FremantleMedia Drops UK WWE DVD Prices, TLC 2012 DVD Released Today

January 15, 2013 by Daniel Bee

FremantleMedia were today in contact with us concerning your response to yesterday’s article about their intended WWE DVD and Blu-ray pricing structure in UK/Europe.

I thought I would contact you direct to update you on WWE DVD pricing, as we have been following the comments very closely on WWEDVDNews over the past few days.

Firstly, we do read ALL the comments made on WWEDVDNews and reply to ALL emails quickly and give as much detail as possible to answer the fans questions.

We have received many emails asking about pricing and we understand it is a sensitive subject especially in today’s climate.

FremantleMedia have spent a lot of time debating internally pricing for the new website and recently told fans who asked the question our initial thoughts on pricing.

We have read every single comment on your website as this kind of feedback good or bad is both welcomed and appreciated. FremantleMedia as a result have now decided to further review its pricing for New Release products and can announce the following prices:

Night of Champions DVD – RRP £17.99 (our price £12.99)

Night of Champions Blu-Ray – RRP £19.99 (our price £13.99)

Hell in a Cell DVD – RRP £17.99 (our price £12.99)

Hell in a Cell Blu-Ray – RRP £19.99 (our price £13.99)

Top 100 Raw Moments DVD – RRP £29.99 (our price £19.99)

Top 100 Raw Moments Blu-ray – RRP £34.99 (our price £22.99)

The Attitude Era DVD – RRP £29.99 (our price £19.99)

The Attitude Era Blu-ray – RRP £34.99 (our price £22.99)

Live in the UK (DVD only) – RRP £17.99 (our price £12.99)

Best PPV Matches DVD – RRP £29.99 (our price £19.99)

Best PPV Matches Blu-Ray – RRP £34.99 (our price £22.99)

Survivor Series DVD – RRP £17.99 (our price £12.99)

Survivors Series Blu-Ray – RRP £19.99 (our price £13.99)

TLC 2012 DVD – RRP £17.99 (our price £12.99)

TLC 2012 Blu-Ray – RRP £19.99 (our price £13.99)

I am also pleased to confirm that we will be offering fans a further 10% discount if they purchase 3 or more titles in one order. reading the comments this seemed to be very popular with fans when introduced by the previous licensee.

To clear up one other point ALL UK deliveries will be sent free of charge. There will however be a charge for international deliveries until such time that we setup local distribution within the territory, at which stage we can review.

The website is at testing stage and we recognise that the first release Night of Champions on 21st January 2013 is not far away, so we hope to launch the site on Thursday. Anyone who has registered their email address at will receive an email from us confirming the site is live and we will also inform WWEDVDNews when we have confirmation the site is about to go live.

Welcome any feedback on the above and hope this goes someway to showing the WWE fans that we will listen to them and welcome their comments. We have already started looking at some of the great product ideas / concepts suggested.

Kind regards and appreciate your continued support. – The New Home For WWE DVD and Bluray

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012 is released on DVD today to the United States. You can get hold of your copy now by clicking here.

The extra on the DVD is a post match interview with Dolph Ziggler.


Also available at, and next month to Australia at

For a limited time you can take 20% off any order of $20+ (including DVDs or other products). To take advantage, use promo code “RAW20” at checkout.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. legend_killer says:

    Is that what they call “testing a website”? You can’t even select a country other than the UK to ship to … “sigh”

  2. Simon says:

    The site looks really good, and I’m pleased with the sheer quantity of back catalogue titles they’ll be stocking. Wish I hadn’t rushed to buy so many from Silver Vision now, as most of the cheap titles turned up with Spanish inserts and/or missing inserts, German discs, inferior packaging and lord knows what else. Here’s to the future!

  3. Anonymous says:

    £9.99 for the back titles that Silvervision are selling for £5 and £6?

    • Simon says:

      Silver Vision are only retailing those titles for £5 and £6 because they’re closing down and having a blowout sale. £9.99 is a good price, IMO.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They’re using Sage Pay so it will be payment up front like Silvervision

  5. Anonymous says:

    The only thing cheaper than Silvervision is CM Punk dvd for £14.99

  6. Anonymous says:

    The site looks pretty good. Now i just gotta wait for the Attitude Era to be available to buy!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice looking site.

    Still not happy paying more here than SilverVision though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock……………………..Yeah just as i though lets not get our hopes up about seeing this new site today as usual. What’s next pushing back their release dates?

  9. AttitudeEraFan says:

    they up and running

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else think Tag might be a staff member of Fremantle under cover as he seems to defend them like they were family.

  11. AttitudeEraFan says:

    This is making my day, the criticising of fremantle and no website
    Least its keeping me entertained haha

  12. Mark D says:

    We have heard from a representative that WILL be live today, please be patient folks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They should’ve just stuck with Silvervision if it aint broke why fix it! Silvervision could’ve easily have got the digital downloads sorted.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Seeing as how if Fremantle are only gonna be using iTunes & not something that is exclusive to themselves SilverVision could have easily sorted doing Digital Download content themselves using iTunes.

  14. AttitudeEraFan says:

    Why did WWE even give this Company the Licensee for WWE DVD’s
    We need Vince McMahon down here and Shout the Words to the person who is meant to have gotten the website running

    Yourrrrrrrrrrrr Fireeeeeeeeeeeeed

  15. AttitudeEraFan says:

    do they even have staff??
    are they even a company who is dedicated in releasing WWE DVDs and loving it at the same time…
    Sadly nope

    • Tag says:

      Is it still THURSDAY? Yes the site is late I’m as frustrated as anyone but they still saying its going live if you don’t want to order from the site don’t but remember this company now has the license if we like it or not !!! If Fremantle don’t go live today I will join all the critics

    • Tag says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    If people / staff of Fremantle are reading the articles & topics on here why can’t a representative make a quick comment to let us know what the hell is going on. Surely tests don’t take this long, they’ve been saying there going up to posters on here since 9:00 / 9:30.

  17. AttitudeEraFan says:

    4.21pm no website.

    Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzzzz

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope people put on this website about the service you get from them ,has I am not buying any straight away ,I thought they was giving cm punk signed dvd sleeves away at this rate it will be the first 25 who buy off them on Monday

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m also worried about the service as well.

      As mouth as people may say oh, move on or oh, SV at in the past, you can’t deny SV’s EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE! Whether it be replacing faulty items, faulty cases, delivery times, etc, etc.

      Whoever has the guts to order from them first I’ll also be doing the same to wait & here about the kind of service you get.

