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October 8, 2013 by Mark D

The History of WWE DVD & Blu-ray Match List Revealed

The full content and match listing of The History of WWE – 50 Years of Sports Entertainment is now ready to be unveiled!

The DVD and Blu-ray collection contains a 2 hour documentary covering a vast number of topics from the early regional days through to the modern era. The set is complimented with more than 10 matches and a selection of moments.

You can pre-order your copy of “History of WWE” for November 19th by clicking here. Australia gets it one day later, then the UK gets it on December 2nd via WWEDVD.co.uk.




History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD Match Listing

  • Beginnings
  • Bruno Sammartino
  • The Northeast
  • Stars of the 70s
  • Titan Takeover
  • Hulkamania
  • First WrestleMania
  • Saturday Night’s Main Event
  • WrestleMania III
  • PPV Expansion
  • Steroid Trial
  • New Generation
  • Monday Night RAW
  • Monday Night War
  • Montreal
  • Attitude Era
  • Tragedy in Kansas City
  • SmackDown
  • Expansion
  • Brand Extension
  • WrestleMania Stadiums
  • Hall of Fame
  • WWE Studios
  • Securing the Future
  • 50 Years




The History of WWE DVD Match Listing Blu-ray
WWE Championship Match
Bruno Sammartino vs. “Superstar” Billy Graham
Baltimore, MD • April 30, 1977

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
WrestleMania III March 29, 1987

Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble January 24, 1988

First Episode of Raw
Koko B. Ware vs. Yokozuna
RAW • January 11, 1993

King of the Ring Finals
Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
King of the Ring • June 23, 1996




The History of WWE DVD & Blu-ray Complete Match ListingWWE Championship Match
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series November 9, 1997

Tyson and Austin!
RAW January 19, 1998

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. The Rock
SmackDown • August 26, 1999

Mr. McMahon Announces the Purchase of WCW
RAW • March 26, 2001

The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
WrestleMania X8 • March 17, 2002

Battle of the Billionaires – Hair vs. Hair Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga
WrestleMania 23 April 1, 2007

6-Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, Batista, & Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho, Big Show & Randy Orton
Tribute to the Troops December 20, 2008

CM Punk Speaks His Mind
RAW • June 27, 2011

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs. CM Punk
RAW • February 25, 2013



The History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment Blu-ray Match ListingStories

  • Reporting the News
  • Jimmy Valiant on Vince Sr.
  • Bankruptcy
  • Titan Sports
  • Promo Man
  • WWE Universe


Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. Big Show
WrestleMania XXIV • March 30, 2008

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
WrestleMania 25 • April 5, 2009

The History of WWE Blu-ray Match Listing


The History of WWE – 50 Years of Sports Entertainment will be released next month on November 19th, and you can pre-order your copy now with Amazon by clicking here.

Just one day later it hits Australia on November 20th over at WWEDVD.com.au.

The UK and Europe get The History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray set on December 2nd at the new home for WWE DVDs and Blu-ray – WWEDVD.co.uk – pre-order today!

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  1. Simon says:

    Only buying the set for the documentary and couple of matches hope it’s good!!

  2. Spritz1999 says:

    The doc looks good… the matches on the other hand, I believe there is only 3 that may have not been ever released! But for the doc. I’ll buy!

  3. John Peterson says:

    I know people get tired of having a lot of matches from the Modern era,Which to me was from Hulkamania till Now.But who knows how much footage exists from the the beginning of WWE History to the early 80s.A lot of it is either weathered due to its age or the footage may no longer exist.I would love to see more matches from the early 80s on back,but who knows if most of it still exists.could be lost due to time

  4. Nicolas Hébert says:

    Just for the 3 hours documentary, it’s a must buy!!! The matches is only repeats, I already have all of these!

