Exclusive: Full Content for WWE Triple H ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ DVD & Blu-Ray

July 15, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD Interview

WrestlingDVDNews.com can now exclusively reveal the full documentary content and match listing for WWE: Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come, which is incoming September 24th on DVD and Blu-ray formats (pre-order your copy).

As we’ve been reporting, the main feature is a documentary on Triple H’s life and career which runs for over 2 hours. That covers the whole first disc of the DVD version of the set. There are 12 matches to go along with the biography, plus one extra match exclusive to the Blu-ray edition. Also on the Blu-ray are over 20 interview pieces not included in the main feature.



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WWE Young Triple H

The Game
Growing Up
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Ninth Wonder of the World
Mick Foley
D-Generation X
DX vs. The Nation
The Rock
DX Returns
Torn and Rebuilt
Randy Orton
The Undertaker
Chief Operating Officer
A Unique Breed


WWE Blueblood Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jean-Paul Levesque vs. Ricky Steamboat
WCW Saturday Night – 3rd September, 1994

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Dude Love
One Night Only – September 1997

Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship
The Rock vs. Triple H
Judgment Day – 21st May, 2000

No Disqualification Match
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle
Unforgiven – 24th September, 2000


WWE Triple H World Heavyweight Champion

All Championships on the Line
Triple H & Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker & Kane
Backlash – 29th April, 2001

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
RAW – 30th June, 2003

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Royal Rumble – 25th January, 2004

Road to WrestleMania Tournament Match
Ric Flair vs. Triple H
RAW – 6th February, 2006

Return from Injury
Triple H vs. King Booker
SummerSlam – 26th August, 2007

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton
No Mercy – 7th October, 2007

Non-Title Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
SmackDown – 21st November, 2008

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
RAW – 30th November, 2009


WWE Triple H COO

No Disqualification / Career on the Line
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
WrestleMania 29 – 7th April, 2013

Motivation in High School
Hard Way In
Paul Scream
Diamond Cutter
Hunter Hearst Helmsley – The Name
Wild ‘n Crazy Guys
Evolution’s Fifth Member ??
Shawn’s Comeback
WrestleMania 26
Two Movies at Once
Commemorating the End
Worst Gas on the Planet
Candy Bar
Praising the Boss
Behind the Scenes – Photo Shoot
Behind the Scenes – WrestleMania 29 Weekend
Taping Wrists
The Levesque Game
King of Signs


WWE Evolution Group

Evolution – The Name


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Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come will be released on September 24th, and you can pre-order your copy now with Amazon by clicking here. Canadian fans can do the same over here.

The Australia market gets it just one week later on October 2nd at WWEDVD.com.au.

If you’re in the UK or Europe look out for the new Triple H DVD and Blu-ray on October 14th at the new home for WWE DVDs and Blu-ray – WWEDVD.co.uk!

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  1. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Should have added theses classics hhh vs Marc Mero in your house hhh vs Goldust WrestleMania 13 hhh vs mankind Summerslam steel cage match hhh vs Owen Hart unforgiven 98 backlash 99 hhh vs X-Pac unforgiven 99 six pack challenge for vacant WWE championship hhh vs mankind vs big show vs British bulldog vs Kane vs the rock with Austin as special enforcer hhh vs Vince McMahon Armageddon 99 hhh vs cactus Jack Royal rumble 2000 street fight match hhh vs Chris Jericho fully loaded 2000 last man standing match hhh vs stone cold Steve Austin 3 stages of hell match now way out 2001 hhh vs Kurt angle number one contender’s match raw 2002 hhh vs hulk Hogan backlash 2002 hhh vs hbk Summerslam 2002 street fight match hhh vskane vs Goldberg Armageddon 2003 triple threat match for the world heavyweight championship hhh vs Chris benoit 60 minute iron man match raw 2004 Royal rumble 2005 world heavyweight championship match vs Randy Orton hhh vs edge raw 2005 world heavyweight championship match hhh vs Ric flair taboo Tuesday 2005 steel cage match for the intercontinental championship triple threat match number one contender’s hhh vs rvd vs big show raw 2006 dx vs the spirit squad 5 on 2 handicap match vengeance 2006 dx vs the McMahon’s summer slam 2006 dx vs the McMahon’s and big show handicap hell in a cell match hhh vs Carlito unforgiven 2007 hhh vs umaga street fight match cyber Sunday 2007 fatal 4 way elimination match for the WWE championship hhh vs Randy Orton vs JBL vs John Cena backlash 2008 hhh vs Randy Orton steel cage match for the WWE championship judgement day 2008 hhh vs John Cena night of champions 2008for the WWE championship WWE championship match hhh vs Jeff Hardy no mercy 2008 dx vs legacy summer slam 2009 hhh vs John Cena raw 2009 dx vs Jeri show for the WWE unified WWE tag team championship tlc match tlc 2009 hhh vs sheamus WrestleMania 26 hhh vs undertaker WrestleMania no holds barred match hhh vs cm punk no disqualification match night of champions 2011 hhh vs undertaker hell in a cell match WrestleMania 28

