In-Depth: WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set (Part 1)

December 7, 2013 by Mark D

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Logo

This was one of the releases which had me most intrigued when it was first included on the schedule back in 2012, and what had my interest spiked were the words; “Box Set” – I hoped that this indicated it was going to be more than the standard 3 DVD set. Fast forward a few months and we finally had our confirmation, Raw 20th Anniversary was indeed set to be more than a standard release, much more, as we learned that it was going to be a 12 disc DVD and 10 disc Blu-ray featuring complete episodes of Monday Night Raw, 20 of them! Regretfully the Blu-ray release didn’t quite make it, however the DVD certainly did – and what a DVD it is!

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box SetThe episodes are spread across the 12 discs normally 2 per disc, with the 3 hour shows getting their own disc. In addition to the episode we are given a 20+ minute mini-feature: Raw Facts & Figures.

Facts & Figures

The mini-feature runs for a little more than 25 minutes and is hosted by Michel Cole and The Bella Twins who are inside an empty arena. Cole and the Bella’s aren’t on screen together, but do interact in what feels like slightly over-scripted, verging on awkward segments. The choice of hosts apparently wasn’t a popular one amongst you folks; however Cole and the Bella’s aren’t actually on screen very long, so don’t let this put you off – they simply introduce the different “facts and figures” packages.

WWE Michael Cole - Raw Facts and Figures

WWE Bella Twins - Raw Facts and Figures

The facts and figures video packages are done in somewhat of a countdown style, each shows the numbers for different features of Monday Night Raw complimented with countless old clips. Examples of the topics examined include: Raw’s host cities and countries, the various match types which have taken place, superstars, commentators, celebrities and much more.

WWE International Shows - Raw Facts and Figures

Check out this preview clip from the feature, which we featured on the site recently:


Before we get to the episodes, I will address “Uncut and Uncensored” as I’m aware many have questions about this. Despite the use of the term Uncut and Uncensored in the title, the episodes are “cut and censored”. Some of the changes include the alternation of selected entrance themes, namely: The Godwinns, Cactus Jack, the bWo and Shane McMahon. Also the advertisers have been covered up or cut out; but did you really need to see that Twix sponsored the ECW invasion show double features, Royal Rumble 1999 was presented by 10-10-2-20 or that La Femme Nikita was going to be up next on USA? looks to have also been removed from a few on screen graphics, however it is left intact on the Titan Tron etc. in later episodes.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

An instance of choking with cables is also removed from the Mankind vs. Rock match from January 1999, but interestingly Hawk choking a Headbanger with his T-Shirt in the February 1997 episode is intact.

However, the edits which appear to have some people most annoyed are the Benoit edits, but in reality given the episodes selected the only things edited are a confrontation between him and Angle, a handful of commentary lines and two entrances (from the March 2001 and Homecoming episodes) – which in reality accounts for a very small percentage of the 31 hours included on the set.

All WWF references, audibly and visually, are 100% intact which is still really awesome to see.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

On to the episodes…

Now with more than 30 hours of footage to go through, I’m not going to be looking at the episodes segment by segment. I will however be looking at a little history behind each episode and the major goings on and memorable moments.


#17 – May 17, 1993

Our first episode emanates from the Manhattan Center in the heart of New York City; this venue played host to a great number of the early Raw’s and is fitting that at least one episode made the list.

Despite only being an hour long the May 17, 1993 episode is one of the most famous in terms of angles which take place – this was a real rarity in 1993. The first highlight of this show comes from the fantastic Intercontinental Championship Match between Shawn Michaels and a returning Marty Jannetty, which is built up during a promo segment earlier in the show. The other highlight would be the beginning to the Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid programme, when the Kid (an enhancement talent who had appeared on WWE programming for a few weeks) pinned Razor Ramon in a massive upset, as enhancement talent would never defeat “superstars” on WWE programming during this era.

The early episodes do have a very different pace to the later episodes and the inclusion of a very early show allows you to see the development of Monday Night Raw over the past near 21 years.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review


#174 – September 6, 1996

The next episode comes from September 1996, and in all honesty was an unexpected inclusion. “Raw Championship Friday” was a special Friday night edition (Raw was pre-empted from its regular Monday night timeslot due to the US open, tennis). This isn’t really a memorable episode as we have no major angles which occur. However we are given a solid Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust match and some Intercontinental Championship Tournament matches (made necessary following the “injury” of Ahmed Johnson by Farooq).

Two of the more interesting happenings take place on commentary when Jim Ross (who was just beginning his short lived heel run) revealed that not only had Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle just visited WWE headquarters, but that “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel and “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon would be returning to the World Wrestling Federation!