      • Anonymous says:

        What with them getting the prices wrong ,no website running ,no twitter or Facebook employee,who saying they have employed anyone to pack your orders lol

    • Tag says:

      Why a bad service they said it will go live Thursday when they don’t announced the reduced pricing and posted earlier they told me when I emailed them it will go live today, we can all slag them off but I still don’t see yet what that done wrong

      • AttitudeEraFan says:

        You need to proof-read your comments before you post, Your not making any sense with that grammar
        ‘What that done wrong’
        Who in the blue hell is that, its they Fremantle

      • Anonymous says:

        They told a fan who passed on info to this site it would be Wednesday they then pushed the date back to Thursday ,I would say they finish at 5 pm today so there’s not much hope today

  19. AttitudeEraFan says:

    They still have not got the website up and running…. Lol kinda expected this from them, you would think in this day an age it would be pretty easy to get a website running, don’t come out with how would you know etc bull… i dont care, been 17 days since they took over they should have really got the website prepared around late december to get it running as early as possible in early january.. lot of people are already not happy with fremantle and delaying the website even more is even more not a good impression..
    Comon Fremantle get up your backsides and get the website up and running!!

    • Tag says:

      I just emailed them they told me the site will be live today

    • Anonymous says:

      This is an absolute joke! Don’t say you’re gonna be up & running Thursday unless you can stick to your word!

      Is there any chance if the site going live before Midnight?

      I’m beginning to lose hope in this company more & more.

      As AEF says, surely the testing stages of the site should have been done in December, in fact, they should have been getting ready to go love January 1st. 17 days & we’re still waiting, bad firm Fremantle, bad form!

      • AttitudeEraFan says:

        17 days and still counting, is this what you call company dedicated to listen to is fans, yeah right, cant even get the basic right in running a website for people to actually buy dvd/blu-rays, i dont care what the problem is, if they want me to be customer they need to set a good impression, thats the whole point of business is to attract customers and set a lasting impression that will make the customer shop at their business for many years to come.. i dont see that happening… lol they set out the prices yet no website.. they pre-orders for dvds like night of champions 2012 are already available to pre-order at places like who actually care about their customers and having a successful business.. Yet fremantle are the official distributors for WWE dvds in UK/Europe/Africa…
        I think FreMantle need to take some tip’s from other website.. clearly can see their struggling which obviously they wont say to make sure they dont lure potential customers away…
        The Website should be up and running if they promised today,
        its 4.14pm afternoon as of posting this comment
        What they waiting for.. i know its cold currently in the UK but i dont think thats a excuse unless their too lazy and just mopping around drinking tea…
        Hurry up we aint got all day..
        I will see it from my own eyes..
        Dont take their word..
        The prices they changed was deliberate cause they wanted people talking.. To get a lot of praise and say look at fremantle listening to us.. they dont care about us they want money.. when it comes to making money and people like us.. money always win its what motivates them in everyday life..
        Those were the original prices anway..
        They aint guna admit it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t agree more! We are waiting Fremantle.

      • Tag says:

        They have stuck to everything so far and been great on communication, every email I sent asking questions I have had a reply, so I want to believe it will to go live today and hope it does as they said … I have registered at so waiting for the email !! Will be annoyed like you if doesn’t go live today ..

  20. £££ says:

    A lot of their 2009 dvd’s going for as little as £2.99

  21. £££ says:

    Just a heads up have reduced a lot of their WWE dvds as of late. I guess they have also been told to sell off their Silvervision stock.

    • Mark D says:

      They could also be on sale because are closing down their direct retail business and changing to a marketplace business in the spring.

  22. Anonymous says:

    From what I’ve seen on amazon the prices are very similar. I do hope the site has releases avilable before other retailers, I remember I got cm punks DVD from silvervision before it was out anywhere else

  23. Tag says:

    I just emailed them they replied saying they are working hard to get the site live today at some point …

  24. Anonymous says:

    I bet when it comes to tomorrow they will announce that the site will go live next Monday or something. Their 1st release is gonna be out before they are up and running!

  25. RabidHeat says:

    Either way you slice it though, they’re basically £2 dearer on everything than SIlverVision were, which will be quite a lot of extra dough spent over time if you’re a regular buyer. So it is a shame.

    • Tag says:

      Not on everything some of the bigger 3 disc packs they £22.99 which I buy mostly are the same price but I see what you mean the other still an increase but not as bad as first announced

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dont get smart Roly. Calling me a tit? You can tell you dont know me buddy!

  27. AttitudeEraFan says:

    Summerslam 2012 DVD re-released by Fremantle Media is available to pre-order at for £7.49 and at Sainsbury Entertainment for £6.99
    The same goes for No Way out 2012 and TLC 2011!!

  28. Null Unit says:

    It would be nice to hear what they’re doing with the digital rights. iTunes? Netflix? Something else?

  29. Anonymous says:

    will wwedvdnews break the news on here or twitter when femantle go live ,can you tell us daniel

  30. CS 22 says:

    I live outside the UK. Hopefully the international charge will be something minimal. Silvervision was pretty helpful in that aspect. Other than that, thanks for taking the time Fremantle. Can’t wait for the website’s launch.

  31. Frosty says:

    For those of you asking for certain releases from Fremantle it’s not gonna happen. They can only release DVD/Blu-ray titles of what WWE actually sends them to release. The only reason Silvervision could release their own stuff it was because they still had the master tapes from the originals from years back. Fremantle will not be able to do this as they have no master tapes like Silvervision have to do so!

    • Les Dennis says:

      Everything that is in SilverVision’s possession though such as Master Tapes & the like will all be going to Fremantle after June 30th, so they’ll be able to produce whatever they get their Hands in & receive from SV.

      • Silvervision Staff says:

        Actually we at Silvervision keep those master tapes but we are not allowed to make profit from them what so ever come 30th June. As far as Fremantle goes they will be able to do a Tagged Classic kind of theme if WWE are willing to send them a back catalogue of hard copys!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr frosty, les Dennis and Silvervision staff ,who next zippy George and Bungle?

  32. Anonymous says:

    If WWE themselves didn’t release ppv’s from 2008 in blu-ray what are the chances of Fremantle doing it? Not gonna happen

    • Tony The Tiger says:

      Never say never!

      I’m sure this is something WWE & Fremantle will discuss between themselves.

      There’s a big market & sales to be capitalised on with those titles so it’s something Fremantle could try & persuade WWE on.

  33. Lendus1985 says:

    I respect Fremantle for taking the time to read our comments and making a good decision based on our feedback. You can’t argue with that.

  34. StevieB says:

    Fremantle you cunning swines lol they were always going to do the prices at that, they said they would be more simply to gain a reaction. Then they can come out and say “we’ve listened to our customers etc etc” its cheeky but its worked since now we all feel we have made a change happen……when we havent. Well played Freemantle

  35. Reality CHeck says:

    It would really be awesome if Fremantle were able to re-release the Tagged Classics without being in Region 2. I know I’d buy them ALL if they didn’t have the PAL look.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m hoping that when old footage is on Blu Ray’s that Fremantle can sort out the aspect ratio so that those boarders down the sides are cut off.

      I hate having to zoom or stretch the picture on my TV to hide them.

