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January 1, 2018 by Daniel Bee

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Before They Were WWE Superstars (1 Disc)

  • Kurt Angle
  • Molly Holly
  • Bradshaw
  • Spike Dudley
  • Stacy Keibler
  • Billy Gunn
  • William Regal
  • The Hardy Boyz
  • Lita
  • Edge & Christian

Women’s Championship
Starla Saxton vs. Jacqueline
Sunday Night Heat • October 11, 1998

Light-Heavyweight Championship Match
Gillberg vs. Essay Rios
Sunday Night Heat • February 13, 2000

The Undertaker vs. Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw
RAW • April 1, 1996

Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
RAW • May 12, 1997

Angle Family Sing-Along
RAW • December 25, 2000

Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian vs. Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz
RAW • December 25, 2000

Tag Team Championship Match
Bob Holly & 1-2-3 Kid vs. The Smokin’ Gunns
RAW • January 23, 1995

Mr Manners
RAW • September 18, 2000

RAW • September 25, 2000

  • No Holds Beard
  • Ice Rules!
  • Spike’s Hardcore
  • I Told You So
  • 50 Cents

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