FremantleMedia Take Over WWE License, Silver Vision’s Future With TNA

January 1, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE FremantleMedia

FremantleMedia Enterprises officially take over today as the new licensee for WWE Home Entertainment in the UK and throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. Their new shop site is expected to launch within the next week or so, and you can sign up in advance now at

As of last word, the following are the upcoming UK release dates:

Night Of Champions 2012 (21st January)
Hell In A Cell 2012 (28th January)
Top 100 Raw Moments (4th February)
The Attitude Era (18th February)
Live in the UK – November 2012 (25th February)
Best PPV Matches 2012 (4th March)
Survivor Series 2012 (11th March)
TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs (25th March)

Clear Vision Ltd, the previous licensee for WWE DVDs in Europe, look to have a future with TNA Impact Wrestling. Power Slam and FSM magazines confirm that Queensway Digital (Clear Vision’s parent company) have reached an agreement for the TNA license.

[Further details of this report have now been removed at the request of Lauren Soar, a Silver Vision representative, on 2/1/2013].

Digital news coming out of December follows below, thanks to Roger Palmer.

– Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain (Collector’s Edition) is now available to download on iTunes. It is priced at $19.99 for the season, while single matchs featured on the DVD are available for $1.99 each. The documentary is only available if you buy the season. This is another slightly different approach to the previous release “The Streak”.

– nWo: The Revolution is also now listed as available to download on iTunes, with each match being available to download on their own for just $1.99 each. The documentary has also been made available to view on Netflix.

– Rock vs. Cena: Once in a Lifetime and The Top 50 Finishers documentary features are also now also available to stream on Netflix.

– WWE Survivor Series 2012 is also now available to download on iTunes. Each match available in SD for $1.99, or $2.99 for HD.

– WWE The Top 100 Moments In Raw History has also been released in a digital format and is split across 2 volumes, available now on Xbox Live.

– have added Bound for Glory 2012 to their list of PPVs available to subscribers.

– WWE Greatest Matches ( continues to update throughout the month, with the following matches now added:

  • The Rock vs Big Show (Raw 2000)
  • Bret Hart & British Bulldog vs Jim Neidhart & Owen Hart
  • Rey Mysterio vs Tyson Kidd
  • Stone Cold vs Undertaker
  • Dudley Boyz & Steve Blackman vs Lo Down (Tables Match)
  • John Cena vs R-Truth (Tables match)
  • Randy Orton vs Miz  (Tables Match)
  • CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio Vs the Miz
  • & many more

– Ring of Honor sent out a press release regarding their Digital on demand service:

Ooyala is a leading provider of online video streaming technology and currently streams over 1 billion videos to 200 million unique viewers, in more than 30 countries per month. Ooyala boasts the fastest load times in the industry and promotes their multi-screen delivery as well as live streaming effectiveness. Through Ooyala’s continued success, they have also earned the business of other major companies such as ESPN, Pac-12 Enterprises, Miramax, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, Dell, etc.

What can the ROH fans expect?

-Faster Load Times

-Adaptive Bitrate Streaming across all devices to ensure the smoothest, highest quality stream on PC’s, iPads, iPhones, android tablets,
laptops, etc. No more buffering!

-Live DVR functionality for internet pay per views – Fans will be able to used DVR functions during live streamed events. This means if someone joins late, they can begin watching from the beginning, skip to a later time, or even jump to Live just like they would on their television.

-Instant Availability of Replays – Once the live event is over, fans will be able to watch the replay immediately. No more waiting!

When will this be implemented?

The live streaming portion will be ready in time for Final Battle 2012!! If you have to join us late, you can start watching from the beginning. If you can’t watch the live stream, the replay will be available as soon as the live stream ends.

Over the next month or so, all video on demand content and TV episodes will migrate over to Ooyala’s platform, improving the quality and availability of all video content.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Platt says:

    Clearvision now has a TNA section up, only BFG for sale so far.

    A-Merchandise also have BFG, Hardcore Justice & No Surrender available now, £11.49 each or all 3 for £29.99

  2. Sunny says:

    For those interested Shop TNA has finally put up Hardcore Justice 2012, No Surrender 2012 and Bound for Glory 2012.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean we will get TNA PPV’s on Blu-Ray in the UK?

    It would be great if we could get the older TNA PPV’s on Tagged Classics.

  4. Null Unit says:

    I wish Freemantle would say what’s going on with the digital releases. It’d be great to have them all on Netflix or Lovefilm, but I have a horrible feeling they’ll put them on their own site or iTunes for individual purchase.

