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January 3, 2019 by Mark D

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Hall of Fame (2 Discs)

  • “Superstar” Billy Graham
  • Greg Valentine
  • Pete Rose
  • Big John Studd
  • Sgt. Slaughter

Superstar’s Career
Confidential • September 6, 2003

WWWF Championship Match
Bruno Sammartino vs. “Superstar” Billy Graham
Baltimore, MD • April 30, 1977

Superstar Billy Graham Promo
Championship Wrestling • June 18, 1977

Kane attacks Pete Rose
WrestleMania XIV • March 29, 1998

Pete Rose surprises Kane
WrestleMania XV • March 28, 1999

Kane and Rikishi attack Pete Rose
WrestleMania 2000 • April 2, 2000

Buddy Rogers Interviews Big John Studd
All Star Wrestling • April 20, 1983

Big John Studd vs. Andre the Giant
Madison Square Garden • April 25, 1983

Alley Fight
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson
Madison Square Garden • May 4, 1981
Alternate Commentary by Sgt. Slaughter & Pat Patterson

“I want my country back!”
Superstars • October 12, 1991

Hall of Famers at WrestleMania XX
WresleMania XX • March 14, 2004

  • Bobby Heenan
  • Tito Santana
  • Harley Race
  • Don Muraco
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Vince McMahon

Atlantic City
Prime Time Wrestling • March 21, 1988

Prime Time Wrestling • November 22, 1988

Busch Gardens
Prime Time Wrestling • December 12, 1988

Grape Squashing with Andre the Giant
Prime Time Wrestling • February 25, 1991

Bobby Heenan Tribute
Confidential • June 15, 2002

Bobby Heenan’s first night in the business

Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Tito Santana vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Baltimore, MD • June 7, 1985

Junkyard Dog vs. Harley Race
WrestleMania III • March 27, 1987

Harley Race Interview
World Wide Wrestling • June 15, 1983

Gene Okerlund interviews The Junkyard Dog
Wrestling Challenge • July 18, 1987

Intercontinental Championship Match
Don Muraco vs. Pedro Morales
Philadelphia, PA • June 20, 1981

Vince McMahon interviews Don Muraco
Madison Square Garden • March 20, 1983

WWE Championship Match
Bob Backlund vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Madison Square Garden • March 14, 1982

Pat Patterson Interviews Jesse Ventura
All Star Wrestling • June 1, 1982

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