As I stated earlier this was a surprising inclusion, as from the history of Monday Night Raw I personally wouldn’t consider it to be a “great” episode. However it does bridge a gap between the early episodes and development of “Raw is War”.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review


#198 – February 24, 1997

Next up is our first of FOUR episodes from 1997 (more than any other year on the set, which illustrates that while WWE were technically “losing” the Monday Night War, they did deliver some fantastic episodes during 1997.

For this episode, Raw returns to the Manhattan Center and is joined by some extreme guests as ECW invades Raw. The invasion storyline (no not that one) had been going on since September 1996 when Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman appeared at the Mind Games PPV, stars of ECW would pop up in the next few months until Jerry Lawler challenged them to appear on Raw. The storyline between Jerry Lawler, ECW and more specifically Tommy Dreamer would not only cross WWE, but also ECW and even the USWA in Memphis. It would culminate in a match between the two at ECW’s second PPV – Hardcore Heaven, but we’ll keep that discussion for the ECW PPV Anthology).

In reality the ECW stars actually helped make up the numbers on this show as a great number of the WWE stars were actually in the middle of a European tour (one which we will actually join in the next episode).

The show featured three ECW matches: Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Von Dudley, Taz vs. Mikey Whipweck and Stevie Richards (with the bWo) vs. Little Guido. Throughout the show other ECW stars would appear to help hype the upcoming Barley Legal PPV, other stars which appeared include: Raven, The Eliminators (Saturn & Kronus), Bubba Ray Dudley, The Sandman, Beulah, Sabu, Paul Heyman. Plus ECW also brought along a few extreme faces in the crowd – which you may recognise.

The show wasn’t just about ECW, we had the return of The Road Warriors and the WWE debut of Ken Shamrock, who appeared in the crowd with his wife and father.

This was a very fun episode and comes during the transition period from Monday Night Raw to Raw is War, and we were just a couple of weeks from a full blown transition to the Raw is War format with the debut of the Titan Tron etc.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review


#199 – March 3, 1997

As I mentioned in the previous episode, the March 3, 1997 edition of Raw (taped February 26, 1997) comes from Berlin, Germany and features the finals of the European Championship Tournament.

The episode helps build up some tension for the upcoming WrestleMania with a very entertaining interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin from the WWE production studio and matches between Hunter Hearst-Helmsley and Bret Hart and Mankind battling Sid. However the true highlight of the show came from its main event, a fantastic match between Owen Hart and The British Bulldog – a match which is widely regarded as one of the very best matches in the history of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review


#219 – July 21, 1997

On July 21, 1997 we head north of the border as this episode came from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, at the height of the USA vs. Canada feud – the top storyline in the WWE at the time. The show comes off the heels of the Canadian Stampede PPV and features a number of classic WWE moments. Some of those moments included the announcement of Shawn Michaels being the guest referee for the SummerSlam main event and the subsequent confrontation between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart, also featured is the famous USA/Toilet promo from Bret Hart, enhancement to the Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Kane story with “proof” that Kane was alive and The Dude Love Story.

In regard to matches, the show features a number of matches including: a unique (for the period) triple threat tag team match, a light heavyweight match (with a chewing gum incident) and of course the famous main event Flag Match pitting Bret Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog taking on Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dude Love and their surprise partner – The Undertaker. The show, from start to finish was a really fun roller-coaster ride as each segments is packed and the pacing of the show doesn’t let up, and for this reason coupled with the fact that it featured so many great moments, it was absolutely worthy of inclusion as a “greatest episode”.

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review


#226 – September 22, 1997

The next episode is very historic, this show featured the debut of Monday Night Raw inside the World’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden. The episode opens with a video package looking at the history of WWE at MSG, however the original video (which featured Jim Ross on voice over) has been replaced with a new audio track and Jerry Lawler providing the voice over (most likely due to music rights rather than the current issues between JR and WWE).

This show is famous for a number of different reasons including: Bret Hart’s final televised Madison Square Garden match, Brian Pillman’s final Raw match (he would regretfully pass away a few days later) and the WWE debut of Cactus Jack in the infamous “Three Faces of Foley video”. However, I’m sure you will be aware this episode is most famous as the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered the first stunner to Vince McMahon. An interesting side note to this is that over on “the competition” on this same night Goldberg began his winning streak by defeating Bill DeMott.

Other cool moments from this episode included promos from both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels regarding their upcoming Hell in a Cell encounter, a fun match between Goldust and Bret Hart and of course the famous Falls Count Anywhere match between Cactus Jack and Hunter Hearst-Helmsley.

Again this was a very fun trip down memory lane for me and if you are re-watching, or even seeing it for the first time, I’m sure you will enjoy it from start to finish.

