FULL CONTENT: WWE ‘Undertaker: The Last Ride’ DVD, Win The Blu-Ray And Poster – 5 To Give Away!

December 4, 2020 by Daniel Bee

Alternate Cover Artwork Revealed for WWE 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' DVD!

The bell has tolled on The Undertaker’s 30-year career with WWE. With that, we just may have had the final Undertaker DVD release — “Undertaker: The Last Ride” is available now in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany (also now announced for February 17th, 2021 in Australia, to update our readers down under).

The full, official chapter listing hasn’t actually been posted anywhere online yet for the ‘Taker DVD, and as you know here at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com we like to document the listings for each new release and runtimes of the content included, so here goes.

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Full Content Listing for Undertaker: The Last Ride DVD & Blu-ray

WWE 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' DVD - Main Menu


WWE Network docuseries “Undertaker: The Last Ride”

Episode 1: The Greatest Fear

The Last Ride
The Character & The Streak
A Loss of Confidence
Locker Room Leader
The Day of WrestleMania 33
The Phenom vs. The Big Dog

Approx. runtime: 55 minutes

Episode 2: The Redemption

What’s Next?
Taker and Vince
Assessing the Future
Back in New Orleans
The Dream Match

Approx. runtime: 1 hour

Episode 3: End of an Era

Feeling Empty
Catching the Bug Again
The Garden
The End of an Era
A Final Dance in Australia
Undertaker vs. Triple H: Last Time Ever
The Brothers of Destruction vs. D-Generation X

Approx. runtime: 47 minutes

Disc 1 approx. total runtime: 2 hours and 45 minutes.

WWE 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' DVD - Episode Selection


Episode 4: The Battle Within

The Battle Within
Dedication to his Craft
WrestleMania… With Nothing to Do
Goldberg is “Next”
Another Disappointment
Father Time is Undefeated
Extreme Rules

Approx. runtime: 49 minutes

Episode 5: Revelation

Preparing for the Conclusion
A Phenomenal Offer
Working with the Future
The March Towards WrestleMania
The Undertaker… or Mark Calaway?
A Dramatic Shift
The Boneyard Match
An Incredible Journey

Approx. runtime: 1 hour and 9 minutes

WWE 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' DVD - Extras List

Undertaker: The Last Ride DVD & Blu-ray Extras

Tales from the Deadman

Tales from the Deadman
Egg Man?!
Exiting the Garden
A Hat Worth Fighting For
Getting Directions
The Flight from Hell
Yokozuna’s Hair is on Fire
Wrestler’s Court
Undertaker: The Last Ride Trailer

Unseen footage

JBL’s Memories of The Undertaker
Stone Cold Respect
Make-A-Wish & RAW 25
The Undertaker’s Favorite Opponents
What an Entrance!

Extras approx. runtime: 47 minutes.

Disc 2 approx. total runtime: 2 hours and 46 minutes.

WWE - Close Up of The Undertaker's Entrance & Eye Roll!
WWE - The Undertaker's Final Character, Mark Caloway Biker Taker


United States: RIGHT NOW! Get the DVD through Walmart.com, or soon via Amazon.com.

UK/Europe: RIGHT NOW! Get the DVD (or Blu-ray) on Amazon.co.uk or WWEDVD.co.uk.

Australia: February 17th. Your pre-order opportunity has just gone live at Madman.com.au.

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  1. Attitude Fan says:

    While Watching The Undertaker A&E Documentary Last Night after PVRing it from Sunday. And switching Back and Forth between Commercial Breaks and Stumbled upon this. And after looking through what Each Disc has to offer and so far it doesn’t seem to have any Undertaker Verses Matches for Special Features or Bonus Materials, which is really Too Bad Because the Verses of (Insert Character Hare) Matches are One of my Primary Reasons why I Buy these WWF/WWE Documentary DVD’s, in addition to the Documentary Part Itself, with this One Love The Undertaker He’s Literally one of my All Favorite Wrestlers but on the other hand as I have said No Matches Bonus Material.