  5. RabidHeat says:

    A point at which they very subtley mention the effects of the 2007 tragedy involving you know who, perhaps without mentioning any names, would show a refreshing and brave honest approach and give the documentary a comprehensive feel, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • SRB says:

      Unlike you, I’m not hoping for any Benoit footage. My opinion aside, I do wonder if it’s WWE that is withholding the footage or if it’s lawyers and family members. We have seen Benoit on random things here and there, which is odd to me. Why give him one match a year, but ignore him on all other accounts? I say put him in or don’t. Is it because with certain sets he really was part of their history like War Games that he gets to be put in??? Who really knows? Must be the sets that are essential to his appearance.

      I’ve always felt that WWE should release a set paying tribute to fallen wrestlers no matter what the cause of death was. Obviously, we could get mini-profiles on wrestlers that have passed and talk about JUST their wrestling. I’d love 5 minutes on Bam Bam, Elizabeth, Sherri, Eddie, Earthquake, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Big Boss Man, Savage, and the list continues.

      • David says:

        Nancy Benoit’s sister did an interview couple months back and she discussed about WWE distancing and not mentioning Benoit on programming and home video realses, the reason being is out of respect to her parents, Nancy and Daniel.

        She said they have not gotten over the tragedy and absolutely despise Chris and to this day have not and likely ever get answers to “why” Benoit did what he did.

        So don’t expect them to ever release any sort of documentary with discussions about Chris unless Nancy’s family approves. I think including matches is fine when there are other superstars involved and they edit out any sort of praise in commentary. I think thats a fine approach by WWE to quietly include Benoit in anthology type releases.

        People always say “well, people should get over it, we want Benoit included on DVDs and Television”, well yeah, but their respective families WILL NEVER get over this senseless murder.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you guys are so concerned about the families you’d realize that part of the grieving process is acceptance. As a result, once they hit that stage, and you have to believe that in spite of one amateurish media interview they have, they’d be okay with this sort of thing. In reality, the only ones who are truly suffering at this point are Benoit’s surviving kids who now have not only had to lose their father, but also the royalty payments they so richly deserve. Maybe the know-it-alls who continue to say that it’s wrong really need to take an entry level university psychology course (assuming they could actually be accepted to anything but a clown college) so that they could finally understand that pretending that Benoit doesn’t exist isn’t the way for a grieving family to cope.

          I’m all for Benoit making a return to Classics on Demand and complete shows on DVD. If they want to put his matches on compilation DVDs, that’s great as well.

          • SRB says:

            Of course you’re all for Benoit making a return to DVDs and Classics on Demand… He didn’t murder anyone in your family!

            • Anonymous says:

              Well, if he did, at least WWE would make it up to me by removing him from their footage. Because that’s pretty much the same thing as having that family member alive again. It’s almost as though it never happened. And, let’s not forget that pretending that person doesn’t exist is certainly the way to cope. Wait, if all of that was true, why are we even having this discussion?

              Back to reality…

              If anyone wants to play the family card, what about the fact that by not including him in Classics on Demand and DVDs, the surviving family members doesn’t even get the royalties they so richly deserve? These kids not only lost a father and his income, but they also don’t see a dime — all because of the lifestyle he chose to live as a WWE performer where he was never home and endured the brutality that led to multiple concussions which may have precipitated the actual events.

              If you’re going to play the family card, it’s important to look at the full picture.

  6. Tommy C. says:

    Anyone think they will cover he WWF/WWE name change?

  7. Nick says:

    Why is the WWE Network not up and running already.What is so hard about making a 24 hour channel that you pay a monthly fee that shows everything they have in their library.

    • David says:

      First off they have to purpose it to networks, cable and satellite providers and its not easy because they likely will not approve a 24/7 channel with not but wrestling. It would have to take A LOT of convincing and a proper business proposal.

      Last i heard, stations are turning it down, even for a monthly fee.

      I’m happy with WWE Classics on Demand, they should just leave that.

  8. Supersonic says:

    Daniel, plz find out how long the Cena vs. Punk match chapter is.

