FULL LIST of 2020 WWE DVD & Blu-Ray Releases, WWE TLC 2020 Cover Artwork, Survivor Series Pics

December 31, 2020 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD and Blu-ray Release List 2020

As we head into a brand new year and our WWE DVD Release Dates page refreshes to become the 2021 WWE DVD schedule, we’re looking back on everything released this year in 2020.

It’s time for the complete list of 2020-released WWE DVDs and Blu-rays!

The year began with the expectation that going forward all WWE DVDs would be PPVs only in all regions. There wasn’t just our reports on the situation, a statement was put out. However, there were some glimmers of hope, and eventually a turnaround when a non-PPV title in “Best Main Events of the Decade” was announced for worldwide release, with “Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1” following suit, and perhaps most surprising of all, “Undertaker: The Last Ride”.

WWE’s “Undertaker: The Last Ride” Docu-Series Coming to DVD, Blu-Ray, And A Collector’s Edition!

WrestleMania 36 saw a Blu-ray release to North America and fans in the UK would be treated to the same, plus the rest of the ‘Big 4’ PPVs as UK/European exclusive Blu-rays. Also noteworthy were the UK’s re-releases of several classic WrestleMania DVDs (including X-Seven!)

EXCLUSIVE: WrestleMania 15, 17, 18 And 19 DVDs Back On Store Shelves This WrestleMania Season!

While the “Attitude Era: The Complete Collection” box set was produced exclusively for the UK, housing re-releases of the Attitude Era DVD volumes, the U.S. and Australian markets actually had a couple of exclusive re-release box sets of their own, which may have flew under your radar.



* Also available on Blu-ray
** Also available on Blu-ray as UK/EU Exclusive
~ US Exclusive DVD release
^ UK/EU Exclusive DVD release

AU/NZ Exclusive DVD release

Crown Jewel 2019^ Jan 6, 2020
TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2019 Jan 14, 2020
The Superstars Collection (AJ Styles, John Cena & Seth Rollins) Jan 22, 2020
The Legends Collection (DDP, Randy Savage & Shawn Michaels) Jan 22, 2020
Royal Rumble 2020** Feb 25, 2020
WrestleMania XV (Re-release)^ Mar 23, 2020
WrestleMania X-Seven (Re-release)^ Mar 23, 2020
WrestleMania X8 (Re-release)^ Mar 23, 2020
WrestleMania XIX (Re-release)^ Mar 23, 2020
Elimination Chamber 2020 Apr 14, 2020
Super Showdown 2020 Apr 28, 2020
WrestleMania 36* May 12, 2020
Money in the Bank 2020 Jun 9, 2020
Backlash 2020 Jul 14, 2020
Double Feature: Finn Bálor: For Everyone & The Miz: A-List Superstar~ Aug 4, 2020
Double Feature: WWE 24: Best of 2018 & Best of 2019~ Aug 4, 2020
Best Main Events of the Decade: 2010-2020 Aug 11, 2020
Extreme Rules 2020 Aug 18, 2020
SummerSlam 2020** Sep 22, 2020
Attitude Era: The Complete Collection^ Sep 28, 2020
Payback 2020^ Oct 19, 2020
Clash of Champions 2020 Oct 27, 2020
Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1 Nov 10, 2020
Undertaker: The Last Ride** Nov 17, 2020 (Walmart Date)
Hell in a Cell 2020 Dec 8, 2020
Survivor Series 2020** Dec 29, 2020

Moving to 2021, the first WWE Pay-Per-View coming to Home Video in the new year will be TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2020.

Over the festive period WWE finalized the cover artwork for the TLC DVD. The front cover will feature the Roman Reigns promotional poster artwork for the event with a few slight modifications, such as the TLC logo moved to the top and “2020” added to the bottom.

Check out both the front and back covers below!

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com has also received the content line-up, confirming the DVD’s runtime to be 2 hours and 57 minutes. As things stand, there aren’t any extras planned for this release so the 8-man tag team match from the Kickoff Show may be excluded — perhaps WWE staff were a little merry and missed it, or more likely the extra match couldn’t quite fit on this single-disc offering.

WWE TLC 2020 DVD - Front Cover Artwork, Roman Reigns


On the one night of the year where tables are broken, chairs are bent and ladders are mangled, Roman Reigns defends his places as The Head of the Table against Kevin Owens in a TLC Match for the Universal Championship. Randy Orton tries to settle unfinished business when he battles “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Inferno Match.