  2. Dennis winship says:

    I wish i had this dvd some day its one of my favorites. Dennis winship Lynn Massachusetts

  3. Rkmo says:

    The comment section put my sodium intake over the recommended daily amount.

    So much salt!

  4. whut says:

    on a different note, and as said before: I’m really glad this did come out on bluray. if this is the last non-ppv bluray, this seems like a good choice.

  5. Daniel Wissert says:



  6. Daniel Wissert says:


  7. BAS says:

    So do I just subscribe and I’m in the contest, or do I do more than that?

    I apologize for the ignorance, this is my first time ever participating in one of these.

    • RabidHeat says:

      If it’s anything like the one and only time I won a competition on here, you will get sent an item that has the wrong region code for the part of the world you live in (despite this surely being obvious when the item was packaged up), then sent a replacement that you can’t play either because it’s not in the same format that it was stated it was going to be in (DVD). At that point you will be made to feel like this is your fault and told words to the effect of “That’s your lot!”, effectively winning nothing whatsoever.

      Suffice it to say I’ve never thought it worth entering a WDN competition since.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        That’s crazy talk given how many we’ve ran in 10 years with a lot of happy winners. I’ve also tried where possible to send the right region that matches the winners country, often we’ve included DVDs of different regions in the one giveaway to suit as many people as possible.

        What we’re giving away in this case is obviously UK stock as the Blu-rays are UK exclusives, so there shouldn’t be too much confusion.

        Sounds like you didn’t have the best experience, but also sounds like you were sent more than one prize to help accommodate you.

        Edit: From memory you were sent a DVD, couldn’t play the region, so I sent you a Blu-ray (matching your country’s region, and a more expensive product) to be told you don’t have a Blu-ray player. Was that it? That’s not really on me, nor is it reflective of other giveways and less cheeky winners. 😉

        Not the first time I’ve called you out on negative comments, sadly!

        • Daniel Bee says:

          Just a little disrespectful if I think back to some of the stuff we’ve given away – like a sealed WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD springs to mind.

          Anyhoooo, @BAS subscribing to our email list gets you entered, yes. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account we’re also running the giveaway on those platforms:

          Just gives more chance of winning if you enter in multiple places, but entirely optional.

        • RabidHeat says:

          If I was embellishing what happened in any way to make it seem worse I would agree that would be negativity, but I literally just described what actually happened.

          Anyway, I had a long reply typed out here, but you know what, you’re absolutely right, it would just come across as “negative”, so I’ll just leave it at reiterating that everything I said above was the truth and describes exactly happened (and was my first impression and the only experience I have to go off with regard to these competitions) so my conscience is clear. I was literally just explaining why I don’t feel like its worth entering them, for me personally. It’s feedback for you, if nothing else.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

        Complaining and whining still over a price won that was sent with an alledgly wrong region code, but actually solved by the WDN-team while they should’nt have bothered imo, cos some folks never get satisfied, even if you were able to drag the freakin’ moon down from the skies and hand it to them!

        Makes me think about whining and bit(hing Batista-charachter’s end of his first run in 2010! -lol- Move on, will ya! Jeeez, what the wrestling-foundation has turned into! :-/

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

          Oooooh.. and for the record: no, I never won anything..and if I ever did, I’d ask Daniel to put it back in the contest, cos it would likely either be something I would’nt be interested in anyway, aka: todays stuff (other than the Royal Rumble blurays).

          Or the classic stuff, that I already own.. (okay, I’ll take it if the price is a copy of the only original WCW DVD, or a Trish Stratus bobbing head item..in both cases, dragging the moon to the earth and handing it over to an whining and complaining wrestling fan would be more likely!) -lol-

        • RabidHeat says:

          Nothing “alleged” about it; it was a Region 1 copy of the Christmas DVD which even had a different title in the US than it did in the UK, which you’d think would make the mix-up even less likely. And I don’t think then sending a BluRay when the competition was for a DVD was “solving” anything personally, but each to their own.