      Other than that, some of the old WCW & ECW Footage looks very clean & crisp on Blu Ray almost as if it were actual HD Footage.

      Just the aspect ratio & cropping needs sorted out badly!

      • Tomko says:


        Some of the archived footage from back in the day looks great on Blu Ray discs, but those stupid boarders down the side do ruin it for me & I also have to stretch / zoom the picture to avoid seeing them.

        Aspect ratio & cropping should be looked into on archived footage on Blu Ray’s for sure.

        • StaggerLeeLover says:

          We should all disregard the comments of anyone who admits to stretching 4:3 footage to fill up their 16:9 sets. Inexplicable, as it only serves to alters the footage for the worse.

          • Tomko says:

            I’d rather do that than have those stupid bars going down the sides, hopefully Fremantle can convert / sort out the 4:3 aspect ratio problems when on Blu Ray discs & being watched on 16:9 sets.

            • Nash&Travolta says:

              There is NO aspect ratio problem. The ‘bars’ are there to insure that. I agree that the artwork for some of the bars on some of the sets has been tacky and unnecessarily bold, but they are there in an attempt to save you from yourself. WWE doesn’t want their footage compromised by stretching it to proportions that were not actual and only serve to muffle the picture. Is a square squished into a blurry rectangle really more pleasing to the eye than a perfectly crisp square with a border?

              • Dave says:

                People should understand Fremantle or any other Distributor/Supplier don’t control how the content is displayed. WWE send them master files/tapes and they simply produce them on DVD/Blu-ray. Watch the Silver Vision video on how they make DVDs and Blu-rays.

                WWE have been putting their DVDs in 16:9 for the last 3 years, any SD footage will have the bars, people just have to deal with it. Majority of WWE/F ppvs and footage are on 480i tape, and its impossible to transfer to 1080i/p HD filling up the entire screen 16:9 screen – unless its on film.

                True Story of Wrestlemania for example, they zoomed the footage to 16:9, and it looked like crap, since it was cropped. Adding sidebars are the way the footage is suppose to be seen and making sure you get the full unaltered picture.

                The only thing is the designs and colors they add to sidebars, the way they did the nWo and Attitude Era DVDs/Blu-rays was good.

                • Tomko says:

                  Well, that is a damn shame.

                  I find if you try to watch it with the bars down the sides if the screen, plain or otherwise is just far too distracting on the Eye & takes away from watching the match.

                  Changing the picture size for me is actually more appealing on the Eye & a lot less distracting than the bars.

                  Oh well, guess I’ll just have to continue enjoying watching archives media stretched on my screen.

                • Reality CHeck says:

                  If the must release it in 16:9 what they could and should do is instead of making colorfully-designed pillars/sidebars/borders, just release it with black sidebars. It’ll accomplish what they set out to do and it’ll satisfy those of us who can’t stand the colorful distractions on the left and right of our screens.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Not all SD footage has bars, anything from February 2008 onwards is in 16:9.

  36. Chris says:

    firstly thanks to freemantle for listening to fans, this is appreciated 🙂 secondly I think it would be a fantastic idea to release older style wwf ppvs and also best of raws etc without the blurring and censorship, I think this would be popular, also it would be good to see a best of Raw from 1993 etc to 2013, i.e 8 hours worth of content per year, in a boxset, this could also be the same for Smackdown. If these were released then I would buy them to relive memorable moments again. I would also be happier to buy content without the blurring etc then with the censorship. Just an idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully this is why WWE have paid the WWF more money recently as it pertains to the blurring & censorship if the WWF Scratch Logo.

      Blurs & Pixelated Squares are so annoying!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I just want their site to go live so we can have a snoop around.

  38. Gaz says:

    Great news and good to see Freemantle listen to their customers. Looking forward to seeing what the website is like and spending loads on pre-orders.

  39. Gavin says:

    The review in pricing is definitely a step in the right direction. But the pricing for PPV’s still seem quite expensive… I am also concerned about postage costs as they relate to shipping orders to the Republic of Ireland?

    The previous licensee (Silvervision) provided free shipping for the UK and Ireland. I would hope this would continue.

  40. Thomas Goodearl says:

    I think the initial reaction on the first set of prices was very harsh as they are a business that needs to make money at the end of the day, look at HMV, they are the biggest retailer in the UK of DVD’s & it may be one less place to get WWE DVD’s from soon.

    Be thankful we are actually getting these releases in the UK & give Fremantle a break and wait & see what kind of service they actually provide before you judge them too harshly.

    • Luke Cage says:

      There’s ‘Making Money’ & then just being plain greedy! Why do you think HMV have died the greedy Bastards! Hope they stay dead & nobody else tries to buy them out or save them, unless they plan to review all of their rip off prices & review HMV’s pricing structure on items.

      Only thing I’ll miss from them is the 3 Blu Ray’s for £20 offer & 5 Blu Ray’s for £30 offer. Other than that, the shit themselves in the Foot.

      Good Bye & Good Riddance!

      • Iron Fist says:

        Too true. I like quite a lot of TV Shows & tend to buy the boxes sets. I saw one of the complete series DVD boxed sets of Waterloo Road, £50 in there, £22 online. Sons of Anarchy when they first came out on Blu Ray were £50 each, only now at HMV’s time of need hVe they brought them down to £20.

        Don’t even get me started on HMV’s prices for WWE DVD’s & Blu Ray’s, absolutely ludicrous & ridiculous! This is why people buy online because everything is cheaper & stores just can’t keep up. Online sales will eventually kill most shops other than grocery & Digital Download content seems to be the future which will eventually kill Video Games, CD’s, DVD’s & Blu Ray’s being produced on physical disc.

        • Daredevil says:

          I’m not particularly a fan of Digital Download content personally myself, but it does seem that’s the way the future will go eventually. I just hope Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo make Consoles that can store a lot of downloaded games & Blu Ray Players or whatever future Media content holders are built to store a load of films.

          Nothing should or will ever beat actual discs though.

    • The Punisher says:

      HMV are finally getting their punishment after conning and ripping off customers for years.

      Please take note Fremantle, this is where greed eventually gets you wound up. People just stop buying and spend elsewhere.

      • Thomas Goodearl says:

        Yeah, I work for HMV and may be about to lose my job! Thanks for your sensitivity & online can sale cheaper as they have less staff & 1 building, HMV have over 200 locations and 4000 staff so prices are that way so they can actually pay their staff.

        • Luke Cage says:

          Sorry to hear about you losing your job, hey, I have friends who work in many HMV stores too, it’s know knock in the staff who work there, but at the end if the day, even you can’t agree with the prices they charge / charged for items, regardless of how many staff / stores / overheads there is. People aren’t gonna spend atrocious prices.

          I know HMV staffing don’t do the prices & yous aren’t to blame, but whoever was doing the pricing of things were going ridiculously WELL OVER the RRP! They must have been smoking something!

