GIVEAWAY: WWE ‘The Shield: Justice for All’ DVD Has Just Officially Hit Stores – WIN 2 COPIES!

July 10, 2018 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'The Shield: Justice for All' DVD - Giveaway!

The hounds have been released! WWE’s new “The Shield – Justice For All” DVD hit stores yesterday in the United Kingdom (£24.99; and officially followed today to fans in the United States ($18.99;

It’s the big 3-disc WWE DVD release of July and it features nearly 9 hours of The Shield – Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins – in their most memorable matches and moments of the past few years (since the original Shield DVD if you’re keeping score) as a team and as singles stars. Here, each Shield member is given their own disc of content and a brand new interview.

Not got your hands on it yet? is giving away the new Shield DVD to 2 lucky readers; we’ve got our hands on the US and UK versions and they’re ready to ship for FREE!


Simply comment below this article telling us your favorite match or moment you’ve seen that involves any of The Shield whether that be Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins.

It can be a match or moment that features one of them or multiple members.

Here’s a pretty good example:

Use a real email address (never shared) along with your comment so we have a means of contacting you should you be selected as a winner. You can also comment by connecting your Twitter account – be aware that you will be contacted via Twitter if you are then selected as a winner this way.

Comment now to win this week’s newly-released Shield DVD in US or UK format.

Be quick! Entries close this Thursday, July 12th.

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As dominant as Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were as a trio, they achieved incredible success on their own. Each member became WWE Champion, and competed in some of the biggest matches in WWE history.

Hear from The Hounds of Justice themselves, as they discuss the impact The Shield had on their careers, and how it helped mold them into the main event players they are today. Follow the journeys of Seth, Dean and Roman as they compete against Superstars like Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Triple H and more!

Even when apart, their brotherhood remains strong – and you never know when The Shield might reunite again to battle injustice.

This is The Shield: Justice For All!

WWE 'The Shield: Justice for All' DVD - Giveaway!Photo credit: @JayJayRock206


Our last update revealed the cover artwork for WWE’s upcoming 3-DVD special on the history of SummerSlam – “30 Years of SummerSlam”.

This one is in the works for August as a collection of nearly 20 matches witnessed on the summer PPV, one of the company’s longest running events having been in existence now for 3 decades.

In a similar vein to The Shield’s new DVD mentioned earlier, a different personality will present each of the discs: “Mean” Gene Okerlund will host the first disc, Jonathan Coachman the second disc, and Charly Caruso the third disc.

Today comes a peek at the box artwork for the US version:

WWE '30 Years of SummerSlam' DVD - Official Box Art

Grab your copy of the WWE “30 YEARS OF SUMMERSLAM” DVD…

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  1. Jaaon kubick says:

    I loved sheld vs evolution payback 2014 i was amazing a 6 superstars left everything in the ring

  2. Undertaker fan says:

    My favourite match of their’s is the Shield vs Evolution at Payback 2014.

  3. Matt McKinney says:

    My favorite moment is when the Shield debuted. Then went on to reek havoc in the WWE defeating everyone in their path.

  4. andemoine winrow says:

    My favorite match was from ‘w.w.e payback’, The shield vs. evolution.

  5. Eve P says:

    The heist of the century! Seth Rollins cashes in on the main event of Wrestlemania and steals the World Heavyweight Title from Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

  6. Josh Floberg says:

    Favorite match was TLC match vs hellno & ryback..

  7. Matt says:

    My favorite Shield moment was Seth Rollins literally jumping over me in the crowd at Extreme Rules 2014 in the Shield vs Evolution 6 man tag match.

  8. Kevin Smith says:

    Either their first match at TLC or when HHH pedigreed both Roman an Seth leading to KO winning universal championship

  9. Josh Jones says:

    The set up of Seth Rollins turning against Ambros and Reigns on the June 2nd raw from Indianapolis was the one I liked

  10. Steve says:

    My favourite is Rollins and Reigns vs The Usos for the tag titles at MITB!

  11. john peterson says:

    My favorite Seth Moment was his performance in the gauntlet match on Raw back in February.

  12. Ben Hibbs says:

    Rollins cashing in at wm 31

  13. Toni says:

    I only like Ambrose by separate, but as a team they were the hottest thing of 2012 and 2013

  14. Pascual martinez says:

    The sheld team is good

  15. Dukefan4life says:

    My favorite moment is when they whooped up on the new age outlaws and Kane at wrestlemania

  16. Hollywood Durst says:

    My favorite is The Sheild VS Wyatt Family (Elimination Chamber 2014), That was awesome.

