EXCLUSIVE: Full Match Listing Revealed for WWE ‘Best of The 2000’s’ (4-DISC) DVD, Hosted by Foley!

February 17, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE Best of The 2000's DVD - Tables, Ladders & Chairs, SummerSlam 2000

We’ve arrived at the end of 2000’s WEEK at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com — it revealed Street Fights, Iron Man, No Holds Barred, Hell in a Cell, Three Stages of Hell, and TLC matches, along with some of the greatest-ever WrestleMania matches, all to be included in “Best of The 2000’s”.

That was your taster of WWE’s new 4-DISC, 10-HOUR DVD compilation on the way for April 2017 — now comes the FULL content listing!

“Best of The 2000’s” will pack in a total of 19 (lengthy) battles from the conclusion of WWE’s Attitude Era and right through the Ruthless Aggression Era; the matches selected begin in the year 2000 and end in 2009. The collection will be presented by a “WWF Commissioner”-clad Mick Foley in new host segments, welcoming polished present-day Superstars to his messy old office!

It’s time to get a look at the complete disc-by-disc chapter listing…

Full Match List Revealed for WWE 'Best of the 2000's' DVD!

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The Countdown Begins

Mick and the Certified G’s

Street Fight for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
Royal Rumble • January 23, 2000

TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz
SummerSlam • August 27, 2000

Three Stages of Hell Match
Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
No Way Out • February 25, 2001

The Greatest WrestleMania of All Time

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WrestleMania X-Seven • April 1, 2001

WCW Championship Match
Booker T vs. The Rock
SummerSlam • August 19, 2001

WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, Triple H vs. Cactus Jack Street Fight
WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, First-Ever TLC Match



Icon vs. Icon

Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock
WrestleMania X-8 • March 17, 2002

Y2J Meets HBK

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
WrestleMania XIX • March 30, 2003

Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar
SmackDown! • September 18, 2003

The Hardcore Legend vs. The Legend Killer

No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley
Backlash • April 18, 2004

WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton



Mick and The Queen

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita
RAW • December 6, 2004

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
WrestleMania 21 • April 3, 2005

Entering Hell

Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Triple H
Vengeance • June 26, 2005

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
No Way Out • February 19, 2006

TLC Match for the WWE Championship
Edge vs. John Cena
Unforgiven • September 17, 2006

WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Triple H vs. Batista Hell in a Cell



Mick and The Hugger

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
RAW • April 23, 2007

Edge vs. Randy Orton
RAW • April 30, 2007

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
No Mercy • October 5, 2008

Greatest Of All Time

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
WrestleMania XXV • April 5, 2009

WWE Intercontinental Championship vs. Mask Match
Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
The Bash • June 28, 2009

And That’s Final!

WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Full Match List, Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker WrestleMania 25
WWE 'Best of The 2000's' DVD - Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio

Get your hands on the new, 4-DISC WWE “BEST OF THE 2000’s” DVD…

UK/Europe: April 24th. Pre-order the WWE 2000’s DVD right now here on Amazon.co.uk.

USA: April 25th. Pre-order the WWE 2000’s DVD soon on Amazon.com and WWEShop.com.

Australia: TBA. Pre-order opportunities are due to go live soon via Madman.com.au.


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  1. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    They should have added some stuff from raw or smackdown as well that would have been awesome 2000’s was the best years

  2. Bobby Massa says:

    Wwe needs to stop with dvd and get with the new technology blu rays. Dvd is almost extinct. Get it together wwe.

  3. Don Stephen Roy Jr. says:

    WWE needs to release a DVD with UMAGA’s Greatest Matches ! I think it would be a best seller !

  4. Mike says:

    Cant wait for a 4 disc Undertaker dvd/blu ray.

  5. Hans says:

    No Elimination Chamber match?
    bruh…this set is sucks

  6. Guest says:

    I wish they would stop releasing repeats every other year or so. We need a best of ECW Hardcore TV or a documentary on Mid South Wrestling a documentary on Smokey Mountain Wrestling etc. Also a new Curt Henning set. A Halloween havoc set would be good too. I like the new wrestling A lot but the classic material brings back A lot of memories. Oh and maybe another Clash of the Champions set would be good too.