    • Mark D says:

      It’s 27 minutes, 16 seconds

      • WWERENEEYOUNG says:

        So thats mean its not the Commercial Free version they had up on Youtube and WWE.com which ran for 32mins and 14 seconds, why did they have to cut the 5 mins then? luckily i have the match from Youtube in 720p:) then and its been taken down by WWE on Youtube aswell ..

  9. J. S. says:

    It’s only my opinion, but History of the WWE without any full match from the 60s? One match from the 70s? I understand that many wrestling fans today can’t stand the wrestling style from the 60s to the 80s, but this is a history set. Okay, the documentary looks fine. But that’s it. If they release only the documentary without the matches, then I would buy it (a vanilla disc).


    That King of the Ring Finals match from 96 between Austin and Jake Roberts sucks, the only good thing is promo afterwards, The first 4 matches are fine even though i will probably get sick for watching Hogan and Andre from WM 3 for the Billion Time (Sighs) but i get why its here, Disc 3 looks good and is the disc to watch if your a first time WWE DVD/Blu-ray Buyer, Documentary looks very intriguing and will be one to watch and have, Blu-ray Extras Suck though, why did Undertaker vs HBK from WM 25 had to be on this, its on 4 other sets already (WM 25 BR, Shawn Michaels My Journey DVD, True Story of Wrestlemania BR, Undertaker the Streak 20-0 BR) i get its a great match and must see but why couldnt they include a more historic match even though its not in HD or the Orton vs Cena Iron Man Match from Bragging Rights 2009, Even though the set looks great on paper and slightly in theory you still end up feeling disappointed!!

  11. Doc 902714 says:

    WARNING: You may like that they don’t censor the F in WWF and that the Atttitude scratch logo is faded but that is all the novelties you will receive from this DVD/Blu Ray. Aside from the documentary which should be really interesting, the match and promo selection is a huge disappointment. You probably already have the Stone Cold – Mike Tyson confrontation unedited on the WWE Attitude DVD set from last year and if you can wait till next January, when they do their best of RAW-SmackDown set, then you should have CM Punk vs. John Cena from RAW last February. But the biggest disappointment I foresee with this DVD is that they will be censoring Jesse Ventura’s commentary from the WrestleMania III match and the Royal Rumble Match. Can anyone tell me that this is a good idea? I watched the History of MSG DVD and they had Gorilla Monsoon calling the main event of WM1 solo with the Body’s commentary bleeped out. Unless they have settled royalties with Jesse Ventura, Odds are they probably haven’t this DVD set will be a BUST


      The Tyson and Austin Confrontation is not on the Attitude Era DVD/Blu-ray, Tyson Joins DX Segment is on the Attitude Era DVD, However the Tyson and Austin Confrontation is on Austin 3 disc Blu-ray Set that was released around 2011 but the only edit is the WWF Scratch logo being covered in the left hand corner by that big WWE Logo, so it will be unedited but not for the first time on DVD on this DVD!!

    • Timothy Thorpe says:

      Damn computer. Anyway, I’m not looking forward to an hour of muted commentary every 15 seconds myself. Oh well.

  12. Rob says:

    Quite disappointed in the match content. I’ve basically stopped buying WWE DVDs because I don’t need to own the same matches over and over again. I’m sure the doc will be good though.

  13. Steve says:

    Ultimately it’s all about the documentary. I give props for including steroid scandal as well as the Owen situation. But they have both been mentioned in previous documentaries so it isn’t unheard of. Dumb to not include Benoit situation which changed the business for sure. They really should have covered wrestler deaths but understand why they didn’t. As far as the matched go…TERIBLE would be an understatement. They have Raw moments from Raw episodes that will be released three weeks following this release. I mean come on! How lazy can they be. They could have at least had alternate commentary! Funny how the WCW releases are the biggest sellers considering they are unreleased material for the most part. Maybe one day WWE home video will get there heads out of there ass and stop releasing the same shit 19 times. It takes away from the importance ultimately.

  14. Nick says:

    I wish the fans could choose which matches should be chosen since everything today is interactive. This should’ve been a 3 disc blu ray so the 50 years could be spread out a bit.