  17. Tyler Perreaux says:

    Another favorite moment of mine is when Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns became tag team champions & Dean Ambrose became United States Champion.

  18. dan aldridge says:

    my favorite is when dean ambrose cashed in on seth rollins a money in the bank

  19. Nick says:

    My favorite moment was when all three vs Evolution @ extreme rules

  20. Paul Lannan says:

    Defintely their first match at tlc. It showed they were a force right out of the gate.

  21. Jeremy Dooley says:

    I loved MITB 2016 where all 3 were champ in the same night!

  22. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I enjoyed their Elimination Chamber 2014 match vs the Wyatt Family.

  23. Brandon Vendetta says:

    My favorite moment was Roman Reigns losing to Lesnar at WrestleMania this year.He dont deserve that title anyway.

  24. Susan Tweed says:

    Seth cashing in and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WM 31 was so great! It’s been my favorite moment so far from the 3!

  25. Paul C says:

    My favourite moment with The Shield was the elimination match at Survivor Series 2016, when despite being on opposing sides they briefly teamed up. It was such a cool moment!

  26. Sophie Laura Crane says:

    My Favourite Shield Match Was The Shield VS Evolution from Extreme Rules 2014.

  27. Henriq says:

    Dean v. Seth Lumberjack Match at SummerSlam. Very underrated match

  28. Eric K says:

    Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton, Wrestlemania 31. Rollins may not have won, but still a great match.

  29. David says:

    The Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

  30. RabidHeat says:

    There was no greater critic of this Shield set than me in the beginning, but after all the recent posts about the ’30 Years of Summerslam’ set it’s starting to look a lot better!

  31. Ryan says:

    Money in the bank 2016 all 3 were wwe champ within mins

  32. Michael W. says:

    Seths cash-in 😉

  33. Jake says:

    Seth Rollins vs Roman for the Wwe championship with dean Ambrose cashing in at MITB

  34. Tim says:

    The shield vs new day

  35. Nisha says:

    Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs the bar for the tag team championship

  36. Nisha says:

    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs The Bar for the tag team championship

  37. David A. Khoa says:

    Royal Rumble 2016 match with Roman’s championship on the line.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Easily Dean Ambrose vs. William Regal in NXT. Nothing Dean has done on the main roster has ever come close to that.

  39. Eric B. says:

    For me, I loved the lumberjack match from SummerSlam with Dean and Seth. They put a new flare on an old match that usually leaves much to be desired, and stole the show!

  40. Joe says:

    Royal Rumble 2015: Cena v. Lesnar v. Rollins. Probably the best Triple Threat match in WWE since WM XX.

  41. Joshua Jones says:

    Seth’s cash in at WM31 is easily my favorite moment involving the three Shield members.

  42. Ricky Martinez says:

    Money In The Bank 2016: All three members of The Shield held the WWE Championship in one night!

  43. paul says:

    dean ambrose getting his revenge by cashing in his money in the bank contract on the same night when seth rollins defeated roman reigns at money in the bank.

  44. David Rodela says:

    My favorite moment was when Seth Rollins broke the shield and bought into the evolution of Seth Rollins

  45. Gene says:

    The Shield vs. Evolution at Payback 2014

  46. CDWWE24 says:

    The first time all three won a championship. Seth and Roman won the Tag, Dean on the US Title at Extreme Rules. I was there and they came out right by me. I will never forget seeing them that close.

  47. ursula says:

    Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor at summerslam for the first universal championship. A brilliant display of 2 elite wrestlers showing the wwe universe how to entertain.

  48. Kris Martin says:

    The Shield vs The Wyatt Family from Elimination Chamber 2014 will always feel like Armageddon to me. My favorite match of the group.

  49. Justin says:

    Very simple. Wrestlemania 31 were seth Rollins cashed in his money in the bank contract and defeated Roman and brock for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Awesome moment and shocking all at the same time

  50. paul kawalec says:

    When Seth Rollins broke the allegiance of the shield by slamming a chair into roman reigns back and the wwe universe was stunned and shocked of this betrayal. This started the solo performances of the shield and the dawn of their wwe championships.

  51. Kirill says:

    Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns
    Triple Threat Match For The WWE Championship
    Battleground 2016

  52. Jason Block says:

    Seth’s performance this year in the Gauntlet Match. 65 minutes beating Roman and Cena. Amazing stuff.

