Intro to OMG! Top 50 WCW Incidents, “Secretive” Plans for Sting’s WWE DVD?

July 26, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Apparently, the Sting – The Ultimate Collection WWE DVD content leaked out a little earlier than WWE may have initially wanted. The match listing is accurate but it appears that it was being held off to perhaps be part of a bigger announcement.

As you know, the Sting Blu-ray exclusive content is yet to be revealed and we may not see that for a short while given WWE’s “secretive” approach to this one. However, we can say that the Blu-ray extras look to be various Sting moments/promos and up to 5 bonus matches.

It is also not yet known if Sting himself was interviewed for the purpose of this DVD. The chapter listing from earlier this week does not seem to indicate the presence of any interview segments but it still remains possible given Sting’s status with the company and the apparent delays and cautiousness surrounding any announcements of the content.

We also learned this week that the new DVD/Blu-ray set has been planned for almost a year now, even when Sting was officially still a part of TNA Wrestling. In 2008, WWE had plans to release a similar Sting DVD which ultimately fell through.

Sting vs Hulk Hogan in WCW

Sting’s DVD is on the way for September; pre-order by clicking here to

Below, watch the intro video to “OMG! Vol. 2: The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History”.

Release Dates for “Top 50 Incidents in WCW History” DVD/Blu-ray…

USA: August 12th. Pre-order now here on

UK/Europe: August 25th. Pre-order now via

Australia: September 3rd. Pre-order now via

WWE OMG! Top 50 Incidents in WCW History DVD & Blu-ray

Heads up, FYE stores have re-stocked older WWE Blu-rays at discounted prices!

WDN readers Kim and Michael Musick send word of finding the CM Punk Blu-ray for only $5, plus The Attitude Era Blu-ray and the Stone Cold Blu-ray for only $6.99 each.

WWE The Attitude Era Blu-ray - FYE Sale

The ShopTNA website is having a summer sale on TNA DVDs this month – 30% off the entire range. Thanks to WDN reader Christopher Kyle for passing that along.

After a long absence, the UK TNA DVD site appears to be returning this coming week.

TNA Wrestling DVD Sale

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. AD Degreez says:

    The best releases are always the wcw ecw ones. Hope there are vol 3 of both nitro and ecw unreleased, even if dreamer won’t be on it coz he with tna now. Speaking of there is never really anything about tna releases do they still happen?

  2. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    I think it’s bullshit that WWE has went to putting all the “extras” on Blu-Ray only….just as a way to entice everyone to buy that format….Personally, I believe that all of us who spend our hard earned cash on their sets should get the same thing, DVD or Blu-Ray…..just sayin.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      I totally agree with you.. I myself have gone over to Bluray, cos many times the extras are the coolest segments or match lists.

      But, it should not be different in the content, in my opinion too.. the sound and picture quality is better than DVD, so if I as a consumer want that, I pay that much more, sure..but, I should not be any different.

      I guess, any day the DVD will be history and Bluray will survive as the only verticale disc format..if discs format is meant to survive that is.

    • David says:

      WWE is not the only company putting Blu-ray exclusives. Almost all major studios focus on including extra features on the Blu-ray alone. Consumers are paying premium price for the Blu-ray so it only makes sense to include more features to justify the higher price.

      DVD on the other hand is nearly a 20 year format and really near the end of its life. If thats the case maybe WWE should also release VHS tapes. Blu-ray is going forward, so NO WWE should not put the same content on both format. DVDs in fact should just be barebone releases.

      I think people are just too stubborn to move on with the times. Its not like standalone Blu-ray players cost $500 anymore, you can get one for as much as $70 these days.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is that people truly cannot distinguish much of a difference in video quality, even on the stuff originally shot in HD. To you and I who can obviously notice the difference, it’s ridiculous to think this is the case. But, unfortunately, people are now so used to seeing things on iphones, ipads and laptops that are held within inches of their eyes, that they’ve suffered eye damage and don’t even know it. Generally people under 30 have this problem. Then the people over 45 often have the beginnings of age-related eye problems. So, for those of us between 30 and 45, we’re stuck with what’s often sub-par quality because we’re supposedly in the minority, even though we’re really the only ones seeing things for what they are and we’re also in the demographic all companies covet.

