WWEDVD.co.uk is Live! – Return of New WWE DVD Releases to UK & Europe

January 17, 2013 by Mark D

The day has arrived, after a drought a new WWE DVD releases in the UK and Europe, today FremantleMedia Enterprises have launched their highly anticipated website – WWEDVD.co.uk.


Visit WWEDVD.co.uk NOW!

Next Monday (January 21) will see their first WWE DVD/Blu-ray – Night of Champions 2012 released, the remainder of the schedule is as follows:

In addition to the newly released titles, WWEDVD.co.uk has a large number of back catalogue titles to be available in the coming weeks.

WWEDVD.co.uk FremantleMedia

Don’t forget if you order 3 or more titles you will save 10%.

Plus, by pre-ordering Night of Champions 2012 you will be in with a chance to win one of 25 DVD and 25 Blu-ray inlays signed by WWE Champion – CM Punk!

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. benoit.lecoq says:

    Received Night of champions and Hell in a cell on blu ray yesterday. I was not expecting hell in a cell so quickly. Great surprise. Anyone has news regarding the C M Punk sleeves? I know that they say they would send a email to the winners. till now i didn’t receive any mail but i was wondering if it’s because i lost or they didn’t send the mail yet.

    • Steven says:

      It says on there site that they are going to E-Mail Winners on Monday 4th Febuary and also send them out on the same day

  2. Steven says:

    Got my Hell In A Cell Blu Ray from Fremantle this morning which was a great surprise! Glad there sending out the discs early!

  3. Will says:

    Anyone else having problems paying by Maestro? it has the logo at the bottom of the page but doesnt have the option on the Sage pay page. Confused!!

  4. Robmayle says:

    I am a happy customer just got my blue ray of night of champions from Fremantle an they was good enough to even ring me an tell me of they mistake an to say I can keep the DVD as well so thank you Fremantle an I will be useing you again !

  5. Mike says:

    Prices are far too high on Blu-Ray, 30-odd euro for a 2BD set is a bit spicy. No free shipping to Ireland is, quite frankly, tantamount to commercial suicide given the company’s audience and Silvervision’s customer base here.

    And, something else I picked up on, all of the blurbs just look like a non-fan read the card on Wikipedia and assumed titles were the focus of the WWE show. It comes off as detached and not au fait with the product. Also, the choice of back catalogue to restore is curious – it makes no sense to sell WWE product at full-price that SV is selling off at a fraction of the price. Fremantle need to concentrate on legacy releases and events formerly available as Tagged Classics or US releases that never made DVD/digital previously to stand out.

    And where’s Netflix? No-one uses iTunes for digital video content. No-one. DVD on demand is another avenue they’re foolish enough to ignore – make .isos and packaging design downloadable (for a fee) like ROH used to do on out-of-print/commercially “unviable” releases like the AWA/WCCW boxes.

  6. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    Well, I put my order in on Thursday & just like everybody else who ordered Night of Champions on Blu Ray & received the DVD, I got my DVD yesterday, came at a weird time, was after 3 or 4 in the evening & was in a packet like a Courier had brought it, but nobody knocked, delivery guy just shoved it through.

    Blu Ray didn’t come today with the regular post, so, I’m hoping it’s coming by the same method as the DVD came yesterday & that I get it later, will be disappointed though as all e-mails about the mess up said the Blu Ray would come Monday or Tuesday. I’m surprised I never got both together yesterday.

    Whilst it’s all well & good telling us we can keep the DVD because of the mess up, I have no need for the DVD, so can only try to sell it on to a friend, eBay or the likes of CEX & other trade in stores for a couple of quid. Plus, the DVD I received whilsts sealed, the disc has come loose & is rattling around in the box, whilst that’s not Fremantle’s fault at all, it is probably gonna hinder me in selling it on as I do not know if the disc is scratched or not & obviously don’t want to break the seal.

    Personally I would have prefered if they were going to give us something free, because of their error (Yes, which I know they don’t have to do before somebody points that out, but still), that as long as we all sent the Night of Champions DVD back (For those of us that ordered that Title on Blu Ray & have received the DVD), we could have Live in the UK November 2012 as our freebie instead if they want to give us something away in light of their error.