          So at the end of the day, if HMV are gonna have these silly prices means people are less inclined to spend money or buy in store, this, going elsewhere & in turn not making sales meaning staff are gonna take a hit, so in essence, it’s HMV’s own fault for causing the downfall of their stores & putting you guys out of the job.

        • The Punisher says:

          I think we all have sensitivity toward those losing their jobs, but I know myself & many others are not going to show sensitivity towards HMV as a company not showing sensitivity to our wallets!

          I mean really, where did they get off charging £20 – £30 more on items?

          Look at the SOA Box sets as an example above.

          Hell, look at WWE, I can go to SV & get it for £11.99 or I can go to HMV & pay £30 or £35. Even if they had bumped it to £15 or £16 at most for an in store price to cover other costs, fair dues, but as you can see, just another greedy, money grabbing company.

          It’s not just HMV that are like this though, plenty of others are exactly the same & no doubt they will soon shut shop sooner or later. Everybody’s probably best off looking for Call Centre work as High Street Shopping is a dying trade.

  41. joshuamontell says:

    Until there’s no free shipping costs across Europe, I wont order anything. Until then I’ll be spending my money on classic WWE titles at SV,

  42. Anonymous says:

    Just think we could have been paying £34.99 or £29.99 rrp prices lol

    • Anonymous says:

      There is absolutely no way I would have paid any or either if those prices, not even if Fremantle were the last company on earth selling WWE DVD’s & Blu Ray’s. I’d just download DVD & Blu Ray rips.

  43. David says:

    Now, just need to find out more details about life after WWE for SV 😉

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Selling TNA DVDs in 5-6 months seems to cover it. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Could you post on tna dvds ,Daniel or is it wwe only

        • Tomko says:

          I’d imagine they can once SV are allowed to officially announce things & they are selling the TNA product.

          However, doesn’t that then defeat the purpose of the site being called WWEDVDNews? LOL.

          Would we then get a site called TNADVDNews or will we perhaps see some sort of name change to this site once covering both WWE & TNA?

          • Daniel Bee says:

            We can report on anything we like and we once had a TNA section, but the name – the brand – is WWEDVDNews so it just makes sense to concentrate on WWE DVDs and stick to that niche. It’s what we do and what you expect, right? 🙂

    • Tomko says:

      Not before June 30th at least!

      Glad to know they’re getting TNA, but would love it if they looked into ROH & PWG as well, SilverVision would be a great way of exposing Indy Wrestling to the mass market instead of kids & casuals thinking WWE is the be all & end all of Wrestling or what Wrestling really is.

      Only reason they can’t get more fans is lack of exposure, SV could get TNA, ROH, PWG & anybdy else who they could potentially work with exposure tadvertising their DVD’s through all the Wrestling mag ads & of course ads in the newspapers.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        I agree, though if they fully concentrate on TNA they could probably breathe some life into TNA DVD (and hopefully Blu-ray) releases and help further exposure to the company in Europe. In turn Silver Vision could build up a new unique business with a head start because of their existing customer base, and it’s win-win for both parties.

        • Tomko says:

          TNA Blu Ray’s would be a god send!

          I just hope they’re all Single Disc releases instead if the double disc sets they have been doing.

          I like my PPV’s to have their own, individual cover.

          That bothered me with the Tagged Classics releases as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        TNA REALLY??? not for me Personally !!!The minute it actually makes any impact on WWE sales Vince will probably buy them and close them down …I thought it stood for Tits N Arse !!! Sorry bad joke its late

  44. Mr Disc says:

    RVD_MR_PPV_420 Must have a real boring life he has about 80 posts on this topic.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      Nope, not really Mr Dick, my Life is absolutely fine Thank You, just a passionate fan & a passionate buyer & don’t like feeling like I’m being screwed by companies that is all.

      I’d rather pay £10.99 for an item instead of £12.99

      I’d rather pay £11.99 than £13.99 for an item

      I’d rather pay £17.99 than £19.99

      If you want to pay a couple of quid more, than by all means go ahead, we’re all entitled to our own opinions & porogatives to pay more or less for something & I am just voicing my opinion.

      Maybes we should have just kept quiet ey & then nothing may have even been done at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s good for the uk Fans.

  45. ryan says:

    I really hope Fremantle continue the Tagged Classics Collection – lots of peeps would buy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the Tagged Classics are already out there there wasn’t many more they could’ve released!

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        Still a good fair few things from the Colliseum Video releases that SilverVision never got round to converting to DVD, so there are still some titles Fremantle could do if they wanted to continue doing Tagged Classics stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          True i asked Silvervision about a British Bulldog release from around 1992 but they said they wouldn’t get round to doing it as the license thing came up.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope the website is nothing like now that’s a badly maintended site

  47. benoit.lecoq says:

    rvd_mr_ppv_420… i over exaggerate so as to try to make people like you understand that complaining is sometimes good but you should also admit when something is good. the fact that they drop the prices is great. Why they don’t put the same prices with SV???? I can’t tell you. They have maybe extra cost with the website or with anything else or maybe it’s just to make more money… only Fremantle knows. My point is that yesterday as many other future customers of Fremantle i was really pissed. Today they just proved that they want to please the fans. They could just keep their prices likes this because at the end most of the people would continue to buy the dvds and blu-rays even if they are more expensive. The only thing i say is that some people are never satisfied of anything. So of course i exaggerate but in a way u exaggerate too keeping complaining about the prices. Silvervision is not the distributor of WWE so keep living in the past and we’ll just enjoy the future with Fremantle.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      I never said that the compromise WASN’T GOOD, yet I still think things could be better!

      I WOULD BE SATISFIED if the pricing points cut be kept the same & that would just end this whole fiasco altogether!

      Eeeeeeee, REALLY? SilverVision aren’t the distributor of WWE anymore, I was not aware of this, Thank You ever so much for clearing that up for me!

      At least in the past, things were PERFECT!


      • Anonymous says:

        rvd_mr_ppv_420 you obviously not going to buy from the new website which is your choice but majority of posts are happy Fremantle have listened which means they will listen to other ideas “not just pricing moans” I get it we all want lower pricing but there must be a reason why they not just matching SV prices or they would have done it … All good debates either way and glad we have a new website (hopefull)

        • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

          I never said I wasn’t going to buy, at the end of the day it’s the only place where we’re going to get our WWE Fix from, the comment about Sainsbury’s was just merely a theory. I’ll jsut have to grin & bare the extra charges, but it’s worth trying to make a stand than none at all.

          That may & well be the case, if it could be justified why they need to increase the products by £2 that would maybes help a little.

    • Anonymous says:

      RVD makes a perefctly valid good point. Why pay more?!

      It’s not like he’s suggesting that we pay anything less, just that we’d like to pay the same as what SV were charging & you’re an idiot if you’d like to pay more for something.

      • Tomko says:

        I also concur with this statement.

        • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

          Thanks guys.