          Just needed to pick you up on those two points there.

          • MikeS_87 says:

            Jeez Rabid, you’re getting angry over the WWE Christmas DVD?! A DVD that was fun but ultimately pointless?! So much so that it’s not worth losing sleep over?!

            But even then, you were sent a region 1 copy. My mindset would be that that’s rarer than the one you could get in the UK?! I’d keep hold of it. It was free after all?

            You were then sent a blu-ray as a replacement? That’s an improvement on ANY dvd release surely?!

            I’ve been viewing this site since 2010 and I’ve been lucky enough to win a competition once via WDN. A pristine copy of Backlash 2002 which I’ve treasured ever since. Cheers guys.

            This is still a valuable news source to a lot of people (you included because you comment, mostly negative, on every post) even in the days of physical media dying. You’re getting angry over something trivial.

            • RabidHeat says:

              The specific title is irrelevant as opinion on content is subjective from person-to-person. The issue was around me as the prize winner being made to feel like it was my own fault that the incorrect items were sent, because:

              A) I didn’t have a multi-region player (like most people in the UK)

              B) I didn’t have a BluRay player (like most people in the UK)

              • Daniel Bee says:

                Nobody said, now or years back during the giveaway that you speak of, that “most people in the UK” have those. I feel you are twisting the story to make it sound like a bigger deal. I will have mentioned multiregion players and Blu-ray players but not put you down for not having them.

                This is talking like we squabbled or I was rude to you. I really doubt that.

                You got the wrong region prize so we accommodated with a Blu-ray prize instead (a Blu-ray with the correct region which is quite important) – ideally you’d get to choose, but we aren’t WWE with unlimited items to give away. Therefore, as harsh as it sounds, at that point it’s too bad really if you don’t have a Blu-ray player. This wasn’t a purchase, it was a prize.

                I will have hoped you did have a way of playing it, of course.

                Again sorry this has affected you enough to drag it up in conversation years later.

                I wasted time back then on you (clearly) – I think the Blu-ray came out of my own collection to be honest – let’s not waste more.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            Oh dear, Rabid. You are selective with the details in both of your comments which doesn’t quite say the whole story.

            All squabbles aside about a giveaway that was probably 4 years ago, you’re being ungrateful and trying to cheapen our latest giveaway based on a personal gripe.

            Sorry this has stayed with you so long. I hope you now have Blu-ray playing capabilities.

            • RabidHeat says:

              Nope. Quite into the streaming “thang” now, so if anybody wants a Region 1 copy of ‘Ring in the Holiday’ and ‘RKO Outta Nowhere’ on BluRay just gimme a buzz; I’ll make sure you get sent the items you’re expecting as I know how annoying it can be when they’re not.

              I’m seeing a lot of words like “angry” and “negative” being thrown about a lot which is really amusing to me as I’ve never been more mellow than I am right now; I just find it entertaining when people snap at you for commenting about them with anything less than 100% glowing feedback (and to see the followers rallying to the aid of the site in the hope that it will help them win them the giveaway). Night all anyway; I’ve got work in the mornin’.

              • Daniel Bee says:

                My issues were with the ungratefulness when clearly there were efforts put things right, and the fact you’re trying to tell others all our giveaways are ran poorly because of an isolated problem.

                I don’t quite know how it’s being brought up years later but here we are. Be less negative amongst your mellowness. Night.

        • RabidHeat says:

          Wrestling foundation? What’s that? Lol.

  8. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

    Amazon germany has the Last Ride bluray with the alternate cover and the comic book at a 1000 limited quantity. It does not have the Undertakers signature item, but other than that, it appears to be the same as the 30th anniv. limited edition to 500 copies only directly at wwedvduk, which appears to still be in stock there.

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