  2. emily F. says:

    Yes hello I know im two years late of all this but yesterday at best buy I saw this dvd and it said one disc I picked it up and moved it and it was only one disc.the box also was not a three disc box and was five bucks! Can somebody tell what dvd is this

  3. Ricardo Alvarez says:

    When are they going to release his last man standing with Chris Jericho from Fully Loaded 2000?!

  4. Adam says:

    Triple H getting beaten up is always worth watching

  5. Ben says:

    This is regarding Triple H’s blu-ray.
    Why does amazon uk show the run time of
    429 minutes & amazon.com show a run time
    of 540 minutes?

  6. Rabaat says:

    I love the match listing and I cant wait to see the matches and the stories. but ther should have been DX vs the machons & big show sep 17 2006 hell in a cell and triple H vs Shawn Michael summer slam 2002 aug 25th and triple h vs Shawn Michael bad blood 2004 jun 14 2004 and at least stone cold vs Triple H three stages of hell match no way out 2001 feb 25th 2001 and it should be called long lived the king of kings

  7. Brad721 says:

    The match list is ok, but people keep asking about hhh vs hbk SS 02 but that was on the king of kings dvd

  8. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Just saw the Summerslam 07 match vs. Booker T and can see why some people don’t like it a lot. Triple H was barely in danger in that match. The match didn’t have Booker T dominate for 5 minutes or something, and the match suffered because of it.

  9. Anan says:

    As it usually, if not always is, the documentary/stories are the main selling point. As far as the collection of matches, some will like it and others will feel too many matches were left out.

    Personally I was hoping that HHH vs Taker vs either WM17, 27 or 28 or HHH vs HBK from Armageddon 2002 would be here. But like Wonderllama said, this is probably not the last HHH set so maybe that’s why a lot of good stuff was left off here. With that said, I will definitely pick this one up.

  10. trey warner says:

    very good list…will likely pick up once the price drops around $10

  11. Wonderllama says:

    I don’t think this will be the last Triple H set. He’ll probably get another one a few years from now. In terms of recent superstars getting multiple DVD releases, these are the number of years it took

    Hulk Hogan – 3 years. 2006 & 2009
    Shawn Michaels – 3 years. 2007 & 2010
    Steve Austin – 3 years. 2008 & 2011
    John Cena – 3 years. 2007 & 2010
    Edge – 4 years. 2008 & 2012
    The Rock – 4 years. 2008 & 2012
    Rey Mysterio – 4 years. 2007 & 2011
    The Undertaker – 5 years, then 2 years. 2005, 2010, & 2012

    Triple H still wrestles a few times a year. So, when his career is truly done and he goes into the Hall of Fame, that’s probably when we’ll get another collection of matches! Hopefully by then, WWE starts releasing three disc Blu-Rays sets. That would be pretty cool and a logical next step for home releases

    • Anan says:

      I’m not sure but I don’t think three-disc Blu Rays aren’t unheard of. Wasn’t Steve Austin’s Bottom Line set a 3-disc blu ray set?

  12. Bob says:

    I really don’t care how many repeat matches are on this set. I am gonna be buying this Blu-ray just for the documentary anyway. I can’t wait for this release.

  13. el stinko says:

    kind of wish we got a match when he led dx in 98-99

  14. me says:

    Daniel, I have a question for you: is WWE still doing the store exclusive DVD and/or Blu-Ray exclusives? It seemed as if the pattern was one per quarter but we haven’t had any in a while.

    • Domenic says:

      I know I’m not Daniel, but WWE could be doing more store exclusive Blu-Rays in the future.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Daniel is here. 😉

      I doubt store exclusives are gone for good but they have definitely become few and far between. It was just a few months ago WrestleMania had it’s usual FYE exclusive dogtag though. Payback was a Best Buy exclusive on Blu-ray this week if you wanna count that (probably not). Maybe we’ll see something for the Triple H DVD or other big releases like that.

  15. SCSA says:

    I’m happy w/ the documentary, however I’m not happy with some of the matches. I think they should have included the following;

    Some matches involving DX Vs Nation
    The Undertaker Vs Triple H at WM17
    The Game wins the Rumble
    Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H at SS 2002

    And more matches from the Attitude Era!