          Hey, Benoit.Lecoq is entitled to his own views & opinions & if he wants to pay more for things, well, that certainly is his porogative.

          But I & many others don’t want to pay more for things in today’s age & climate. I’ll still stand by saying that asking for the SilverVision price points to be kept is quite reasonable & justifiable & not an exaggerative request, ya know, unlike asking for DVD’s to be £5 or Blu Ray’s for £7.


  48. Benoit.Lecoq says:

    The conclusion of this post is that WWEdvdnews is the voice of the voiceless.

    • Roly says:

      I think many of the posters on here are naive.

      Has it not occurred to anyone that they intended to go with these prices all along, but announced the higher ones so that when they dropped them it made them look good (and still be able to charge more than Silvervision in the process?

      Extremely clever marketing if you ask me.

  49. Benoit.Lecoq says:

    Some people are never happy. Really!!!! You know many companies which are reading the comments of the fans and take the decision to drop the prices like this. It’s still too expensive… what do you want : dvds for 5£ and blu-ray for 7£???? I really congratulate Fremantle to make this move. It shows that the company wants to make a good job. Instead of complaining you should just be happy that Fremantle will continue to propose ppv on blu ray which is a worldwide exclusivity and for those who like it we will have the digital content (not a big fan of it but i know that it’s probably the future so…) So ok it’s a little bit more expensive than SV. In my case it will still be so cheap in comparison with all the shops in Belgium i can find Wrestling dvds and Blu-rays.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      Nobody said they wanted to pay £5 for DVD’s or £7 for Blu Ray’s, so get off your High Horse right now!

      What we want is things left as they currently are / were.

      Single Disc DVD – £10.99 (NOT £5)

      Single Disc Blu Ray – £11.99 (NOT £7)

      2 Disc & 3 Disc DVD’s – £17.99 (NOT £5)

      2 Disc & 3 Disc Blu Ray’s – £23.99 (NOT £7)

      So stop over exaggerating!

      • Anonymous says:

        So you want up pay £1 more for 2/3 disc Blu ray I thought they said £22.99 you said £23.99? This is a good move I think time to move on everyone has made their point and they have listened if you don’t want to buy at the prices mentioned then try buy elsewhere but lets at least give them a go !!! Lot of positive posts and lets hope its a good website

        • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

          Obviously a typo on my behalf, it was indeed supposed to say £22.99 for the 2 & 3 Disc Blu Ray’s & NOT £23.99.

          But you clearly got my point anyways!

          We’ve already said we’ll go elsewhere if they can’t match.

          It might only be a £1 saving, but I’d much rather buy a Blu Ray for £12.99 from Sainsbury’s than pay £13.99 with Fremantle.

          Sainsbury’s do free postage so there will be no extra cost there & even though Fremantle are supplying Sainsbury’s with the DVD’s & Blu Ray’s, us buying from Sainsbury’s means that Sainsbury’s gets a cut of that £12.99 where as Fremantle would get all the money if we order directly from them.

          I don’t see what is so wrong in asking to have the SilverVision pricing structure kept.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m confuses by your posts one minute your happy with new pricing then you want to buy from Sainsburys which is your choice Fremantle are in a win win situation as they supply Sainsburys so does it really mater as I’m sure they have to give Sainsburys a discount but don’t have to pay postage I just think they have listened to us and acted quickly and if we don’t give them a chance they might just close the site and then we have to deal with the likes of Sainsburys who I bet won’t interact with us or listen … I do get your point but just time to move on I think

            • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

              Did you not see the orignal price plan the Fremmatle were offering yesterday before changing them today? What is there not to get, how can I amke this any clearer for you?!

              Today’s new offers are a GOOD COMPROMISE & a much betetr price point than YESTERDAY’S OFFERINGS, however, the new pricing plan is STILL £2 MORE THAN SilverVision’s offerings.

              £2 may not sound like a lot, but it is over a lot of Titles.

              Fremantle’s new Pricing of Single Disc DVD’s is £12.99, Single Disc Blu Ray’s is £13.99 & 3 Disc DVD’s are £19.99 offering a buy 3 or more for 10% reduction.

              SilverVision’s prices were £10.99 for a Single Disc DVD, £11.99 for Single Blu Ray Disc & £17.99 for 3 Disc DVD’s & still offered the 10% reduction.

              We’re still paying more even with their latest price offerings. What more is there to explain to you or just what are you not getting exactly?

            • Tomko says:

              I get what he’s saying.

              Even if Fremantle are offering us the 10% discount, we’re not really saving anything as they are still charging £2 more on their products compared to SilverVision’s prices.

              I think he makes some excellent, valid points, but I think we’ve got them as low as we’re going to get them which is a shame.

  50. Reality CHeck says:

    Imagine that! A company took CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and the fans are benefiting. For all of those who didn’t think it was possible, here’s your PROOF. Well done to both the fans who voiced their legitimate reasons for displeasure and to Fremantle Media for clearly indicating that they’re listening.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:


      I commend the fans that were willing to voice their displeasure with the original Fremantle pricing strcuture & to stand up to make change. Considering you see posts & comments from people here who can’t be bothered / don’t want to speak up or will so gladly just pay the extra without saying a word or at least attempt change.

      Not only that, I do indeed also commend Fremantle for taking the time to listen to us, our opinions, our suggestions & for even coming here to WWEDVDNews to check in on things with us in articles & posts. So well done on that part.

  51. Great news! Glad to see the WDN community really can make a difference!

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      I’ll feel we will have made a proper difference when we can get Fremantle to just continue with SilverVision’s pricing structure!

      I mean, seriously, just look at the differences……….

      Single Disc DVD’s increased from £10.99 to £12.99 – £2 increase

      Single Disc Blu Ray’s increased from £11.99 to £13.99 – £2 increase

      2 Disc & 3 Disc DVD’s increased from £17.99 to £19.99 – £2 increase

      2 Disc & 3 Disc Blu Ray’s have no change.

      I don’t see why they can’t just stick with the £10.99, £11.99, £17.99 & £23.99 pricing points.

      £2 may not seem like a lot to some people, BUT it is over a period of time & over a lot of Titles.

      SilverVision were able to offer those 4 pricing points along with the 10% discount & were still able to be a proftible company!

  52. Kevin thomas says:

    When will Fremantle take payment for orders? As soon as order is placed or when items are despatched?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Score one for the European quadrant of the WWE Universe, way to go lads!

  54. Anonymous says:

    £32.40 for 3 ppv blu rays silvervision
    £37.80 for 3 ppv blu rays fremantle
    £5.40 for 3
    over a yr £21.60 for yr
    thats without the 3 disc ones

    • TAG says:

      But you can’t buy them from SilverVision? Your point?

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        Thought the point would be obvious!

        The point he is trying to make is how much more things are with Fremantle compared to SilverVision.

        Obviously he has worked out 3 Titles minus the 10% discount.

