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January 1, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Happy New Year to all of our site readers, we hope you’re enjoying your celebrations.

Thanks for helping make WWEDVDNews.com a success in 2010 since April. We plan on bringing you all the best WWE DVD related content through 2011 so stick with us!

If you have a moment help us gather some feedback from you by joining in the poll below.

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Also in the comments section below let us know what you’d like to see from WWEDVDNews in 2011 or any other suggestions! Thanks again and all the best for the new year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I will do ECW, WCW, TNA DVD reviews but I have a list ahead of it first to catch but that will make the site more diverse. Thanks to everyone who comes here.

    -Brett Mix

  2. Ed says:

    @Daniel…it defently would be awesome to view thw whole episodes instead of just viewing highlights from each episode, plus there were years were i didnt have cable and havent watched some years and also to relive some that i did watch..it would defently be awesome

  3. Ed says:

    this may be a set that everybody will buy..i know i defenetly will…instead of just doing highlights or best of raw dvd sets…how about bringing the whole episodes of raw smackdown on dvd…you know that tv shows are bringing out season sets…why not the WWE. and also included in sets would include the following:
    WWE Championship wrestling, WWE All-Star Wrestling, the Tuestday Night Titans, WWE Prime time, the main event, wrestling spotlight, WWE MSG, wrestling challenge, Raw, WWE Mania, Sunday Night Slam, Action Zone, Free For All, Livewire, shotgun saturday night, Heat, Smackdown, Metal, Jakked, Excess, Tough Enough, Confidential, afterburn, bottom line, velocity, experience, ECW, NXT..and maybe others i might have missed…but ill tell ya i will defently be in line for purchasing these videos and will defently add to those SERIOUS collectors liek me who would love this to there addition

    • Daniel Bee says:

      @Ed WWE’s plans are to release these season DVDs each year, in the same “Best of” style. No full episode sets are coming unfortunately but it’s understandable why not.

  4. SRB says:

    You guys always do a wonderful job. Youre quick with content and release dates and putting out your own inserts is a very nice favor to do. Thank you. Cant wait for the content for the 3 disc raw 2010 DVD.

  5. Dude says:

    What WWEDVDNEWS would put on the material for the 2011 DVDs, that way WWE can get an idea on what to put on them

  6. d money says:

    first off i would like to thank all of u 4 the hard work and i would like me written reviews along with the video reviews thank u

  7. Mac says:

    Mayby a section for custom inserts since the downfall of them has occurred.

  8. DeadFan37 says:

    Not a damn thing! Perfect the way it is!

  9. Mirelys says:

    Happy New Year to everyone from Venezuela: I would like more photos of the DVDs cases in the reviews and if is possible put the links to download the videos of the WWE collections.

  10. eduardo says:

    Happy New Year This Website is very helpful for chosing which dvds to get

  11. chris says:

    2009-2010 smackdown dvd

  12. chris says:

    awesome job as i type im watching 2009-2010 dvd

  13. Daniel Bee says:

    Take that point David, but it’s the whole theme of the site to be focused on WWE. We brought in a TNA section acting kinda like a sub-site but we’re aware that isn’t getting our attention as much as it should. Aim to improve that soon.

  14. Jacob says:

    Maybe review the Old School ECW DVDs

  15. David T says:

    I would have more dvd news on TNA, Ring of Honor, and Dragon Gate USA and make it a more comprehensive website.

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