EXCLUSIVE: Hints on Next 2017 WWE DVD Reveal, WM33 In-Store Plans, Countdown to Millennium?!

April 21, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 33 - Logo

Following the cover artwork and full content reveal for WrestleMania 33 on DVD and Blu-ray, WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can now confirm the first retail exclusives in the works!

When WrestleMania lands in the UK this June, alongside the standard DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook will be a version of the DVD with unique alternate artwork, in addition to another in-store offering that will come packed with 6 Top Trumps cards available only when purchasing this item.

The WM33 DVD with new cover artwork (to be unveiled soon) will be an exclusive to Sainsbury’s, while the second – featuring Top Trumps cards of Goldberg, Alexa Bliss, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Braun Strowman and The New Day – will be exclusive to ASDA stores.

WWE WrestleMania 33 Blu-ray - Official Box Artwork

Release Dates for the WRESTLEMANIA 33 DVD, Blu-ray & Steelbook…

United States: May 9th. Pre-order WrestleMania 33 on DVD soon here on Amazon.com.

Australia: May 24th. Pre-order WrestleMania 33 on DVD over at Madman.com.au.

UK/Europe: June 5th. Lock in your pre-order for the WM33 DVD here on Amazon.co.uk.

Switching gears to the worldwide WWE Home Video schedule, this time last week news broke that the next WWE DVD or Blu-ray title for 2017 was soon to be revealed:

A “Major” 2017 WWE DVD/Blu-Ray Reveal Imminent, New Trailer for “Fight Owens Fight” Documentary

That’s still the case so expect it to be named any day now. Until then, we’ve been a given a clue to share with you:
“most (if not all) of the content on the ‘unknown’ WWE DVD is NOT on the WWE Network.”

Previously there were some rumblings of a title focusing on “Women of WWE” (ignited by Madusa tweeting this month that WWE are producing a DVD on her), however we’ve since been able to confirm that neither a Women’s-themed DVD nor a Madusa/Alundra Blayze is currently on the 2017 schedule, so that one can be ruled out for this year but could be a contender for next.

WWE - Alundra Blayze Hall of Fame Induction - With Trashed Women's Title Belt!
WWE Home Video 2017 - Logo

WWE will release the new (4-DISC!) “BEST OF 2000s” DVD next week.

In another exclusive to WrestlingDVDNetwork.com, check out the intro video below, inspired by the “Countdown to the Millennium” clock used to hype Chris Jericho’s WWE debut back in 1999.

Charlotte Flair and Bayley have shared photos of the DVD on social media ahead of the release to United Kingdom this Monday and release to the United States this Tuesday.

There is a reason for this (other than a possible love of DVD collecting) – both Charlotte and Bayley actually feature in the compilation as they, along with Enzo Amore and Big Cass, show up in the newly-filmed host segments, stopping by Commissioner Mick Foley’s messy office!

Click here to get your copy of the WWE “BEST OF 2000s” DVD from Amazon.com

WWE - Bayley Hugging 'Best of The 2000s' DVD Set

REMINDER: Don’t forget to check out the WWE DVD sale running at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet stores in the United States – all of these titles pictured (and more) are down to $3.99 each!

Big WWE DVD Sale at Ollie's Bargain Outlet

REMINDER: And, for a limited time, the WrestleMania-themed WWE DVD sale is still running in Walmart stores with 35 different titles on sale for just $3.74, $7.50, and $9.96.

Big WWE DVD Sale in Walmart Stores, WrestleMania 33

Heads up, the recently-released “Straight Outta Dudleyville: Legacy of the Dudley Boyz” DVD (the documentary main feature) has just been added to the WWE Network.

This marks the third WWE DVD documentary from 2016 to be uploaded to the streaming service. The Network’s Dudley Boyz special, found in the “Beyond the Ring” section, has a runtime just short of 59 minutes, while the full DVD version ran approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Kayfabe Commentaries have announced that “SUPERCARD” is returning in May as the Honky Tonk Man sits-down to re-experience SummerSlam ’88. Before then, “Back to the Territories” journeys to Georgia, available on DVD and instant streaming this Tuesday.

As always, it’s KayfabeCommentaries.com for all the details and to stock up on shoots!

Kayfabe Commentaries - 'SUPERCARD' Returns with Honky Tonk Man

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$11.50Double Feature: Elimination Chamber & Fastlane 2017 DVD

Collection of WWE DVDs & Blu-rays, WrestleMania 17 Included!

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  1. Mongoose says:

    I’m just waiting for a Best of Thunder set โ˜บ or a Undertaker set with Documentary,

  2. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    “Turning (on) the NXT Pa(i)ge – the secret lives of 3 up-coming Superstars” – there’s your mystery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Cherie Smith says:

    If I had a choice on this new WWE “mystery” DVD I would want the subject to be either Rick Rude Lex Luger or Vader all three had some incredible matches throughout their respective careers that still have not been released would love to see something like that done for either one

  4. Patrick J McNamara says:

    Makes no sense that the pre show isn’t an extra feature it will be.

    • LP1 says:

      You clearly have reading comprehension issues. The pre-show matches will not be included on the Mania release.

  5. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    I think I just spotted this new DVD project through an Instagram post by one of their reporters and from meltzer’s website making mention of such as Sean Mooney is involved

    And here is the meltzer article posted on 4/22/2017…”Charly Caruso and Sean Mooney took part in the filming of a DVD that WWE will be releasing that features unseen matches.”

  6. RnRisKing says:

    Hopefully this will include WCW footage from 1985-1993. WWE and ECW already have unreleased dvds.

