Goldust Continues to Lobby for Career DVD, WWE Not Interested?

November 13, 2011 by Daniel Bee

For a number of months now Goldust has been taking to Twitter to address his frustration about WWE not yet producing a 3-Disc DVD of his career. With seemingly each new Superstar DVD released, Goldust would lobby to his Twitter followers that they should demand to WWE a Goldust DVD be produced. It appears WWE have no interest in the idea.

We at WWEDVDNews noticed this and thought we may be able to assist Goldust create a buzz in the community and the right circles at WWE, using this website as a platform. Our first thoughts were an interview with him regarding the project and perhaps a petition type page. So, we had a chat with the main himself via Twitter (@WWEGoldust).

WWEDVDNews: How about we interview you about a possible DVD? =)
Goldust: yes most def.
WWEDVDNews: So how can I contact you? If you follow we can direct message.
Goldust: are u with the company
WWEDVDNews: No I’m not, but have a direct line to [WWE] Home Entertainment dept. and a site to help spread the word you want a DVD.
*Goldust favourites this tweet*
Goldust: well i can contact their department thanhs
WWEDVDNews: Ok. I can’t imagine they will run a petition to thousands like we can but your call.
*End of conversation*

As you can see, we were shot down in flames. Only trying to help, Dustin! 😕

You can now find WWEDVDNews on Google+. Check out our page and become one of our followers. Hope to interact with you all on there soon.

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  1. Eric says:

    What a delusional loser. There are FAR better people who haven’t gotten one yet. On the other hand, there are some worse ones that have, but none recently. I really don’t see what he thinks he’s done in his career to deserve a retrospective. And even if he had, with an attitude like that, **** ’em, I hope he never gets one. Not that there’s a chance in hell that he will, but still.

    • TYPE O NEGATIVE says:

      You fcking retard. He was a legend before he let WCW. His feud with the Dangerous Alliance is the all time greatest stable feud in history.

  2. dakota says:

    I can not wait for his return me and my golden girl chyanne love ypu

  3. Thomas says:

    @tom, I agree with you there, I won’t be buying a Goldust dvd set or Goldberg dvd set at all

  4. tom says:

    a best of superstars dvd doesnt really need a documentary. model it after the best of SNME dvd, and have mean gene host it and have him add some thoughts between matches.

  5. ChadWWE says:

    I may get a 3-disc set of matches, but I would be EXCITED to get a documentary and matches set.

  6. Thomas says:

    @tom, don’t get me wrong dude, I enjoyed watchin the documentary story of Bret Hart but I haven’t bought any of the other dvd sets because I just buy the WWE PPV events on dvd that I enjoy the most & if you want to buy the best of the WWE Superstars dvd set or even another Saturday Night’s Main Event dvd set then be my guest dude

  7. Thomas says:

    @Anonymous, I am not an illiterate homophobe at all & you stop bullying other people especially me on this website

  8. Oooooo Don't post my comment then dbag says:

    tom’s Superstars idea is awesome!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thomas is an illiterate homophobe.

  10. tom says:

    are you saying you wouldn’t want to buy those sets?

  11. Thomas says:

    @Tom, No more Saturday Night’s Main Event dvd sets or even a best of WWF superstars dvd set either

  12. tom says:

    forget goldust. how ’bout a best of WWF superstars DVD. it was the main show from 1986-whoknows? but it’s a crime to not have a 3 disc set featuring the best moments of 1987-1992;

    -hart foundation wins 1st tag titles from the bulldogs
    -machoman attacks dragon steamboat with ring bell
    -honky tonk wins IC belt from the dragon
    -dragon vs honky tonk, lumberjack rematch for IC belt
    -strike force winning tag straps from hartfoundation
    -machoman is attacked during interview by ‘mega bucks’
    -macho man names hogan as his tag partner for summerslam 88
    -machoman defends title against akeem
    -macho man wins ‘KING’ title from jim duggan
    & machoKing’s cornation
    -demolition wins tag belt from brain busters
    -colosal connection wins tag titles from demolition
    -mr.perfect wins ic belt against tito santana
    -brother love show;hogan crushed by earthquake
    -mr.perfect wins ic belt from texas tornado
    -sgt. slaughter burns hulk shirt & poster
    -bobby heenan reveals ‘real’ worlds title on funeral parlor
    -flair confronts hogan on funeral parlor
    -jake’s snake bites machoman
    -flair regains WWF belt from macho
    -diesel wins IC belt from razor ramon

    if WWE wants a top selling DVD, i;d imagine a set like this would sell similar unnits to SNME dvd set.