    • Domenic says:

      Dude, most of that content was already released on the past dvds.

      • me says:

        Man, people on this site are weird. Doing the subject justice is more important than this cultlike chanting of “unreleased” over and over.

        • Anonymous says:

          So not wanting to pay for the SAME thing two, three, four, five times over and over again is “weird?” Get real. If it is to you, I guess it’s safe to say you buy the same set twice, right?

          And, not wanting to pay for the same thing twice or more isn’t just a prevailing thought among the posters here. Go ask anyone in any walk of life if they want to pay for the same thing twice.

          • SRB says:

            Some people don’t see it like that. I personally own all of HHHs releases: The Game, That Damn Good, King of Kings and will own Thy Kingdom Come too. Therefore, some of these are repeats to me, which is annoying. This release was all about the documentary from the start. I thought there’d be more “Kliq” garbage on it. If so, they should’ve called it HHH’s Rock N’ Roll Wrestling.

          • me says:

            Um…people in “every walk of life” do not own every WWE DVD ever made. Maybe 5% of buyers do that sort of thing.

            • Anonymous says:

              Generally speaking, the best selling WWE DVD will sell about 140,000 units, while the worst will sell about 70,000. What this means is that at least half of their audience tends to buy all or most of the releases. But, for arguments sake, even if it’s only one-third of the audience that’s buying all or most of these types of releases, that’s still a pretty HUGE audience to alienate with repeats.

              • LP1 says:

                No, actually what that means is you don’t understand how sales statistics work. Your logic is flawed with the idea that WWE only has 140,000 unique people that buy their DVDs and Blu-rays. That’s absolutely not true.

                Let’s say WrestleMania is their biggest selling DVD of the year at about 140,000 sales(for arguments sake) that doesn’t mean that every fan that buys DVDs will buy WrestleMania. I know personally several people that buy WWE DVDs, but don’t always buy WrestleMania. They pick and choose what they like. WrestleMania just happens to be the one that the majority of the fans(not all of the fans) will buy.

                The same could be said for their worst selling DVD/BR. Let’s say(again for arguments sake) that one of the Superstar Collection DVD’s are the worst selling DVDs at approximately 70,000. That doesn’t mean that all 70,000 of those buyers necessarily buy every single DVD/BR that comes out. Some people might just be a fan of Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston and will buy their Superstar Collection DVDs and probably doesn’t care for many other DVDs.

                To go back to what @ME said, it is much more likely(perhaps highly likely) that the percentage of people that do buy every single DVD/BR is a mere small fraction of the total number of unique potential buyers out there.

                • Anonymous says:

                  You’re the one who’s not understanding the figures. For one thing, I never said anything about WrestleMania sales figures being in the 140,000 range or Superstar Collection DVDs being in the 70,000 range. I don’t know how you made that leap, but that’s your judgment call and not mine. I’ve seen the actual numbers. I get these figures direct from company released sources, so I’ll take that over any opinions you or your friends you might offer.

                  • LP1 says:

                    I’m sorry that you were unable to carefully read and comprehend what I had written. I used WrestleMania and the Superstar Collection DVD’s as examples for the sake of argument. They were hypothetical. I thought I made that clear. I guess not. The 140,000 and 70,000 figures were numbers that you yourself mentioned. I was making my point just based off of those numbers.

                    As for the actual sales numbers of home videos, WWE makes those numbers public every 3 months when they release they’re quarterly earnings. Anyone can get them.

                    As far as my original point goes, it’s still the same. The number of unique DVD buyers who buy every single WWE DVD is a very miniscule percentage compared to the unique buyers who pick and choose the DVD’s they want to buy.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Where do you get the concrete hard evidence that only “a very miniscule percentage” buy every DVD? Because the way you’ve stated it, you clearly believe it to be a fact.

                      I did mention numbers and I stick by my original point: If 140,000 is the rough high watermark for a DVD compilation release in a given quarter, then that’s the best they can expect — or, to put in another way, virtually everyone in their DVD audience is buying. If the worst selling DVD compilation only sells on average around 70,000, that means that half of their high watermark audience is buying. To put it even simpler, WWE is thrilled if they sell 140,000 units as they couldn’t expect anything better. They use that type of figure as their barometer of success or failure. Every company has them for their releases.

                      The other thing to keep in mind is that when DVDs get older, they often become available at dirt cheap prices. As a result, people who may have missed a release pick them up and fill out their collections. Don’t believe that’s happening? The Best of the 90s release recently topped the sports DVD charts (something that generally never happens as it’s rare that many people get motivated to buy the same older compilation in the same week). That compilation was originally released in April 2009.