    • Todd Cash says:

      Don’t count on it…I’m sure this is a wwe only product of matches…not wcw or any other promotion.

  7. Anthony says:

    First of all, I love Madusa and I personally would buy a blu ray of her, but I don’t think a lot of other people would. Secondly, the if the hint is that it’s not on the wwe network then I hope it’s the unreleased 86-95(dark matches taped before the superstars and challenge shows).

    • John says:

      If it’s 86-95, or similar years, would they put any Hogan matches on it? Kind of hard not to, no?

      • brandon vendetta says:

        Probably not cause he don’t exist anymore cause he said a bad word. I think it’s time for the WWE to bury the hatchet with Hogan its not like he killed anybody like you know who.however I don’t think any Hogan matches will appear on any DVDs anytime soon. Once again I hope I’m wrong but I guess we’ll see soon.

        • SCSA says:

          Well they put Hogan on the new ‘RAW after Wrestlemania’ DVD/Blu-Ray didn’t they – Raw โ€“ March 18, 2002 N.W.O. Betrays Hulk Hogan!?

          • brandon vendetta says:

            I stand corrected yes he was on there.lets hope that gradually he is seen more. He’s still the biggest name in the history of the business.

            • SCSA says:

              Well I guess, it’s hard to leave out a scene like that where the nWo betray Hogan after WM! Hopefully, yes we will see more of Hulk Hogan! A Blu-Ray with a Documentary & all his great matches would be great (Just how they made ‘The Ultimate Warriors’ last set!

              • brandon vendetta says:

                Hulk Hogan unrealesed collector series volume 2!!! I can only wish but lets face it im kidding myself.another one that will probably never happen.

  8. Lee says:

    May guess for the mystery DVD. Has to be that OVW one that was rumoured for this year.

  9. Indyfan says:

    If it is indeed a un released themed comp., Thats awesome!!! Uf this is due to the hidden gems collections on the network being so popular..then its simply proof that fans dont care for repeats.

  10. whutwhut says:

    btw: I love that (according to that “news leak”) similar to Todd Pettengill being brought back for “Best of In Your House” they went for additional and nostalgia and brought in Sean Mooney.

  11. NickH says:

    I reckon it’s a HIDDEN GEMS collection like on the network since it’s pretty popular and WWE might think they can sell a lot of dvds than just put it on the network.

  12. RCS1988 says:

    If it’s Unreleased Matches 1986-1995, then YES YES YES!

    • brandon vendetta says:

      The problem is unseen matches probably equals no commentary and that hurt the attitude era volume 3 release in my opinion. I’d rather have bad commentary than no commentary.

      • RCS1988 says:

        You have a point there, but it’s possible that some matches that were filmed for Coliseum Video had a commentary track on them, but was not used. Plus back in the late 80’s till about spring 1988, they did the commentary live at the tapings, so there would already be commentary on them. I have no problem if there is no commentary or commentary. My only hope is that it’s not matches that were released on Coliseum Video and it’s actual stuff that was filmed, but never saw the light of day.

        • brandon vendetta says:

          They will probably be matches that never seen the light of day guess everybody will find out soon.

      • whutwhut says:

        that depends on the definition of “unseen”.

        if it only means unreleased on dvd/bluray (or even: unreleased on vhs), there would still be countless house show matches from places like the Boston Garden, the Philadelphia Spectrum etc.

      • Indyfan says:

        Dont agree at all. There are many ROH main events where the commentary team signed off to allow the viewers to simply watch the match and its great like that. Seeing s show live…no commentary.

        Pkus most of the matches in the 80s at houseshows had commentary.

  13. Conan Kudo says:

    The mystery DVD is “WWE Unseen Matches” hosted by Charly Caruso and Sean Mooney. Carly Caruso spilled the beans on her instagram account.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      “..The hard-hitting WWE #journalist#..” -lmfao-

      Charly and Mooney might actually bring some entertaining segments, at least it should be better than Unsaxy Saxton..

      Could it be that Charly used a spell of some sort to bring back Sean from where ever he’s been the past 25 years or so? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Would be great to see some unreleased and rare stuff from back then Mooney hosted with His Lordship Alfred Hayes.

  14. mememememe says:

    Please please let the DVD hint be Unreleased Matches 1986-1995 that would be a great choice and make perfect sense.

  15. BAS says:

    I’m still debating on whether or not I should get the best of the 2000’s set. It has great matches on it but it feels like it they rushed to get the set together and that there could’ve been either more matches or replace some of them with better choices.

  16. Indyfan says:

    I have a feeling ..its best of Stampede Wrestling or a 80s theme. Im perfectly fine with both!!!

    It better not be another dark match comp

    • mememememe says:

      If they cancelled the ECW one (and if the reason was a percieved lack of sales and not the PG guidelines) then I don’t see Stampede happening.

  17. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    I’d still be in for Best of WCW Nitro Volume 4, if that ever comes to fruition.

    • Indyfan says:

      theres nothing left to put on it. At this point its pointless. Now if it was best of WCW Worldwide/Saturday Night/Thunder/Main Event.. id be all for it

  18. Vintage Simon says:

    Best of Superstars, perhaps? None of those shows are on the Network, as far as I’m aware.

  19. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    aaaaaaaarw.. how cute is it, when a original WWE product: Bailey , presents a WWE product: a DVD set, like that.. makes me want to buy it…if it was on Blue, dammit..that would be the DVD product, just to clear that up.. -lol

    A women set, let alone a Alundra Blayze: ooooh nooooooo thanks!

    A collection of unreleased, forgotten, hidden gems would be nice. Also..a second volume of Greatest steel cage matches could be sweet..gotta be a bunch of unreleased ones there too.

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