  13. Thomas says:

    I wouldn’t buy a Goldberg dvd set at all, not even Goldust dvd set either

  14. Blango says:

    I’d buy a Goldberg set, bro, tons of people would buy it.

    Goldberg was one of THE biggest draws in wrestling history. Maybe not in the white-washed WWE version of history but in actual reality the ‘Berg made money for WCW hand over fist. The nostalgia buys for a Goldberg DVD would be at the very, very least strong and impressive.

    If you think he sucks, great but don’t use your dislike of someone as a reason why a DVD wouldn’t sell or not.

    I don’t like CM Punk but I’d be a fool to think his DVD set won’t sell like crazy.

    And Goldberg was a MUCH better worker then people give him credit for.

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    And who the hell would buy a Goldberg DVD? Not me, thats for sure. Thats one overhyped dude if I ever seen one. I even thought he sucked when he first debuted for WCW. A football player came into the wrestling world and thought he was gonna get speacial treatment, thats why he left WWE on bad terms I believe. The hell with Goldberg and his pipped in arena chants.

  16. Thomas says:

    I disagree to bring a dvd set out by Goldust but he was funnier in 2002 up to 2003, WWE should not be considering in bringing out a Goldust dvd set because of the hate mail that Vince McMahon received back in 1996 for bringing a fella in to potray as a transgender superstar

  17. Thomas says:

    when Goldust came in to the WWE in late 1995, then he started rubbing men’s chests, kissing them on the mouth, also feelin their backsides especially Ahmed Johnson at King Of The Ring 1996, that is absolutely not family entertainment, that was for fellas that is gay to watch a man to do that to another fella & Vince McMahon was getting hate mail for bringing in Goldust potrayed by Dustin Runnels

  18. rtjetjdg says:

    Seriously, who would buy a Goldust DVD?!?

    A Goldberg DVD… now that’s another story.

    There’s tons of guys, major draws and names that don’t have DVDs, Goldust isn’t even on that list.

    A New Age Outlaws DVD should probably be considered before Goldust and even that set could be done in 2 discs.

    Shit, a Godfather DVD would outsell a Goldust one, especially if they put a bunch of sexy ho’s on the cover.

  19. Simon says:

    @Dave: Thanks for the explanation. So does that mean that The Best of King of the Ring Blu Ray will have the early matches with the sidebars purely because the segue’s with Booker T were recorded this year? If so, that seems slightly mad.

    Fortunately, most of the matches released on the latest (and upcoming) sets are available in a more favourable format, what with the Tagged Classics and the Anthologies available for most of the key events in WWF/E history.

    I’ll buy Blu Rays for new content – both the latest PPVs and documentaries – but think I’ll avoid them if they purely contain past content.

  20. Dave says:

    @ Simon,

    Doesn’t work like that…either the image has to be 16:9 or 4:3 full screen, simple. Newer content on DVDs will be in 16:9, but it also includes pre-HD, that footage would also need to be displayed in 16:9 (which would have to have sidebars). It’s not possible to swith between 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 full screen…either one or the other.

    Reason why the anthologies and Best of RAW Seasons 1 and 2 don’t have them because all content was 4:3 full screen…nothing was recorded in widesreen format, so those weren’t needed. WWE actually made Best of RAW 2009 and John Morrison Rock Star in 4:3 full screen format which looked like absolute crap on a widesreen tv since it was stretched.

    Why do you think movie studios actually released two versions of 1 movie on DVD years ago…1 for widescreen televisions and other for 4:3 full screen?!?

    So either you watch you dvds on 4:3 CRT television or live with the side bars on a widescreen…it’s not going to change…it didn’t in the past, and it won’t in the future.

