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January 19, 2019 by Daniel Bee

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Edge: A Decade of Decadence (3 Discs)


A Boy and his Dream

Edge vs. Owen Hart
Breakdown: In Your House • September 27, 1998

T.I.T Final – Ladder Match
The Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian
No Mercy • October 17, 1999

8 Pounds of Gold

Triangle Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian
WrestleMania • April 2, 2000

Intercontinental Championship Match
Lance Storm vs. Edge
SummerSlam • August 19, 2001

Unification Match for the Intercontinental Championship and WCW United States Championship
Edge vs. Test
Survivor Series • November 18, 2001

Singles Superstar

Edge vs. Mr. Perfect
Sunday Night Heat • March 3, 2002

Hair vs. Hair Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Judgment Day • May 19, 2002

Steel Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
SmackDown • May 30, 2002

Tag Team Championship Match
Billy & Chuck vs. Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan
SmackDown • July 4, 2002

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
Unforgiven • September 22, 2002


The Totally Awesome Best of Edge & Christian


Injury – Return!

Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. Edge
Vengeance • July 11, 2004

Street Fight
Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
RAW • February 28, 2005

Gold Rush Tournament Final
Kane vs. Edge
RAW • May 16, 2005

Love Triangle

Street Fight
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
RAW • August 29, 2005

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Edge
New Year’s Revolution • January 8, 2006


Hardcore Match
Mick Foley vs. Edge
WrestleMania 22 • April 2, 2006

6-Person Tag Team Match
Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Mick Foley, Edge & Lita
ECW One Night Stand • June 11, 2006

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena vs. Edge
RAW • July 3, 2006


Adam Copeland vs. Christian
Cornwall, ON • November 10, 1997
Commentary by Matt Striker & Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge
Toronto, ON • July 24, 1999
Commentary by Matt Striker & Edge


“I Equal Ratings!”

WWE Championship Match
Edge vs. John Cena
SummerSlam • August 20, 2006

I Persevered

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Edge
RAW • February 19, 2007

Randy Orton vs. Edge
RAW • April 30, 2007

Money in the Bank – Again!

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. Edge
SmackDown • May 11, 2007

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Batista
Vengeance • June 24, 2007

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble • January 27, 2008

My Speciality

TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs. Edge
One Night Stand • June 1, 2008

Hell in a Cell Match
The Undertaker vs. Edge
SummerSlam • August 17, 2008

What’s Next – Sequel?

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