How Many Hours Extras On CM Punk & Rock vs. Cena WWE Blu-Rays?

August 10, 2012 by Daniel Bee

According to BBFC, the runtimes of the Blu-ray special features on Once in a Lifetime: Rock vs. Cena in September total 1 hour and 27 minutes. Below is a breakdown of those extras.

The complete Blu-ray runtime is just over 8 hours.

WWE Once in a Lifetime: Rock vs Cena Blu-ray

(01:03) Typewriter
(00:44) A Dozen Eggs
(02:31) Hungry?
(01:22) Blaisdell Center

(01:09) Instant Gratification
(00:30) Billboard
(01:42) Electrifying Mexico City
(01:40) Evicted
(02:16) Tattoo
(02:46) The Kidman Spot
(00:44) Enjoying the Moment
(01:40) Tribute to the Troops
(00:36) “U Can’t See Me”
(01:00) Grilled Cheese
(00:29) Bad Advice
(02:08) Rise Above Hate
(40:59) Once in a Lifetime Film Cut
(14:50) The Rock Comments on Match
(08:31) John Cena Comments on Match has the Rock/Cena Blu-ray edition available to pre-order for $19.99.

WWE CM Punk Best in the World DVD 2012

The CM Punk: Best in the World Blu-ray in October will contain 1 hour and 22 minutes of exclusives. This is over 20 short extras, most of which look to be “deleted” segments from the main documentary, plus the CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio match from Armageddon 2008.

Click here to pre-order a copy of the CM Punk DVD/BD for October 9th.

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  1. WWEBluFan says:

    The Rock/Cena blu-ray is worth it for the “film cut” alone!

  2. RabidHeat says:

    Something just hit me: no WAY are we getting Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ in the Rock Concert segment!

  3. SRB says:

    Thansk very much for these run times. You guys continue to feed us the good news that WWE seems to omit.

  4. Geolink says:

    I wonder what “The Kidman Spot” is. Billy Kidman? SSP?

  5. Geolink says:

    So Wait. The actual WrestleMania match isn’t on the DVD?

  6. Mark Markson says:

    The Cena/Rock blu-ray looks so boring. Only 3 Matches that are available on blu-ray already?! Come on… But it will probably sell well. I wonder how much money WWE pay Rock, and also Lesnar? I really don’t like that WWE bring back all these former stars. I think WWE has so many good young wrestlers, Vince should show some faith in them. Bringing back all these old stars can’t be good for the morale backstage.

    • Dave says:

      Yet these “old stars” made WM28 the second highest drawing ppvs in domestic buys in WWE history. Much credit is given to Rock, so these young stars should learn a thing or two.

      I read that creative doesn’t come up with gimmicks for every wrestler and that the wrestlers themselves have to step up and pitch in to come up with things for their character.

      Austin even mentioned this on his newest DVD that creative doesn’t automatically come up with amazing gimmicks and that work has to be done by the stars.

      • Mark D says:

        Well how’d you explain Zack Ryder then? He got himself over (so much that fans would chant his name when he wasn’t there) what’s he up to now-a-days?

      • Mark Markson says:

        What I mean is, WWE will have to rely on their current roster more in the future. All the older stars aren’t getting any younger. I don’t like that Rock and Lesnar come in and take a spot from some of the younger guys. Now, if Rock and Lesnar also busted their ass on Raw, Smackdown and house shows I’d have less of a problem with them being there.

        I don’t understand why WWE hasn’t pushed Zack Ryder more. Seems like a really bad decision, and one they might regret in the future.