        I don’t want to be paying £21.60 a year more than I was with SilverVision & even then, that is just a rough estimate using Single Disc PPV’s & not inlcluding the Documentary or SuperStar releases & 2 Disc / 3 Disc DVD & Blu Ray sets.

        It’s quite a valid point actually.

      • Anonymous says:

        i am just telling you the prices ,i cant see what they are doing different from sv and europe fans have to pay for postage so more loss for them ,they are a well known company like people have said

        • Anonymous says:

          Fremantle obviously not offering Silvervision prices for a reason!! checked out SilverVision owners accounts Clearvision they made a huge loss last year I would rather pay a £1 or £2 more and get a good service from a company who clearly want to work with us rather than pay less and they end up losing interest in WWE because it doesn’t make sense and then we don’t have a dedicated website for WWE product

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t know if they made a loss ,if you remember they stopped selling new releases in April and starting selling wwe dvds cheap ,so they must have known they lost the deal with wwe

  55. James Crossley says:

    Im glad the price structure and the buy 3 get 10% discount will be similar to Silvervision

    Have been a lifelong purchaser of wrestling titles and was put off by the original prices discussed & now looking forward to the Freemantle Era

  56. Anonymous says:

    Well done Fremantle Media for listening to your fans, this is a good sign, however considering SilverVision was offering new PPV DVDs for £10.99 plus a 10% discount when you buy 3 from their site I still don’t feel we’re going to end up better off.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:


      Whilst I really do appreciate the compromise they have manage to come up with & offer on pricing, it still doesn’t beat SilverVision’s price offerings, not that we wanted them beaten anyways, just matched / continued under the new ownership.

  57. Simon says:

    Well done to Fremantle for listening to their future customers. Maybe now I can be cheeky and request that they release Royal Rumble 2008 on Blu-Ray… pretty please?

    • Dillon says:

      I concur – the 2008 Rumble on Blu Ray would be a thing of beauty. Bring it on!

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      Royal Rumble 2008 was a solid PPV & has one of my favourite matches of many on that event, Randy Orton & Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title, solid match with one of my favourite finishes, well executed. This PPV definitely deserves the Blu Ray treatment & the only thing that could top it off / be an added bonus (for me anyways) is to release it in both a regular Blu Ray box & a Steelbook edition for the likes of moi.

      I’d pay £1 or £2 more for a Steelbook, so, say if they were using SilverVision’s pricing structure, that would be £11.99 for regular Blu Ray & £12.99 or £13.99 for Steelbook edition.

      Using Fremantle’s pricing structure, that would be £13.99 for regular edition & £14.99 or £15.99 for a Steelbook edition.

      In cases of Slip Covers / Steelbooks, these are the only things where I am willing to pay a little more, but obviously not too much more.

  58. ALK says:

    I just hope they have regular deals and sales in the future. I know there won’t be at the start, but someday.

  59. SRB says:

    I’ve said it before… These companies do hear us… That’s why they hire marketing people… Our comment do matter!

  60. Ryan says:

    I had always been open minded about the new Freemantle Media license. As far as I’m concerned this just goes to show that some companies still care about their customers. I for one now feel back on track to pre order everything once Thursday rocks around!

  61. Anonymous says:

    If only FremantleMedia could produce some (not all) PPV’s on bluray that were region free, I would pay whatever price they charged.

  62. Music Copyright says:

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Wrestlemania 24 will not be re released people.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with selling your back releases from 2010 for £12.99 or whatever as most people are buying them right now from Silvervision for £4 and £5 pound!

  64. Anonymous says:

    What a shame that they went with the blu-rays at the same time it turned into a lame “family friendly” show!

    • Dave says:

      You’re acting like WWE was never a “family friendly” show, ever watch the 80s to early-mid 90s? or are you those people that think WWE only existed in the Attitude era, and was all about sex, violence and blood?!

      • Anonymous says:

        No i have watched WWE since 1989 but back then even though it was family friendly they weren’t told what to do and not what to do as much as they do now. They even ban the actual wrestling holds these days for crying out loud!

        • Dave says:

          What holds have they really banned? are you sure you’re not watching Saturday Morning Slam?

          • Anonymous says:

            You may have only been watching wrestling for a couple of months so i will inform you about a wrestling move which is called the “Pile Driver” well that move is now banned! And a lot of other silly stuff like Orton’s punt to the head. Next question?

            • Anonymous says:

              I mean banning a fake kick? Really

            • Dave says:

              Actually i’ve been watching since 1982. As for the piledriver, Undertaker and Kane still do it from time to time…Maybe you haven’t the dangers of the piledriver. Austin’s career was almost over due to taking a botched piledriver.

              God forbid WWE trying to protect their wrestlers…what an evil company!

            • Straightedge47 says:

              The piledriver has nothing to do with being “family friendly” it was banned for safety reasons to protect their wrestlers. It was a good idea in my opinion, not worth the risk.

  65. UK Buyer says:

    While i applaud Freemantle for listening and taking into account fan feedback on the pricing structure i can’t help but feel that to increase the prices on DVDs and Blurays is bad for business. I understand freemantle is a different company to Silvervision so some changes are inevitable but hitting the loyal fans with a price hike from the get go especially in the current financial climate is poor. The 10% discount offered like Silvervision did for 3 purchases will be swallowed up on the additional cost of the discs therefore fans will not notice any discount other than paying the former full price that Silvervision offered before discount. Why is there a problem with leaving the pricing structure as it was and reviewing annually once you have established a loyal fan-base? Just my opinion……….

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      I very much agree with this statement & Fremantle knows this from my e-mails & know who I am on here.

      Whilst I do appreciate the newer prices they are willing to offer, I still think it would be best just to keep & stick to SilverVision’s pricing structure as that is what will pretty much keep everybody happy.

      As said by another commenter below, the 10% discount doesn’t mean or affect much if you are still bumping up the prices anyways.

  66. Roly says:

    One thing this doesn’t clear up is if this will be the new price points for future releases. It kind of makes out that these prices are specials. Will thy go back to the fore mentioned prices after tlc 2012? Hope not.

    Also, I do hope they don’t follow silvervisons lead of taking your cash up front, prior to dispatch. That was the only part of what Silvervision did which I didn’t like.

  67. AttitudeEraFan says:

    Nice one Free-Mantle for listening to us, thanks to everyone who voiced their opinions without you guys criticising the prices before they would have not changed them and glad to see the 10% off if you buy 3 or more products, this is very popular and what made lot of people buy from Silvervision,
    I still wish the PPV Blu-rays were £11.99 instead of £13.99 but if you buy 3 or more blu-rays from say Sainsbury entertainment at £12.99 it works out a little bit cheaper despite sainsbury not offering buy 3 save 10% but as long as free-mantle are quick to dispatch the items and get to me very quickly then i dont mind i rather buy from free-mantle,
    Cant wait to see what the website looks like 🙂

    I have 1 question if possible you can answer freemantle, only the blu-ray cases where it says exclusive blu-ray extras is that a sticker you can peel off or is permanently on the cover?

