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September 18, 2012 by Mark D

nWo The Revolution WWE DVD

Earlier today the full content for nWo: The Revolution was revealed by Silver Vision, the WWE DVD distributor for Europe.

This 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray is released on November 6th [order yours] and also in November for fans in the UK and Europe (when pre-ordering at Silvervision.co.uk). Australian fans can order a copy at WWEDVD.com.au.



Stars Align

Free Agents

The Outsiders

Bash at the Beach

Here’s the nWo

Element of Reality

Fan Interest

nWo vs. WCW

Rivalry versus Sting

The nWo. Goes Mainstream

Internal Strife

Restoration Attempt

nWo 4 Life

Scott Hall’s Nitro Debut
Nitro – 27th May, 1996

Kevin Nash’s Nitro Debut
Nitro – 10th June, 1996

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper confronts Eric Bischoff
18th November, 1996

Hollywood Hulk Hogan confronts “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
30th December, 1996

The nWo’s WWE Debut
No Way Out – 17th February, 2002


The Outsiders vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Sting & Lex Luger
Bash at the Beach – 7th July, 1996

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Giant vs. Hollywood Hogan
Hog Wild – 10th August, 1996

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat
Halloween Havoc – 27th October, 1996

Syxx vs. The Bounty Hunter
nWo Saturday Night – 9th November, 1996

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Outsiders vs. The Steiner Brothers
Souled Out – 25th January, 1997

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hollywood Hogan vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
SuperBrawl VII – 23rd February, 1997

Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs. Lex Luger & The Giant
Bash at the Beach – 13th July, 1997


Las Vegas Sudden Death Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Halloween Havoc – 26th October, 1997

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan
Nitro – 29th December, 1997

No Disqualification Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Hollywood Hogan vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Nitro – 20th April, 1998

Match for Control of the WCW World Tag Team Championship
Sting vs. The Giant
Great American Bash – 14th June, 1998

Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff vs. Jay Leno & Diamond Dallas Page
Road Wild – 8th August, 1998

War Games Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Team WCW vs. Team Hollywood vs. Team Wolfpack
Fall Brawl – 13th September, 1998

No Disqualification Match for WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash
Starrcade – 27th December, 1998

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Goldberg vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
Nitro – 20th December, 1999

Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Rock & “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
RAW – 11th March, 2002


nWo Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Discussion featuring Kevin Nash, Jim Ross, JJ Dillon, & Michael Hayes

  • The Beginning
  • The nWo Concept
  • Hogan Turns his back on WCW
  • Putting Vince out of business
  • Ratings war
  • Pointing fingers
  • Goldberg
  • Cutting Edge & Controversial
  • Downfall

Invitation only
WCW Saturday Night – 27th July, 1996

Nothing Personal
WCW Saturday Night – 3rd August, 1996

Modern Day Gladiators
Monday Nitro – 19th August, 1996

WCW Saturday Night – 7th September, 1996

Room Service
Monday Nitro – 30th September, 1996

It’s Not Easy Being King
Monday Nitro – 20th January, 1997

The Real Hot Rod
Monday Nitro – 17th March, 1997

The Madness
Monday Nitro – 28th April, 1997

All Over But The Crying
WCW Pro Wrestling – 15th June, 1997

– US fans can order the nWo DVD for its release on November 6th by clicking here
– Fans in the UK and Europe can pre-order a copy at SilverVision.co.uk
– Not forgetting Australia – order for November release at WWEDVD.com.au


What are your thoughts on nWo: The Revolution DVD & Blu-ray content? Are there any matches or moments you would have included which aren’t? As always leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. nWo - Maddog says:

    WCW ruled the Monday night wrestling wars. When the nWo came on the scene is over for WWF. The nWo changed everything in the wrestling world. It’s a total shame Eric Bischoff never got to finish what he started. I will never understand why Ted Turner would sell the WCW to Vince. Eventhough, Vince brags end won the war in REALITY he lost the war. His stupid EGO got in his way. He never thought it through. What was he going to do with ALL those top name wrestlers in 1 company. DUH, If he would have been smart, which he wasn’t. He should left well enough alone and kept the 2 organizations separate but had PPV’s and even cross over matches with each organization. It would have taken wrestling to a SKY HIGH level, Could you image WCW / nWo and WWWF wrestlers crossing over into each others organization the feuds would have been epic. That was the death of wrestling as we knew it.

  2. @imdjluis says:

    The extras look great. WCW during the Monday night wars had great matches.

  3. jasongoldsmith says:

    nWo 4 life

  4. jasongoldsmith says:

    Can’t wait for this set–looks great.