                      Regardless, you have no stats to support your hypothesis (and that’s all it is). You come to that number based solely on what you believe to be common sense because you can’t envision that many people buying all of the compilation releases. Guess what? Most people with DVD collections don’t advertise it. It’s not anything to be proud of and some are embarrassed by it. And, if that collection is primarily made of WWE DVDs, I’d venture to guess there’s even a greater likelihood of them never mentioning it.

  16. SRB says:

    HHH is just one of those guys who has had countless matches. As a DVD/BD collector, I am very intrigued by the Unreleased Collector’s Sets that have been released and I think HHH could be a good candidate for such a release down the line. Also, guys like Flair, Savage, HBK and even Jericho could benefit from such a set at some point.

  17. Bobby Pitts says:

    We’re just never gonna get the Las Man Standing Match with Y2J, are we?

  18. Nick says:

    Besides cost any other reason why people still buy dvds. I mean the popup menus on blu ray are so easy to navigate so you dont have to stop and go back the main menu.

    Blu ray holds more content on less discs so you don’t have to change them so often and the quality is much better.

    • David says:

      I think most people still have those bulky 150lb SD televisions, even though HDTVs and Blu-ray players are dirt cheap these days. I read people even still use VCRs to RECORD shows….in 2013. Talk about being behind in technology…don’t cable companies these days give you a free DVR for like a year or two when you sign up for their services?

      No wonder the UK get all WWE releases (including PPVs) on Blu-ray…majority of people actually adapted HD quicker there than in the US.

      I switched to HD once HD DVD died and the only DVDs i really buy these days are wrestling related or some Televisions shows if the Blu-ray version is not available.

      • me says:

        That’s because the U.S. had the biggest recession since the 1930’s not too long ago. Some people may have had cable for years so they won’t get a DVR for signing up; they signed up years ago.

      • Dillian says:

        some blurays are hard to find so your stuck with dvd and

      • Dillian says:

        some of the blu rays I couldn’t find such as ecw unreleased vol 1 and clash so I was stuck with the dvd version and call me crazy but I still record on vhs easiest way to save moments until it comes out which some may never and u can always get a vhs to dvd or blu ray

        • LP1 says:

          @Dillian, you do know they sell stand-alone DVD recorders, right? I’ve been using a DVD recorder since 2005 or 2006 to record shows off of TV(wrestling and otherwise). DVD recorders and blank DVDs are dirt cheap and are much easier to come by than blank VHS tapes(do they still even make those?) Just an idea you might want to think about.

  19. King Shabazz says:

    The biography sounds great, but the match listing is about as exciting as an episode of WCW Saturday Night. But in all fairness, WWE did their best in using matches not already seen on HHH’s previous releases. In the end, this release can be considered a nice companion piece to HHH King of Kings. I really would have loved to see his match against Norman Smiley on this. What? It never happened? Well, then when does Norman get his DVD release then?

  20. Brad Attitude says:

    i’m sold on this set and will pick it up. the last man standing match from no mercy 2007 really should’ve been on randy orton’s dvd/bluray and not this as it was a highlight of orton’s career and i would’ve preferred to see his WrestleMania XIX or 2000 match over the King Booker one.

  21. Colin V says:

    Why is the Brock Lesnar match a Blu Ray extra? Don’t you think if WWE put out unreleased matches to blu-ray it would make more sense? Just a thought.

  22. John says:

    I have to say the match listing is decent but I am very disappointed in the blu-ray extras though, I rather have 5 to 10 extra matches than boring stories

    • KarlKayfabian says:


      • Anonymous says:

        The stories weren’t good enough to cram into an already very bloated two hour story-filled bio, so let’s randomly throw them together as extras. No thanks. We’re wrestling fans for a reason: We enjoy matches, storylines, and interviews so that’s what the company should be giving us.

        • SRB says:

          Totally disagree for the most part. Matches are great and so are interviews. However, as you as a wrestling fan grows you would want to know more about the business and the people you are watching. listen to guys like Bret or Flair talk about the business. It’s almost like poetry with these guys and they discuss it well. I could listen to Bret talk about the business all day much more than guys like Cena or Hogan.

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s what shoot interviews are for and there are plenty of great ones out there. What makes them better than a WWE production is that they aren’t full of post production designed to get across a WWE story agenda. The production qualities absolutely suck, but they’re raw and far more true to the talent’s actual story.