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review


#255 – April 13, 1998

The April 13, 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw imitated from the “City of Brotherly Love” as Raw invaded Philly. This episode will be remembered as the one which ended WCW Monday Nitro’s 80+ week ratings winning streak. The reason fans flocked to the USA network on this night was simple, the promise of the first in ring meeting between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

The entire focus of the show is this in ring confrontation between Austin and McMahon, from the opening promo where the challenge is issued to McMahon from Austin, to McMahon accepting the match, and a number of backstage segments with Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Shane McMahon and Jim Ross; who leaves the announce booth to offer his advice to the Chairman on the contest. Finally in the closing segment of the show Mr. McMahon and Steve Austin are just about to square off, when Dude Love interrupts the bout and attacks Austin. Which of course lead to the Unforgiven match and rematch at Over The Edge between the two.

The Austin/McMahon segments are the real high points of the show, however there are other happenings, including the build to the Inferno Match with Undertaker and Kane, the ongoing conflict between Owen Hart and DX and between DX and The DOA (after DX urinated on their motorcycles the week prior). However given the historical significance of this show to The Monday Night War and the history of WWE Raw, it sure deserved a place on this set.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review


#293 – January 4, 1999

The final episode which I am going to look at here is famous for putting a few butts in seats as it features long-time favourite of many fans: Mick Foley (as Mankind) defeating The Rock to capture the WWE Championship, in one of the most memorable Raw matches of all time.

While the WWE Championship victory of Mankind is what the show is remembered for, there are some other cool and memorable moments sprinkled throughout the show. The show begins with a video package for Shawn Michaels, who was fired as Commissioner the week prior by Mr McMahon and the Corporation. However, as the package plays it is abruptly interrupted by Mr McMahon in the arena who denounced to “get that sentimental crap” off. As the promo continues DX along with original member Shawn Michaels come out and reveal that Shawn has an iron clad contract and cannot be fired. This leads later to the Corporation attacking Michaels in the parking lot and putting him through a car windshield (off camera).

Other highlights of this show include the great Hardcore Championship Match between Road Dogg and Al Snow, a match which of course involved brawling backstage area and even out into the snow! Additionally by having the full episode here, we are given the entire build to the Rock vs. Mankind match, which involved an earlier Royal Rumble qualifying match between Mick Foley and Triple H.

Look out during the course of the show for a few other memorable angles and storylines including Terri Runnels falling from the ring apron causing a “miscarriage” and even an appearance by Sammi!

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Review

Raw 20th Anniversary Collection Review

I really hope you have enjoyed my look at the first eight of Raw’s “20 Greatest Episodes”. Next time I will cover the shows from March 1999 through to the 15th Anniversary special (PART 2).

If you have picked up the box set already, what did you think of these shows and which moments stood out to you? As always we love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Not got a copy of Raw 20th Anniversary Collection yet? What are you waiting for? Pick up yours here on right now!

Click here to now read PART 2 of the RAW20 review.

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  1. Marty says:

    Great write-up, Mark. Can’t wait to read Part 2.

    I’m only up to the end of ’97 myself, but one of the things that sticks out is just how far ahead, and consistent, Steve Austin was on the mic versus the rest of the roster (aside from only Mick Foley and probably Vince McMahon once he was gradually building his character). We remember the promos that are constantly shown, but a set like this gives us the promo he cut from the WWF studios while RAW was in Germany, which was a forgotten promo, but one of his best, in my opinion. Then there was the Halifax RAW. I have fun memories of the Hart Foundation, but man, Austin blew them away on the stick, as all of them (even Owen) seemed to struggle a bit.

    The unfortunate part is this sort of thing led to more promos being scripted. I think that took away a little from the guys who could talk and it was second nature (your Austins and Foleys). That said, a bunch of people in wrestling need all the help they can get from that sense.

    Anyways, sorry for rambling. Austin’s work really stands out, though.

  2. Mark says:

    Just finished watching the dvd. great dvd don’t mind the edits it’s awesome that thay did a dvd release like this. hope thay do another DVD like this from wcw ecw Wccw ect again great dvd

  3. mommy says:

    just finishing watching the whole thing, got it early

    alot of edits, some chants i noticed

    “your a loser” when cena addressed the crowd before lesnar debuted is gone
    when shawn was in canada there was a “homo” chant that is gone

    probably several others i never noticed or forgot, but those are 2 i remember clear chants, and both are gone, also the audio seems to cut out several times here and there

    there are some more but cant remember at the moment, lets just say there is alot edited and kind of bummed about it

    i get some edits by why censor “your a loser” chants and stuff like that

    • mommy says:

      few others i noticed

      on the msg show, alicia keys new york package, which was my favorite thing about that show was dubbed over with generic music which ruined it

      and the hbk/taker video package from the wrestlemania rewind is gone, it just fads then returns with cole talking about it

      this is not just the small minor edits, there are several things here that almost ruined it for me, just be warned

  4. DUDE! says:

    Best thing I’ve ever read on this site:
    “Did you really need to see that Twix sponsored the ECW invasion show double features, Royal Rumble 1999 was presented by 10-10-2-20 or that La Femme Nikita was going to be up next on USA?”
    Just watch and enjoy, the edits are minor. And some of you crazy peeps are just hunting for edits to complain about where there aren’t even any!

