Day #2 of Giveaway Week, First Look at WWE ‘Slam City’ DVD, More Updates

October 28, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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The winner of the “Top 50 Superstars of All Time” DVD is Craig MacLean (email address beginning “macleancraig2…”). Congratulations if that’s you!

Tuesday: Shawn Michaels Mr. WrestleMania DVD

Next up is a chance to win the “Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania” DVD – by simply telling us which of Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania matches was the best, and why.

Tell us in the comments section below this article. Be sure to use a valid email address because you will be contacted at that email address tomorrow if you are selected as the winner.

Giveaway Week - WWE DVD Prizes

Once again, leave a comment below this very article (stating your favorite Shawn Michaels WrestleMania match and why) to enter the Tuesday contest of “Giveaway Week”.

Here’s a first look at the new “Slam City” WWE DVD!

The single-disc DVD is scheduled for release to the UK on November 3rd (order via, the US on November 25th, and Australia on December 3rd.

WWE Slam City DVD - Menu

WWE Slam City DVD - The Finisher and John Cena Fight

In total the episodes run for about 50 minutes and the extras run for about 35 minutes.

Below is a video preview of one of the extras on the DVD – “The Making of Slam City”.

Below, we’ve put together what looks to be the full list of more than 100 WWE DVD and Blu-ray titles that were pulled from over the weekend.

They were replaced with pre-order listings for January 1st, 2015, amid speculation of a new US distributor next year. There are also a few double/triple packs in addition to this list.

Batista Animal Unleashed
Batista I Walk Alone
Best of Great American Bash
Best of In Your House
Best of King of the Ring
Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013
Best of RAW 15th Anniversary
Best of RAW 2010
Best of RAW After The Show
Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event
Best of Smackdown 10th Anniversary
Best of Smackdown 2009-2010
Best of WCW Clash of the Champions
Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 1
Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2
Best of WCW War Games
Best PPV Matches 2009-2010
Best PPV Matches 2013
Big Show A Giant’s World
Bret Hart Best There Is
Bret Hart Dungeon Collection
Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain (CE)
Brothers of Destruction
Chris Jericho Breaking the Code
CM Punk Best in the World
DX One Last Stand
ECW Bloodsport
ECW Unreleased Vol. 1
ECW Unreleased Vol. 2
Edge You Think You Know Me?
Falls Count Anywhere
Goldberg The Ultimate Collection
Greatest Cage Matches of All Time
Greatest Rivalries Shawn vs. Bret
Greatest Stars of the 80s (Single Disc)
Greatest Stars of the 90s
Greatest Stars of the 90s (Single Disc)
Greatest Superstars of 21st Century
Greatest Wrestling Factions
History of WWE
John Cena My Life
Legacy of Stone Cold
Legends of Mid-South Wrestling
Mick Foley For All Mankind
Mick Foley Hits & Misses
Monday Night War
My Name is Paul Heyman
New & Improved DX
OMG! Top 50 Incidents in WWE
OMG! Vol. 2 Top 50 Incidents in WCW
Randy Orton Evolution of Predator
Randy Orton Evolution of Predator (Single Disc)
RAW 100 Moments
RAW 20th Anniversary
RAW The Beginning
Rey Mysterio Biggest Little Man
Rey Mysterio Life of Masked Man
Ric Flair & Four Horsemen
Ric Flair Definitive Collection
Ricky Steamboat Life Story of Dragon
Shawn Michaels Heartbreak & Triumph (Single Disc)
Shawn Michaels Mr. WrestleMania
Shawn Michaels My Journey
Signatre Sounds Music of WWE
Starrcade Essential Collection
Stone Cold The Bottom Line
Straight to the Top MITB Anthology
The Attitude Era
The John Cena Experience
The Ladder Match
The Rock Most Electrifying Man
Top 25 Rivalries
Top 50 Superstars of All Time (Single Disc)
Triple H King of Kings
Triple H Thy Kingdom Come
Triumph & Tragedy of WCCW (Single Disc)
True Story of WrestleMania (Single Disc)
Ultimate Warrior Ultimate Collection
Undertaker The Streak
Undertaker Tombstone
Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches
WCW Greatest PPV Matches