    Also just wondering when the 2014 schedule will come out.

  15. mark foster says:

    I already have 6 of the 10 matches on here.Great ideal,bad match sellection for a new dvd

  16. Shawn Phelan says:

    I’m glad I already ordered the Dvd cuz the blu ray extras don’t impress me. Im excited to see who was interviewed for the doc.

  17. supersonic says:

    Is Cena vs. Punk the commercial-free version from wwe.com?

  18. Steven Jackson says:

    This looks an interesting set. The documentary is definitely the reason to buy this DVD but the matches don’t look too bad either. They do the job they are supposed to do and give a good overall view of WWE’s history. My only criticism would be if they are including the first Royal Rumble, why not the first Survivor Series match too. I’m glad Cena vs. Punk from RAW is on from this last February as in a way it is a huge honour for that match to be included on such a defining set. An intriguing DVD collection which I’m looking forward to reading the review of soon.

  19. Jamyn Blanton says:

    looks good but, I was wanting to get the Blu-Ray for the Blu-Ray exclusives but, it doesn’t look to appealing 6 stories and matches I already own in my collection. I guess I might just get the DVD.

  20. CrimeDawg says:

    Like many of you, I find the match listing to be a little sub par. Was hoping for more history matches or at least clips. Guessing the Bruno stuff is being saved for the possible Bruno Doc.

    The documentary itself looks awesome. I always thought along with Benoit the two things WWE didn’t talk about was the Steroid trial and Owen Hart.

  21. Dean says:

    I wish they’d talk about the Benoit tragedy. That changed the way WWE did business and did irreparable harm to the industry.

  22. JAF says:

    Wow, a whole section dedicated to the Owen Hart Tragedy, that surprises me.

  23. KarlKayfabian says:

    Hopefully this doc will be on the level of the ECW, Horsemen, Flair, and Wrestlemania docs.

  24. a fan says:

    with the match listing being what it is (skipping ten years from ’77 to ’87 – really?), i would have preferred the documentary span the whole three discs. and every match has been released on dvd/bd before.

    • Mike says:

      I know. The birth of Hulkamania, and specificly, the night Hogan won his first WWF title, should’ve been represented

  25. Richard says:

    The documentary is the attraction for this set, and any matches at all are gravy. In fact, they could have zero matches and this is likely the release of the year. 50 years of amazing history is quite the story to tell.

    I don’t have any major match complaints, as most of these are expected. Most will be included for the historical significance of the event, and despite repeats, I am fine with all of them.

    I personally would have included another Bruno match. Perhaps the oldest footage available of him as WWWF Champion.

    A chapter on Bob Backlund himself would have been great. Forever in Bruno’s shadow?

    Impressed that Owen Hart will be included here, and I’m sure it will be respectfully done.

    Matches I personally would have added:

    Backlund vs Superfly Snuka (cage match)

    Backlund vs Ric Flair (WWF vs NWA title, 1982)

    The Undertaker makes his debut at Survivior Series 1990.

    Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith – Summerslam ’92 (Hart arrives as a singles star)

    Owen Hart vs Steve Austin (SS ’97)

    The Rock vs Steve Austin (WM 19) Austin’s last match.

    Eddie Gurrero vs Brock Lesnar (NWO 2004)

    John Cena vs The Undertaker (Vengence 2003)

    Cena vs Randy Orton (Iron Man match, Bragging Rights 2009)

  26. ALK says:

    Well, at least they resisted the temptation of including Under Vs Mankind HIAC for the billionth time…..

  27. John says:

    I never watch the Documentary, just the matches but the matches are a huge disappointment!

  28. AJ says:

    WWE’s going to definitive DVD. One where if it’s the only DVD a WWE fan buys, it’s this. So putting these matches, despite repeat after repeat, makes sense. For a collector who already has these, you would likely get it because of the documentary anyway.

  29. Marco says:

    Awesome match listing! I will buy this just for the matches.