            • me says:

              WWE probably has some talented people on staff and they want to show off what they can do and have some exclusive content, too. Just throwing a bunch of matches on a disc isn’t really doing anything. Stories aren’t “boring” — just having matches endlessly is out of balance. Maybe adrenaline pumping “hardcore fans” want that and that only but everyone else wants these stories just as much as bunch of old matches you could get off YouTube.

              • Anonymous says:

                If that’s the case, these “talented people” can be showcased, or better stated, go and practice on other projects like Raw, Main Event or Smackdown. They don’t need to waste space on discs with stories that didn’t fit into the original, already-bloated two-hour plus bio. If these stories were so interesting, they could have found a way to make them fit into the original DVD as that disc has around an extra unused hour anyway!

                Incidentally, YouTube is garbage quality, not DVD quality, so that argument is pointless and it’s not like everything is there either.

            • Anonymous says:

              People like HHH are never going to do shoot interviews though.

  23. zach says:

    loving this set! lots of awesome matches and a sick sounding documentary. no complaints from me.

  24. Wonderllama says:

    If I said it once, I’ve said it a million times. This set needs a 4th disc! I could think of ten more great matches off the top of my head.

    Not a single Hell in a Cell match too. Well, I’ve got no more reason to avoid buying the HIAC collection DVD anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it certainly doesn’t need a 4th disc. What it needs is to make use of the disc space they have. I’m starting to believe that the WWE is reducing their content to fit onto a single layered DVD. At least one of the three discs for each set is now short enough for that to happen which is disgustingly disturbing!

      • David says:

        Since WWE have in filming in 16:9, a higher bitrate is used and therefore more space used on disc. With DVD they have to compress the content and in some cases fast moving sequences result in pixelation. Watch some HD era PPVs on DVD and see how some scenes are pixelated.

        On Blu-ray, video is uncompressed and from watching WWE SD/HDcontent (Best of IYH, War Games, Best PPV Matches for example) they average about 25-35Mbps whereas DVD can achieve maximum about 10Mbps…so imagine how compressed the DVD versions are without compressing it to hell and making them unwatchable.

        So basically WWE are producing them on Blu-ray and transferring to DVD.

        • Wrastlinnnnn says:

          Hell in a Cell 2009 DVD released by silvervison is prime example that the picture is pixellated mess even from the standard viewing distance its pretty much unwatchable that ppv sadly, i dont know if its the same for the ntsc us version but a low bit rate was used around 3.5-4.0mbs, i think usually ppvs released from 2010 onwards on DVD use a better bitrate around 7.0-8.0mbs and are watchable, since ppvs released on blu-ray pixellation is not a issue, there is some there when view it really close up and around the ring ropes but thats viewing it close up but other than that the ppv blu-rays are spot on.. PPV’s released before the HD era usually always used low bit rate cause the extras they use to put on, Vengeance 2004 dvd is good example that its quite pixellated cause the dvd runs over 3hrs 10mins even though the show ran for 2hrs 40mins cause of the extras the bit rate had to suffer, in my collection i have loads of old ppvs like judgement day 2002, king of the ring 2000, vengeance 2001 but i have not watched them because once you watch a ppv blu-ray, you dont want to go back to watching dvds, i dont know if its me but i just cant watch them, same goes for money in the bank 2011 dvd i cant watch the ppv and if any time i want to watch the CM Punk v John Cena match i will just put in CM Punk best in the world blu-ray or best ppvs matches 2011 blu-ray to watch the match lol..

        • Anonymous says:

          That still doesn’t explain why one disc out of three DVDs may be two hours long and another may be three hours long. If they can fit three hours on one DVD, they should be able to do it on all three! Quit trying to come up with excuses for them. It’s common sense!

          • David says:

            Here’s a simple solution…BUY THE BLU-RAY VERSION! why buy the DVD when its incomplete anyways.

            • Glorious says:

              Disc 1+ disc 2= blu ray 1. Disc 3 +extra= blu ray 2. If they filled 1 and 2 to 3 hours, that’s 6 hours which would not fit on 1 blu ray disc…

              Also, you pay just as much for a movie…name 1 movie that gives you 7 plus hours of content. Stop complaining, WWE actually spoils us.

              • Anonymous says:

                Buy a TV show boxset and you’ll see that they also typically run around 3 hours per disc. It’s TV footage to TV footage. That’s the closest comparison. So, no spoiling here.