Battleground 2013
Battleground 2014
Elimination Chamber 2011
Elimination Chamber 2012
Elimination Chamber 2014
Extreme Rules 2013
Extreme Rules 2014
Hell in a Cell 2013
Money in the Bank 2013
Money in the Bank 2014
Night of Champions 2012
Night of Champions 2013
No Way Out 2012
Payback 2013
Payback 2014
Royal Rumble 2011
Royal Rumble 2012
Royal Rumble 2013
Royal Rumble 2014
SummerSlam 2012
SummerSlam 2013
SummerSlam 2014
Survivor Series 2012
Survivor Series 2013
TLC 2012
WrestleMania 27
WrestleMania 28
WrestleMania 29
WrestleMania 30


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  1. Daniel Bee says:


  2. Ben Clarke says:

    Majority of people would pick Wrestlemania 10, 12 or 25 as their favourite.
    Though the were great matches, Wrestlemania 24 with Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair remains my favourite for the pure spectacle it was with the emotion that went into both Mens performance. Truly a Wrestlemania moment as HBK ended the Nature Boys Career.

  3. I’m still fond of his WrestleMania 20 match against HHH & Benoit

  4. Milan says:

    My favorite HBK match was his retirement match versus the Undertaker at WM26. The amount of electricity in the air was so thick, you could cut it with a knife!

  5. Carson Timar says:

    I love to technical match between Tatanka and a Sexy Boy shawn michaels at Wrestlemania 9

  6. Toni Hidalgo says:

    My favourite Michaels match is against Hulk Hogan at Summerslam 05 because of the way he sold Hogan’s offence

  7. Shane says:

    Shawn Michaels v Mr. McMahon WM 22 really enjoyed their No Holds Barred Match

  8. Triman says:

    HBK vs Undertaker WM 25, because of the great storytelling between the two. Saved WM 25.

  9. cmvag says:

    HBK vs Rick Flair WM XXIV. . . that storytelling, those emotions…still get shivers!

  10. Jake T. says:

    Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle – Wrestlemania 21. It was amazing to see the WWE’s greatest performer against the olympic gold medalist. I have a feeling that nothing and no one will ever duplicate the energy Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels brought to the ring ever again.

  11. steeve says:

    My favorite HBK WrestleMania match is the 1st one vs Undertaker. One of the best WrestleMania match ever. They gave everything & stole the show on a pretty lackluster WrestleMania.

  12. Tony Mora says:

    (Sorry put the wrong email the first time)
    My favorite wrestlemania match featuring Shawn Michaels is when he took on Kurt Angle. Michaels really showed a mixture of a lot of styles that included mat wrestling, high flying, and playing dirty. One of my favorite moves of all time was when he executed the sprinboard cross body on angle onto the announce table. Both competitors gave it all and the action was just back to back making this match my favorite HBK Wrestlemania match.

  13. HBK vs Cena Wm23 Great build up John cena was my idol at the time and i loved how the BWW (buffalo wild wings) place went crazy Chanting CENA HBK and posing as them It was a great experience! Great match also I was cheering for cena My brother was cheering for Michaels So it was a fun time with my brother watching the match also

  14. Garrett "Velvita" Presley says:

    No Doubt the best HBK is at Wrestlemania XIX against Chris Jericho. Both of their styles just mesh so well together it just made perfection in that ring. It was his first Mania since 98′ but he didn’t miss a beat. the ending of the match with chris and shawn hugging still gives me chills.

  15. Michael Buzzard says:

    Michaels vs. Taker mania 25. There are no words to show its perfection

  16. Tony Mora says:

    My favorite wrestlemania match featuring Shawn Michaels is when he took on Kurt Angle. Michaels really showed a mixture of a lot of styles that included mat wrestling, high flying, and playing dirty. One of my favorite moves of all time was when he executed the sprinboard cross body on angle onto the announce table. Both competitors gave it all and the action was just back to back making this match my favorite HBK Wrestlemania match.

  17. Jason says:

    Definitely HBK vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. The greatest match in WWE history.

  18. luke favell says:

    best hbk match was vs triple h hell in a cell! my fav of his doh is the casket match vs taker at rumble 98

  19. J says:

    WM 14 vs Stone Cold. Great match from someone that was so hurt, it was questioned if he would show up.

  20. Aaron says:

    It’s hard to pick my favorite wrestler’s best match, but for me it is his match at Wrestlemania against Ric Flair. I’ve always loved Michaels’ athleticism and innovation in the ring, but nothing tops the real emotion that came through in every part of this match. Seeing Michaels carry the burden of ending the career of his favorite wrestler is heartbreaking and powerful. In an age of internet fans and backstage know-it-alls, it’s great to see pure wrestling that means something, and I think Michaels and Flair brought it in spades to this match.