  5. hbkid718 says:

    Thanks for the review. I already have it on my Christmas List. I can’t wait to watch it and re-live some awesome moments. Also, you mentioned that there are audio changes. Which song is changed for The Godwins, Don’t Go Messin’ With A Country Boy or their heel theme? Also, what does Shane come out to, if it’s not Here Comes The Money? Despite that and the other edits, I’m still looking forward to the DVDs. Thanks.

  6. Sake Joe says:

    I received this in the mail on Friday and have only watched the first disc so far which includes: Facts and Figures feature, The May 1993 Raw, and The Championship Friday Raw from 1996. Already impressed, can’t wait to get to Attitude Era shows.

  7. A ray says:

    Man, Dave sounds like a little baby.

  8. Anan says:

    February 24 1997 – Isn’t this where Taker met a Natio n Of Domination member? Farrooq, I think?

    I agree the September 6, 1996 episode shouldn’t have been included. 1996 had more memorable RAW’s than that. Some examples:
    1. The one where Roddy Piper announced that at WM12, Bret would face HBK in a 60 minute Iron Man match.

    2. The one where Vader took out Monsoon.

    3. Goldust giving Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth This may have taken place on the same night Vader attacked Monsoon.

    4. The night Bret Hart returned towards the end of the year.

    5. The rebirth of The Undertaker the night after Summerslam 1996.

  9. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    I ordered this set from Tuesday and have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive but today I received an email from the company telling me they have not shipped my order yet due to the busy holiday season. I checked every store in my town and surrounding towns and no one is carrying this DVD! Not sure why FYE or Walmart, Kmart aren’t carrying this? They carry everything else. Walmarts in my area stopped carrying WWE Blu-Rays as well. Wish they would show us WWE fans a little more respect.

  10. Dave says:

    Just have to say I’ve watched this set and the edits are absolutely ruining this set. For it to be called “uncut and unedited” and become one of the most edited WWE releases of all time.

    Here is a list of everything I’ve seen

    .Crowd edited with boo’s when they chant “A-Hole”
    .Crowd edited when they chant “Holy S—”
    .Crowd signs blurred
    .Commentary muted (Not just for Benoit)
    .The Benoit edits of course
    .Music edits
    .Some “bad language” edits

    I’d rather there be no more of these boxsets because the edits just annoy me too much. Fine if it wasn’t called “uncut and unedited” I’ll not complain but I feel cheated by this set and sadly didn’t see the posts about the set being edited before buying. Defiantly sending this back.

    • Dennis says:

      Really looks stupid when they advertise something & they know it ends up being the completely opposite. To be brutally honest though, having watched the WWF/E for the past 20+ years & knowing how they’ve operated for the past few years, I doubt that they care. It’s a pretty slimy stunt on their part in a way but again, doubt that they care.

  11. FNB says:

    There’s one more possible music… on the DVD version of the July 22 1997 Raw, The Patriot came out to Stars and Stripes Forever. I thought The Patriot’s theme was what became Kurt Angle’s music. So, an edit, or they weren’t using “Medal” for The Patriot yet?

    • Dennis says:

      No that’s not an edit…that was his theme before he used the eventual Kurt Angle music.

    • SD Jones says:

      The fact that you can’t tell and have to ask just proves how stupid all this sitting and searching for edits is. If you all just chilled & relaxed and watched the shows, you’d enjoy them. But you spend too much time analyzing stuff to death. Even stuff that ISN’T EVEN EDITED! Buncha lunatics, all of you.

  12. Joel says:

    Fye has the set on sale for 59.99 which is pretty just got out of the and I also picked up night of champions 2011 along with the Ricky steamboat set for 6.99 killer deal

  13. number1jf says:

    I have this set in my house, but cannot watch it until Christmas, talk about torture.

  14. A Fan says:

    Great write-up, Mark; I have also enjoyed your tweets leading to this article, and look forward to the other parts. Once Freemantle get their act together, I will pre-order it. Don’t want to order from the US as I fear customs will be high.

  15. TheJmp187 says:

    so the godwinns music is edited to what music ? What alternate themes are used for the others ???

  16. James Steinberg says:

    Great review so far! I picked up the set on Tuesday…the MSG show from 1997 is probably my favorite on the set. The edit for “choking with cables” is ludicrous – if WWE re-releases the Austin vs Hart WM 13 match on a future DVD (i.e. if the “Austin’s favorite matches” DVD from the WWE survey list is released), are they going to edit that 5-star match by deleting the part of the match when Austin chokes Bret with the TV cables?