Exclusive: Full Content of WWE ‘Monday Night War: Know Your Role’ DVD/Blu-Ray

July 18, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your Role DVD - Full Content Listing

Earlier this week we broke the news of a special guest to be featured on WWE’s next “Monday Night War” DVD. That turned out to be Eric Bischoff, who was interviewed by the company to give post episode analysis, in the same vein as Sting and Triple H for Volume 1.

“The Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role”, another 4 disc DVD and 3 disc Blu-ray set, packs in the remaining 10 episodes of the WWE Network series, the aforementioned Home Video exclusive interview with Eric Bischoff, and six more extras on the Blu-ray edition.

WWE will release “Know Your Role” as their big Home Video offering in September, along with the SummerSlam 2015 DVD. You can pre-order a copy now via Amazon.com by clicking here.


“The Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role” is right now scheduled to hit Australia before anywhere else! Get it on DVD or Blu-ray from WWEDVD.com.au.



Monday Night Jericho
• Humble Beginnings
• Cruiserweight Division
• Creating a Character
• Countdown to the Millennium
• Lone Wolf
• Breaking Into the Main Event

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

The War Gets Extreme
• Eastern Championship Wrestling
• Taking it to the Extreme
• Talent Raids
• ECW Comes to Pay-Per-View
• WWE Ushers in the Attitude Era
• Financial Struggles

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

WWE Monday Night War Vol. 2 - Know Your Role DVD Cover

PRE-ORDER IT: Click here to get your copy of Volume 2 on DVD, or here for the Blu-ray.



The War Gets Electrified
• Samoan Lineage
• Rocky Maivia
• Rocky Sucks
• People’s Champion
• Corporate Champion
• Rock N Sock
• Hollywood

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

Divas Gone Wild
• Special Attraction
• Alundra Blayze
• Birth of the Divas
• Divas Get Attitude
• Rebirth of the Women’=’s Championship
• Stephanie McMahon
• Lita vs. Trish Stratus

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff



The War Goes Mainstream
• Hulk Hogan’s Influence
• Reality Based Television
• Dennis Rodman
• Mike Tyson
• WCW Goes Late Night
• Pop Culture Explosion

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

Building An Army
• More Than a One-Man Show
• WCW Assembles Their Roster
• New Generation
• Faction Warfare
• Breakout Stars
• Creative Control
• Big Show Jumps Ship
• Decline in Programming

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

The Kliq
• Bonds Begin to Form
• Triple H Comes Onboard
• Locker Room Heat
• Curtain Call
• Outsiders Defect to WCW
• The Formation of D-Generation X
• A New Leader Emerges
• Enduring Legacy

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff



Mistakes in the Battlefield
• Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair
• Eric Bischoff’s New Direction
• Ric Flair’s Diminished Role
• Becoming One of the Boys
• “We Want Flair!”
• Fatal Mistakes

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

The Fall of WCW
• The Rise of WCW
• Russo Raw
• Standards and Practices
• Vince Russo Joins WCW
• Radicalz
• Reset Button
• Bash at the Beach
• Acquisition

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff

Life After Wartime
• The War Begins
• Management Changes
• Mr. McMahon Purchases WCW
• The Final Nitro
• Invasion
• nWo Comes to WWE
• Eric Bischoff – Raw General Manager
• Then. Now. Forever.

Post Episode Analysis with Eric Bischoff



Hulk Hogan WCW Contract Signing Parade
June 11, 1994

Paul Heyman Calls into the Show
LiveWire • October 5, 1996

Post-WrestleMania XIV Press Conference
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Mike Tyson Q&A
March 29, 1998

Bash at the Beach Press Conference
Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Karl Malone & DDP Contract Signing
June 18, 1998

Scott Steiner Thinks WCW Sucks
Nitro • February 7, 2000

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mike Awesome vs. Tazz
ECW on TNN • April 14, 2000

