Get 50% Off WWE DVDs Today, RAW & SD 2013 Released, TNA DVDs Cancelled

January 28, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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Any WWE DVD or Blu-ray on the site works with the deal with the same few exceptions seen in the Half Price WWE DVDs Week earlier this month. The brand new Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013 DVD is working with the code at the time of writing.


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As mentioned, the new Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013 DVD has now hit stores across the United States. Below is another look at its artwork. The 3-disc DVD quickly went “temporarily out of stock” here on upon release today.

Australia gets it early next month. The UK gets it in March with an exclusive Blu-ray edition.

WWE The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2013 DVD

Fans in Europe can now pre-order Royal Rumble 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray here at for April release. The cover art and extras are yet to be revealed.

February 25th is the official DVD/Blu-ray release date to the United States.

Batista Wins WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Match

For anyone still looking to the buy Goldberg “The Ultimate Collection”, WDN reader Jarrett Cox sends word that the DVD has been marked down to just $12.96 in Walmart stores.

WWE Goldberg The Ultimate Collection DVD

The releases of the TNA Bound For Glory 2013 and One Night Only: Tournament of Champions DVDs in the UK have been cancelled, at least temporarily.

The UK licensee (Clear Vision) made the following announcement:


We regret to inform you that anyone who ordered the following pre-order titles will be refunded in full in the next few days because these products are affected by production problems in the UK and have been withdrawn from sale for the time being.

TNA1012 – TNA Bound For Glory 2013 DVD
TNA1013 – TNA One Night Only: Tournament of Champions DVD

Please be assured that all other products available on are in stock and being sent out in a timely fashion as always. When we have any news on their availability and future releases we will let you know immediately.

The Customers Services Team

TNA Bound for Glory 2013 DVD Cancelled

The winner of our recent Royal Rumble 2002 DVD giveaway was Joe Scott. The winner of our “Road to WrestleMania” giveaway the night of the Royal Rumble was George Cumia.

Congratulations! You have both been notified by email or Facebook message to arrange your prizes. Stay tuned for more giveaways soon everyone.

WWE DVDs - Road to WrestleMania Giveaway

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  1. For those of you who purchased The Best Of RAW & SmackDown 2013, who hosted the DVD? Because I just got it from & was curious to know!

  2. THOMAS says:

    @Thomas Goodearl, stop your whining / complaining about Silver Vision / Clear Vision having production issues, the same happened in 2012, Get over it, is it any wonder that they don’t want to tell their loyal customers what the real reason behind the production issues really was, so Get a life dude & stop your complaining / whining which Clear Vision is not going to tell you the real reason really is behind the production issues.

  3. THOMAS says:

    It is not random because you did not want to give the giveaway of the 2002 royal rumble UK version dvd to me is because you don’t like me at all.

  4. Thomas Goodearl says:

    It is strange that yet again Clear Vision are having issues with a couple of DVD Releases in the UK/Europe again. Last time this happened it became apparent that the real reason it happened was because WWE changed surplier & contractual issues arouse. Could the same be happening with TNA? Is Clear Vision’s contract with TNA coming up? If so, Clear Vision should stop playing “Secret Squirrel” and actually be honest with their loyal customers! Something they failed to do in 2012!

  5. THOMAS says:

    Alan, I agree with you there

  6. Alan says:

    Damn, email prizes are always so good. No luck winning yet.

  7. THOMAS says:

    well as long as the artwork will be similar to Survivor Series 2013 event not like last year’s royal rumble 2013 spoiler with The Rock holding the title

  8. THOMAS says:

    Daniel, It is not random, it is not a complaint either, I do get screwed with these giveaways, you just didn’t want to send the giveaway of the 2002 ROYAL RUMBLE dvd {UK Version} to me at all since I don’t have the event in my collection but the same happened for InVasIon 2001, No Mercy 2001 & Survivor Series 2001 not so long ago either dude

  9. David says:

    Silvervision/Clearvision seem like to only distributors to have have production problems. I remember they had the same “production problems” with several WWE DVDs and Blu-rays in 2012.

    People from the UK should actually be glad WWE dropped Silvervision and went with Fremantle. I imported several Fremantle WWE Blu-rays and couple Live in UK DVDs and the quality seems so much better than Silvervision.

  10. ALK says:

    The Royal Rumble Cover will just be a spoiler pic of Bootista winning, with the caption “Deal with it”… lol.

  11. THOMAS says:

    Daniel, Thanks very much, I really needed to have the 2002 WWF Royal Rumble {UK version} in my dvd collection

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Wait, a comment from Thomas complaining about not winning the latest giveaway for the [insert name] DVD. Yep, normal day on WDN.

      It’s random buddy.

  12. mike says:

    Wal-mart also has the Money in the Bank anthology for $12.96 as I picked up that Goldberg one for the same price

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