  21. Shane says:

    WrestleMania 25 against The Undertaker. Never before and never again did I witness a match that used so much storytelling. It was the perfect match.

  22. Brad says:

    Tough to pick just one (Ladder Match, Iron Man, UT) but the retirement match against Flair is probably my favorite. IMO the two greatest wrestlers of all time giving it everything they have and showing what made them so great. The mutual love and respect between the two made it even better.

  23. Garrett Peters says:

    Wrestlemania 26! The passion put into the match was astounding. Not only was it intense, it also told a great story throughout the match. Plus, it was Shawn Michaels last match. To be remembered by a match of that stature is amazing. And if you’re not down with that, I’m sure he has two words for ya.

  24. Brandon says:

    WrestleMania 25 vs. The Undertaker. I was there, and it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience!

  25. Ashley says:

    I have to go with wrestlemania 25 in Houston against the undertaker it was such a great match it had you at the edge of your seat the entire time, it had different types of moves from high flying to technicianing moves and such an entertaining match you can watch it over and over and you will be amazed every time because it was just perfection it’s what us fans pay to see!!!

  26. Scott says:

    Gotta go with the first Taker match.

  27. Mario says:

    I like the Wrestlemania X Match(The Ladder Match) Between Razor Ramon And Shawn Michaels because I feel it was the best match of Shawn Michaels Career?

  28. Brenden says:

    Michaels vs Taker at 25 and 26. I know you said one but 25 had to be one of the greatest matches in Mania history. 26 was a great match with a emotional ending with Michaels retiring

  29. Very Low Ki says:

    My favorite HBK Wrestlemania match is the Iron Man match vs. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12. How could anything top it? You’ve got the greatest two wrestlers of their generation going head-to-head for a full sixty minutes (and a little extra). I know some people feel it’s too slow but Bret and Shawn were telling a story and that slow build escalates to one of the all-time great finishes in Wrestlemania history. It’s note perfect, an exemplary example of wrestling as a physical, story-telling art. You could show the match to someone who had never heard of pro wrestling and by match’s end they would understand it perfectly. Shawn had a number of fantastic ‘mania matches but nothing beats the Iron Man match.

  30. David Perrin says:

    Wrestlemania 25 , Vs Undertaker . I remember watching at a friends house . We thought it was the best match we ever saw at that point . The action and drama in that match was outstanding and is in my fav five

  31. Simon says:

    For me, it has to be Wrestlemania XIV. Because it marked the beginning of a new era (the Stone Cold) one, a new DX the night after and personally it marked the year that I started to watch wrestling and HBK was one of my favorite wrestler!!!

  32. Justin Davis says:

    WrestleMania 12 Iron Man match vs Bret Hart just because of the fact that it went the distance with zero decisions.

  33. John Marston says:

    For me it’s gotta be WM21 vs. Kurt Angle. I started watching wrestling in 2009 and when I bought WM21 in 2010, the PPV just blew me away. This match definitely stole the show. One of my favourite matches to date. I loved the storytelling and Kurt and Shawn have great chemistry. Amazing.

  34. Straightedge47 says:

    Wrestlemania 21 vs. Kurt Angle, it’s one of my favourite matches of all time. Just an amazing match from start to finish, with no idea who would win or when/how it would end.

  35. Jack says:

    My favorite HBK match had to be Shawn vs Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 24. Amazing match and HBK took one of the hardest bumps when he moonsaulted onto the raw announce table. The promo was one of the best promos there ever was just an incredible moment.

  36. Lisa says:

    My pick for favourite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match is The Rockers vs Orient Express from Wrestlemania VI, I’m a huge Akio Sato fan and this was his only Wrestlemania appearance. Fantastic match and made even better by the cool setting. The Skydome was the perfect arena for the showcase of the immortals.

  37. amlan74 says:

    Iron Man Match vs. Bret at WM 12, because everyone said that no one would want to see that match, and it is probably the best match ever at Wrestlemania.

  38. Y2J FOFO 03 says:

    My favorite Wrestlemania match with HBK was his first match against Undertaker. Damn the two guys put everything in that match. I think it was at the time the closest guy to be the man who destroyed the undertaker streak.

  39. Frank Hudson says:

    My favorite Shawn Michaels WM match was the one with Taker at WM 26. They told an amazing story in the ring, They wrestled a clinic and like They say, You’re only as good as Your last match. With that being said Shawn’s last match was a 5 star classic.