    I simply don’t need the same event on two formats though.

    • lee says:

      i got both of mine today (the bluray i ordered and the dvd i didnt) that DPD put through my door at around 3.30pm, just caught him as i had come back from posting off some WWE Blurays i had sold (Spare SV ones) and both came in seperate packages but by same courier not royal mail. Bit miffed they were a day late like, but a free DVD cant be sniffed at.
      The problem i had though was the same as yours – the DVD was a ”rattler” so ive had no option but to open it to put the disc in place and now need to sell it as ive decided to no longer buy every event on dvd and bluray and sell the dvds i have on bluray since ill never watch them.
      i just wonder if the others i preordered (HIAC and SS) will have similar issues – i kind of hope they do!

  7. Jorge says:

    Being in Portugal, and being used to free shipping from Silvervision, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll order as many blu-rays as I used to.

    1) the prices are a bit higher, and in this day and age with all economic problems, seems a bad move to increase prices. It’s not my company, but I have bills to pay so I’ll have to cut somewhere.

    2) the 10% discount when you buy 3 is cool to keep, still no free shipping for europe, still not good enough!

    3) IF they make free shipping, with those prices, I might consider buying… otherwise, probably will just buy the Wrestlemania BD, and a couple more interesting titles, but that’s it!!

    • Anonymous says:


      I can’t Tenner if it’s in this article or the last one, but the poster who said shouldn’t we think Fremantle may have deliberately released those high prices first time round to make us think they were listening to us might be right.

      Although he did call it ‘Marketing genius’, I’d quite happily call it a CON & believe he may just be right with his theory.

      They don’t make them as high as originally announced, BUT, still bump them up in the process.

      I just like yourself have stated will have to make some cut backs & be very choosy in what I purchase be ause if the increase & that’s even with being in the UK & getting free postage so I feel for you & other international buyers.

      Increases when they’re are economic problems is just wrong, but it’s not just Fremantle though to be fair, it’s everything & it’s just not on.

  8. Ryan says:

    I have received an email today from FME saying they have accidentally sent me the DVD instead of the blu-ray. TBH I didn’t even think of the mistake, I was just really impressed that they told me to keep the DVD copy as well.
    In currently working my way through re-watching all the PPVs and am only up to Backlash 08 so no rush in receiving NOC 2012.
    I’ve been really impressed with the start that FME have made

  9. Dan says:

    I’m having problems with FME unfortunately. I signed up to the site, pre-ordered some products, clicked checkout, entered my email address and password and pressed enter. Whenever I do this it just keeps telling me to sign in over and over again and it’s getting frustrating as hell. I have emailed them and they said they will get back to on Monday. Anyone else experiencing these problems?

    • Ryan says:

      I found this problem with login happening to me as we’ll. it turns out that it had logged me in even though the login screen kept coming up and by clicking ‘my account’ at the top I could access everything I needed. Hope that helps?

  10. Arnold says:

    http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/image.php?src=images%2Fnight-of-champions-2012.jpg&w=800&h=700 Is that a sticker (about the extras) on the Blu ray or part of the cover artwork?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They told me recently that it’s not a sticker. Can’t confirm it yet without seeing the final product though.

      I hear Fremantle might be making an account here soon to respond to comments here directly, so you’ll probably get an answer.

  11. Mr DVD says:

    There is one thing i noticed about Fremantle releases is that they have got their logo on the spine of the dvds. Silvervision never done this.

  12. Mr DVD says:

    I think Silvervision are gonna have that big sale everyone has been waiting for next week. At the end of the day there is not much left on their site that isn’t on sale!

  13. Ratt says:

    It just came in the normal post, however in fairness to Fremantle they have already replied to say they will send me the Blu ray copy out on Monday. 🙂

  14. Ratt says:

    I ordered the Night of Champions Blu ray on Thursday. Received the DVD version today in the post. So fast service, but the wrong product 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what I a worried about did it come recorded delivery

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear!

      A small error that can be rectified no problem, BUT, shouldn’t be having small errors like this when you’re taken over a new mantle & what to try & kick things off to a good start with your new fan base.

