SHIELD WEEK: How Did WWE Extend The Shield Documentary for DVD & Blu-Ray?

February 6, 2015 by Mark D

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network

Our SHIELD WEEK concludes by answering one of the biggest questions regarding the “Destruction of The Shield” DVD/Blu-ray – how will it be different to the WWE Network documentary? Today, after watching both versions side-by-side, we have the scoop on the exact differences between the WWE Network version and the WWE Home Video version.

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First up, the biggest difference between the two documentaries is of course the runtime. The Home Video version is 13 minutes and 9 seconds longer than the Network version. The additional 23.39% of extra footage is made up of extended and additional scenes. Additionally, after having viewed both pieces side-by-side, there is also a handful of the video clips which have been replaced with alternate ones. A couple of those switched were: a clip of Dean Ambrose was replaced with an alternate WWNLive shot, and a clip of CM Punk being given a clothesline outside the ring was added into the later part of the documentary.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : The Shield Fists Pose

Now let’s move on and go in-depth with some of more juicy new additions to the Home Video version of “Destruction of The Shield”…

The first extension to the documentary was the scene discussing Seth Rollins’ backyard wrestling. This scene was extended to include some of his friends discussing their backyard wrestling and what Seth was like was during his high school days.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Seth Rollins Backyard Wrestling

We can confirm that the Dean Ambrose career retrospective is exactly the same as the Network version, while the Roman Reigns segment has an extra scene added to it in which he discusses his and The Usos’ time playing football in high school.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose FCW

One of the bigger scenes added involved the rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins over the FCW 15 Championship and their series of Iron Man matches. It’s discussed how their rivalry brought added attention to the WWE developmental territory — it is even alluded to that they were the reason why FCW was transformed into NXT, allowing the developmental superstars a much bigger stage to ply their craft following the buzz generated by their feud.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose Viral Video Promo

As the documentary moves into discussing Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns’ time in NXT, another scene is added. Here the documentary is discussing Dean’s frustration of not being used on NXT, the segue for this came from the added scene where Ambrose, Les Thatcher, Triple H and Mick Foley (courtesy of the footage recorded for his 2013 DVD) discuss the planned program between Ambrose and Foley which began over WrestleMania XXVIII weekend. The feud was set to have culminated in a match between the two at that the 2012 SummerSlam PPV. However, as you’ll be aware, the program was dropped when Mick Foley failed his ImPACT test — meaning he would be unable to wrestle again.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Shield at WrestleMania 29

The next segment added looks at The Shield wrestling in front of an excess of 80,000 people at the showcase of the immortals – WrestleMania XXIX. We hear the trios’ thoughts on going from “playing in a muddy river at the weekends” to being a part WrestleMania and the emotions involved with being on and making it to such a grand stage.

Destruction of Shield In-Depth Comparison DVD vs. Network : Shield as Champions

Extreme Rules 2013 was next to get some added scenes. We are treated to some more discussion of Dean Ambrose winning the historic United States Championship in the historic wrestling city of St. Louis, MO. Coming out of Extreme Rules we are given more discussion of both Ambrose’s run as US Champion and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’ Tag Team Championship run, with clips of some of their respective title defences.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Roman Stands Tall At Survivor Series 2013

Just prior to discussion about the 2014 Royal Rumble, we have an added scene about the Survivor Series 2013. In this match Roman Reigns made a huge impact on the Elimination Tag Team Match where when he eliminated four of the five opposing teams members! Of course Roman had to “look strong” for the future… everyone knows that, right? 😉

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Shield vs Evolution, Extreme Rules

The final added scene looked at the feud between The Shield and Evolution and their two Pay-Per-View battles at Extreme Rules and Payback. Here we get comments from all three Shield ‘brothers’ as well as: Triple H, Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes. One of the discussion points by both Heyman and Hayes was how in many respects the Evolution vs. Shield feud allowed all three Shield members to evolve towards the next chapters of their careers.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Seth Rollins Training

The final extended parts on the Home Video version of the “Destruction of The Shield” involve Seth, Dean and Roman in their SummerSlam training packages. Each had a little extended segment: Seth talks about cutting his hand while doing Cross Fit and its importance to him, Dean talks about his competition with Seth Rollins, and finally Roman talks about how he managed to maintain his focus heading into the SummerSlam match versus Randy Orton.

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network : Shield Fists

And folks those are all the new and extended segments which have been added into the “Destruction of The Shield” Home Video. The additional scenes really do provide a much more rounded story of The Shield faction. The additions also mean that pretty much all of their major milestones were covered during the now re-tweaked documentary.

Stay tuned to as we have a full review of “Destruction of The Shield” on the way very soon. Until then, if you are already suitably pumped for it you can pre-order your copy of The Shield DVD/Blu-ray using the links below…

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