REVEALED: Full Content Listing for ‘WWE 24 – Best of 2019’, Teaser Trailer for ‘SmackDown 20’ DVD

September 10, 2019 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Logo

Everybody on the ground, it’s a brand new trailer for the “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” DVD, featuring the original SmackDown theme!

Liked what you saw in the teaser? Then go SmackDown your pre-order with Amazon and come October you will own a special anniversary collection of 29 matches and moments selected from 1999 through 2019.

Full Content Listing Revealed for 'WWE 24 - The Best of 2019' DVD!

Here at we’ve also got hold of the FULL content listing for “WWE 24 – The Best of 2019”.

What will be the final non-PPV release on the 2019 WWE DVD schedule, this 2-disc set will collect together four of the year’s WWE 24 documentaries that originally aired on the WWE Network. The same was produced last year for the series with the “WWE 24 – The Best of 2018” DVD.

There’s also a set of special features to accompany the WWE 24 episodes. Shouting out a couple, “Revolutionary: The Year of Ronda Rousey” has her full match against Charlotte Flair from Survivor Series last year, while “Kofi Kingston: The Year of Return” has his WWE Championship victory over Daniel Bryan from WrestleMania this year.

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WrestleMania: New Orleans

    New Orleans Flavor
    Personal Accomplishment
    Today Is Going To Be A Great Day
    This Town Is Ready For WrestleMania
    That’s The Way To Kick Off WrestleMania
    Emotions Come Pouring Out
    It Takes Every Inch Of You…
    High Hopes

Revolutionary: The Year of Ronda Rousey

    The Rumors Are True
    Zero Fear Of Criticism
    Reconnecting With Her Childhood Passion
    Everyone’s Got A Plan…
    This Isn’t Just A Job
    I Don’t Deserve To Be The Focus
    Creating The Perfect Storm Together
    Main Event Of WrestleMania
    There’s Always A Next Chapter


— Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
WrestleMania 34 • April 8, 2018

— Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair
Survivor Series • November 18, 2018

WWE 24 Documentaries - Ronda Rousey, Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch & Roman Reigns



Kofi Kingston: The Year of Return

    The Year of Return
    Following His Dream
    Getting The Call
    It’s a New Day
    Entertainment and Reality
    I Always Envisioned This
    You Can Make It Happen
    You Will Be Who They Talk About

Becky Lynch: The Man

    I Wanted To Main Event WrestleMania
    The Old Stomping Grounds
    This Is What I Was Meant To Do…
    Clearly There Was Something There
    Last Man Standing
    And I Get A Punch In The Face…
    You Never Know What Next Year’s Gonna Bring
    It’s Been A Lifetime Leading Up To Right Now
    I Wanted That Main Event Spot…
    It Felt Like I Had An Army Behind Me


WWE Championship Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston
WrestleMania 35 • April 7, 2019

Winner-Take-All Triple Threat Match for the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships
Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair
WrestleMania 35 • April 7, 2019

WWE 24: The Best of 2019 DVD - Full Content Listing

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  1. Dvd Guy says:

    I like the documentaries being released, this is really light on the extra. They could have really loaded this more with extras. What is the average 24 documentary 50 to 55 minutes? They have plenty of room on these to load them. Man what a lackluster year for dvd releases. I have been collecting since they started releasing dvds and this year to me has not been good.

  2. Jeff Copeland says:

    i thought they were doing a documentary for the undertaker ?? i herd they were earlier this year but have not herd any more news on it

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Some news … YAY! The website’s still alive, people.

    I must admit this years 24 compilation I find more appealing than last years, as at least we have documentaries on three superstars who have not yet had a documentary DVD release. Last year’s only superstar focus was the Hardys, who had had a few docs previously.

    I mean I know they’re not fully-fledged career docs, but we never see them again for anybody but The Undertaker anyway.

    • SRB says:

      I am glad these are getting released overall and agree that while they’re not fully-fledged career docs, the WWE 24 series is generally really entertaining and informative. I don’t remember the last great WWE production I’ve seen, but the 24 series always seems to reinforce the idea that WWE can still hammer out good material when they want to. Or, I wonder if I only enjoy it as I am lowering my standards by expecting less since that’s exactly what we’ve gotten lately.

  4. Dorian Addison says:

    This DVD will be part of my collection

  5. wwe ppv collector says:

    When will summerslam 2019 dvd be release and the news of this ppv be out???

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