                The content that’s currently on the Blu-Ray COULD AND SHOULD ALL be on the DVD. It fits. Then, they could fit another 90 minutes of Blu-Ray extras. They used to do this before, and, if we “complain,” will quite possibly do it again. By the way, in the real world, this is called constructive criticism and consumer feedback. That’s how the company (instead of its few followers who take it as their mission to support every decision) views it. They want to hear about how to improve their products to cater to their audience. They know a few people will buy anything and always be loyal, so at this point they care to hear how they can improve things for others who are more objective.

  25. Tony says:

    Iron Man match will be edited because Kid Rock’s song plays near the end.

  26. Tony says:

    No Jericho Fully Loaded match. I’m probably not buying until it gets below $5. Too many matches I already have.

  27. King_2099 says:

    Other matches that needed to be on this set are:

    vs. Stone Cold – No Way Out 2001
    Royal Rumble 2002 match
    vs. Chris Jericho – WrestleMania X-8

  28. King_2099 says:

    I’ll pick up the Blu-Ray, but I really wanted the match from No Way Out 2001 to be on it

    • Anonymous says:

      Buy Stone Cold What or the Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The latter is a much better set than any we’re discussing and can be purchased in brand new and still sealed condition through Amazon for less than $6 dollars.

  29. LP1 says:

    I’m curious to see how WWE is going to edit the ending of the Iron Man match. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the ending was completely botched as Undertaker didn’t chokeslam HHH until well after the 60:00 clock had expired. The whole point was that Taker unintentionally cost Rock the Title by giving HHH the win in the final fall by DQ. But since you clearly saw the clock on the screen strike 00:00 before Taker hit the chokeslam it was totally bizarre for Shawn to call for the DQ. I wonder if they’ll shave off a few seconds somewhere in the body of the match to make up for it or maybe they’ll just edit the clock completely off the screen. Should be interesting to see what they do.

    If anyone has the Tagged Classics maybe you can check on that. I have the VHS release, but my vcr isn’t working.

    • Ryan says:

      They won’t edit it. They uploaded the last 3-ish minutes to YouTube, and JR still says, “I think the time might have expired.” And him and King still discuss this like they did when it aired live. And, they didn’t edit Taker’s theme, as it stops just before Kid Rock starts singing.

    • some guy says:

      The chokeslam was before the buzzer, the tombstone came after. HBK can even be seen watching the chokeslam happen. Probably not what they intended, but doesn’t change the ending. No editing necessary.

      • LP1 says:

        The tombstone is what I was referring to. I apologize, it’s been years since I saw the match. Either way, I do remember Shawn not calling for the DQ until well after the clock struck zero. I remember him trying to stop Taker from hitting the move(the tombstone) and when he hit it that’s when Shawn motioned for the timekeeper to ring the bell. All of that took place well after the match officially ended, but like you said I guess they could always say Shawn saw the chokeslam first, even though that’s not what the planned finish was supposed to be.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Another bio/documentary that runs over 75 minutes means I’ll have another release that will help me when I can’t otherwise get to sleep.

    I honestly buy DVDs solely for the main reason that I watch wrestling in the first place: the matches, storylines and interviews.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you may as well watch things on YT instead of buying DVDs with documentaries on them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I won’t watch anything on YouTube because the quality is horrendous. I only watched DVD and Blu-Ray masters, NOT compressed messes.

        And, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that as a wrestling fan, I want to watch the thing that makes me a fan in the first place: matches, storylines and interviews as opposed to a two-hour snoozefest where we “learn” how great a wrestler supposedly is.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s a shame since some of the documentaries can be pretty insightful and entertaining. Punk, Austin, Foley, etc. all have really good documentaries that you’re missing out on by having a mindset like that.

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s not that I don’t want to watch them, it’s that they put me to sleep when I do watch them. I do give them a chance, but after a while I get sick of the “this guy is the greatest” who’s faced some hardships approach and then I get sleepy. It’s the same thing all the time. But, it doesn’t matter if I’m watching them at 2 in the afternoon or 2am, I still fall asleep.

            • LP1 says:

              I love people with split personalities arguing with themselves. 😉

              This is what happens when people refuse to give themselves an actual screenname.

  31. KarlKayfabian says:

    I’m sure he will have an unreleased matches set down the line. This is a very good release, imo. The doc, Iron Man, Mankind, Steamboat, and Angle matches all will contribute to y enjoyment of this release.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s definitely one of the guys who deserves an unreleased collection set. So do the following:

      • Anonymous says:

        We sort of got a Taker Unreleased with Deadliest Matches. And some of that definitely should have stayed unreleased.

  32. Jammer says:

    Not saying the list is bad. Not saying the list is good either.

    Something seems to be lacking still, and I am not sure what. It just seems like the matches that were picked for this DVD/Blu Ray seem some what random at times, and other matches make sense.