  7. Luis says:

    I’m not sure a collection like this was really necessary. So many lengthy PPV matches take up so much space on 1 3-hour DVD disc, even in a 4-disc set. I think it would have been better to either start releasing “Best of” sets for each year. If they really feel like speciality match compilations like this are still selling well, then that could sell well, too. Alternatively, just use this format for the WWE Network. It would look a lot better as collections, in my opinion.

  8. Daniel says:

    A little disappointed there isn’t any earlier 2000s matches. Maybe like Triple H vs. Cactus Jack from No Way Out 2000 in Hell in a Cell.

  9. jon says:

    lol only one woman’s match on the whole set??

  10. Steve says:

    I already own all of these matches would have bought the Blu-ray but no they’re not making it

  11. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Man that sucks blu ray should have added matches at least from raw or smackdown but noooo!

  12. Daniel says:

    Some of these matches are repeats but I don’t care. I will still get this DVD because most of these matches are incredible Kurt vs Taker, HBK vs Taker, HBK vs Angle, Rey Mysterio vs Y2J and Austin vs Triple H are some of the best I’ve seen and I don’t mind seeing them again

  13. NickP says:

    After going through my match log that I made from years of collecting DVDs/blurays, every match on this set is a repeat. I understand it’s the best of the 2000s but seriously this made it to DVD and ECWs OMG did not? Thumbs down.

  14. RabidHeat says:

    I think UK buyers have a different perspective on this “Unreleased” stuff, since we had the Tagged Classics, so no PPV matches went unreleased for us on DVD. Whereas buyers in the States are still waiting for, for example, a specific match from No Way Out 2002 to come out on DVD, etc.

  15. Paul says:

    Hell of a set. You can’t deny it’s not the ‘Best of the 2000s’ but that means the majority of matches will already have been released which I suspected with the announcement of the set. The Foley segments should be worth a laugh and I can even understand the lack of a Blu Ray with most of the matches being SD anyway

    That said, while I will still be getting the set it won’t be until the price drops or I get it on special offer. No Blu Ray and repeated content means it’s not worth buying on release

    And that said, I do think it’s worth buying for fans who may have missed the 2000s. It’s a decent recap of the biggest stars and best matches of the era (apart from the glaring lack of Eddie Guerrero)

    I do wonder if this could spawn companion releases such as Best of 1990s/1980s and Best of 2000s/1990s/1980s Unreleased

  16. Todd Cash says:

    This set sucks…this year has been straight up crap at best …only DDP set worth getting so far…self high five!

  17. Shane Montgomery says:

    Off topic, but I wonder why the Seth Rollins release is DVD only? Should be a ton of HD content out there for him.

    • whut2 says:

      a lot WWE blurays didn’t have as strong sales as the company expected. and they assume this one wouldn’t either.

      …. which is kind also kind of telling of who they suspect to buy a lot of these: I mean, if the DDP one – a special about a guy that hasn’t regularly been on regular WWE tv for dozens of years – is expected to perform better than a special about a current worker that is presented to be a main event talent.

  18. Shane Montgomery says:

    Looks like a total of 19 matches, 15 PPVs and 4 RAW/SmackDowns. Pretty predictable on most of these matches and many are repeats but like others, Blu-ray would have added a few matches, HD picture, etc. It is a shame less and less WWE is being released on BR. But for a “Best Of” release the matches are what you would expect. A buy for me but being a completest, I buy every release good or bad.(except for the cartoons). Still looking forward to this release.

  19. Donald says:

    Damn good set. I have all matches except for one. This is a set for those who want to have all the matches on one set of to a fan introduced to WWE.

  20. mememememe says:

    Good to see 2000-2001 gets a whole disc. Good choices overall.

  21. SCSA says:

    I already own 6 of these matches on Blu-Ray, though another 7 from this set interest me. However, this is a no buy for me since it’s a no Blu-Ray!

    As for the big gossip on WWE stopping their Blu-Rays – perhaps not since the WM33 is up for Pre-Order & that includes the DDP & Royal Rumble 2017 set’s too.

    • RCS1988 says:

      Conver it to blu-ray then. People know how to do that.

