REVEALED: The FULL Content Listing And Updated Cover Artwork for WWE ‘BEST OF NXT 2017’ DVD

December 19, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Best of NXT 2017' DVD - Full Match Listing Revealed!

The future is here! And with it the FULL content listing of next year’s “Best of NXT 2017” DVD!

We’ve also got some exclusive new shots of the planned cover artwork.

The first 8 matches for the set were teased here this past weekend; the full content today confirms that the DVD collection will be stacked with more than 20 matches; from NXT’s weekly shows and TakeOvers, and unseen matches from live events. Some never-aired segments made it in too!

Let’s get to the full chapter rundown — don’t forget to take the poll at the end.

WWE 'Best of NXT 2017' DVD - Official Cover Artwork, Front

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Thank You

An Iconic DVD

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
#DIY vs. TM61
NXT • January 4, 2017

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
#DIY vs. The Revival
NXT • January 11, 2017

NXT Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode
NXT Takeover: San Antonio • January 28, 2017

Goodbye Corey
NXT • February 1, 2017

Exclusive: Bobby Roode Goes Shopping

Silver Spoon

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Asuka vs. Peyton Royce
NXT • March 1, 2017

Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Sanity vs. Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno, Tye Dillinger, Ruby Riot
NXT Takeover: Orlando • April 1, 2017

Aleister Black

Drew McIntyre vs. Oney Lorcan
NXT • April 12, 2017

Thank You Shinsuke
NXT • April 12, 2017

Steel Cage Match
Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young
NXT • April 19. 2017



Johnny Wrestling

#1 Contender’s Match
Hideo Itami vs. Roderick Strong
NXT • May 10, 2017

United Kingdom Championship Match
Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne
NXT Takeover: Chicago • May 20, 2017

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
Authors of Pain vs. #DIY
NXT Takeover: Chicago • May 20, 2017

An Emotional Night

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan
NXT • June 28, 2017

Velveteen Dream

Last Woman Standing Match for the NXT Women’s Championship
Asuka vs. Nikki Cross
NXT • June 28, 2017

Stay Tuned

NXT Championship Match
Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong
NXT • July 5, 2017

Ruby Riot vs. Ember Moon
NXT • July 19. 2017

#1 Contender’s Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Killian Dain
NXT • July 19, 2017




Aleister Black vs. Kyle O’Reily
NXT • August 2, 2017

Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas
NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III • August 19, 2017

Street Profits

Thank You Asuka
NXT • September 6, 2017

Johnny Gargano vs. Raul Mendoza
NXT Live (Lowell, MA) • September 21, 2017

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Undisputed Era vs. Sanity
NXT • October 18, 2017

Just Roll It!

NXT Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Adam Cole
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
NXT Live (San Antonio, TX) • November 17, 2017

NXT Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas
NXT Takeover: War Games • November 18, 2017

War Games Match
Undisputed Era vs. Sanity vs. Roderick Strong & Authors of Pain
NXT Takeover: War Games • November 18, 2017

See You Next Year!

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WWE 'Best of NXT 2017' DVD - Official Cover Artwork, Back

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WWE 'Best of NXT 2017' DVD - Updated Cover Artwork


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15 Comments left on this article...

Reply to Nick M


  1. Luis says:

    Too bad Nakamura vs. TJ Perkins from the March 8, 2017 episode of NXT wasn’t on there. That should have been a candidate for Match of the Year for sure.

  2. Daniel says:

    The listing is GREAT, I’d love Black / Dream and Black / Itami to be on there, but overall, it is a must buy. Can´t wait.

  3. Michael says:

    I’d like to see Black vs Velveteen Dream and Asuka vs Billie Kay vs Peyton Royce vs Nikki Cross from NXT San Antonio on it as well. Lots of great matches though

  4. RabidHeat says:

    I do sometimes think I’d rather have another great TV or Takeover match with commentary than the live event match. I know it’s unreleased etc. but surely it’s going to be played a bit safer if it’s not on TV and not be anything approaching a classic.

  5. David says:

    Looks like a great listing, especially including from a live event. Too bad its not a Blu-ray.

  6. Skylar says:

    I’d rather see a Best of Ohio Valley Wrestling

  7. Daniel says:

    I cannot wait to pick this up. A fantastic list so excited to get this

  8. Jaredcho Kappus says:

    I was hoping to see Lars Sullivan in action in this DVD that dude is awesome

  9. David_Madden says:

    I wish Black/Dream and Black/Hideo was on there. Other than that, it is a pretty solid set

  10. Jeff Copeland says:

    HOLY HELL this is a must buy, this is better then that countdown one that came out this year

  11. Philip says:

    Really surprised Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream isn’t on there, but everything else looks spot on.

  12. John Peterson says:

    Excellent list.Wish Black and Dream was on it,but still a fantastic list.

  13. Gary says:

    Yes Black v Dream would of been great

    I’d of liked – DIY v AOP v Revival – orlando

    Asuka v ember – brooklyn III

    and possibly Tyler bate v Jack Gallagher 26/04/17

    Nonetheless – superb set and first day purchase for me too!!

  14. Nick M says:

    If the triple threat tag was on this would be a must buy ‍♂️ that was my match of the year for all of WWE!!

  15. Tommy D says:

    Absolutely love it. Fantastic match listing. Of course I can’t get everything I wanted (Black/Dream in particular), but this is a first day buy for me.

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