  40. ReidThePeep says:

    I’ve been sitting here pondering this for a while, and I think I’d have to go with 19, against Jericho. There was a phenomenal chemistry between the two, with their similarities in build and style serving to create extra tension throughout. I also think the match worked well from a narration perspective, both in terms of the buildup, and with the perfect finish for giving Michaels the win, while making sure that Jericho got a boost in terms of heat as well. It also helps to have read from both of them how much they enjoyed working that match, which is always a plus. Overall, with a match like theirs, nobody lost, especially the fans.

  41. Bandit says:

    Wrestlemania 24 – vs Ric Flair – two of my favorite wrestlers going at it.

  42. My favorite Shawn Michaels matches at WrestleMania were at 25 & 26 where he lost to the Undertaker. HBK had such a great career in WWE!

  43. Anders D says:

    vs. Undertaker at WM 25.
    The chemistry between those two were magic, and once again Shawn showed us why he is Mr. Wrestlemania!

  44. stestaman says:

    Mt favorite match is against Ric Flair at WM 24. A match that gave me great excitement and thanks to the performance of HBK made the last match of Flair more epic.

  45. devon hosford says:

    my fav shawn michaels match was him againstric flair the reason why is because there was no one better to end flairs career even tho it did not end his career

  46. kevin mullins says:

    my favorite is wm 25 vs undertaker

  47. Brian says:

    My favorite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match is the tag he had with Mart Janetty against The Orient Express. Both teams tried to steal the show and Shawn took some great bumps. I really liked the pace of the match. Great charisma and fire shown by both teams!!

  48. Eric says:

    My favorite is the Streak vs. Career Wrestlemania 26

  49. Michael Wiedlhofer says:

    In my opinion HBK’s best Wrestlemania match, was against Kurt Angle at WM 21. This was a perfect Match from both And this is an example why I love pro wrestling. They had a very good crowd and Shawn and Angle put on a perfect match without any title on the line or something else.

  50. Kris Martin says:

    WrestleMania 25 when Shawn took on The Undertaker. I view it as possibly the greatest match in Mania history. Shawn kept Taker at bay for most of that match and it seemed like the streak was going to end on multiple occasions. The two vets deserved to have their Match of the Year candidate at the quarter anniversary of WWE’s biggest show and we will never see a match like ever again, not even at WrestleMania 50

  51. Steve says:

    Favorite HBK match at Mania? It’s gotta be vs. Angle at Wrestlemania 21. That match is absolutely perfect.

  52. TheManInBlu says:

    Favorite Michaels WM match: HBK VS Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. In my mind, that match was poetry in motion from the time the bell rang until Taker’s arm was raised in victory. It was the perfect match to commemorate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania.

  53. SRB says:

    HBK/Bret at WM 12. Why? Because I was in Anaheim that night and was 13 years old.

  54. Randy Edn says:

    I think the Shawn Michaels match with Razor was the best to me. It was the first in a ladder match and it started the whole ladders motion. It is a classic match. This is the match i got my wife, Dee, hooked on wrestling with me. 🙂

  55. Andrew Lacelle says:

    My favourite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match was his first. Rockers vs The Twin Towers. Great big man-little man tag match. I found his singles stuff to be disappointing but enjoy his Rockers work.

  56. JtotheJ1 says:

    Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X. Blazed the way for many matches and storytelling.

  57. Joseph Napoliatno says:

    My favorite Shawn Michaels match was his match withThe Undertaker from Wrestlemania 26..besides being an incredible match with a lot emotion with a great story and great drama it hold a special significance for me as in i brought the dvd of the show to an autograph signing with Shawn in Middletown New York to personally sign and i was very impressed by graciousness and humility and it was one of the best moments of my life.

  58. motorhead says:

    I have a copy of WM X8 from FYE that includes the old encyclopedia wrestlemania dvd of highlights and whatnot of the first 15 or so wms. Is that worth anything? The encyclopedia dvd is a mini, very mini, version of the WM 2000 all-day-long show they did, a show i wish they did every year, even if only on the network, to hype up the fans for the wm to come.

  59. Tommy Smith says:

    Michaels vs Ramon Wrestlemania 10. Set the stage for my favorite type of match, ladder match

  60. KurtK26 says:

    WM12, the Iron Man Match. I know others will say the Taker matches, but this was the best showcase for him, and where he won his first world title.

