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January 4, 2019 by Mark D

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ECW Blood Sport: The Most Violent Matches (2 Discs)


ECW Tag Team Championship Match
Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy
ECW Hardcore TV • August 27, 1994

The Sandman & Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack & Shane Douglas
ECW Extreme Warfare • March 18, 1995

Tapei Death Match
Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten
ECW Hardcore Heaven • July 1, 1995

Mexican Death Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis
ECW November to Remember • November 18, 1995

Four Corners Match for the ECW Televsion Championship
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Jericho vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Pitbull #2
ECW Heatwave • July 13, 1996

Weapons Match
Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee
ECW Hardcore Heaven • June 22, 1996

Stretcher Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu
ECW The Doctor Is In • August 3, 1996

#1 Contenders Three-Way Dance
Terry Funk vs. The Sandman vs. Stevie Richards
ECW Barley Legal • April 13, 1997

ECW Championship Match
Terry Funk vs. Raven
ECW Barley Legal • April 13, 1997


Barbed Wire Match for the ECW Championship
Sabu vs. Terry Funk
ECW Born to be Wired • August 9, 1997

Intergender Match
Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty vs. Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso
ECW As Good As It Gets • September 20, 1997

Death Match
Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
ECW Heatwave • August 2, 1998

ECW Championship Match
Taz vs. Shane Douglas
ECW House Party • January 17, 1999

Chicago Street Fight for the ECW Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney
ECW Hardcore TV • July 5, 1999

ECW Championship Match
Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley
ECW Guilty as Charged • January 9, 2000

Rhino vs. The Sandman
ECW on TNN • Febraury 25, 2000

Three-Way Dance
Super Crazy vs. Yoshiro Tajiri vs. Little Guido
ECW on TNN • March 3, 2000

“I Quit” Match
Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson
ECW Guilty as Charged • January 7, 2001
Alternative Commentary with Tommy Dreamer & Jonathan Coachman

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka
ECW One Night Stand • June 12, 2005

ECW Music Video Recap

  • Axl Rotten on the Tapei Death Match
  • ECW & Blood
  • Extreme Measures: The Flaming Table
  • C.W. Anderson on his “I Quit” Match with Tommy Dreamer
  • Danny Doring & Roadkill get into the business
  • The Pitbulls
  • Justin Credible on being champion
  • Public Enemy vs. Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck History Video

The Gangstas vs. Public Enemy
ECW House Party • January 5, 1996

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