REVEALED: The FULL Match Listing for WWE ‘SETH ROLLINS – Building The Architect’ DVD

March 17, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Full Match Listing!

We’ve got our hands on the FULL-freakin’ content listing – and updated cover artwork – planned for the 2017 WWE DVD on SETH ROLLINS! can reveal that “Seth Rollins: Building The Architect” will feature a compilation of 21 of Seth’s best matches and moments spanning his career in FCW, NXT, and WWE — plus an exclusive interview with “The Man” himself between every one of them!

Seth Rollins’ 3-disc DVD set is incoming for release worldwide, beginning this May to both fans in the United States and the United Kingdom, the same month WrestleMania 33 hits stores.

Hit the relevant link below to “cash-in” your pre-order right now:

USA: Seth Rollins Building The Architect [DVD,]
UK: Seth Rollins Building The Architect [DVD,]

WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Cover Artwork

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Who is Seth Rollins?


Jack Brisco Classic Finals
Seth Rollins vs. Hunico
FCW • February 6, 2011

Dean Ambrose

FCW 15 Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
FCW • August 14, 2011

Almost There

FCW Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Leo Kruger
FCW • February 23. 2012


NXT Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Big E. Langston
NXT • January 2, 2013

The Shield’s Destruction

The Shield vs. John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus
Elimination Chamber • February 16, 2013

WrestleMania Debut

The Shield vs. The Big Show, Randy Orton & Sheamus
WrestleMania XXIX • April 7, 2013

The Phenom

The Shield vs. The Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan
RAW • April 22, 2013

Dusty Rhodes

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes
Battleground • October 6, 2013

WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Seth as FCW Champion
WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - The Shield vs. The Undertaker!



Parents Know Better

The Shield Disintegrates
RAW • June 2, 2014

All On The Same Level

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
Royal Rumble • January 25, 2015

Shining Solo

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
WrestleMania 31 • March 29, 2015

The Golden Ticket

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
WrestleMania 31 • March 29, 2015

The Weight of the World

Ladder Match for the WWE Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Money in the Bank • June 14, 2015

Summer of Rollins

WWE Championship – Open Challenge Match
Seth Rollins vs. Neville
RAW • August 3, 2015

Unparalleled Work Ethic

WWE Championship & US Championship – Winner Take All Match
Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
SummerSlam • August 23, 2015

WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Seth Rollins Destroys The Shield!
WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Seth Cases-In at WrestleMania



Madison Square Garden

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
Live at Madison Square Garden • October 3, 2015

Untimely Injury

Superstar of the Year – Slammy Award Presentation
RAW • December 21, 2015

Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.

WWE Championship Match
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Money in the Bank • June 19, 2016

The Shield Explodes

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
Battleground • July 24, 2016

Finn Bálor

WWE Universal Championship Match
Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor
SummerSlam • August 21, 2016

Kevin Owens

WWE Universal Championship Match
Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins
RAW • November 21, 2016

The Future of The Architect

WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - Seth Jumps Off the Steel Cage!
WWE 'Seth Rollins: Building The Architect' DVD - The Shield Triple Threat Match

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Australia: TBA. Look for your chance to pre-order a copy over at

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  1. James says:

    I’m getting this DVD from Amazon and I like that matches against Dean Ambrose and Roman reigns is on here

  2. Jared kappus says:

    I just bought this DVD and it’s amazing alot of history he talked about and great matches I love it it’s freakin’ awesomeness

  3. BangYo says:

    Been waiting a while for this, pity no documentary though

  4. Anan says:

    Nice list. Wish his MITB 2014 where he won the MITB briefcase and his back to back NOC 2015 matches vs Cena & Sting were included. While I like that a lot of tv stuff are here as ppv content are typically released elsewhere, part of me does feel like there’s too much Shield stuff on a Seth Rollins focused dvd. Just my opinion.

  5. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Or raw 2015 united States championship match vs John Cena where he broke his noise and another amazing match between both men is smackdown 2013 when he was still part of the shield

    • RabidHeat says:

      Lol, they should have included all the matches where he’s injured people and sent a free copy to Bret Hart.

  6. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    Summer slam 2014 lumberjack match vs Ambrose should have made the list​ awesome match between those guys

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Omfg, the “repeats” moaners again! It’s a “best of”. Oh, forget it. I’m sick of explaining this. So you want 3 discs of safe 6-minute house show matches, just because they’re rare? * sigh *

  8. Deano says:

    This set doesn’t look like anything special.

  9. Phil says:

    HUGE load of repeats; what a waste. Will avoid this one.

  10. Joe Young says:

    Still waiting for FCW episodes to be uploaded on the WWE Network…

  11. Eric says:

    The FCW matches make this one interesting for me. I won’t buy it right away, but I will buy it when I first it for $10-15

  12. Mark Markson says:

    I might pick this up in a future sale. Lots of matches I already have in my collection, but also some FCW matches I haven’t seen.

    If people want some matches with Rollins, that they probably haven’t seen, buy some of the Tyler Black DVDs that Ring of Honor has released. Rollins had a pretty good run as ROH World Champion before he signed with WWE.

  13. Donald says:

    Wonder what the WM31 ending will be. Anyways, lots of matches are repeats, but I’ll wait for a price drop to pick this up.

  14. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    Sick set I am looking forward to potentially getting it. I love Rollins. Great competitor. Glad to see FCW matches on here.