  30. Matt Periolat says:

    My God… correct me if I am wrong, but outside of Bret’s DVDs, I believe this documentary will be one of the first times WWE has talked about Owen Hart’s death. And to dedicate an entire chapter to it? Very interested to get this set now. I do wish we had some older material, a sampler from the WWWF or Capitol Wrestling era, but I am sold on this big time.

  31. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Documentary looks good. This will be a great watch I’m sure. The matches I won’t even comment on because anyone with half a brain should have already knew what the listing would look like for this set.

  32. Bart says:

    One of the weakest matches selections ever. Documentary should be good, but I don’t buy it.

  33. Jesse says:

    Looking forward to the documentary.

  34. Mr Disc says:

    I’m pleased i was already sold on the 3 hour documentary portion of this set because for a 50 year history set best part of those matches are a joke.

  35. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Of course Jesse Ventura’s commentary will be muted for the Hogan-Andre and Royal Rumble matches. Looking forward to around an hour of muted commentary every 15 seconds.

    • Steve says:

      When did the WWE start this? He wasn’t muted on the Summerslam/Mania/Rumble/Survivor Series sets

      • Kenny says:

        They’ve edited his commentary off of matches here and there in the past. I think it depends on Vince’s mood at any given time. Sometimes Jesse is in, others he’s taken out.

    • Kenny says:

      They won’t do that for this match. His and Gorilla’s calling of this match is just as legendary as the match is.

    • Tommy C. says:

      as far as I can tell they stopped that a few years ago

  36. mdax says:

    no surprise at all for the match listing.

  37. Steve says:

    Is the Rock/ HHH match from the first ever Smackdown? Also, has that been released before on DVD?

  38. TheManInBlu says:

    Oy vey! These new matches are quite underwhelming plus I now have three of them from The True Story of Wrestlemania. And Koko B. Ware vs. Yokozuna?? Seriously? Even if it might be the first RAW match ever it’s a waste of space! Apart from Santino Marella, whom I despise, these two wrestlers have got to be the most boring of the ’80s and ’90s respectively. Again, it lacks older matches and focuses too much on the modern era match-wise. The documentary chapters make it sound very interesting but the selling point for me is the matches as that is what has the most replay value for me. I’ll have to think about it. I have it on pre-order but I’m really not sure anymore…

  39. Dashing Dick says:

    Well that makes more sense… Still could have chosen a better match. Oh well. Still pumped.

  40. Dashing Dick says:

    This is looking like the best set of 2013… But Yokozuna vs Koko B Ware? Wtf? Only out of place thing on this set.

  41. dtrill says:

    I hate the match listing

  42. Justin Greeder says:

    Sooooo…Domenic is banned, right? Right?!

  43. Tommy D says:

    The documentary should be great. the match selection (although it does cover some pivotal moments in the company, is terrible. I buy DVD/Blu Rays for the matches 1st, Doc 2nd, so only 2 new matches makes me upset (especially when the Punk/Cena match will almost definitely be on the RAW/Smackdown disc in January.

  44. @IMDJLUIS says:

    Looks like they may not talk about the name changes for the company, there’s been a few. Specifically, they should talk about the WWF/WWE name change, but looks like they won’t.

    • David says:

      Its possible they might briefly under the “Expansion” or “Brand Extension” chapters. The name did occur around that time where they wanted to emphasize the “entertainment” in WWE when expanding. WWE films was also was created in 2002.

  45. SRB says:

    They did an OK job with these matches. Picking the “birth” of Austin and Montreal are good choices. But, since this is a history-themed release, they should have picked more history changing matches… Hogan/Warrior, Survivor Series 2001.. I cannot see why Koko/Yoko made it onto this set. It’s beyond random and has nothing to do with anything.

  46. Justin F says:

    I wish they’d talk about the Benoit tragedy. That changed the way WWE did business and did irreparable harm to the industry.

  47. David says:

    Interesting documentary, quite surprised they will talking about Owen’s death and the Steroid scandal.

    Matches however are lackluster, but to me the documentary is the selling point.

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