  61. Markus says:

    WrestleMania 26 against the Undertaker. His final match ever was a fantastic battle and i really enjoyed the match at my first live WrestleMania in front of my TV.

  62. Steven White says:

    My favorite Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania match is his classic against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. From the entrances on it was a clinic on both the big and little things HBK could do to draw the crowd in and give the best performance on the biggest stage of them all.

  63. Philip Glover says:

    Best Wrestlemania Shawn Micheals match was vs Jericho at Wrestlemania 19 . They went out on the same show as Angle vs Lesnar for the WWE title and managed to steal the show

  64. Chris says:

    Shawn Michaels’ match against Tatanka at WrestleMania IX is my favorite. It was the first match on the first WrestleMania I’d ordered on pay per view, and I was in complete awe.

  65. Bryan Reynolds says:

    WM25 Shawn vs Taker 1 it stole the show & sucked me in, I watched like I was a kid again hooked on every move & near fall! One of the best WM matches ever

  66. t0v4r says:

    I gotta go with WM12.. It was a turning point in WWE. Nobody thought a guy like Michaels could ever reach the top & he proved everybody wrong, leaving the path for so many others to walk down. Also, over an hour of wrestling? C’mon! NOBODY could do that again! Props to Hitman too. Can’t have the historic match without a HoF’er like Bret. Plus, HBK’s first world title. So much amazing!

  67. Chelsea Roth says:

    Wrestlemania 26 against the Undertaker. It was a classic match that kept me on the edge of my toes and I kept going back and forth about who was going ro win because they couldn’t end the streak but n I didn’t think HBK would retire either. It made me feel like I was 8 again cheering and yelling at my TV

  68. Kryss says:

    vs. Mankind at In Your House: Mind Games. Two different styles.

  69. Dale says:

    Wrestlemania 25 against Undertaker, arguably the best match ever

  70. Matt says:

    My favorite HBK match at Wrestlemania is against Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 14. He was competing with a broken back, and still had a pretty decent match that launched the WWF to their hottest period ever.

  71. TommyD says:

    Honestly, the Iron Man match at Mania 12. So many people say that it is over rated, but this really was the turning point that showed that small guys can main event and steal the show.

  72. RWW2010 says:

    My favorite wrestlemania match has to be wrestlemania XII because it is when he wrestled bret hart for over and hour and winning his first wwe championship.

  73. SCSA says:

    My favourite ‘Shawn Michaels’ WM matches;

    • IC Title – Vs Razor Ramon – Ladder Match at WMXX – The first ladder match that I had seen in those days, which made it my favourite type of match! (I had no idea that there was another ladder match made before this one w/Bret Hart at that time)!
    • WM 12 – WWE Title match Vs Bret Hart, not a favourite match, but it had to have been special for Shawn as he had won his first WWE Heavyweight Title belt that night!
    • WWE Title – Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at WM14 – this being Shawn Michaels last match back turned out to be a great match with a great entrance!
    • Vs Chris Jericho at WM19, again a great match between 2 Top highflyers!
    • Vs Kurt Angle at WM21 – A proper wrestling match with great performance by both superstars!

  74. Ryan Morton says:

    Out of all of HBK’s amazing Wrestlemania matches, his WM 21 classic against Kurt Angle stands out to me. This is an example of why I love pro wrestling. They had the crowd buzzing from bell to bell, and except for a late kickout by Angle late in the match, Michaels and Angle put on a perfect match in my eyes. There was nothing on the line in that match except pride, but those two men left it all out there.

  75. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Without a doubt, Wrestlemania 25 vs the Undertaker. In my opinion, this generation’s Steamboat-Savage.

  76. Dustin says:

    May take some heat for this but I’ve got to say Wrestlemania XX
    the triple threat match with him, Triple H, and Benoit.
    The three of them clicked so well during the match and it was a great showcase for all three superstars

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      If you going to take some heat for having that opinion, I like you to know: you not alone about having wm xx as a favour.

      The timing, the storyline(s), the wrestling and the spots in that triple threat was to the maximum level of intensity and to this day still is THE best triple threat match of all time, one of the absolute best matches in general…along with the Backlash Finale Encounter re-match.

      The Mr. WrestleMania concept dvd/bluray is really not complete with the abscense of this epic match.. while I respect that Shawn problaly has a tough time talking bout his feelings about it, in the past dvd-releases, muting problematic issues never been hard for wwe to do so, hence: put on the match for completion..if nothing else , then as a bluray exclusive.

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