      • SCSA says:

        Not everybody. Plus it’s not exactly the same. You have to do a load of converting w/4 discs, I’d rather get the real blu-ray set.

        • whut2 says:

          there’s no such thing as “converting to bluray”, at least not in the sense that you get actual bluray quality in the end.

          if the original resolution isn’t that high, you could upscale it. but that’s something modern tvs and bluray/dvd players do anyway, so there’s no need for that.

          • LP1 says:

            Yeah, you can’t convert DVD quality to HD. That’s a ridiculous statement. People want blu-rays mainly because it’s in HD.

  22. Timothy says:

    Looks like a dynamite set. Good work as always.

  23. Anan says:

    Do not get me wrong. Rey vs Jericho was a great feud from 2009 & that match from
    The Bash was a great one. But the set should’ve ended with Taker vs HBK, WM25. If u saw and/or heard about the match, you’ll know why.

  24. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Disappointed oh well I ain’t getting it

  25. Deckystrikesback says:

    Funny that so many people are complaining that a set called THE BEST OF 2000s doesn’t feature unreleased or little known matches haha

  26. Craig says:

    This set is garbage!

  27. Deadpool says:

    About only match quality this is the best listing of all time. Many MOTY in this list.
    But after launch Network, no reason to buy..

  28. Jammer says:

    What a waste of a DVD set! At first I was excited to see some early 2000 and 2001 stuff get released cause they won’t have blurred logos, but this set really is a waste. A real easy pass for me. Every single match on this set you can see on the WWE Network, so really, what’s the point in buying it??

    • IHeart2000s says:

      Every match on every set is already on the Network you silly man

      • Anan says:

        Really?? Does that include every match from the Attitude Era Vol.3:UNRELEASED set WWE released sometime ago? That set was called unreleased for a reason. Not EVERYTHING is on The Network…..yet. One day, I guess probably so.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Why are you even commenting on the DVD section of the site if you think it’s pointless buying them?

  29. Jeff Copeland says:

    well…. for those who never seen these matches its a good set but its a pass for me. SEE not that hard to be positive and that’s not a bad thing THAT’S A GOOD THING 😀 xD!!!!!

  30. Leo Celino says:

    No blu ray edition? I agree not seeing Eddie matches or even RVD!

  31. Richard says:

    Terrific lineup of matches, but okay, I’ll just say it – Booker T vs the Rock??

    Really? Was it really that great?

    How about Rob Van Dam vs Eddie Guerrero – Ladder Match (RAW 2002) ? It’s really too bad that Eddie Guerrero is not represented here at all.

    I like the addition of Jericho vs Rey Mysterio at The Bash ’09 , but it feels odd that one of the best rivalries of the entire decade is not represented here at all. Jericho vs HBK? No Mercy 2008?

    Enzo & Cass, Charlotte and Bayley bring the collection into the present with their commentary. Nice touch. I wish this was making it ti Bluray.

    • whut2 says:

      THAT’S the thing which I’m bummed out about – this would have been a great bluray set (and I guess it would even satisfy some of the “repeats!” faction due to several of these (afaik) never having been released on bluray before).

      as it as it’s a great set for more “casual” people that don’t even dozens of dvds already (I will definitely be get this as a gift for friends of mine that have gotten into watching WWE just two years ago and haven’t seen a lot of the matches yet).

  32. Brian says:

    Awesome matches not tlc match 2

  33. RabidHeat says:

    I’m sure we’ll now get all same comments we’ve had on these threads all week for people who don’t understand this is a ‘Best Of’ compilation and that they’re not being forced to buy it if they don’t want to, but the one thing nobody can deny is that this is a list of truly great 2000s matches.

    • Kris Martin says:

      I do own 15 of the 19 matches on this set, but it’s still majorly freaking STACKED. I’m buying this! Can’t wait for April! “Best of”indeed!

    • Indyfan says:

      Needs Scott 2 Hotty vs Dean Malenko and Edge and Christian vs Hardys from NWO 2000. Stupid repeats!!!

      Though I get why you keep trying to stick up for this release, it’s good for people who don’t collect.

      Also without Benoit matches…it doesn’t live up to the “Best of” either.

      And yes I understand why he’s not on there.

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