WWE Monday Night War Vol. 2 - Know Your Role Blu-ray Cover

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  1. Andy Garland says:

    the Monday night war shots fired I did enjoy I hope know your role is good to

  2. josh says:

    I thought they were going to have an episode document about Sable. Now it looks like they’re just going to give her a secondary documentation on the divas episode. They don’t even have a title for her. And why are they giving a special title to Stephanie?
    I’m interested in seeing/hearing what Bischoff has to say about Flair after the Ric Flair episode(s). I would have liked to have seen them put Flair in the episode analysis with Bischoff to hear what each one would had to say to each other.
    Other than that, it looks like it’s pretty much the same thing that was on volume one, except for the new parts with Jericho and the Rock. It’s all the same thing: dx, outsiders jump to wcw, attitude era, ecw documentation. I was really looking forward to a Sable document.

  3. Fred Marzino says:

    Would have made more sense to have a Hogan-Rock face to face shot as the cover. Even if it is “postwar” it better illustrates the MNW than a cover that would have been better suited for a Rock set.

  4. push cesaro league says:

    coz wcw sux… Scott Steiner circa 2000

  5. captainplanet says:

    They really should have got Vince to sit down with Bischoff ala HHH and Sting. Would’ve been must-buy.

  6. Nicolas Hébert says:

    Can’t wait for Vol.2 I’ve already watch 8 of the 10 first episodes on the Vol. 1! Very Great series.

  7. Alex says:

    im looking forward to this one and will definitely be getting this on bluray .I enjoying volume 1 now .I agree,the cover does suck

  8. Fox says:

    Only 1 match on the entire set? …and it’s an ECW match (albeit featuring a WCW “contracted” performer)? We could’ve done without the Hogan MGM parade for sure! However, these extras are still a bit better than Volume 1, but that’s not saying much. They really dropped the ball w/the Blu Ray exclusives on both volumes in my opinion.

    • LP1 says:

      That one match is the only match in the history of the Monday Night Wars to include a WWF guy vs a WCW guy. Tazz was under contract to the WWF while Awesome recently signed with WCW. And it took place at an ECW show. The historical significance of this match is huge.

  9. SCSA says:

    Great cover! Boring listing!

    All ‘The Kliq’ stuff looks like the stuff thats gonna b on the upcoming Kliq DVD/Blu-Ray

    • SCSA says:

      Actually, after re-reading the content of this set, I’m really starting to like it now 🙂

      Although I don’t like the fact that The Rock is on the cover, making it look like a Rock DVD/Blu-Ray set – instead it would have been better with something like WWE Vs WCW or like someone mentioned before; Vince looking at Eric (though in a nasty way).

      Also, I mentioned the thing about the Kliq also being in the set just like the Kliq set, which is all pretty much the same, although I guess they need it in this set too.

  10. attitude.era.4life says:

    I can not help but compare this to the Lord of the Ring DVD set when they first released it as as the cinema version, and months later the extended version of the films with loads of extras..

    Only real interesting extra for me is the Stone Cold-Tyson segment..

    there could at least have been 1 hour more, giving it is bluray, that can contain around 7 hours on one disc. Disappointment le grande. And we only get to hear from the Bitch..if not Vince Mc then they should have gotten Vince Russo..one sided “analyses” from the Bitsh, problaly again with the Young little Miss Blondie as a hostess, that’s a: nooooooo!

  11. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Because it’s a WWE release, did you really expect it to be fair & unbiased? They’re simply not capable of that as we’ve seen in the past & continue to see with pretty much every WCW dvd.

  12. me says:

    Horrible extras. I won’t be going anywhere near this toxic mess. They are just burying WCW for no reason.

  13. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I love the blu ray extras on this one. Definitely will preorder it soon.

  14. Todd Cash says:

    Despite the stupid title…and why the hell is the rock the only one on the cover …anyways vol 2 looking good especially now with Easy E. Post analysis…will get blu ray first day.

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