates long, flexible muscle. Strong is the new sexy, so become queen of the ring and build your best body ever!

Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon - WWE Workout DVD

Here’s the cover artwork for the TNA Slammiversary 2014 DVD and a list of planned extras.

Fans in the UK can pre-order the DVD for release next month, here at

– Before The Bell Slammiversary XII
– Slammiversary XII Pre-Show
– Post Match Interview

TNA Slammiversary XII (2014) DVD Cover Artwork

There are two potentially good deals on out-of-print WWF DVDs to look out for today in eBay auctions. They are the “Undertaker: This is My Yard” DVD currently only $4.99 and the WrestleMania 16 DVD currently only $13.99. Find the links below and place your bids!

$4.99 – WWF Undertaker This Is My Yard DVD
$13.99 – WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD

WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD - Rare

The following 15 WWE DVD listings were among those that SOLD for the most cash on eBay last month and so far this month, headed up by the Vince McMahon signed WrestleMania Anthology box set ($225.00) and a sealed copy of the WrestleMania 17 DVD ($125.00).

$225.00McMahon Signed WrestleMania Anthology
$125.00WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD (Sealed)
$119.99Judgment Day 2002 DVD
$82.96Trish Stratus Collector’s Edition DVD
$59.99WWF Unforgiven 1998 DVD
$59.99Vengeance 2002 DVD
$49.99WWF Royal Rumble 2001 DVD
$45.00Eddie Guerrero Smackdown Tribute Show DVD
$44.99WWF Backlash 2001 DVD
$39.99WWF Survivor Series 2001 DVD
$39.99WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD
$39.99Backlash 2002 DVD
$39.99Tagged Classics IYH 14 & 15 DVD (UK Exclusive)
$39.99Tagged Classics IYH 17 & 18 DVD (UK Exclusive)
$36.00WWF Undertaker The Phenom DVD

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  1. Scott says:

    Its not a good sign if WWE in the future gets out of the DVD biz as well in so many ways these days this entertainment company looks very third rate not even second rate by some insiders

    Everyone seems to talk about how great a business guy VKM is and if that was the case he would realize “Best Of” went out in 2000 To make real money release volume sets of Raw via season’s Seeing over the last decade those are the hottest special releases in all of entertainment

  2. Tony Kegger says:

    *puppies not “RAW”

  3. Tony Kegger says:

    I remember that RAW and I wasn’t sure what Road Dogg meant when he said he wanted to see Debra’s RAW. I think I was 10 or 11.

  4. motorhead says:

    How about “Puppies” worked cause it was damn funny. The kind of joke you wouldn’t see anywhere else in a setting that only pro wrestling can offer. I’m getting tired of WWE apologizing for the Attitude Era content. Be proud of it, folks! It reshaped the business, won them the war, which somebody had to lose, and made the WWF a household name unlike anything before it. I loved the Era cause it never insulted my intelligence or treated the wrestlers like children like the current product does, like on RAW with Ambrose and Cena not having the guts to fight each other. Please, it’s wrestling. They’re not there to stitch socks and kiss children, dumbasses. Attitude Era worked cause it was closer to reality after WWF was doing so much to, like they are now, create their own reality in a world that just doesn’t exist. I am a wrestling fan, not a part of any WWE Universe. I want new spots, new action, new storylines, and new wrestlers. I’m sick of the same-old same-old, which is exactly why the Attitude Era worked. Now obviously by putting over the Attitude Era like gangbusters the WWE would be admitting that the workers and fans aren’t as tough as they used to be and that WWE has lost it’s balls, among other things. But, then again, the entire business needs to grow a new set and take the sport back from corporate shareholders. We were the original shareholder, with our tickets. Stop apologizing for greatness.

  5. LP1 says:

    Every Raw, SmackDown and PPV from 2014 is already available on the Network, so dropping the Best PPV matches is not surprising. Especially since it was only on DVD and not blu-ray. As for Best Of Raw & Smackdown, that’s another one that only makes sense if it’s on blu-ray. Releasing it just on DVD is pointless. I can watch them all in HD on the Network. And if there’s anything from Raw or Smackdown that I want to keep for my own personal collection I’ll just record it onto a blank DVD. Same exact quality as buying the DVD in store and cheaper. Now if they released on blu-ray then I’d buy it in a second to have it in HD.

