Full Match Listing for TNA ‘Best of Sting’ DVD Revealed, Easter WWE DVD Sale

April 3, 2015 by Daniel Bee

TNA Best of Sting DVD

Despite previous speculation regarding its release, TNA Wrestling officially put out their new “Best of Sting” DVD this week, and we now have solid details on what’s included.

The DVD is a single-disc title with a runtime of 2 hours and 56 minutes.

WWE released a Sting DVD of their own last year, while TNA have followed up with this one. WrestlingDVDNews.com asks: Might there be yet another Sting DVD coming in 2015?

TNA Best of Sting DVD - Cover Artwork

Content Listing

— Sting and Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown
Final Resolution 2006

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
Bound For Glory 2006

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Kurt Angle
Bound For Glory 2007

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Mick Foley
LockDown 2009

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Jeff Hardy
Impact 3/3/2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting vs. Anderson vs RVD
LockDown 2011

— Sting vs Ric Flair
Impact 9/15/2011

— Sting vs Hulk Hogan
Bound For Glory 2011

— Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame Induction

TNA Best of Sting DVD - Menu Screenshot

The Hall of Fame induction chapter of the content is shown in highlights rather than in full.

Aside from the match content listed above, a video package plays at the very end of the DVD with several wrestlers and TNA personalities talking about Sting – those include Taz, Mike Tenay, Bobby Roode, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Bully Ray and a few others.

Thanks to WDN reader Cody Spaugy for sending along the updates.

TNA Best of Sting DVD - Menu Screenshot

TNA’s new “Best of Sting” DVD is available now through ShopTNA.

It’s also confirmed for release to fans in the UK and Europe this June via TNADVD.co.uk.

Easter WWE DVD Sale

Speaking of the UK and Europe, a new WWE DVD sale is running at WWEDVD.co.uk!

There’s automatically 15% off the price every DVD and Blu-ray available on the website this weekend until Monday, April 6th. The sale applies to in stock titles so excludes pre-orders.

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  1. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Replace the triple threat match from lockdown 2011 and add sting vs rvd sacrifice 2011 instead I think it’s better and replace sting vs Ric flair and add sting vs Mr Anderson for the tna world heavyweight championship from impact 2011 when there were some guys up in the rompsters dress like clowns and Kurt Angle came out dressing like one of them i think those matches we’re better and add Sting vs abyss destination X 2007 last rites match cus I love stings bloodied face and sting vs Aj styles from turning point 2008 was a good match as well and then it could have been a awesome DVD

  2. isrs4life says:

    Only one match missing from this is sting vs. samoa joe from bound for glory 2008
    it would of been better then that sting vs ric flair match I would of switched it because
    it wasnt very long of a match I remember watching it.

  3. Mark Markson says:

    I’ll pass on the new Sting DVD. With the exception of 3 matches, I have everything on DVD already.

    Took advantage of the easter sale, and picked up some 2014 PPVs and Destruction Of The Shield. 🙂

  4. Yandonboyd says:

    You notice every match feature ex WWE “Superstars”

  5. isrs4life says:

    I wish TNA would still sell dvds world wide like they use to if stings dvd were to be
    the first in long time to be out in stores I would buy it but i’m not if it’s only an online thing.

    • David says:

      Seems like no distributor wants them…the previous one they had went bankrupt. Wrestling DVDs in general don’t seem to sell well in stores, which includes WWE…TNA DVD sales were hardly existent. I remember Walmart near my house use to sell TNA DVDs but they stopped after 2009, most likely because there is no demand for them.

      At least with TNA selling them online through their shop all profits go to them and there is no middleman taking a cut of sales.

      • isrs4life says:

        But I don’t own a credit card so it sucks for me and I live in canada.

        • Justin says:

          I dont have a credit card euther so I always go with pre-paid debit/credit cards when i order on-line.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        10 years ago tna got there first dvd set sold in walmarts with victory road 04 turning point 04 and lockdown 05 then best buy carried dvds seams like after dvd distribution left them tna dvds well wresting dvds general now just aren’t big sellers like even 10 years ago they were. which is said cause i still buy dvds and blurays just cause of the network who cares but i do wish tna would get a buyer again so they can be sold in stores i think last tna dvd released in stores was 2011 the best of jeff hardy vol 2

  6. miz4life says:

    They left out the jeff hardy match from victory road. I’ll pass

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Does anybody happen to know if there are sidebars on the matches from the pre-HD era?

  8. Vintage Simon says:

    I bought the new Chris Jericho Blu-Ray set for £17.54, which is a somewhat more realistic price (I combined the 15% sale with the £2 April Fools code).

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