    But let’s be honest, the main reason to get this is for the documentary part anyhow. I will pick it up no matter what. Looking forward to the documentary!!

  33. Scott says:

    I wait for the review before I buy this one

  34. David says:

    The iron man eats up a ton of time. Considering what space is left, its awesome. All good stuff, mostly new. Im in.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wish the Jericho LMS had been on it, but this looks fantastic even without it. Definitely buying it.

  36. Brian Kraemer says:

    Excited for Iron Man Match, and Two Man Power Trip vs BOD


  37. Goldberg says:

    You have to wonder why WWE is taking so long to go blu-ray only. The transition from VHS to DVD only took 6 years (first DVD in 1999, last VHS in 2005). The first blu-ray was released in 2008 and here we are in 2013 and some PPVs still only come out in DVD. As recently as two years ago, some of the major releases (Best of Nitro for instance) only came out on DVD. So what is the reason for this process taking longer? Is it the slow economy? WWE must have some research available to them that suggests that many people still don’t have a blu-ray player. Maybe once the next Xbox comes out, that will change things, since as of right now only one of the three game consoles plays blu-ray discs. I suppose if it took 6 years to transition from VHS to DVD it could take 12 years to fully transition from DVD to Blu-Ray. I am really dying for more content on a lot of these things especially for the WCW library.

    • David says:

      Every nitro was in 4 by 3. no real point to hd release on blu

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’ve said it here before but I’ll say it again. The leap from VHS to DVD is, in my opinion, vastly different to the DVD/Blu-ray comparison. Blu-rays have some great advantages but they are still just a disc like DVDs are. Think back to what a VHS tape was compared with a DVD disc. Sadly, it would seem if there’s gonna be an outright change or ‘transition’ you speak of it’ll end up being from physical media to digital media (steaming and the like).

    • Brandon says:

      Mainstream movies are still released on both Blu-ray and DVD. I doubt WWE would go Blu-ray only until DVD truly becomes a dead format like VHS did. I would certainly like to see them release all PPVs on Blu-ray sooner rather than later though, perhaps in Blu-ray/DVD combo packs if WWE remains nervous about it.

  38. Hollywood says:

    Where is Hunter vs Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania 12?

  39. John Peterson says:

    Great list.Although I would have traded the Smackdown with Hardy for their No Mercy or Cyber Sunday Matches.

  40. David says:

    Looks like a good set. I feel this would have warranted a 4th disc (3rd blu-ray disc) especially since one of the matches is about 70 minutes in length. Some good rare gems like vs. Angle from Unforgiven 2000, vs. Dude Love at One Night Only, vs. RVD, vs. Jericho, vs. Hardy.

    I think its quality over quantity. They could have put tons of repeated matches from 98-00 like 2/3 falls with Rock, ladder match with Rock, strap match with Rock, Street Fight with Cactus Jack.

    But i feel as long is WWE is releasing DVDs, Blu-ray owners will be shafted. Once WWE stops releasing DVDs, at least they can take advantage of the Blu-ray format and load up on content. One 50GB disc holds 9 hrs of HD footage and 23 hrs of SD and WWE are only putting 8.5-9 hrs spaced over two discs because of DVD.

    • Peach says:

      I think you are way off with your info man. How many blurays have your purchased with 9 hours of footage on them? I count zero in my collection. Even extended editions and stuff don’t hit that high of a time. Remember old vhs tapes, you could tape 2 ours and it looked good, or you could tape 6 hours and it was a little fuzzy. even tho its all digital now, the premise is still the same.

      • Wrastlinnnnn says:

        No Blu-ray Release by WWE Has gone up to the full 9 hours, average compilation sets that wwe release go up to 8hrs 27mins and blu-ray ppvs up to 4hrs10mins-4hrs15mins..

  41. Ryan says:

    Pretty good listing. I’m buying, but dammit! No Last Man Standing from Fully Loaded. That is the greatest match never released worldwide on DVD/BR.

    • David says:

      The LMS with Jericho is on HHH That Damn Good DVD from 2002, unblurred and unedited. So it has been released on DVD.

      • Ryan says:

        Yes, but that was 11 years ago, and since I don’t have an eBay account or Paypal, I can’t get it unless I find it at FYE used or a yard sale.

    • Wrastlinnnnn says:

      Lol that match has been released on the Fully loaded 2000 PPV as part of the Tagged classic series along with Judgement day 2000, so it has been released worldwide in the UK;) expect for blu-ray of course would have been great to have it on blu-ray quality, people who had been moaning have the iron man match from judgement day 2000 released years back here it is unedited and unblurred 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      Also, I forgot to say that I’m glad the Unforgiven 2000 match is on here. JD, FL, & Unforgiven 2000 were the 3 matches I felt were necessary to make this a definitive collection of HHH matches, and got 2/3.