    • WWEFAN says:

      I asked them the same question they said its likely to be via ITunes initially but they are talking to all the digital providers with a view to offer as broad digital distribution as possible

  5. Thomas Goodearl says:

    I’m happy for SilverVision but I plain hate TNA, for me it stands for “Totally No Action” as their product is poor, storylines are poor & it’s too much like WCW which I wasn’t a fan of either compared to the WWE. So after their WWE stock is gone I will no longer be a customer to SilverVision.

  6. cmvag says:

    I wish SV will take TNA and/or other DVD’s because we dont really know the new comany’s prices or if Fremantle will dispatch in Rest Europe

    • WWEFAN says:

      Have you asked them the question they seem quite open to interact and whilst pricing is a concern until the website is launched we will have to wait, It doesn’t matter to me as I live in the UK but their FAQ section says they will ship abroad and as they have European rights it would be mad not to

  7. WWEFAN says:

    Silver Vision have been great over the years but if their plans are to convert me to TNA then that’s a tough task TNA is just the poor relation to WWE but if it gives Silver Vision a lifeline after losing WWE then good luck to them.. Why was their statement removed? Although thought this forum an odd place to push TNA

  8. Anonymous says:

    wwe is better than tna and tna plain sucks

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well that sucks, hopefully A-Merch will continue to sell the US versions otherwise I won’t have anyway to get them anymore.

  10. Joe Israel says:

    Honestly, I don’t think TNA DVD’s sell anywhere near enough to justify releasing them outside of their website. If I had to guess, they probably sell about as well as ROH DVD’s do, and they are only distributed through their site as well. Fortunately, WWE DVD’s still sell just enough to justify their presence in stores, but that isn’t true at all with TNA.

    • Dave says:

      Thats true…even when they had their distribution deal TNA DVDs atleast around my area were a pain in the ass to find. I had to get them of Amazon. Walmart use to carry them, then they stopped.

      The Best Buy near my house currently only has 1 TNA DVD – Hardcore Justice 2010

  11. Dave says:

    TNA have been behind on their DVD releases in North America. Hopefully they will continue.

    I imported TNA Twin Pack Volume 6 – Turning Point 2011 and Final Resolution 2011 from Amazon UK early last year – before ShopTNA started to sell them. It was in PAL format but region free. It didn’t play on my region A PS3 and Sony DVD player, but it played on my region free Blu-ray/DVD player. So previously released TNA DVDs in Europe are already in PAL format.

    Once i saw ShopTNA selling their DVDs exclusively on their site, i sold it and picked it up from there. So far have all of 2012 up to Destination X…they had a great November sale and all 2012 DVDs were $5, i grabbed all those…great deal.

    Hope they release Bound for Glory 2012 and possibly Twin Pack Vol. 8 – Hardcore Justice and No Surrender 2012 and Twin Pack Vol. 9 – Turning Point and Final Resolution 2012.

    TNA Blu-rays would be great…and with Silver Vision it would be possibly…would definitely import that. I downloaded of HD TNA PPVs on my PS3 which were only $3 and quality is awesome.

    Also this might be off topic but if people are interested in Non-WWE Blu-rays…RF Video is selling House of Hardcore (Tommy Dreamers promotion) in Blu-ray format, its $25 and its a BD-R. I bought it during their Black Friday sale back in November received it couple weeks ago and the quality is great. They also have WrestleCade 2012 in Blu-ray format too.

  12. BGLWrestlinGod says:

    Any updates on when new TNA DVDs will be distributed in the United States (and not just on

    • Dave says:

      So far nothing…even ShopTNA stopped releasing DVDs, the last one was Destination X 2012. Was hoping they would at least put out Bound for Glory which was a great PPV and would definitely get on DVD.

      I think they’re going to be focusing on their online On Demand service.

  13. ALK says:

    This is awesome news! Looks as though my Silvervision bargain days are far from over!

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is a very good chance we could see TNA blu rays now!

  15. Mike says:

    With UK distribution comes Irish distribution, another big market for wrestling currently, with WWE and TNA due here in the next few weeks.

  16. CS 22 says:

    I agree that it’s good news for everyone involved. I don’t follow TNA regulary, but Silvervision is a great outlet for them. Plus, if SV have to sell all their WWE stock by June, that hopefully means a drop in price for the remaining DVDs. 😉 Time to complete my Tagged Classics collection.

  17. Shank Hill says:

    Will the DVDs be region free though? What does this mean for the stuff that ShopTNA is putting out?

  18. Tommy B says:

    This is great! It’s difficult to get TNA DVDs here in the UK. If TNA partner with SilverVision it would be great

  19. Great news for all invloved. Glad to see Silvervision won’t be dissapearing off the radar.

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