More on Future of UK WWE DVDs – Attitude Era DVD Extras, Tagged Classics?

November 28, 2012 by Daniel Bee

FremantleMedia WWE DVDs

FremantleMedia have now added an FAQ page to They address such topics as the future of the Tagged Classics series, the WWE DVD back catalog, region free Blu-rays, release dates, shipping costs, and more.


Q. Are FremantleMedia going to carry on with Tagged Classics?
A. We know the Tagged Classics have been popular with fans and we will be looking at developing similar DVD programming during 2013.

Q. Are the DVD’s going to continue after Summer Slam 2012?
A. Yes, we have a full release schedule planned for 2013 and we will follow the release pattern of the US.

Q. Is there a set time frame for how long after the US the UK will have the DVD?
A. It is our intention to release product in Europe as quickly as possible after the US release. Our target is to get this down to 4 weeks or under.

Q. Are you going to continue releasing the Live In The UK titles each year?
A. Yes, we will continue to release the Live in the UK titles.

Q. Do you know if the Attitude Era DVD will have the same exclusives as Best Buy are offering in the US?
A. Yes, our Attitude Era DVD & Blu-ray will contain the same exclusives that are available to Best Buy in the US.

Q. When you say you will be offering back catalogue titles does this mean you will be selling older titles previously released by the old licensee?
A. Yes, it is our intention to offer a range of back catalogue titles previously released by the old licensee. All rights to titles and content previously released by the old licensee will be transfer to Fremantle on 1st January 2013. We will make as much of the back catalogue available as we can and will also look into new ways of presenting it.

Q. Will the DVD’s be ahead of retail stores on your website?
A. We will have a pre-order facility but the website and retail release dates will be the same.

Q. Will you be releasing the past PPV’s?
A. We will reactivate a range of back catalogue titles previously release by the old licensee over a period of time and this will include the past PPV’s.

Q. Why is there such a big gap between Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series and then only a 2 week to TLC?
A. We are trying to catch up with the US release schedule. Once we have achieved this, the releases will be more regular.

Q. Are you going to release PPV every month or 2 every second month?
A. After Survivor Series and TLC are both released in March, the PPV schedule is shaping up to be monthly from then on.

Q. When is Nitro 2 Blu-ray being released?
A. The release is planned for April 2013, but currently on DVD only, we are reviewing if we release this title on Blu-ray


Q. Will the packaging for the Live In The UK releases be the same as the previous licensee?
A. We will look to produce our own packaging design but will bear in mind previous artwork.

Q. Will you continue to print the FSK logo’s on the German inlays?
A. Yes, it is a requirement to release product in Germany

Q. Will FM put their logos all over the front cover like the previous licensee or will it look like the US releases which is a definite plus for WWE fans?
A. Our DVD and Blu-Ray covers will match the US artwork and will run with one FremantleMedia logo, in addition to the WWE Home Video logo.


Q. Will the DVD’s have French commentary?
A. Yes, we will have French and German commentary and, soon after the launch, we will launch and


Q. Will customers be able to pre-order from the website?
A. Yes, there will be a pre-order facility.

Q. Will there be a telephone number to place orders?
A. We are currently reviewing the order processes and hope to make it as easy as possible to place orders on


Q. Are you shipping free to Europe?
A. Yes, we will offer free shipping to anywhere in Europe.

Q. Will you offer next day delivery?
A. All orders will be shipped via 1st Class post and you will receive new release orders by the release date


Q. What will FremantleMedia pricing strategy be?
A. We are currently reviewing our pricing structure and will soon be announcing this on We are confident that our pricing for New Releases will be similar to the previous licensee


Q. Will your website sell other WWE product like merchandise?
A. No the website will be dedicated to WWE DVD, Blu-ray and Digital content.

Q. Will products be available to download digitally?
A. Yes we have digital rights and will be making all content available digitally

Q. Will Blu-ray products be region free?
A. We are currently looking in to this and will confirm soon


FremantleMedia Enterprises will take over as the new licensee for WWE Home Entertainment products throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa in January 2013. More info.

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  1. Tam says:

    Have they said if they will charge when you order (like Silvervision) or on dispatch (like Amazon,Play etc?)

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Another update. Been informed now the Blu-rays will be Region B and Region C, so not ABC/free as importers were hoping for. Sorry about that.

  3. Geolink says:

    I prey to god that all their DVDs/Blu-rays are region free.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could you release the Tagged Classics in region free format?

    • Dave says:

      Even if Tagged Classics are region free, the format will still be PAL…you would need a region free DVD player to handle PAL signal.

      Blu-rays don’t have that issue…its either locked to a specific region or not. PAL and NTSC don’t exist with HD and Blu-rays.

  5. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    I also would like to know if they’d do the buy 3 or more save 10% deal.

    Hopefully they stick to SilverVision Prices for Blu Rays, PPV’s at £11.99, 2 or 3 Disc Docs & Comps £22.99, £10.99 or £11.99 for single & double disc DVD’s & £17.99 for 3 Disc Sets.