  5. nightmare says:

    Ok thanks for answering my questions sorry if I didn’t see them answers I just didn’t want to spend another 25.00 on a dvd that I would not need

    I do have one more questions is the segment on the new blu ray that show Kevin Nash jackknife power bomb Eric B off the stage

    • Harry Faversham says:

      That was from the Great American Bash 1996 and it seems it is not included in full on the extras for the new one. I’m sure it will be on the documentary but probably not the whole segment. That’s how it was on Back in Black too. It only featured in the doc. I can’t remember but they might have shown it on the legends roundtable.

  6. nightmare says:

    I never got the message ok there no way to know what was read and what was not

  7. nightmare says:

    Could someone please let me know about my question that does this have the same matches and doc as the Back In Black dvd please thanks

  8. Steven says:

    Who was the Bounty Hunter? Most likely a jobber but nWo Saturday Night was basically easy wins for the nWo as I remembered.

  9. Tricky says:

    They need to keep the wwe nwo out of all the wcw nwo
    Stuff, wcw nwo brilliant wwe nwo bullshit…

  10. Anonymous says:

    another forgotten match is sting and lex luger vs the outsiders from hog wild 96.

  11. Steven says:

    They could’ve included Uncensored 2000 Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious for the WCW World Championship. I wonder if they will talk in detail about nWo 2000.

    • Dave says:

      Possibly under the “Restoration Attempt” chapter.

      To be really honest nWo 2000 was an absolute flop and a poor attempt to fix the company which was in shambles with HORRIBLE booking. It only about 3 months or so – Bret had to retire, Hall was well being Hall, and Steiner was injured…it was basically Nash, Jarrett, Harris Brothers and the nWo girls. Nothing really worthy to talk about.

      They had a terrible feuds with the “Old Age Outlaws” (yes thats the name WCW named Terry Funk and his group) and Sid.

      • Steven says:

        I liked the nWo 2000 but not like I did when it first started. They might talk about how many guitars Jeff Jarrett smashed on people including Kevin Nash and Hall his teammates in the nWo.

  12. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I Love the content on this set! I just hope like I said many times before that Bash at the Beach were Hogan turns on WCW is shown in full and not in bits and pieces. I do wish there were at least 3 or 4 more matchs on the Blu Ray but ehh who knows maybe there will be a vol. 2

  13. nightmare says:

    Would someone please let me know about this questions please WWE: New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black (2002) had Please let me know

    I already pre order mine on blu ray

    • Mr Z says:

      The only match on Back in Black that’s not on this new one is the 1996 War Games match. As for the doc, it has to be a new one. If they were going to recycle the same doc then I’d imagine they’d call it something along the line of “Back in Black Collectors Edition” like the Lesnar DVD.

      The 1996 War Games match is also on the Rise and Fall of WCW by the way.

  14. Big Bill says:

    They should’ve included Bash at The Beach Hall and Macho Man vs DDP and Curt Henning.

  15. miz4life says:

    Good listing until Disc 3. Fall Brawl’98 worst thing on here. I’ll tolerate the Leno match, but that is what killed war games. Could’ve used the battle royal against Goldberg from Road Wild. Really would’ve liked the main event from Uncensored’97 or war games ’97 but I know they cant be on there (Benoit). Oh well comes out on my b-day so it’ll be a freebie,lol.

  16. nightmare says:

    Could someone please let me know about this questions please WWE: New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black (2002) had Please let me know thanks .

    I really don’t want to spend 25.00 for that dvd when the blu ray which I did pre order will have the same thing thanks .Order mine through Walmart

  17. nightmare says:

    Oh one more question does this release have all the stuff like the doc and matches that WWE: New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black (2002) had Please let me know thanks .

  18. nightmare says:

    This is one I will buy I get the blu ray I hope the doc is really good and long
    I was never and still am not a fan of Hogan but the NWO really broke ground and I feel and I am sure ever here does as well that Dx was formed because of how successfully the NWO one

    I was just wondering is the Part where Kevn Nash Power bombs Eric Bishoff of the stage

  19. Acemon says:

    I just hope the documentary is worth it even though there’s recycled interviews from 2002 and adding new interviews with Kevin Nash. I’m getting Blu-Ray due to Legends of Wrestling: nWo and best paid Announcements as extras besides the matches. I hope all nWo formations are told on the documentary like it happened.

  20. John says:

    Here is a picture that shows that the Goldberg-Bret Championship match is on Disc 3 for proof! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v409/DVDFreaker/001_zps4c48b5e1.jpg

  21. John says:

    I just checked the Best of Nitro and the Goldberg VS Bret Championship match is ON there on Disc 3!