  21. Harry Faversham says:

    The Hart Foundation had their own ppv called the Canadian Stampede. All 3 groups were amazing. The best time in wrestling for me. I just have a feeling that if they were going to do an nWo DVD they would have done it by now becuase it such an obvious no brainer to release one. I think its political reasons. Same as why they did 3 DX dvds without the New Age Outlaws. Either that or they just feel that there were too many members to profile the nWo properly. But that argument wouldnt stand up very well. If you can do a best of Nitro, you can do a best of nWo and hopefully the success of the Nitro one will be enough for wwe to swallow its pride and give the nWo the treatment it deserves (disregarding the behind the scenes bullshit). I think you need to recognise people for what they contributed on tv (not so much in real life, but with a few exceptions). For example, I’d rather enjoy a set about Ultimate Warrior when he did things right than a doc on how much of a bastard he is. Sometimes I think they should be a bit more kayfabe about things, because let’s be honest the nWo is one of the biggest things that ever happened in wrestling.

  22. Bill says:

    @ Steven, That’s what I meant to write for an new NWO DVD/blu-ray. I think it will sell well because everybody loved the NWO and them and DX are the only two wrestling groups to have a ppv after them not the Horseman or anyone before that is pretty awesome I think.

  23. Harry Faversham says:

    I’m with you on this one Simon. Ruining the older footage to accomodate the newer footage seems silly to me, especially if we’re talking about something like the king of the ring, where all the footage the old way. They only have a couple of years worth of footage done the new way so the blanket rule seems stupid for DVDs where its all archive footage.

  24. Simon says:

    Dave said:

    “Then I guess you will never buy WWE DVDs/Blu-rays…the sidebars are there to stay…like it or not…WWE can’t do anything about it, since that’s how the footage has been filmed. They could probably zoom the picture to fit (which is what they have been doing with footage from True Story of Wrestlemania and Hart vs. HBK), but it would be cropped and certain aspect of the image would be lost. If that’s the case, people will complain about old footage looking like crap. The sidebars make sure you’re getting the complete image in proper format.”

    I don’t understand. None of the WWE DVDs filmed/released prior to 2008 were in HD, yet the DVDs still completed the full picture of a widescreen TV.

    The Best of Raw Seasons 1 & 2 set released last year doesn’t have the side bars, and that looks perfectly fine to me. They don’t have to zoom in on anything, they can just present it as it was initially recorded, and then the TV will stretch it accordingly.

    None of the anthology DVD sets have the sidebars, so I don’t understand what’s changed that now means older footage HAS to have them.

  25. Marty says:

    Goldust isn’t exactly a heavily pushed guy and they usually reserve sets like that for guys like that. That’s just the way it is. Too bad for Dustin fans, as aside from his early days in USWA, I think they moreless have his whole career. Same goes for someone like Barry Windham: It would make for a great set wrestling-wise and they have just about everything, but since he was never presented as a superstar by WWE…

  26. Patt Erson says:

    I bought a 12 dvd set of Dustin rhodes that covers every thing from his debut up until riight before he became golddust. it’s an “unofficial” release i ordered off line but its a great set

  27. Steven says:

    I think Bill was talking about an NWO history set with their biggest moments and matches on not that Back in Black one from 2002. Have on Disc 1, Nash, Hall, Hogan, Syxx, Buff Bagwell, and others talk about the NWO and Disc 2 and 3 could be matches and moments, got to put the Road Wild or Hog Wild where Hogan won the title and spray painted the belt with NWO on it. Put other great NWO matches on it and put some NWO Souled Out 97 matches on it.

  28. agtdark2023 says:

    Bill, there is a NwO DVD called Back In Black. Good luck finding that fucker for a cost less than your third leg though.

  29. Roaster says:

    If it was a 2 disc set with a documentary and ALL his segments with Booker T and some matches and more extras on disc 2 I’d get it.

  30. Bill says:

    A NWO DVD would be much better than a Goldust DVD.

