Global News: John Cena/Mysterio DVDs, Smackdown & Tagged Classics

July 15, 2010 by Daniel Bee

It looks like Australia will be receiving two new exclusive “Best of the WWE” DVDs on John Cena & Rey Mysterio.

According to both titles will each contain 4 matches of the superstars and are set for release in Australia on September 8th 2010. Thanks to Michael for passing along this info.

A new WWE Tagged Classics DVD set is on the way again in the UK. This one sees the re-release of two WWF video titles Rebellion 1999 and Insurrextion 2000. This is the first time either event has been released officially on DVD in their entirety and the set will come out in September.

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For anybody who collects the official VCDs of WWE TV episodes originating from Malaysia, there is some disappointing news today. The Smackdown releases are coming to an end as Sendi Mutiara discontinue the series. One source suggests the reason for this is slow market demand.

The last Smackdown titles to be released in Malaysia are episodes #553 (26 March 2010) and episode #554 (2 April 2010), which are pictured below.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Yeah, I owned those UK shows on VHS, so it’s great to have a DVD release!

  2. Bob says:

    About time the UK PPV’s got released on DVD :D.

    And as for those 2 “exclusive” Rey and Cena sets, they are just the ones on SilverVision finally getting released elsewhere.