Greatest Factions Trailer, More WCW on WWE Network, TNA DVDs Returning?

May 3, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Fans in the UK and Europe can now pre-order the new WWE “Greatest Wrestling Factions” DVD/BD at

It will be released there on May 26th, which is actually one day before the domestic release to the United States.

WWE Greatest Wrestling Factions DVD & Blu-ray

The official trailer has been revealed, which you watch below. After WrestleMania 30, this is the next incoming WWE DVD and it releases later this month on May 27th to fans across the United States. Be sure to pre-order your copy now by clicking here to

NWA/WCW Clash of the Champions TV specials are being added to the WWE Network.

The first, Clash of the Champions I, can already be streamed now when searching it out. This full show officially airs in the schedule at 6am on Monday morning.

WWE Network - Clash of the Champions Show

After a long drought of no TNA Wrestling DVDs being released, the ShopTNA website has now listed Bound For Glory 2013, One Night Only: Tournament of Champions, One Night Only: Tag Team Tournament and One Night Only: World Cup. All are priced at $19.99 each.

There’s also an update on TNA DVDs in the UK. As you may be aware, the UK licensee recently cancelled upcoming titles, ceased trading due to financial problems and pulled down their website. However, they have now mentioned on their social media accounts that new TNA DVDs are coming and that their shop site is expected back online soon.

Bound For Glory 2013 is in production now – the rest of the catalogue coming out soon after, we’re getting there! Thanks for your patience.

TNA Bound for Glory 2013 DVD

This weekend you’ll find this lot of WWF/WWE DVDs ending on eBay (Item# 301167190703), currently bid up to only $17. It’s noteworthy because among the 18 titles on offer in the lot are out-of-print DVDs such as SummerSlam 1999, 2000, 2001, and No Mercy 2001.

Rare WWF SummerSlam DVDs

Look out for these 99 cent auctions also expiring this weekend.

$0.99 – Goldberg The Ultimate Collection
$0.99 – The John Cena Experience
$0.99 – SummerSlam 2010
$0.99 – CM Punk Best in the World

$0.99 – WWF Action!
$0.99 – WWF Stone Cold Steve Austin Hell Yeah

$0.99 – WrestleMania 28
$0.99 – Straight to the Top MITB Anthology, MITB Anthology (two copies)
$0.99 – Tombstone History of Undertaker
$0.99 – Stone Cold Steve Austin The Bottom Line

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. isrs4life says:

    Summerslam would be worth owning, I would love for a 3-disk dvd version of
    Summerslam containing the greatest matches that took place through the years.

    I wouldnt mind owning doubles of recent years summerslam for a best of summerslam set
    they should do one if there bored make best of’s on just about every recently retired ppv I would get those to. thinking of No Way Out, Backlash, Judgmentday, Unforgiven and No Mercy that i’m thinking of that had most events.

  2. Bradly Jennejohn says:

    Yes they have confirmed that Saturday Nights Main Event is next to go up David

  3. Bradly Jennejohn says:

    On my android phone device for the WWE Network app they have uploaded every Clash of the Champions supercard show they ever did Now that’s the way they should be cranking them out

    • David says:

      Noticed that as well. I thought they would upload each one daily based on the live schedule, glad they pumped them all out at once.

      I can see Saturday Nights Main Event being the next shows they put out, then Nitro.

  4. Eric says:

    Anyone actually able to order with TNA? Every time I try to “place order” I get a “Our servers are under heavy load. Please try placing your order again” message. I love TNA but can they do ANYTHING right?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I love TNA but can they do ANYTHING right?

      No. 😉

    • David says:

      I placed an order for the 4 new DVDs last night and everything went fine. I figured no telling how long TNA might last, plus i had a $10 certificate from TNA for their mistake so might as pick up the DVDs while I can.

      Some TNA DVDs are going for pretty high on ebay, especially some of the 2010-2011 ones.

      Still need Best of 3 Live Kru to complete my TNA collection. Missed out couple opportunities on ebay. Still looking for it.

  5. @IMDJLUIS says:

    Clash of the Champions XXII can also be searched for.

  6. ALK says:

    hope thats not the UK art for BFG 2013. The art Clearvision showed previously was miles better, even if they did rip off Wrestlemania 29’s art…

    • Adrik says:

      Clearvision were doing exclusive cover art for TNA dvds before the break so I assume that will be the same going forward.

  7. Zombie835 says:

    Nice to see that they are gonna be adding the clashes. I’m more than a happy customer with the network 10 bucks a months it’s a steal

  8. rockphantom says:

    Clash 22 is also on the network.

    I am very glad the TBS supercards are appearing the Network!
    I hope The WWF equivalent, Saturday Night’s Main Event begin appearing on the Network soon…

    • David says:

      Should be sometime this year. The Network FAQ mentions that Nitro, Saturday Nights Main Event, Clash of the Champions and even Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling will be on the network this year.

      Rock N’ Wrestling however is tentative at the moment probably due to licensing.

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