    I have suggestion/idea,
    If possible Can you get WWE to do Best of Raw Season 3 and 4 – 4 disc set thanks

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      Great point made about the 10% reduction Attitudeerafan, it doesn’t really do much when the PPV Blu Rays are £13.99 each at Fremantle & £12.99 at Sainsbury’s, thus, the reason I would go & make a purchse over at Sainsbury’s site rather than Fremantle.

  68. Adam Gunnell says:

    Fremantle have listened and for that I commend them. Not many companies actually take into account customer feedback. I shall be Pre-Ordering them all on pay day now 🙂

    I did have one question for fremantle though, can they please release all events from 2008 onwards in HD 🙂 we know everything from Royal Rumble 2008 onwards is in HD so that would be pretty cool!

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      I have already e-mailed Fremantle this & have my e-mails between myself & Fremantle to back it up.

      I said the exact same thing & they said the suggestions have been passed on to the Marketing team.

      The fact that you have brought this up delights me & hopefully Fremantle will see your comment to know others would like this also, I literally just e-mailed this paragraph to them regarding my chat with them on this matter……….

      “Thank You for looking into my suggetsions for the back catalogue. Most people have moved on from DVD to Blu Ray & it is such a shame that we have such a gap in our PPV collections considering that WWE have filmed in the HD format since 2008 yet we still have those PPV’s I miled to you missing in the Blu Ray format & it would be nice to have those missing titles from 2008 – 2011 & I feel seeing as you now have all this WWE content at your disposal it shouldn’t be a problem looking into these titles as back catalogue releases. Hopefully your marketing team agrees & as I say, myself as many other fans would definitely pick these back catalogue titles up.

      Maybes you could make this your first Poll for the site or as a Poll on the WWEDVDNews site just to see what the interest would be like in people buying these back catalogue PPV titles, but I’m almost certain there would be a high interest, at least high enough to warrant them comercially viable to yourselves.”

      • Anonymous says:

        They will not re release 2008-2010 ppv’s in blu-ray. They have already stated that they will only release back titles as far as 2010!

        • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

          They may have made that staement for now, but if enough people want them, THEY WILL RELEASE THEM!

          All about whether people want them or not, which in my case, I DO!!!!!!!!!!

          Would gladly buy all the PPV’s from 2008 – 2011 on Blu Ray!

          • AttitudeEraFan says:

            I would also Love to have the PPV’s from 2008-2011 that were not released on blu-ray to be released on Blu-ray, i would love to own them ppvs on blu-ray as i am a big fan on blu-ray and pretty much have all the ppv blu-ray releases do date so far,

            If this can get as many likes as it can or comments that would be great,

            Comon Free-mantle please release ppvs from 2008-2011 on Blu-ray Thanks

            • Adam Gunnell says:

              Fremantle also stated they would release other ideas based on whether it’s good for business. The fact that they brought back releasing the sub-PPV events at Silvervision was because peopel wanted them. I gather all the people who collect the events on Blu Ray would surely purchase any events released on Blu Ray from 2008-2010 as collectors.

              I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all and I think they would sell pretty well.

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        Here is what I orginally had to say to Fremantle & my list of suggestions I made to them for some PPV Back Catalogue titles……….

        “Yes, I know it can be hard doing a back catalogue of titles with how much content WWE has & that you have to be careful what warrants a release for yourselves & what is commercially viable. However, PPV’s are a main buy with WWE fans & the fact that a lot of PPV’s were not released from 2008 – 2011 causing awful looking shelf stacking where it changes between DVD’s & Blu Ray’s in our collection & the fact that some of the PPV’s had some pretty important matches that deserved the Blu Ray treatment / release (i.e. Mney In The Bank 2011, John Cena vs. C.M. Punk) we would like to be able to get the chance to purchase PPV’s that weren’t released on Blu Ray even though they were filmed in HD.

        I made a list of the PPV’s that only got DVD releases from 2008 – 2011 which would, in my opinion, definitely be bought by fans & should be commercially viable / justified releases.


        Royal Rumble
        (Release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        WrestleMania 24
        (Yes, this DID get a Blu Ray release, BUT, the DVD version got a Steel Book, so maybes you could release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        No Way Out
        Judgment Day
        One Night Stand: Extreme Rules
        Night of Champions
        The Great American Bash
        (Release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        No Mercy
        Cyber Sunday
        Survivor Series


        No Way Out
        WrestleMania 25
        (Yes, this DID get a Blu Ray release, BUT, the DVD version got a Steel Book, so maybes you could release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        Judgment Day
        Extreme Rules
        Night of Champions
        The Bash
        (Release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        Breaking Point
        Hell in a Cell
        Bragging Rights
        Survivor Series
        (Release this as a Steel Book edition or with a Slip Cover / Embossed Slip Cover. If you do a Steel Book though, imprint the disc details on the back of the Tin, don’t stick a Sleeve / Sheet on that gets damaged. Imprinted Steel Books are better).
        Tables, Ladders & Chairs


        Elimination Chamber
        Extreme Rules
        Over The Limit
        Fatal 4 Way
        Money In The Bank
        Night of Champions
        Tables, Ladders & Chairs


        Over The Limit
        Capitol Punishment
        Money In The Bank

        Now, whilst I can see that looks like a bit of a lengthy back catalogue to release, if you can’t do all of them, perhaps maybes you could do years 2010 & 2011 as they have the smallest amount each need producing on Blu Ray. But I, as well as many others would buy these all again on Blu Ray to replace our DVD counter parts.”

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t think they are that keen to release that many maybe a boxset of them

          • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

            It’s actually not a great deal of releases when you think about it, plus, it’s not like we’d be asking to have them all right now, but it would be nice to get these PPV’s on Blu Ray over a period of time in the near future, plus, look at 2010 & 2011 releases that are needed, there are only 7 titles needed to complete 2010 & 3 Titles to complete 2011, so 10 Titles in total just for those 2 years alone isn’t a lot to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hold your horses about Fremantle just yet. They aren’t up and running yet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Steel Books? Who wants them things?

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        I want Steelbooks which is why I suggested it! Not for everything though, as you can see, I only suggested it on certain titles & those are the titles that got a DVD Steelbook from SilverVision which were very nice. I have the Royal Rumble 2008, SummerSlam 2008 & Survivor Series 2009 DVD Steelbooks, one, because they were PPV’s that weren’t released on Blu Ray & two because I would rather have the Steelbook edition than a standard DVD Box.

        The reason I suggested Fremantle releasing WrestleMania 24 & WrestleMania 25 in Steelbooks is because their DVD counterparts got the Steel Tin treatment from SilverVision & I don’t see why Blu Ray buyers had to miss out on things like that.