  53. Jessica Dickson says:

    I would say wrestlemania 34 when Seth won the ic title for his first time and becoming a grand slam champion among his shield brothers!

  54. Enrico Quindici says:

    There is so many moment, if i need to pick one… the cash of Seth on Roman at WrestleMania 31.

  55. Salvatore says:

    Seth turn on them was PERFECT.

  56. Brad says:

    Triple powerbomb on Taker was pretty sweet.

  57. Matt says:

    Well, the moment in the video is one of the best.
    Seth win over Roman and Dean win over Seth. (all of them as become for at least 1 time WWE Champion)
    But the rivalry with Evolution was so AMAZING.

  58. roger kistler says:

    TLC 2012 when they debuted hope I win!!!! please!!!!

  59. Derek Parkhurst says:

    I really enjoyed Seth’s match with Jinder NXT Championship. December 12th

  60. VintageSimon says:

    My favourite match was the elimination match versus Evolution at Payback 2014. The Shield guys had really come into their own by then, and this was one of their last hurrahs as a faction (during the initial run). Great match, and very reminiscent of the Attitude Era brawls. Enjoyed the elimination format, and the Shield’s clean sweep was a surprising outcome too.

  61. Jason Burks says:

    When The Shield and The Wyatt Family went head-to-head for the 1st time.

  62. SAB says:

    Has to be TLC 2012. Great match, great debut and the Wwe Universe were really into every moment.

  63. Scott says:

    The debut! What a shock!

  64. Steve Tell says:

    My favorite moment involving the Shield was Money In The Bank 2016, when Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship, only to have Dean Ambrose cash in on Rollins and become champion. Definitely a cool moment to see all 3 members hold the championship within a 5 minute period.

  65. Morgan says:

    The triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Battleground July 24th 2016.

  66. Jose says:

    Shield Reunion on RAW last year got me going crazy and on a more personal level their match vs New Day at Survivor Series it was my first PPV live and i was so excited that i was going to see them

  67. Leo Celino says:

    It will be Seth Rollins cashing in his MITB to win the world heavywt. Championship at Wrestlemania!

  68. Nik LiChard says:

    I really enjoyed Rollins vs Cena vs Lesnar at the 2015 Royal Rumble. I always thought they put on a entertaining match with that one!

  69. Anel Loza says:

    The Shield’s debut match at tlc 2012, they came in and made an immediate statement.

  70. Alma Loza says:

    Dean Ambrose winning the Wwe title Money In The Bank 2016 crowd pop made it great

  71. Dorian Addison says:

    My favorite Shield was Payback vs Evolution!!! Seth Rollins showed in that match why he was the future!!! I love the way they eliminated evolution one by one to win!!!

  72. Luke Favell says:

    My favourite has to be vs evolution! Was a great match and fued. Was a big fan of evolution and I am also of the shield! You can see that the shield have evolved just like evolution did .

  73. David Bell says:

    I would have to say TLC 2012 there 1st match on the main roster. that match was crazy

  74. Patrick johnson says:

    Rollins vs triple h wrestlemania 33

  75. Matt McKenzie says:

    Rollins cashing in at Wrestlemania 31! I also geeked out during the Shield’s Triple Threat match at Battleground.

  76. Merrill Cornelison says:

    Shield debut was awesome!!!

  77. Justin De Boulet says:

    When Seth cashed in at WrestleMania 31!

  78. Max says:

    Seth rollins cashing-in during the main event of wrestlemania 31

  79. Brett Carruthers says:

    Dean Ambrose pretending to be a backstage interviewer for a few weeks.

  80. Daniel says:

    The Shield vs Evolution

  81. And1 says:

    Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at RR 2015.

  82. Ryan Wickey says:

    My favorite match would be tlc 2012 when they beat team hell no and ryback in a TLC match.

  83. stephen barron says:

    when Rollins turned on the Shield on Raw in 2014

  84. shalana barbour says:

    When the Shield faced Evolution at Extreme Rules and beat them.

  85. Marques says:

    When Dean cashed in MITB on Seth and won because I never thought we would see Ambrose as WWE Champion.

  86. peter stasko says:

    when seth rollins turned on the shield!

  87. SDM says:

    My favourite is when Rollins betrayed The Shield

  88. Kendrick Penniston says:

    When Seth Rollins curb stomped Dean Ambrose through the cement blocks back in 2014.

  89. Riley Paisar says:

    My favorite Shield moment was when Seth Rollins beat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship and then Dean Ambrose cashed in at Money In The Bank 2016. Great match and all 3 Shield members holding the championship in the same night was pretty insane.