    The only thing that should really change is the name, otherwise stick to the SilverVision structure to keep us happy.

  6. Harry Farrow says:

    ”It will be a similar pricing structure”

    I shall guess for a ppv dvd/blu-ray £13/£15
    3 Disc dvd/blu-ray £20/£25

  7. funny the didnt answer the one question we all want to answer to. the only question that really matters. PRICE? PRICE? PRICE? PRICE? PRICE?

  8. Tomko says:

    They have pretty much confirmed most of what I wanted to know, but if you wouldn’t mind Daniel, could you find out if they will do any of the following……….

    Buy 3 or more save 10%

    PPV Prediction League where somebody wins a free item of their choice once a month.

    Wild Wednesday’s or any other type of Sales every once in a while etc.


    • Daniel Bee says:

      They are all very Silver Vision specific if you ask me, and it’s not the same company at the end of the day. I’m sure FME they will do their own promotions, giveaways, etc as they see fit. Probably best to wait and see on those.

      • rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

        They may be SilverVision specific, but it would be nice for them to still do the buy 3 or more & save type deal or some sort of sale every now & again, just because they’re not the same company doesn’t mean they couldn’t take concepts that SilverVision did / used & make them their own.

        People like to save, People like freebies & FME need to take this into account & consideration.

        • LP1 says:

          They’re already giving you free shipping with delivery on day-of release. Plus you guys are getting blu-rays of every ppv as well as possible tagged classics releases. I guess that’s not enough for some people. SMH

          • Tomko says:

            Sorry you’re not from Europe & have never had our Perks.

            But that’s what we got with Silvervision, so, it would eb nice to still get the same kind of treatment, so screw you & your opinion!

  9. t says:

    Great news, little question: Do you know, besides Series 1996, a DVD/BluRay that has the Taker-Mankind match from the Series 1996? Maybe there are at least highlights shown on IYH Buried Alive/It’s time or on Tombstone The History of the Undertaker?

  10. LP1 says:

    Region free blu-rays = many buys! Looks like I’ll be shopping from Amazon UK for my PPV blu-rays until WWE gets their act together in the US. I only hope that Fremantle makes available all of the previous UK-only PPV blu-rays(TLC ’11 – MITB ’12) as region free blu-rays as well. And hey, since they’re gonna be releasing PPV’s from the back catalog anyway, maybe they will finally release all of the PPV’s from the HD era(Jan ’08 – present) that were never released on blu-ray, starting with Royal Rumble 2008. One can only hope.

  11. Anonymous says:

    is the survivor series anthology set ever going to be released with all 27 events?

    • LP1 says:

      The only way they can release a box set of all 27 Survivor Series events is once the 27th Survivor Series takes place next year. 😉


    They are all set now just matter of confirming the prices buzzing 😀

  13. Simon says:

    Would be good if they released Tagged Classics from WWE’s mastertapes. Those SilverVision in-house transfers were really poor quality.

    • Thomas Goodearl says:

      Some were still pretty good quality, it’s a shame that some turned out to be terrible, like WM 9 & 10, gutted with the quality of those.

  14. scsa says:

    What do they mean by ‘will be making all content available digitally’? Does that mean I can choose to buy a title whilst on my PS3 or PC and download it directly to my hard drive?!

  15. Daniel Bee says:

    Ok, update time. Fremantle told me their Blu-rays will be region free because they have the rights to more than one territory. Also, Nitro V2 is now confirmed for Blu-ray.

  16. Roly says:

    Everything about this is excellent.

    Genuinely couldn’t give a shit if the Blu Ray’s are region free. In fact, i hope they are not jjust to piss Vincenzzzzo off as he has a way to piss me off in just about everything he writes.

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’m definitely only interested in if they release their Blu-rays region free. I’m glad that question was asked, then answered. At least it wasn’t answered with a definite “no”, so I guess there is hope…If they will be region free, they will make good money from me for sure.

  18. Mark Markson says:

    This doesn’t sound too bad. I’m happy that shipping will be free, as it was with SV.

  19. ALK says:

    Sounds good. The only thing that worries me is the Nitro 2 Blu Ray. :/

  20. wwe buff says:

    Sounds good to me. They have obviously taken into account what silvervision customers have been accustomed to.

  21. Big Cal says:

    Well, all sounds good! Just hope they manage to deliver.

    • Ryan says:

      I would love it if they shipped overseas to the USA and release EVERY PPV at least from maybe 2013 on in Region Free blu ray 🙂

      • Daniel Bee says:

        The new company itself will only ship to the licensed regions as per their WWE deal, just to be clear.

        • Ryan says:

          maybe every PPV on blu ray thoigh and there’s always Amazon

        • Philip O'Connell says:

          Hi Daniel I know they mentioned back catalogue but that could easily mean just post April 2002 titles. I really want to know if the are going to continue the tagged classics as Silvervision never got them all released.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            The above seems to suggest they won’t continue the Tagged Classics as we know them now, but might come up with something similar. We’ll have to wait and see. You’re right, they may focus the back catalogue on selected post 2002 titles only. Seems the more likely.

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