Exclusive: Full List of Extras for This Month’s WWE TLC(S) 2014 DVD & Blu-Ray

January 7, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs And Stairs PPV Logo

The TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs… And Stairs 2014 pay-per-view event from last month is the next WWE DVD release on the way, in stores next Tuesday!

Pre-order your copy of the TLC(S) DVD in time for then, here on Amazon.com.

Revealed below is the full list of extras you can expect to find on there and another look at the official cover artwork featuring John Cena and Seth Rollins.

WWE TLC 2014 DVD Cover Artwork

DVD Extras

— The New Day vs. Gold & Stardust
(TLC 2014 Kickoff Tag Match)

— Post Match Interview with Dolph Ziggler
(Home Video Exclusive)

— Post Match Interview with The Bella Twins
(Home Video Exclusive)

WWE TLC 2014 Blu-ray Cover Artwork

A Blu-ray edition of TLC(S) will be available to fans in the UK and Europe, containing 7 additional extras on top. The Blu-ray is listed for pre-order now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

Blu-ray Exclusives

Monday Night Raw • November 24, 2014
— The Authority Relinquishes Power, The Return of Daniel Bryan

Monday Night Raw • December 1, 2014
— The Anonymous General Manager sets the TLC 2014 Main Event
— Dean Ambrose Strikes a Chord with Bray Wyatt

SmackDown • December 5, 2014
— Wyatt Sends Ambrose Home on a Stretcher

Monday Night War • December 8, 2014
— Paul Heyman Challenges Seth Rollins
— Dean Ambrose Returns with a Vengeance
— John Cena vs. Big Show

Get your copy of the WWE TLC(S) 2014 DVD/Blu-ray…

USA: Click here to pre-order the TLC(S) DVD for January 13th.

Australia: Get your DVD from WWEDVD.com.au for February 4th.

UK/Europe: Get your DVD (or Blu-ray) from WWEDVD.co.uk for March 23rd.

Here’s another list worth your attention – 15 great deals on WWE Blu-ray discs, all found in eBay auctions expiring either today or later on this week.

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$2.85Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection Blu-ray
$3.00Undertaker: The Streak Blu-ray
$3.04nWo: The Revolution Blu-ray (Sealed)
$3.76Best of WCW War Games Blu-ray (Sealed)
$5.50My Name is Paul Heyman Blu-ray
$5.50Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come Blu-ray
$9.99WrestleMania 24 + 2 More Blu-rays
$9.99Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection Blu-ray
$10.00Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection Blu-ray (Sealed)
$10.50True Giants Blu-ray
$24.99Lot of 6 WWE Blu-rays (CM Punk, Shawn/Bret, nWo…)

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