  22. Big Bill says:

    I wanted the Fall Brawl match of nWo vs 4 Horsemen, and it was awesome, nWo destroyed the career of wooooo naitch Ric Flair.

  23. Steve says:

    Does anyone have the list of duplicates? Matches that are on this set that are on others?

    • JoergFCK says:

      Kevin Nash-Goldberg
      and Hogan/Outsiders-Rock/Austin were released on nWO Back in Black
      Hogan-Giant (HogWild) on Hogan Unreleased

      The rest is first time released…as my list goes…

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Goldberg vs. Bret Hart is on the Best of Monday Nitro dvd as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        the hulk hogan vs giant hog wild match is found on the hulk hogan ultimate anthology set.

      • Morgan says:

        The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat match from Halloween Havoc 1996 is on “Allied Powers – The World’s Greatest Tag Teams.”

        • Mr Z says:

          The Outsiders vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Sting & Lex Luger
          Bash at the Beach – 7th July, 1996
          NWO Back in Black

          WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
          The Giant vs. Hollywood Hogan
          Hog Wild – 10th August, 1996
          Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology

          WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
          The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat
          Halloween Havoc – 27th October, 1996
          Allied Powers

          No Disqualification Match for WCW World Heavyweight Championship
          Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash
          Starrcade – 27th December, 1998
          NWO Back in Black

          WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
          Goldberg vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
          Nitro – 20th December, 1999
          Best of Nitro

          Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Rock & “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
          RAW – 11th March, 2002
          NWO Back in Black

  24. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    Kind of odd 3 of 4 matches from the 2002 DVD are on the 2012 DVD/blu. Think I may buy the blu-ray version. Glad that the nWo Legends of Wrestling roundtable will be on the blu-ray version. It is odd that the content of the 2002 DVD is a WWF DVD and the artwork is the WWE artwork but with the catalog number starting with WWF not WWE.

    • Dave says:

      Back in Black was technically still produced under the WWF label and was released after the name change occurred.

      But from what i read, WWE still had a grace period through out the summer of 2002 that allowed them to use the scratch logo before the blur came into effect. Thats why titles like Back in Black, HHH:That Damn Good, HHH: The Game, Hulk Still Rules, Insurrextion 2002 and Backlash 2002 were still allowed show the scratch logo but the packaging had to have the WWE logo (like the Tagged Classics in the UK).

      Those DVDs were already in production so they were allowed to release them as is, but they weren’t allowed to reprint the WWF titles.

  25. DrFever says:

    Zero need to buy this set. Netflix fast forward job at best.

  26. Thrilla says:

    Looking at the chapters and titles of them, it almost seems like it’s just going to be Back in Black re-released..

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t seem anything of the sort. Chapter listing for back in black is 100% different, do some research before u post!

  27. Scott R says:

    Rewatching the m old 2002 Back in Black DVD. Great stuff. Haven’t watched it in years. Pre blurring. A coherent Scott Hall being interviewed. Highlights of all the early (1996) cutting edge promos and attacks before the N.W.O became overblown and a the same stuff every week. Wish WWE would have done what they did with the Brock DVD and just put this on blu-ray with new matches and interviews.

  28. eastside-rip-rida says:

    Ill be picking this set up. Crazy thing is I got the original back in black just for the rock and stone cold vs nwo match from raw. Not sure what its going for these days but I have a back in black still sealed with the playstation2 compatible sticker on it. Payed $50 for it 3 years ago, hope its still worth at least that today!

  29. Hollywood says:

    I love it that we are getting 6 unreleased Hogan Matches… Still mad about Hogan vs Flair being a DVD only exclusive on the Clash DVD. Wish we could have got it on this Blu ray

    • Mr Z says:

      Agreed. Especially looking forward to the Hogan/Savage match.

      I’m not totally sold on the blu ray though since no actual matches are listed for the exclusives. Aside from the roundtable those extras just sound like the short black and white promos they did.

  30. Steven says:

    Thanks to Deadpool36, for giving me the credit of WWE adding Macho Man vs DDP from HH 97. Great match and another gem is Outsiders vs Harlem Heat.

  31. Anonymous says:

    should have had hogan beating luger for the wcw title,but awesome dvd pick up for me.

  32. Franchise says:

    this set is probably 3 1/2 to 4 stars at best. the goldberg matches could’ve been left off for something else but i understand why they were included. i really dont care for the hogan matches with bischoff and dennis rodman, less promos on the bluray extras and perhaps another 2 or 3 matches. i do agree there was more to nWo than just hogan, hall and nash … it would’ve been nice to show the beer segment between steve austin and the nWo or perhaps shawn michaels joining the nWo and maybe more matches featuring syxx.