        Frankly, I wholeheartedly agree with the statements David has made in the above post on DVD and Blu-ray. I just wish there were more people saying it and less people arguing against what’s obviously true. We shouldn’t ever be letting companies get away with sub-par quality. I will never buy a DVD when there’s a Blu-ray version available. But, any time you say anything even remotely negative about the WWE products, you get people defending them regardless of how right you may be or even if you have irrefutable evidence to prove your point.

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          expressing your disliking of fragments of a product should be taken seriously by the company like WWE, cos it is customers at the end that puts bread on the table for Vince and his stab.

          I am one of those ppl, who love wrestling in general, and WWF/E specific…but…

          I do not love everything..and because it is deemed popular, I do not have to run with that dog, when I do not find it great. A fine example for that is the just released United we Slam Great American Bash set.. I find it to be a very rushed and bad produced release…combined with the baddest version yet of Dusty the Host. Yet, it is a very popular set as fas as I read.

      • R&REXPRESS#1 says:

        Listen up Dave….it isn’t about anyone being “stubborn”….what it’s about is responsibility, common sense & priorities…If I have 70 bucks I’m sure as hell not gonna spend it on the latest FAD when there’s other things that are needed….It’s all a big money racket & idiots like yourself keep it going.

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          hmmm.. no need to attack on a personal level, when having a different opinion.. we do not want to turn this great place into a Jerry Springer or Total Divas division, right!? 🙂

        • Kenny says:

          I don’t really understand what R&R is trying to say. What is about responsibility (what responsibility?), common sense (what about common sense?), and priorities (what priorities are you talking about?). Is he calling Blu-Ray a fad? Or DVD? What is he spending $70 that would be relevant in this conversation? He’s not at all clear about what he’s saying, although it seems like he’s got something to say on the subject.

          He is right on the last part, though; I have to admit. Home videos ARE a big money racket, and, at least for WWE, it IS idiots such as myself and others here who keep it going. I just don’t understand why R&R believes it’s a bad thing.

    • Kenny says:

      On your original post, R&R, do I understand you right, that it’s b.s. that WWE make one format of their product more attractive to consumers to get them to spend their money on a more expensive product? I don’t defend everything WWE does, but I don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing here. You pay less, you get less; while on the other end, you pay more, you get more. Makes sense to me.

      • R&REXPRESS#1 says:

        Yes, that’s exactly what I’m sayin…. some of us have more important things to worry about (like life) than keeping up with whatever’s popular this month or year….once you buy into that (overpriced) format & build your collection up, then it’ll be something else that catches on & then it’s spend more cash to build the VERY SAME library you just built up for that previous format…’s a bullshit money racket & I can’t understand why people can’t see that it’s playing on their stupidity (same thing with video games)….Now, I’ve never been one that’s just GOTTA have the latest tech. right away & I understand that it’s a personal choice but don’t punish those of us who choose not to follow the crowd…..some people simply have more money than sense I guess.

  3. Colin V. says:

    Havin’ discussions with yourself? sounds like you don’t have any friends. (just kiddin’ dude.)

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      hey.. I’m a collector of Wrestling DVD’s/Bluray’s.. ofcourse I don’t have friends, let alone a girlfriend. LOL

      well.. at least, someone is listen, right!? 😉

  4. Colin V. says:

    Why be secretive? kinda stupid. We usually get these listings about two months in advance anyways. And by “accurate” I hope they mean we’re gonna get every single match that was listed, because if not… I WILL BE TICKED!!!

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      don’t be a Lemon. 🙂

    • Colin V says:

      Hey Attitude, I only do it once a year! LOL! seriously though, the Sting listing is awesome. Also looking forward to OMG vol.2 as well, I still get can’t get over the fact that WCW actually had the Yeti!

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        fair enough,, 😉

        yeaaah.. or the……. Shockmaster!!! gonna be hilarious..

        I’m having discussions with my self regarding the Sting bluray.. I do not come to an agreement with my self on if I will buy it.. guess, I wait when it will drop in price.. I am not that huge Sting fan, though I respect the importance and effect Steve Borden has (had) on wrestling.

  5. attitude.era.4life says:

    the clip from OMG makes me even more looking forward to this one.. just like the wwf/wwe version, I’m sure it’s gonna be a real “popcorn” joy to watch, and likely in one take.

    TNA Uk divison is (perhaps) finally making it!? I hope they still have the ambition of releasing everything from day one in 2002, so it is not just the present product.

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