Insert in new Cena DVD? WWE HIAC & Bragging Rights Blu-ray Update

October 18, 2010 by Daniel Bee

There is still no sign of the WWE Hell in a Cell or Braggings Right 2010 Blu-rays on United States based retail sites, most notably Best Buy who have the exclusivity to stock the BDs first.

However these are listed on a few Canadian retail sites. On Hell in a Cell is listed as 1 Disc Blu-ray, whilst Bragging Rights is listed as a 2 Disc Blu-ray.

For the UK & Europe these two WWE BD releases are fully confirmed and will both be 2 Disc sets.

The Bragging Rights 2010 Blu-ray and DVD have just been made available to pre-order and you can buy either one direct from the European manufacturer, Silver Vision, by clicking here.

In our recent pre-release photos of The John Cena Experience DVD, it was revealed that there is no inlay card present.

Since this time WWEShop has put up a bundle for the DVD which appears to have the insert present, signed by John Cena. Though we can’t confirm it yet there may only be one when buying this package, which includes the DVD, signed card and the newest T-Shirt.

If so, does that make it the first limited edition INSERT?

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    Thanks for the info. So these cards don’t have the match listing on the back or inside?

  2. Daniel here’s the Triple H WWEShop Exclusive Signed DVD Insert Card Entry.

    Actually they’re are tons of WWEshop exclusives w/ signed insert card mostly for john cena e.g 12 rounds, The Marine & etc. same as john morrison on his DVD it includes a signed insert card when you buy them from WWE Live Events

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same size. I don’t remember if it was packaged inside of the DVD or not, though. I’m really disappointed by the lack of inserts. First PPVs, now biographies. It’s a shame.

    Thanks, even though the lighting could have been better.

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    You might be right, is that the same size as a usual insert? Looks like no inserts from now on if everyone’s Cena DVD is the same as ours.

    Nice collection video by the way.

  5. I’m going to say that it’s similar to the card that Triple H signed for his King of Kings DVD. It’s not an insert, just a card of the DVD cover.

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