    • AJ says:

      Those matches with Rodman and celebrities were a big deal and got WCW plenty of publicity. Easy to understand why its on the DVD.

      • Franchise says:

        hence why i don’t care for those matches just because of the publicity. i’d rather see a match filled with intensity and excitement.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think in sets like these historic matches should be chosen over quality. I’d rather have a match that might not be great, but fits in with the documentary and works in context with the set, then a random good match that doesn’t have any real importance.

          Especially when, given the overall roster of the nWo, you aren’t going to find very many high quality matches that are actually important.

          • Dave says:

            To be fair, majority of matches involving the nWo pretty much sucked, they all followed the same formula with the usual run-ins and gang beatdowns…the only series of matches that were awesome was the DDP vs Savage feud, which luckly this set has their best match IMO.

            The nWo set is really about the significance it made in the wrestling industry and the most successful entity in WCW history…don’t expect 30 minute 5* classics with this set. I think the documentary is going to be great.

            I say same deal with the Attitude era set…it was really not known for “wrestling” but rather promos and segments…so don’t expect wrestling clinics on that either, but rather significant moments and matches that were the cornerstones of that era..i say we can expect Mankind vs Taker HIAC and HBK vs Austin from WM14 are a lock just for historical purposes.

  33. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m gonna pass on this one … Some of the unreleased matches come to life on dvd/bluray for the first time sounds nice but overall, i’m not that convinced on getting it as i feel a number of things has been left out that could of made it.

    Hopefully the Attitude Era dvd will have a better content and match listing.

  34. AJ says:

    I see so many people saying pass and not happy with the match listing. Somebody please make an argument how this sucks. There might a be a few matches missing (remember there are a few WCW releases next year) and maybe 1 or 2 that shouldn’t be on this, but I’m very happy with this set.

    • Dave says:

      It’s just spoiled brats being difficult and complain like always…they expect a 7 disc set with a 5 hr documentary and with 45 matches. I’m glad WWE don’t cater to those fans.

      This is a great release, and we dont we even know the length of the doc yet people are jumping to conclusions saying its short and passing.

      Well, if you’re going to pass on this set then maybe you people should go complain elsewhere…this site is for ACTUAL fans that support WWE by buying their DVDs and Blu-rays.

      • RabidHeat says:

        No it’s not, it’s for people who have a whole range of opinions on the product, from positive to negative. It’s called free speech. If we don’t like something, we have a right to criticise. The funny thing is, although you defend the WWE, they actually welcome our criticism to improve their product!

  35. SRB says:

    nWo Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Discussion featuring Kevin Nash, Jim Ross, JJ Dillon, & Michael Hayes… YES SIR!

  36. jgreeds says:

    Where’s the Fingerpoke of Doom match?

  37. zach says:

    think it looks fantastic, definitely getting the blu ray version!

  38. I’m pretty sure that the WCW fans will appreciate it more than “the WWE Universe”

  39. HDTV says:

    How the hell is savage winning the title from Sting not on here!?…. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH

  40. Scott says:

    I don’t believe that Hogan/Hall/Nash vs. Rock/Austin match has ever been released before.

  41. John says:

    TBG-Wow, you are passing on that?! You are missing out man unless you have the Best of Nitro, NWO and The Rise and Fall of WCW DVD sets….

  42. TBG says:

    PASS! Nothing to see here. The roundtable won’t be anything we haven’t already heard and will air on Classics on Demand anyway. They really had a chance to save this with a better match selection, but they failed miserably. It’s a real shame because I was thinking this could have been the best release of the year. But, instead, this will be the FIRST Blu-Ray release I DON’T BUY.

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Deadpool36 says:

    Only one nWo 2000 thing on this set, I wanted at least one or two Jeff Jarrett hitting people with his guitar during his time in nWo 2000.

  45. Deadpool36 says:

    They listen to Steven on an older post where he said and I agree they should put the Las Vegas Street Fight of Macho Man vs DDP on this set. Only one Syxx match come on guys he was with The Wolfpack aka Hall and Nash vs Flair Piper and Kevin Greene.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Wolfpack didn’t form until after X-Pac left WCW. He showed up in WWE the night after Mania 14 in March, and the Wolfpack formed after the Savage/Sting/Hogan debacle in April.

  46. Matt says:

    Was really looking forward to the release of this blu ray & im very disappointed with the match selection. The round table is the only thing good on here!!

  47. Steven says:

    Good list and will get this on the first day it’s out!