  42. John says:

    They cut corners on the matches. There should have been many more.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was always going to be 12 matches on there, so they didn’t cut any corners. Plus most of them aren’t widely available on other things, so that’s a plus.

    • David says:

      one match is like 75 minutes dude. goldberg dvd weill have like 50 matches. its a timing thing, not the number

  43. Goldberg says:

    To the people who didn’t like the match listing: what matches (other than LMS) did you want?

  44. Anthony says:

    Finally the Ironman match is on a DVD! 😀

  45. Goldberg says:

    The good news for me is that we could start seeing matches announced for the Goldberg set within a week or so since it comes out in Australia (for some reason) first on September 30th, which is one week after HHH’s set is released. I’m more excited for that than anything.

    As far as this set goes, I like the match listing. A bit too many matches from recent times, but other than that a solid match listing. The small amount of matches isn’t a problem since they are well chosen and have quite a few unreleased matches as well.

  46. Domenic says:

    AWESOME MATCH LISTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. J says:

    Looks awesome

  48. Goldberg says:

    Maybe WWE wants to avoid 1998-1999 because that was from a more risque part of his career (ie having women in the crowd flash their breasts, etc) and now we are in the PG era.

  49. WWEFAN2013 says:

    To the people moaning about the lack of matches. It’s called the sacrifice of having the long wanted Rock/HHH Iron man match which is near 70 mins long with entrances and post match stuff.

    If that wasn’t on the DVD you would have gotten 3 more matches. Blu Ray could have had more matches but it seems there will be around 1 hour of extra interviews instead.

  50. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Really looking forward to this release in September. One of the industrys top performers of all time, no doubt. Can’t wait to see the bio and there are some really good matches on here. I would have liked if they put the cage match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules on here instead of the bout at WM29, but completely understand why they did. I hope the cage match makes it on “The Best PPV Matches 2013” though, as it was definitely the best match of their series in my opinion.

  51. Adam Wadforth says:

    As a big triple H fan I was always intent on purchasing this mainly for the indepth documentary and long overdue one of I believe one of the best wrestlers ever. Nice to see some non PPV matches mixed in with some of his best ever. Surprised like some people no matches 98-99 as some good ones with Rock, vince, mankind and Austin in that time but still a good match list and i’m sure a very good documentary

  52. hbkid718 says:

    I’m shocked that there are not that many matches. I’m looking forward to seeing the doc. So, I guess I’ll just watch it on netflix, instead of buying it, since I’m only interested in the documentary.

  53. Anthony says:

    Im looking forward to the doc but why does Triple h match listings. keeps getting worse on his DVD’s just skipped 1998-1999 on his career.

  54. Wrastlinnnnn says:

    This looks really good, Quite like the match listing, great to have the Judgement day 2000 Iron Man Match, Unforgiven 2000 match with Kurt Angle and the Backlash 2001 Tag Match with all the titles on the line, No Mercy 07 Last man Standing match on Blu-ray Hi-def, The documentary looks promising and good Blu-ray extras bar the WM 29 Match, This set looks similar to the CM Punk set with 1 blu-ray exclusive match and more stories.. Really looking forward to getting this.. Triple H is one of the great legends in professional Wrestling History..

  55. Johnny W. says:

    Strange that 1998-1999 are completely omitted as far as matches go… I know his career did not pick up until late 99, but the match selection is weird.

  56. Derek says:

    Still waiting for the LMS match vs Jericho. Otherwise, looks like a solid set.

  57. AJ says:

    Some good unreleased stuff. I’m sure the doc will rival Austin’s or Foley.

  58. ck says:

    I like it that includes several matches that were only on Silvervision.

  59. John Cena says:

    They should have made an effort in the match selection. And include Terra Ryzin vs Ric Flair.

  60. kapt suolisolmu says:

    Really would Like to see more matches from raw & smackdown 1997-2001 because those are matches i have never seen
    (WWE start showing on Finland late 2001) and i don’t have blu-ray device so DAMMIT (those extras i really wanted to see)

  61. Ed says:

    Looks like a great one. Several matches on here that I haven’t seen at all. A good buy for collector’s too

  62. Mauricio says:


  63. Justin Greeder says:

    Seeing how he doesn’t have many Wrestlemania title victories (not a knock on him), I’m surprised there aren’t any on here.