  6. TheManInBlu says:

    I’ve got the Triple H workout on pre-order from Amazon 🙂 I never pick up the yearly Best of Raw and Smackdown but I have a feeling this may be the last year it’s being released since they seem to be cutting back on those types of releases. I’m gonna pick it up. The year 2014 (and what’s left of it) was a good year for WWE (most will disagree but I’m enjoying the product a lot this year).

    Any news on that rumored Best of WWE in Canada? I was excited about that…

    • Jayke1981 says:

      As someone who can’t see the show on TV, I find these Yearly Best of really fascinating. I already have Raw best of 2009, The 2011 Annual and the 2013 Annual.

  7. Timothy Thorpe says:

    No blu ray release for R&S 14 in North America again. Doesn’t surprise me. At least I got a region free blu ray player, so I’m prepared for it.

  8. Jayke1981 says:

    Small question, will the Triple H and Steph DVDs be available in the UK?

  9. King5555 says:

    Youtube AGAIN?! Come on!

  10. Lemo says:

    got a question regarding highspot? How do they own all those footages abd dvd’s? They have such a fantastic collection from all over the world.

  11. Richard says:

    Its unfortunate the ‘Best PPV Matches’ may have been canceled but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. With Punk gone and Bryan on the shelf for most of the year, there hasn’t been that one workhorse guy to consistently deliver superb PPV matches (please no Dolph Ziggler references).

    From my recollection, the only matches worthy of such a DVD were:

    Bryan-Wyatt (Royal Rumble)
    Shield – Wyatts (Elimination Chamber)
    Bryan – Triple H (Wrestlemania)
    Shield-Evolution (Payback)
    Wyatt Family-Usos (Battleground)
    Rollins-Ambrose (Summerslam)
    Sheamus-Cesaro (Night of Champions)

    I could easily see these matches on such a DVD but anything beyond that would have been just really pushing it.

  12. attitude.era.4life says:

    aaaaah.. they don’t make them like that anymore, Eras! he he he

    Likely no Best of PPV matches, huh!? no surprise for me, cos this year, so far we only have had 2½ real Best of like matches:

    Bryan vs Wyat at Rumble.. and the Wyatts vs. Shield at Elimination chamber.. + the shocking ending of the Streak.

    Not enough to fill a Best of set, and I really don’t see anything else coming that would be enough to fill it up, since the weird concept of Best of PPV was to end with Hell in a Cell..

    and that stipulation for years is being downplayed so bad, that not even a match that looks good on paper: Ambrose vs. Rollins, can turn out to be brilliant.

  13. John Peterson says:

    I guess TNA Is done releasing DVDS for us in the U.S.

    Here is what I wanna see on The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2014;
    Jake The Snake’s return
    Warrior’s promo the day before he passed away
    Orton Vs Cesaro from Smackdown in Feburary
    Ambrose Vs Rollins from Raw the night after Summerslam
    Rock’s confrontation with Rusev
    The Shield Vs Swagger and Cesaro from Raw in March
    Evolution’s Return
    Undertaker and Brock contract signing.
    Neville and Zayn Vs Breeze and Kidd from the ” Season Premiere” Episode of Raw

    I wish they would release a best of NXT 2014 DVD.Be a great way to introduce NXT To fans who don’t have the network.So many great matches this year from NXT.

    • David says:

      TNA are just releasing DVDs in the US very slow since they produce them in-house and with their financial trouble probably could see none at all for now.

      Bound for Glory 2013 for example was available on around May this year – about 7 months after the PPV aired.

      If they follow the same pattern we will probably see Slammiversary 2014 and three One Night Only events around Nov-Dec in the US.

      • LP1 says:

        Producing DVDs is the least of TNAs problems. They better hope they have a new TV deal in place come January or there won’t even be a TNA.