  90. Eric Rich says:

    It was a promo where Dean was sucking wind and Roman was macking on Renee Young. It was just extremely funny.

  91. Matthew Smith says:

    My favourite match was their debut against Ryback and Team Hell No at TLC 2012. It still holds up incredibly well. Considering it was only their first match in the WWE it was a barnstormer. Best debut match in WWE history.

  92. Benjamin says:

    My favorite moment was when Seth betrayed The Shield in 2014 on RAW and joined the Authority.

  93. peter blosser says:

    my favorite shield moment is when seth rollins turned on dean and roman and nailed them with the chair,bravo seth !

  94. kevin mullins says:

    seth rollins winning the wwe championship at wrestlemamia 31

  95. Thorsten says:

    My favorite match involving them was the TLC match Team Hell No & Ryback vs The Shield at TLC 2012

  96. Larry Mansfield says:

    There’s 2 Shield moments that come to mind. One, at Money in the Bank 2 years ago when Seth won the WWE title from Roman…only to see Dean Ambrose come out and cash in the briefcase to win the title. Two, last year when the Shield finally got back together was awesome.

  97. Amber Sparks says:

    easily when all 3 were champs in the same night. bsolutely epic.

  98. Charlene Cudia says:

    My favorite Shield moment was when all three were WWE Champion within an hour or so of each other at MITB 2016

  99. Fido says:

    Wrestlemania 31 seth rollins cashing in best moment ever!!!! regards

  100. KurtK26 says:

    Has to be Seth Rollins cashing in the briefcase at Wrestlemania 31. Thanks!

  101. Fabe says:

    My favorite Shield-Moment is the turn of Seth Rollins. It was so unexpected and perfectly executed

  102. Ernesto Solano says:

    My favorite Shield moment is their turn against the Authority, setting up their WM30 squash against the Outlaws and Kane.

  103. Caolan Cantwell says:

    The Shield Vs Team Hell No and ryback in a TLC match! Seth took a ridiculous bump BACKWARDS off a huge ladder! I marked out like a Bailey fan!

  104. Anthony says:

    The Shield vs Cody and Goldust from Battleground 2013. Not only was it a great match but the added drama of Dusty at ringside with their jobs on the added to the emotion that is missing from wrestling today.

  105. Ben Clarke says:

    Dean Ambrose’s psychological evaluation on Raw stands out as a favourite moment. Sometimes the comedy sketches outshine the wrestling. This is one such brilliant example.

  106. Matthew Stegmueller says:

    My favorite Sheild moment was the six man against the Wyatt Family. I was there that night and the energy in the arena was electric.

  107. Daniel Guerrera says:

    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reunite on Raw before SummerSlam 2017. That was dann cool to see.

  108. Zach says:

    My favorite moment involving a Shield member was when Rollins cashed in at WrestleMania 31. Seeing that happen live was incredible. Best thing I’ve seen live still to this day.

  109. Chad Nevett says:

    Money in the Bank where all three members were WWE Champion in the same night.

  110. Lee Newman says:

    My favourite match of the shields has to be thereverywhere battle with evolution

  111. Matt says:

    Seth Rollins cashing in at Mania 31 is not only my favorite Shield moment but one of my favorite wrestling moments ever. Looking forward to this collection!

  112. Silverback says:

    The 6-Man Tag of Shield vs. Evolution at Extreme Rules 2014. I thought “another 6-Man Tag? That’s not extreme.” Wow was I wrong lol

  113. Straightedge47 says:

    The Battleground triple threat with all three members.

  114. KEVIN FORD says:

    Shield vs. Wyatt family from Elimination Chamber 2014 is easily my favorite Shield moment.

  115. Christopher Zimmerman says:

    Favorite Shield match was the first match against the Wyatts. The crowd was on fire and both groups brought their A-game.

  116. Christian says:

    Has to be Seth’s heel turn for me!

  117. Glenn O Connor says:

    My favourite moment of the shield was their debut at survivor series 2012 just coming out of nowhere and helping cm punk retain the title because nobody was expecting it to happen and what the shield ended up doing for the next 6-7 months in the company

  118. Rick says:

    Nothing touches Elimination Chamber 2014.

  119. Tyler Perreaux says:

    My favorite moment is the reunion of the Shield & took out the Miz & company on raw.