  48. matthew S says:

    the round table was really good when it aired on Classics On Demand, I was hoping for the nWo vs Horsemen War Games but since Beniot was in it I guess I may never see that one

  49. John says:

    I forgot to ask this:

    Do they have the match where Sting was coming down from the rafters and pulled off his jacket showing the NWO shirt then Sting bodyslammed Big Show and then gave Hulk Hogan the clothesline and ripped his NWO shirt and showed the Wolfpac? That was awesome! I would been disappointed if that match is not there….

  50. John says:

    I do not care about the extras but it would have been nice to see some matches in the extras! The match listings is pretty solid! I can not wait until it comes out!

  51. pmdmf says:

    Looking forward very much to the roundtable discussion. The 6th of November can’t get here fast enough.

  52. Dennis says:

    Looks like somebody from WWE was snooping in on this websites Fantasy Concepts 😉

  53. TNAJason says:

    Very Excited for this release. The nWo Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Blu-Ray Exclusive,and it looks like they are going to cover the Wolfpack/Black & White era(Internal Strife chapter name,plus the Savage vs Hogan,Sting vs Giant Tag Team Championship Control Match,& War Games 98 points to that too) and Restoration Attempt could cover BOTH nWo 2000 and nWo WWE 2002,and they are including the Hart/Goldberg Nitro match that included the nWo 2000 Formation,so that looks like a good sign. With Punk,Lesnar,nWo,and Attitude Era coming out in the next 2 months,and the possible 2013 schedule,I am getting very happy with WWE’s DVD/Blu-Ray output.

  54. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    When I get out of work I will look more carefully at the listing, but all I know is I’m extremely impressed with this, especially the Legends of Wrestling Blu-ray extra! Fantastic!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Looks great. Will definitely pick up the Blu-Ray

  56. indyfan says:

    BOOOOO. Some good stuff some repeats. WWE… NWO was more than just Hogan, Hall and Nash.

  57. Dave says:

    For people whining about matches on the 2002 release…just so you know that release went OOP within a few months after release and fetches pretty big bucks, some people probably never got it and likely won’t be able to considering the cost. This release is perfect for those who missed out on the 2002 release

  58. mommy says:

    since the doc looks short and there is no hogan/hall/bischoff, just old interviews from them, imo i wish nash could of hosted like ddp with best of nitro

    then scrap the doc and just have him host in chronological order, that way more promos and matches and we will hear the story from nash

    • this guy says:

      isn’t Nash hosting the roundtable already? we’ll hear the story from him there

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I’m not exactly sure how you figure the documentary will be short. It may be, or may not be. If you’re judging by the listing then you’re judging a book by its cover. We don’t know how long those segments will be. They may 10-15 minute segments each! Thats over an hour and a half! Lets wait and see….

      Also, as This Guy has already stated, Nash is the special guest on the Legends roundtable Blu-ray extra. I’ve seen it before. Nash tells PLENTY of stories.

  59. mommy says:

    i like how they focused on the original run, that was the real nwo, but it would of been great to have a long 3 hour doc on the entire run including 98-2002 stuff

    a few negatives, some matches like goldberg/nash and a few others have already been released, but they did include alot of stuff i wanted like savage/ddp havoc 97

    a little bit of a letdown, was expecting a bit more, but its a solid release, anything from nwo 96-98 is fine with me, and they included alot of matches that i don’t have on dvd already

  60. charlie says:

    Seems pretty good. I had the old nwo vhs when it came out, but thats long gone now.

  61. Chad says:

    I think a few of the matches could of been replaced. The raw match from 2002, that was featured on the older 2002 release, also could of done without Starrcade 98, Road Wild 98 and the Bash at the Beach 96 match which was also featured on the 2002 release.

    • Dave says:

      So basically you’re saying they should have left out the biggest match (Bash at the Beach 96) that changed the landscape of WCW just because is been featured on a DVD that has been OOP for 10 years?! Very smart!

  62. markacky says:

    I am really looking forward to the blu ray especially as it has the roundtable discussion as an extra

  63. @imdjluis says:

    Damn, once again, they will not touch on the other formations. They should at least talk in depth about the Wolfpac. This is very disappointing. The best part about this will be the matches.

  64. Joe Israel says:

    Yea, this does seem like it will be a fairly short documentary. This is yet another situation where the Blu-Ray looks a lot better than the DVD because of the promos and extra documentary segments. The matches on the later discs aren’t gonna be great, but should still be an entertaining look back.

  65. jgreeds says:

    Is it just me, or does that seem like it’s going to be a short documentary?