In the second TLC Match of the evening, The Scottish Warrior battles The Phenomenal One when Drew McIntyre puts his WWE Championship on the line against AJ Styles. “The Untouchable” Carmella looks to regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship from “The Boss” Sasha Banks. Plus more!

It’s not tender love and care: it’s tables, ladders and chairs!


The End is Here

WWE Championship TLC Match
Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles

Spoiler Alert

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks vs. Carmella

Resume of a Champion

RAW Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

Journalistic Integrity

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Asuka & A Mystery Partner

Goodbye 2020

I’ll See You Soon

Universal Championship TLC Match
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Firefly Inferno Match
“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

WWE TLC 2020 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Get your hands on the WWE TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS 2020 DVD…

United States: February 9th. Pre-order your TLC 2020 DVD soon here on Amazon.com.

UK/Europe: February 15th. Pre-order your TLC 2020 DVD right now on Amazon.co.uk.

Australia: March 17th. Your pre-order opportunity is available now via Madman.com.au.

Before then, as of this week Survivor Series 2020 has officially been made available on Home Video across the United States!

At this year’s Survivor Series we witnessed The Undertaker’s final farewell. As we reported in recent weeks, WWE has included a couple of Undertaker-themed extras in the Survivor Series DVD release; his debut from back in 1990 and his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles from WrestleMania 36.

WWE Survivor Series 2020 DVD - With Braun Strowman Trading Card

In another nice touch, as well as the large imagery of The Undertaker on the front and back covers, the color scheme of the disc artwork is purple and black in tribute to ‘Taker.

Thanks goes out to WDN readers “TheDVDFreak” and “Relaxing Ghost” for sharing these photos.

Inside the packaging of the North American version there’s a free Braun Strowman trading card.

WWE Survivor Series 2020 DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE Survivor Series 2020 DVD - Photos, Front Cover


Emerging from the darkness, The Phenom made the WWE Universe come alive at Survivor Series. Thirty years later, Undertaker says his final farewell from in-ring competition in front of his peers, rivals, and the WWE Universe in a grave celebration of The Deadman.

RAW and SmackDown collide in the ultimate battle for brand supremacy. The Head of the Table goes one-on-one against The Chosen One when Drew McIntyre goes head-to-head with Roman Reigns in a Champion vs. Champion match. The Empress of Tomorrow battles The Boss when Asuka faces off against Sasha Banks.

In a tag team dream match not seen anywhere, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day bring the smoke to RAW Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits. And in traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series action, AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus, Riddle, and Braun Strowman go toe-to-toe against Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, King Corbin, Kevin Owens, and Otis. Plus, more!

Witness the best of the best at Survivor Series!

WWE - Braun Strowman Topps Trading Card Free Inside Survivor Series 2020 DVD
WWE Survivor Series 2020 DVD - Disc Artwork, Undertaker Farewell Colors
WWE Survivor Series 2020 DVD - Disc Artwork, Undertaker Farewell Colors

Grab a copy of WWE’s SURVIVOR SERIES 2020 DVD (or Blu-ray)…

United States: OUT NOW! A product listing has now surfaced here on Amazon.com.

UK/Europe: January 18th. Pre-order your Survivor Series DVD (or Blu-ray) via Amazon.co.uk.

Australia: February 17th. Your pre-order opportunity is available now via Madman.com.au.


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Morrisb says:

    I do NOT see a single US release for TLC 2020 least not on Amazon or most sites. Walmart has a version for $42? Wtf

  2. Dwayne Bussman says:

    I got he Survivor Series dvd and there was no card in it. Anyone else have that happen?

  3. Andemoine Winrow says:

    Do you realize that ”T.L.C” is the only pay-per-view event that BAILEY has never EVER competed in ? Why is that ?

  4. whut says:

    while the lack of WWE specials was sad, the positives were the Undertaker documentary (which kinda feels like “final” release) as well as the big four still coming out on bluray.

  5. Rkmo says:

    Was Hell in a Cell 2020 supposed to be released with a trading card? None of the copies in my local Walmart had one.

    Same thing happened last year with Survivor Series, the first printings didn’t have a card but later shipments did.

  6. Andemoine Winrow says:

    Roman looks awesome in the ”T.L.C” cover. The background looks great too. This ”T.L.C” was better than last year’s.

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