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June 23, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Jim Ross has given a few more hints and updates regarding the “huge” WWE DVD project that’s in the works, which he will be involved with. This is what he had to say on Twitter:

I feel really prepared 4 this wk’s WWE DVD project. New role 4 me. Very excited. Want fans 2 b happy. The DVD isn’t a JR DVD but that might happen someday. Would need ur questions at the right time. Ideas, too.

JR also made these comments on his latest blog, revealing that the WWE DVD in question will actually be released this year:

I need to get back to doing my homework on the WWE project that I will soon be starting that I honestly feel will be one of the most ground breaking projects that the WWE or I have personally have ever done. It’s a fascinating DVD project that will be released later this year. More info as it can be made available.

The Very Best of WCW Nitro DVD was released to the UK this week. Aaron Wood has informed us that the packaging differs to that of North America. Rather than the usual fold-out cardboard packaging, there’s a standard DVD case without artwork inside.

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  1. Tom Sharp says:

    Does anyone know if the nitro dvd has the annoying sidebars?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They all have those sidebars now, but it’s so older footage is not being stretched out, whilst new footage (e.g. DDP host segments) is displayed optimally. “That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing”.

  2. Thomas says:

    Since the very best of WCW Nitro dvd has been released in 3 dvd standard case for the first time ever but why has WrestleMania 20 up to WrestleMania 27 couldn’t be released in a 3 dvd standard normal dvd case like the very best of WCW Nitro dvd

  3. Thomas says:

    Is this the very best of WCW Nitro 3 dvd set in a 3 dvd standard case

  4. LP1 says:

    No chance of complete season sets for any tv show. The Best Of Raw set didn’t sell well and the second volume was cancelled because of it. I’m going with the Shawn-Bret face-off. It makes sense to have Jim Ross host an interview with the 2 of them talking about their careers. Plus the idea is defintely groundbreaking and could lead to future sets down the line with a similar theme.

  5. agtdark2023 says:

    The HUGE project , if they have good sense should be complete seasons of RAW IS WAR. Think of how many could follow. Eventually Smackdown! Nitro so on, so on. If thats the case, I will be broke quick!!

  6. Daniel Bee says:

    I’d love the Michaels/Jericho DVD but I’m pretty sure there’s 0% chance. I assume the Observer is just going off when Jericho said WWE needs to release a DVD on the feud and also HBK recently bringing up that comment from Jericho again.

    As for a sit down feature with HBK and Bret Hart, I could definitely see it happening now they’re both in a position to do it. If it’s one of the two it’s certainly this, in my opinion.

  7. Supersonic says:

    From this week’s Observer (

    Michaels teased he was off to Connecticut this week working on a WWE project on twitter. I’m not sure what it is but it may be a DVD the company is producing on the Michaels vs. Jericho feud where they will show all the key elements and have both guys comment on it. Another project they were working on was a DVD where Michaels and Bret Hart would get together in two chairs next to each other and discuss their careers and everything leading to Montreal, so it could be that as well. In fact, I’d guess on the latter based on a series of hints that have gone around and how Michaels was hinting around about it.

  8. SRB says:

    “The Best of Barbeque Sauce – The JR Saga” 7 disc set.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Brock Lesnar? Something Big.

    This project Im guessing will be released on that TBD Slot.

  10. CJ says:

    Maybe it’s “greatest Oklahoman wrestlers” or something. That would make JR go inanely happy lol.

    Maybe it’s WAR GAMES?

  11. LP1 says:

    It’s a Vince McMahon sit-down shoot interview! lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    Very disappointing that they would choose to change the packaging. Its like saying its not important enough to get the usual treatment.

  13. Ricky Schmidt says:

    It’s the Top 50 Moments/Incidents DVD.

  14. Chris says:

    So glad I always buy region 1 sets.

  15. Alan says:

    Chris – can you post some photos of the True Story UK boxset please? Would be interested to see. Thanks.

  16. Chris Smith says:

    My version of the True Story of Wrestlemania came in that style of box as well. I guess all WWE DVDs are going to be like that in the UK.

    As for the huge DVD project I remember reading somewhere that JR was involved in a DVD that might take up five discs. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but I’m sure it’s an anthology of something rather than a best of.

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    Perhaps so, Alan! The empty slot on the schedules we’ve had from WWE was for a DVD in November. Sounds good to me.

  18. Alan says:

    I think it’s the ‘Best of Madison Square Garden’ anthology. Both JR and Shawn Michaels would be highly relevant for the project, and it would indeed open up other opportunities in the future for ‘Best of (other arena)’ DVDs. Plus, Survivor Series is at MSG this November, and if the DVD does come out this year as JR suggests, then it may well be released around that time to coincide with the PPV. Finally, WWE also offered this up in their recent survey, so it’s definitely on the agenda.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s the Rock vs. Austin set

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thats horrid dude! What else can you say besides that looks terrible..I mean really bad!!

  21. I have no clue what it is ????

  22. Aussiewwefan says:

    I Think Maybe The Undertaker DVD Or Goldberg’s DVD Or The History On How WWE Got To Where It Is Now Starting From Vince McMahon Sr To Vince McMahon Jr Or Something Cool Cant Wait

  23. PeeWee says:

    yes got mine have to say a little dissapointed maybe its just me but i have to say i love the fold out sets is this going to be a one off for silver vision?

  24. Daniel Bee says:

    50 Biggest Matches was changed to “OMG! Top 50 Incidents”. Perhaps that’s all it is, since that’s definitely on the cards for this year. JR could have input in moments selected. HBK tweeted about being involved with some WWE project too, so he could have interviews on there. The release of that is only 2 months away though so I’m not sold. Oooh, the suspense.

  25. Dennis says:

    sounds like the 50 biggest matches dvd to me..

  26. Daniel Bee says:

    Wouldn’t like to put anybody off buying it from Silvervision, but if you do buy from WWEShop please use the “recommendation” links above to help support this site 🙂

    Keep in mind Silvervision’s edition has a few extras on it that the standard one on WWEShop does not. In the US those can only be found on the FYE exclusive. And true, this style of case will last longer.

  27. I’d actually prefer that packaging here in the States. The plastic Amaray cases can last a lot longer than the cardboard cases, and they take up less space on a shelf than the cardboard cases do.

  28. Dave says:

    That’s it! I’ll get it from WWEShop!

  29. Chris Mickleson says:

    I feel bad for you British fans out there

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