Exclusive: Full Match Listing for WWE ‘Best of UK Classics’, Final WrestleMania 39 DVD Cover Art!

April 4, 2023 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Best of UK Classics' DVD - Full Sleeve Cover Artwork

Last month WrestlingDVDNetwork.com announced there will be not one but two new UK exclusive WWE DVD compilations released to fans ahead of Money in the Bank 2023 (to be held in London), one of which will be WWE “Best of UK Classics”.

TWO NEW WWE DVD SETS to Release in Run-Up to UK’s Money in the Bank 2023 Premium Live Event!

“Best of UK Classics” is now up for pre-order over on both Amazon.co.uk and WWEDVD.co.uk ready for its release later this month on April 24th, and we’ve got our hands on the first details, the full content listing, and all of the artwork for this 2-disc DVD set!

First of all, this WWE DVD does make use of the WWE Network show of the same name — that was added to the Network in August 2022 with a runtime of 3 hours and 42 minutes. However, the DVD adds in some extra matches to bring the runtime to 4 hours and 50 minutes.

WWE 'Best of UK Classics' DVD - Front Cover Artwork

WWE – Best of UK Classics

WWE Home Video brings you 10 of the greatest matches ever to take place in the UK with The Best of WWE: UK Classics.

From legendary main events like Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. British Bulldog at SummerSlam ’92 to a live event encounter between Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage to the Intercontinental Championship bout between Gunther and Sheamus at Clash at the Castle, this collection is packed with matchups that you’ll never forget!


Hulk Hogan vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
WWE Live Event • October 10, 1989

Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. British Bulldog
SummerSlam 1992 • August 29, 1992

Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. Undertaker
One Night Only • September 20, 1997

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock
Rebellion 2001 • November 3, 2001

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena
RAW • April 23, 2007

WWE 'Best of UK Classics' DVD - Disc Artwork


Undertaker & Team Hell No vs. The Shield [Not on Network Show]
RAW • April 22, 2013

Cesaro vs. Sheamus [Not on Network Show]
RAW • November 9, 2015

AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal
SmackDown • November 7, 2017

WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov
NXT UK • October 29, 2020

Gunther vs Sheamus [Not on Network Show]
Clash at the Castle • September 3, 2022

WWE Best of UK Classics DVD - Back Cover Artwork
Full Match Listing for WWE 'Best of UK Classics' DVD

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can also now exclusively unveil the final design for the WrestleMania 39 DVD and Blu-ray cover artwork!

Our last update on the cover revealed a move away from the preliminary cover shots WWE put out, now towards a variant of the poster artwork. Eagle-eyed fans will notice the line-up of WWE Superstars at the bottom of the cover has been slightly changed compared with the original poster — The Street Profits replace The New Day and there’s a new position for Kevin Owens.

The most recent design WWE created (the one we showed on Saturday over ‘Mania weekend) had The Miz on the left, near the front, but now Miz has been moved to the back. The sponsor logos like Snickers have been removed as we expected they would be.

Check it out below, and remember, WrestleMania 39 will hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray formats May 9th across the United States, following May 29th in the UK. Lock in a pre-order now by clicking here to Amazon.com.

WrestleMania 39 DVD – Cover Artwork

WWE WrestleMania 39 DVD - Final Cover Artwork Design

WrestleMania 39 Blu-ray – Cover Artwork

WWE WrestleMania 39 Blu-ray - Final Cover Artwork Design

‘Mania is the next release on the horizon, but the latest WWE DVD available to get your hands on right now is Elimination Chamber 2023. The DVD hit US stores in recent weeks and just this week it has landed over in the UK.

Thanks to Makel for sharing the below photos. Included inside the packaging of the US version is a Sami Zayn Elimination Chamber sticker. As you will know by now, the main event of the show would see Sami Zayn taking on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 DVD - Photos, Front Cover
Sami Zayn Sticker Free Inside WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 DVD!

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. corey anderson says:

    So not one women’s match on the UK dvd

  2. Andemoine Winrow says:

    I’m getting the inter-national release of ”WRESTLEMANIA PART 39”. That ”N.X.T STAND AND DELIVER” event was awesome.

  3. Andemoine Winrow says:

    What about the bonus features on the U.S. release of ”WRESTLEMANIA part 39” ?

  4. RabidHeat says:

    I’ve just realised Bobby Lashley is left on the ‘Mania cover. I mean, I know he came out to show off his trophy, but come on…

    • LP1 says:

      Lashley wasn’t on the original Mania 39 poster. They added him this past week to the cover of the souvenir program that was sold at Mania, which is the same picture they’re using for the BD/DVD release. At least he appeared on the show. Unlike R-Truth at Mania 25.

  5. RDC says:

    Rhea is ready to give Rey a big boot!

  6. RabidHeat says:

    Oh and they misspelled Gunther’s name in the synopsis on the back cover too. Apparently he’s now the male pig from ‘Sing’. Lovely.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    I’m not buying the UK set just for Walter/Dragunov. Was the Hogan/Savage live event match ever released on DVD previously? Even if not, that’s only two unreleased matches, and there is a similar Boston 1989 Hogan/Savage match on Hogan’s Unreleased set.

    Even the Cesaro/Sheamus match was released on Best of Raw and Smackdown 2015 and the six-man Taker and Team Hell No vs. Shield match has been released on a Live in the UK set of that year and I think maybe Best of Raw and Smackdown 2013.

  8. BAS says:

    The Walter/Dragunov match makes this tempting, but even then I don’t know if this would be worth the purchase.

    Seems like with a ‘Best of’ release anymore, it’s mainly repeats with one unreleased match. And I know repeats should be a given with ‘Best of’ and my thing isn’t the repeats, but just how poor the effort has become, especially since they’ll try to sucker you in with the sole unreleased match, while you have the same cookie cutter matches you probably already own 10 times on other sets.

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