  31. Brad Attitude says:

    I would love to see a documentary on his career as Dustin Rhodes to how to evolved to Goldust, but as far as matches go I can’t see a 2 discs worth of matches on Goldust. I’d rather just see Dustin Rhodes’ matches from WCW in the early 90s and his time as a strong mid-card player in WWE. Anything matches of his in WWE post 2002 isn’t worth the money.

  32. jason says:

    Ok a goldust 3 disc is too much I’d say 2 disc and how about a scott hall or diesel bulldog and owen dvd another bret would be waay smart too they could put a lot of great matches on there like bret vs piper vs patriot and vader in that lost flag match classic vs razor vs taker from summerslam vsjean pierre lafite vs diesel from kor 94 vs yolo from mania 11 his match with goldberg from starrcade , the final four match and could pepper in a jarrett match….plus his match from kuwait with austin. How good would that be!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dave says:

    @ Simon

    Then I guess you will never buy WWE DVDs/Blu-rays…the sidebars are there to stay…like it or not…WWE can’t do anything about it, since that’s how the footage has been filmed. They could probably zoom the picture to fit (which is what they have been doing with footage from True Story of Wrestlemania and Hart vs. HBK), but it would be cropped and certain aspect of the image would be lost. If that’s the case, people will complain about old footage looking like crap. The sidebars make sure you’re getting the complete image in proper format.

    Maybe you should watch your DVDs on a 4:3 CRT television if you don’t want sidebars. They will not be removed if on widescreens with the picture quality looking distorted and stretched.

  34. Harry Faversham says:

    I’d just like to add that I also hate the 4:3 bars and I think its a good enough reason not the buy the DVDs when the matches you are paying for are presented in that way.

    Regarding Goldust, I always liked him and I would buy a Goldust set. If you add it all together he’s had a pretty good career for the most part. I think it fizzled out too soon and I’m not sure why. WWE could have done a lot more with him, but he had enough good moments. I do agree though that there are others that should be done first (Bulldog, Rude, Andre).

  35. oldschool says:

    I like Goldust, wwe do a dvd please

  36. Simon says:

    Fully agreed about the 4:3 side bars. I’m now at the point where I’m not going to buy releases with the footage displayed like that because it just proves frustrating.

  37. Anonymous says:

    You guys are pretty lucky he didn’t block you, since he tends to block everyone on Twitter for dumb reasons.

    Don’t really want a DVD on him either. Unfortunately a lot of his matches were dull and forgettable. There’s some great stuff here and there, but the mediocrity and bad far outweighs the good.

  38. Hasan says:

    Daniel, if you have direct contact to WWE dvd department can you please let them know about a lot of wrestling dvd fans frusteration about the pre 2008 WWE 4:3 footages that have been ruined in the recent blue rays & dvd’s with those annoying side bars. Atleast they should give an option in blue rays to see the footages either HD with side bars or 4:3 full screen.

  39. Siege says:

    It wouldn’t sell

  40. Anonymous says:

    I really want a Goldust dvd. He had such an interesting career, and great character.

  41. Calvin says:

    I’d love a career DVD spanning from his time as the Natural all the way to his most recent run. With his addiction story, famous father, brother being a current superstar, and everything in between they could make a fun DVD. Plus the man has had some great matches over the years.

  42. Bryan says:

    just gimme my Bam Bam Bigelow set and I’ll be happy

  43. Ricky Schmidt says:

    Why the hell would anyone want to buy a three disc set on Goldust? I’m a fan of the guy but come on.

  44. Simon says:

    A three-disc set might be a little excessive, but a single disc release might be okay. Even better than that though, maybe just one of his matches on a DVD that also features other matches that took place on the same night. Or, even better than one, maybe one less than that.

  45. Rocko says:

    Kind of a dick move on his part. All you did was offer to help and he pretty much blew you off like an over eager mark.

    As far as a DVD set on his career goes…. why? What has he done to earn it? Has he ever been more than a mid carder with a controversial gimmick? There are a number of guys more deserving than him. Regal, Bulldog, Rude, DiBiase Sr., Malenko, hell, I’d buy a JBL or Sean Waltman dvd set before I even looked twice at a Goldust one.

  46. Connox says:

    Wait?! He didn’t block you?

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