      It’s errors like this they need to be preventing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree small error but at least I got a free DVD and if my Bluray turns up by Tuesday no great drama and they contacted me quickly to advise me of the problem they must work saturdays?

    • AttitudeEraFan says:

      did u get the cm punk signed sleeve???

      • Anonymous says:

        They should make the dvd and blu ray listings separate so you can’t go wrong but I haven’t got my order yet so can’t check

      • Anonymous says:

        They are doing the draw next week and will be sending your order before that

        • Robmayle says:

          I got my blue ray today so I am a happy customer Fremantle even phoned me to tell me they mistake so all round very happy bout to watch night of champions on blue ray

  15. Anonymous says:

    They said they are in talks to release some wwe films ,not the knucklehead again
    Not them
    Three they mentioned insider ,reunion and bending the rules ,they won’t be releasing no holds barred

  16. Anonymous says:

    I asked them about preorders they said about

    Best of in your house
    Nitro 2
    Bret hart dungeon

    These will be be coming out in April to June and preorders will be up in a few weeks

  17. Philip says:

    Is it just me or does the site look very similar to Silver Vision’s?!?

  18. Arnold says:

    The European postal charge is £3.10 regardless of how many units your order

    • Anonymous says:

      How does that work with preorders that are sent separately? If I preorder 3 items, will I have to pay postal charges 3 times?

      • Arnold says:

        NO, you only pay £3.10 per order!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for clearing that up. I interpreted your earlier post as there being no difference in shipping cost between a single package with one unit and a single package with more units. Which is still true, but the same applies to multiple packages sent as parts of one order. So there’s no reason not to preorder as it won’t cost me additional postal fees.

    • Mike says:

      3.10 is still not free. If SV could afford it, so can American Idol’s distribution company.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Fremantlemedia wwedvd uk are also looking into having PayPal and setting up account on eBay uk

  20. benoit.lecoq says:

    For those who were wondering, if you preordered more than one dvd/Bluray, they will send each item separately. Just receive the news from an email of wwedvd.co.uk

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have just been told by email the night of the champions dvd/blu ray will be sent and the cm punk sleeve winners will be drawn next week and would be sent next week

    Hope I win

  22. mee says:

    can you order over the phone

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am happy they are running but few problems on my post below ,one thing is I visited Silvervision this morning still got to look at see if more deals lol

  24. Anonymous says:

    Would have ordered four blu rays last night, only they don’t accept Maestro as payment. Not happy.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I ordered last night ,on my order page it says you can view your order ,it came up with words and data ,does anyone else have this problem

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      I had the same problem myself, e-mailed them this morning to mention this & the lack of encryption when placing orders.

      Got a speedy response saying that both problems will be getting looked into by the web team.

      • Anonymous says:

        I got two emails ,one they said sorry what was your question and the other was your order will be processed and will be sent in stock .
        The question I said was when you
        1 go on account
        2 go to orders section
        3 view order
        When viewing order it dosent give you nothing just data ,it does give order number but I think it suppose to give you picture what you ordered and the rest

        I am glad I ordered one ,I will see if they improve before ordering anymore ,not to confident at moment ,I might stick to amazon or sainsburys ,amazon have never let me down

  26. Roly says:

    I’ve just put down my first order of 7 of the 8 titles available, £103 in total.

  27. AttitudeEraFan says:

    Website does not encrypt the page when entering your details,

    Whys This!!

  28. Gaz says:

    Love the look of the site, top marks Freemantle.

    Just made my first order NIght of Champions 2012, Hell in a Cell 2012, Top 100 Raw moments and The Attitude Era.

  29. regal is underrated says:

    does it ship to australia?

    • Tag says:

      They don’t have rights for Australia its just Europe like Silver Vision had click on the DVD AU link at top of the page

  30. Nick Marsden says:

    Fantastic new site, first order placed earlier today 🙂

  31. sp3ng says:

    Loving the trailers… what the heck are they pouring into that corvette?

  32. cmvag says:

    i hope they will have free shipping in the near future. Till then Silvevision will work fine for me.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Their website does not encrypt the page when entering your details!

  34. ArnoldTricky says:

    How do i pre-order Night of Champions?