  15. Jon says:

    I don’t understand when I am going to buy a DVD it will be of matches I’ve never seen. Why would I waste my money for stuff that I get on the WWE network and I already paid for.

    • LP1 says:

      All of his best matches happened on either PPV, Raw or Smackdown. And all of those matches are on the Network. So I’m curious to know what matches you were expecting on this release.

    • whatwhat says:

      maybe you don’t but others do. that’s why there are dvd and bluray releases for Netflix shows.

      some people want to OWN a physical copy of it for various reasons (from the artwork to the unlimited accessibility.

  16. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    No Sting match from NIC 2015..a match against one of the biggest icons not present on first big release for Seth!?
    Maybe, the Architecht is really a botch-maniac after all, despite Sting saying Rollins did nothing wrong…riiight! :-/

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Great match listing. I can’t wait to turn on my 50 inch HD tv, throw this release in my HD blu-ray player and watch these great matches in low crappy blurry standard definition because they can’t keep up with technology in 2017 and release all of their media on blu-ray.

    • Scott says:

      TESTIFY, my brother!!!

    • Indyfan says:

      Wouldn’t it get up scaled?

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        It would but its better than a blurry picture. Even the colors and lights on the entrance ramp in the arenas are unwatchable because the colors blur and bleed together. Picture quality is just horrible on DVD. I tried watching a few matches on Best of RAW and SmackDown and I had to turn it off. I would rather just find my favorite matches and watch them on the network.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          I meant I would hope it would help the picture but the blu- ray player doesn’t help the quality of a DVD. Maybe for regular movies but not for wrestling. I think the lights they use in the arenas are meant to look good on their HD cameras. But comes across blurry.

          • Indyfan says:

            That’s weird. My ps3 upscales dvds and they look great. In fact I have thd old wrestlemania collection and it looks perfectly fine.

            The only loss here is extra content. But since there is no more option it’s not really a loss anymore

            • LP1 says:

              That’s because the old WrestleManias weren’t taped in HD. There wouldn’t be any big noticable dfference. When you watch a DVD that was taped in HD(anything 2008 and on) on an HDTV or 4KTV, the difference is very noticable.

              • Indyfan says:

                So if its taped in hd then you watch that same content on dvd..its noticeable?

                Phew lucky me..i usually stick to everything pre 2007. I stopped watching wwe in 2007.

                • David says:

                  SD content upscaled looks better however HD content scaled down to SD (basically DVD) looks like crap.

                  Imagine HD can have a maximum bitrate of about 40mbps. Usually WWE Blu-rays are about 20-25mbps. DVD can only output max 9.8mbps, which cause crazy amount of compression which is why HD content come out blurry and not so good on DVD. Its not the way it should be seen. HD on the Network is miles better than DVD quality.

                  We are already into 4k media and UHD…while WWE is still stuck releasing 1080i content downscaled to 480p. They always been behind in media formats so doesn’t surprise me and I don’t think we will ever see WWE in 4K anytime soon.

                • whatwhat says:

                  well it’s noticable in the sense that each versions, no matter if it’s the Network, dvd or the bluray will end up just being upscaled.

                  that’s big difference to the upscaled content/content in 720p/1080p comparison.

            • Vincenzzzzzo says:

              Yeah LP1 is correct. Any DVD released prior to WWE filming in HD looks better when you watch it on a blu- ray player however new DVD releases in the HD era look blurry IMO on a blu- ray player and doesn’t upscale well. I never watched on a Playstation so I’m not sure how well that translates.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      Amen and Halleluja to that. If there were only many more Blu-Meanies. 😉

    • straightedge47 says:

      If it’s that blurry there’s probably something wrong with your tv, none of the wwe dvds I own are blurry in the slightest, the difference between sd and hd is very minimal…

      • LP1 says:

        Then we must all have that same screwed up TV. The difference between shows taped in SD and HD are very noticable.

    • whatwhat says:

      you know who should get the most blame regarding this: “us” – as in the people buying (or in this case not buying) the releases.

      if WWE blurays were bigger sellers every release would still get the bluray treatment.

      (this isn’t exclusive a WWE thing either: there are several tv shows which had one or more seasons released on bluray, only to cut back on them and only go with dvd for future physical releases)

  18. mememememe says:

    BTW since we are getting Rollins and Owens does that mean we are finally getting Reigns next year? I know most people on this site would groan at the thought of that but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a DVD. I am all for someone who gets the full weight of the WWE machine even if that person is someone I am mostly neutral on.

    • Justin says:

      Reigns has a dvd already. Its with the Ultimate Fan Pack Action Fig…..oh wait. My bad.

    • Anan says:

      Don’t mind a Reigns set at all. He closed out two WMs, one where he won the world title from HHH. But I think some other talents deserve a set prior to him getting one. Documentaries on veterans like Rock & Kane. With them going into the HOF this year, docs on Kurt Angle, Rick Rude, RnR Express would be very fitting. I suspect once he retires & enters the HOF, Taker will get the long awaited doc set. Depending on when that happens, they could maybe get a Reigns set in there somewhere.

  19. mememememe says:

    first! (again)

    • mememememe says:

      Seriously, though, I don’t really care about Rollins but the fact that the full content listing is here (and Owens shouldn’t be far behind since we’ve already gotten one match) means the lineup for the second half of 2017 should finally at long last be ready to be revealed very soon. That’s what I really care about, not Rollins and Owens and other current guys. This is a solid content listing for those that do though.