        I love HD material which is why I buy Blu Ray’s for the superior quality but felt as a Blu Ray buyer with SilverVision, we missed out on some things for wanting to have better picture & sound quality, but I’d much rather take that over a Tin / Steelbook. So if that could be incorporated for Blu Ray buyers from Fremantle, it would be pretty cool.

        It’s just an idea though, but something I as well as many others may want even if you don’t.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I think the WWE weren’t happy about Silvervision releasing the Tagged Classic titles. Just a thought! But i’m pleased they did as the anthology box sets were spoiled with all of the bluring with the scratch logo. Tagged Classics gave us the chance to own them intact.

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      How many times does this need clearing up!

      WWE wanted to release Digital Downlaod Content, something SilverVision just can’t do or provide, therefore, this is why WWE chose to part ways with SilverVision & partnered with Fremantle instead, this is the sole reason for the switch in Media distribution.

      • Anonymous says:

        I DID not say that was the reason for them going to another provider i just said i don’t think WWE were happy about them doing that. Smartass

      • Mrs Brown says:

        How do you know this? Would seem strange reason for losing license? Anybody with the rights can supply I Tunes so why lose the license over this? Do you have inside knowledge at Silvervision??

  70. Anonymous says:

    The Attitude Era dvd would’ve been £17.99 on Silvervision’s site!

  71. Stephen galbraith says:

    now if we get the 1 disc blu ray to 11.99 everything will be perfect

  72. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    Although it is great that they have listened & have lowered them to what they were set to originally charge, we are still paying £2 more on Single Disc DVD’s & £2 more on Single Disc Blu Ray’s. Surely Fremantle will be making / prodcucing DVD’s & Blu Ray’s no differently to what SilverVision did, so what are they actually doing to justify even a small increase other than making a profit.

    Live in the U.K. DVD’s are not worth £12.99, but I can justify a £10.99 price tag for them.

    Whilst £22.99 is reasonable for 3 Disc Blu Ray’s, 2 Disc Blu Ray’s should be £17.99 or £19.99 at most.

    And whilst £19.99 might be reasonable for the 3 Disc DVD sets, SilverVision WERE ABLE to sell them at £17.99 so surely Fremantle don’t NEED that extra £2.

    Whilst I am now more inclined to buy from them now though due to these changes, I still don’t see why they didn’t just keep SilverVision’s pricing structure & left everything as it were. SilverVison were still making money with those prices & I’m sure Fremantle would have too, plus, having Digital Download content will also add to Fremantle’s revenue.

    However, I do commend Fremantle in reducing on what they have to & they have now somewhat restored my faith in their brand & their future service in showing that they can actually listen to fans.


    • TAG says:

      Everyone seems to be wrapped up in what Silvervision charged but this is a new company and I’m sure will have new ideas, I would have loved it if they matched Silver Vision prices but they not that far out which is good news and I would love to know why after 20 odd years Silver Vision lost the license … All good though

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        Tag, people ARE wrapped up in what Silvervision charged because the prices were GREAT & their service / Customer response EXCEPTIONAL! Just because you’re a new company doesn’t mean you should be coming in & boosting up prices. As the anonymous replyer has said, why couldn’t Fremantle just come in, take over the running of the way SilverVision did things & that be it. The fact that they have Digital Download content available is already one thing over SilverVision & something that will provide them with extra revenue, so why try to take more money from customers pockets.

        And the reason Fremantle have took over is because they can offer Digital Download content, something SilverVision couldn’t provide WWE with, so WWE left them only because of this & partnered with Fremanlte.

        To be honest, I don’t use digital downloading for anything as I’m old school & would much prefer a physical DVD / Blu Ray on my shelf to display rather than all my media content on a computer.

        • TAG says:

          Fair comments but at least Fremantle are listening to us, I’m not sure we will ever know the real reason Silvervision lost the license, I asked Fremantle about digital and they said it won’t be available from launch of the site but they will use iTunes if that’s the case no reason why Silvervision couldn’t supply ITunes if they had digital rights so not sure digital is the reason … I do buy into a lot of what you say however .. Happy shopping

    • Anonymous says:


      All Fremantle really needed to do was to take over SilverVision’s pricing structure & continue to sell, sell, SELL!

      They will be making extra money off Digital Download content anyways as that is something SilverVision never provided.

      No need to charge any extra on any of the DVD’s or Blu Ray’s.

  73. Anonymous says:

    And do they take payment up front or on dispatch

  74. Philip says:

    Thank you for bringing the prices down it is really appreciated. Also nice to see you listen to your customers and act on their concerned as quickly as you did well don.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Will they take PayPal
    Will they be using special delivery if over a certain price or more than 4 dvds
    Will they be releasing new dvds on day or just before

    • Anonymous says:

      Best bet would be to email them. They seem to respond to a lot of fan questions and pretty quickly too. I’m sure someone here knows their email.

  76. Scsa says:

    I am also happy to hear that the prices have gone down a little. I only purchase Blu-Rays and the new ones will now be at £22.99 which is okay with me 🙂

    I also like the fact that there will be a 10% discount upon buying 3 titles 😉

  77. Chris says:

    Have to say I was gutted about Silver Vision as it’s probably one of the best companies I have purchased from but it’s also good to see Fremantle Media actually listening to it’s customers 🙂

    Just want to say good luck to you guys in the future 🙂

  78. Philip says:

    Superb news!

    I was mostly concerned about the 3 Disc DVD set prices. These are now much more reasonable at £19.99, and the buy three and save 10% is a welcome bonus (which Silvervision introduced years ago).

    • TAG says:

      Fremantle have always been quick to reply to emails I have sent them glad they listened to the pricing issues they obviously do care about us their customers … Well done Fremantle you can count on my business and look forward to seeing what the website looks like . Thumbs Up from me

  79. To quote a former executive vice president of talent relations and interim general manager of Monday Night Raw, “People Power!”

  80. Daniel Bee says:

    Hate to say I told you so guys… 😉

  81. Steve Dawson says:

    Good that they’ve seen sense and lowered the prices a bit towards the old Silver Vision prices. They say they read these pages, so thanks Fremantle 🙂

  82. Matt P says:

    Got to say, they really have listened to the fans and taken the complaints on board. How often can you say that about a company?! I was thinking of not buying my DVD’s from them but I will now. Seem like they care and want to please us after years of loyalty. Hopefully they will have great offers like did.

  83. Roly says:

    Better bit still think the ppvs are still too expensive, but I will now pre order everything.

    Wwedvdnews thanks for keeping us all up to date on the developments.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Got to say I like this company actually. Most companies would act like asses and just keep the bad prices the same even though there was outrage from people and bringing over the 10% deal from Silvervision was a good move from them. It seems they will and want to listen to their customers and hopefully the relationship between UK wrestling fans and Fremantlemedia will be a good one in the future.

  85. Tickc317 says:

    Awesome. Seems fair. Sorry for the double post.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Didnt think it would take long for the price change.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. Seems fair.