  35. me says:

    can you order over the phone

  36. wrestlingfan says:

    I’ll care when they can ship to the US…

  37. Scsa says:

    Sites looking Great! My first order is in – 100 Raw Moments & Attitude Era Blu-Ray’s! I wanted to use the ‘buy 3, get 10% off’ but I couldn’t find any Blu-Ray which interested me since Im in to Documentaries and old sets with superstars from before 2002 all the way to 1992!

    I just hope they make 2 separate 2-3 Disc Blu-Ray sets now for Triple H & HBK! Also if possible, then 1 3Disc Blu-Ray set which is all based on D-GENERATION X from start to finish! (1996-97 – Present) 😉

  38. dont forget to pre order NOC as you can win 1 of 50 singed blu rays or dvds. there is 25 of eac all signed by CM Punk

  39. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    Oh & whilst I mentioned this on another Forum when I first saw it back in November, whoever designed the Cover for the November 2012 Live in the U.K. DVD needs major props! I love that cover & hope they are kept as being resposnisble for designing all other future Live in the U.K. artwork.

  40. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    I also love how they know all the dates for the November 2013 Tour now as well when they don’t normally get announced until the April shows, that’s an excellent plus to the site.

  41. Anonymous says:

    WWE website claims Fremantle holds the rights for Europe & The Middle East, but I can’t order from Israel. So much for months of wait. Looks like Amazon.com and a multi region DVD player for me. Disappointing.

  42. Tag says:

    Told you they come good even though everyone thinks I work for Fremantle Ha Ha the site looks great can’t wait for them to complete all the coming soon sections

  43. Anonymous says:

    Just one thing on the cm punk competition it says anyone who pre orders can win, but on the page to buy night of champions it says buy it now ,I know they will honour this but bit of a mistake

  44. Anonymous says:

    Once they have caught up with those other pre orders i hope they will begin to release them a bit quicker in future!

  45. Where's My Wallet says:

    Come inside the show’s about to start and guaranteed to blow your visa apart!

  46. yordi fiers says:

    got my first pre order two got a little problem at first but now its good , i’m from Belgium my currency is € if i what to checkout it doesn’t work in € currency changed it in £ and it works fine 🙂 BTW nice new site . just hope they ship it not together what i mean is with silvervision if you got a pre order and a in stock item they already shipped the in stock item

    • Benoit.Lecoq says:

      I’m from Belgium too and i was wondering the same question. Will they deliver the blu-rays or dvds one by one as silvervision used to do or will they send only one parcel with everything? If anybody knows it would be great to share it so as to clarify because the website is not clear about this.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting for the Attitude Era to be in stock before i use them

  48. Adam Gunnell says:

    Wow, very impressed with the website. Well organised and very easy on the eye

  49. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone registered yet ,is the site safe ie when paying ,I see night of champions is buy now so his that already ready to be dispatched

  50. Peter says:

    I really like the website. I already placed my 1st order, and i’m really happy about the by 3 or more get 10% off, which I alway did at Silvervision.

  51. Anonymous says:

    they should also release the back catalogue of 2012 ppvs on blu ray & dvd

  52. Anonymous says:

    Site looks superb, but I still feel the £2 extra charge on DVD’s & Blu Ray’s is really unnecessary.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not this again!

    • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

      Site does indeed look great, but I am in agreement with this comment & I still don’t feel comfortable having to pay more on the products. Don’t care what anybody else says or thinks of my posts, all these £2’s add up over a period of time on items ordered, if I was to pull up everything from my SilverVision account that I’ve spent over the years is quite ridiculous (Yes through mine & other people’s choices of spending, but that’s not the point), so add up all the £2’s on the amount of items I or others tend to buy when ordering is a lot! Especially when we all order 3 or more for our 10% off

      As for the poster below the original, why not this again, it’s a fair enough question as to ask Fremantle for a justification of the increases, particularly in today’s climate with recessions & what not. SilverVision could do it & had no problems & basically everybody that shopped with them will move over to Fremantle so the orders are going to be rolling in as proved in this thread with people already ordering.

      Excellent site though, love the look, the layout, the way everything flows, top notch job done.

      Look forward to the Facebook, Twitter & Chat links all getting sorted & going live next.

      *Thumbs Up*

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