  120. David Shain says:

    Favorite shield match has to be their first match. When the shield wrestled team hell no and ryback in a tlc match

  121. Paul says:

    My favourite moment was the fist bump when Rollins and Ambrose finally reunited. The reunion should have been huge; it’s a shame injuries made it kind of a flop

  122. Handsome Andrew says:

    I’m partial to The Shield vs Goldust & Cody Rhodes, great great match.

  123. Jacob Blythe says:

    My favorite moment is with Dean Ambrose after Money In The Bank was so emotional and so heartwarming which made me want to never give up on anything in life.

  124. Nimrat says:

    My favourite moment was the brief shield reunion at payback 2015.

  125. Kevin Smith says:

    My Shield moment would have to be Roman Reigns vs John Cena at No Mercy 2017 an incredible match that in my opinion exceeded expectations

  126. Harpreet says:

    My favourite moment is when the shield beat evolution at extreme rules 2014.

  127. Leonard says:

    Shield vs Wyatts 1, Elimination Chamber 14. ***** Match of the Year. They’re chanting This is Awesome before the match even starts.

  128. Kevin says:

    Favorite Shield memory is Seth cashing in on Brock and Roman at WrestleMania 31.

  129. Triman Ahluwalia says:

    My favourite moment is when the shield reunited.

  130. James Crossley says:

    Payback 2014 Elimination Match vs Evolution it felt big when they got the win and then the next night Plan B came into effect just when I was ready to get on board and want more Shield

  131. Travis McNeill says:

    I think my favourite Shield moment is actually when they suffered their first lost to Orton, Bryan & Kane in SmackDown because it was SO unexpected to see the undefeated streak end that way. It made perfect sense though. A unit was finally able to figure them out, capitalized on it and got the win. Maybe my favourite match of The Shield’s run and certainly underrated.

  132. Josh says:

    The main event of WM 31.

  133. Joshua Townsend says:

    Dam there are so many Great Matches between these 3 and honestly my Favorite would have to be the Triple Threat back in 2016 when they faced each other for the WWE Championship.

  134. Tyrone says:

    The rumble triple threat in 2015 is still my favorite Rollins match and moment would be Seth cashing in at Wrestlemania.

  135. Shaunnikaka Thomas says:

    When all 3 members held the belt on the same night

  136. Chi Cubs 33-23 says:

    The shield vs new age outlaws was a good dominant match

  137. Brandon says:

    There debut match at TLC 2012 vs Ryback and Team Hell No. This set the stage for them being main event players out of the gate. They beat a rising star at the time in Ryback and 2 former world champions.

  138. Justin Armistead says:

    Money in the Bank 2016 when it was Rollins vs Reigns for the WWE Championship and after Rollins picked up a win on Reigns, Dean Ambrose came and crashed the party with a Money in the Bank Cash in, that was on my favorite moments was when Dean Ambrose won the Championship, plus that made all three Shield members champion in one night!

  139. Joseph De Feo says:

    The Shield vs. Evolution from Extreme Rules 2014

  140. Archangel says:

    Definitely Rollins cashing in Money in the Bank. Not only was it Seth Rollins cashing in, it was in the middle of the main event of ‘Mania with two losers competing for the belt. Second place is Ambrose cashing in his Money in the Bank.

  141. Jonathan M says:

    When Seth Rollins defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 33. Despite his knee injured, he suck it up and showed he true performer and someday will be the WWE champion again

  142. Tommy D says:

    The Shield debut at Survivor Series 2012 is by far the best moment. Who knew at the time that 2 Indy darlings (and Roman Reigns) would change the history of the WWE as we know it.

  143. Bobby Pitts says:

    Shield vs Wyatt Family. Best 6 man tag team match ever

  144. Chris says:

    That Dean Ambrose match against Triple H at Roadblock still holds up as one of my favorites. Even though Triple H winning seemed like a forgone conclusion, their performance had me convinced a few times that Dean was going to pull off the upset.

  145. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Definitely the first match between Brock and Roman from WM 31.. the only time I experienced Roman given a true believeable performance and sell, as a single performer.

    The cash-in by Rollins is of course historical, but is was the one on one between The Beast and Reigns that for me made that match.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      As a faction, The Shield’s best ever match would have to be against The Wyatts from Elimination Chamber 2014.. I don’t think in the so called New Era-era, that there has ever been such a great pop for a faction match like on that night.. and the chemistry between those 6 men was definitely surrounding the whole arena you feel like, when you watch it.

  146. SRB says:

    I remember being pretty blown away at what Seth accomplished at the Royal Rumble 2015 with him, Cena, and Brock. Amazing match!