Day #5 of ‘Jerry Lawler Week’ (King vs. The Mic), Latest 2015 WWE DVD Plans?

March 13, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Jerry Lawler Week Logo - WWE It's Good To Be The King DVD

Jerry Lawler Week continues at WDN as matches and extras are uncovered every day for WWE’s upcoming DVD release – “It’s Good To Be The King: The Jerry Lawler Story”.

DAY #5 – King vs. The Mic – reveals that several King’s Court segments are planned to be included, in addition to a match in which Jerry “The King” Lawler does his own commentary while wrestling, and finally his Hall of Fame induction speech from 2007.

Naturally, the documentary portion of the DVD will look at Lawler’s announcing career. is scheduled to release the Jerry Lawler DVD/Blu-ray FIRST to fans in the UK and Europe this May! Look for a pre-order announcement in the coming weeks.


DAY 5 – King vs. The Mic

— King’s Court with Giant Gonzales
Wrestling Challenge • May 23, 1993

— King’s Court with Jerry Lawler interviewing himself
Wrestling Challenge • June 27, 1993

— King’s Court with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
RAW • June 6, 1994

— King’s Court with William Shatner
RAW • January 9, 1995

— Jerry Lawler vs. Al Jackson
Superstars • March 23, 1996

— Jerry Lawler’s Hall of Fame Induction
Hall of Fame • March 31, 2007

Jerry Lawler Week - WWE It's Good To Be The King DVD

Pre-order “It’s Good To Be The King: The Jerry Lawler Story” here on

WWE will release the new Jerry “The King” Lawler DVD and Blu-ray set to the UK and Europe on May 18th, to the United States on May 19th, following to Australia on June 3rd.

In June of last year, over 30 new WWE DVD & Blu-ray ideas were revealed by WWE in a survey on possible releases for the near future, issued to “Fan Council” members.

Potential titles on The Shield, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler and Daniel Bryan were mentioned among them, and as you know, WWE ultimately went on to release all of those on Superstar themed DVD/Blu-ray sets this year, or in a few cases will do so in the coming months.

The “Inside the Rivalry”, “Inside the Match” and “Inside WrestleMania” concepts referenced turned out to be more WWE Network-centric titles, rather than for physical Home Video. Booker T was also mentioned and that turned out to be a mini-documentary on the Network.

However, we can confirm that as of right now one or two more of that long list of ideas in the original survey are in the works for release on DVD and Blu-ray in 2015, and this month we’ve been able to shorten the list of potential projects down to the following 11 titles:

– One Man Show: Chris Jericho
– One Man Show: Stone Cold Steve Austin
– Best of the United States Championship
– Andre The Giant documentary
– Hulk Hogan documentary
– Sting documentary
– DX documentary
– Iron Man match compilation
– Kurt Angle match compilation
– The Kliq Reunion
– All Axxess: The Wyatt Family

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  1. Howard says:

    Top 3 picks for new sets
    1. Hogan doc
    2. Andre doc
    3. Sting doc

  2. isrs4life says:

    Yes, that is a great list but another jericho dvd is this someone about his in ring segments?
    but a Kurt Angle dvd would be awesome he is the missing part of my wwe dvd collection
    and i dont buy tv sets.

  3. SRB says:

    Off topic here, but does WDN announce sales on TNA shop? I’m interested in getting some DVDs, but want to wait until there’s a sale on their site.

  4. Joe Young says:

    Stoked for Hulk Hogan to have a proper (long) documentary. Still waiting for Sammartino’s though.

  5. Kenny says:

    I voted for Andre. I’d love to see a full documentary and career retrospective on him. I grew up watching the WWF in the mid-to-late 80s, and never saw Andre anywhere else, at any other time period. I’d love to see what kind of footage they can find from his early years. Out of all of them, it’s the one that I believe would provide the most fascinating look.

    A Sting doc would be my second place vote.

    I’m torn on the Hogan doc. A complete, thorough career retrospective would be interesting to see. On the flip side, how much would the stories be “Hulked Up”?

    The Clique Reunion? What would that contain? Put that one on the Network.

    I don’t see Kurt Angle as being an option because he’s under contract with TNA. Is Kurt really a big enough name to make an exception, like they did Hogan?

    DX docs have been done to death. What new is there to tell us?

    An Iron Man Match comp.? Meh. All the ones that matter are already on DVD.

    About 1-1/2 of a 3-disc set on the Best of the U.S. Championship would be worth watching. The other half would be a waste.

    All Access with the Wyatt Family? Why now? A little late on the draw with this idea.

    I’ll ask the same question about the One Man Show ideas that I asked about the Clique Reunion: what would these shows contain, exactly? On the surface, I’d just say, put them both on the Network.

    • David says:

      Kurt Angle’s accomplishments and the number of great matches he had in wwe alone is worthy of a dvd set. He’s one of the most accomplished stars the company made.

  6. attitude.era.4life says:

    Voted for the Iron Man match compilation.. and if it hopefully gets a release, that it will be produced as an Anthology release: that way, the RAW match between HHH and Benoit will be able to see the light…with the muted references of the Cripler of course..

    Also, that way, we would finally get the long awaited bluray release of the Anything goes Iron man match from Bragging Rights 2009 between Orton and Cena.

  7. RCS1988 says:

    I voted for an Andre set. I would also like to see unreleased matches sets on several superstars, with DARK MATCHES from TV tapings, regardless if there was commentary or not on them.

  8. Scott says:

    Daniel Bee whats the likelyhood % in the next few years a Arn Anderson and Barry Windham DVD’s. Especially Windham

  9. Christy Cooper says:

    I’ve always like Lawler as a heel and good to see some of pre WWE matches & kings court segments. Wish there would be more of the latter though say, with the likes of Bret hart or shawn Michaels.

    Btw, who’s al jackson???

  10. Richard says:

    My order of preference.

    1. Andre the Giant documentary. I think its way overdue for WWE to pay proper respects to Andre and tell his proper story, from both sides: those who loved him and those who didn’t. An interview with his daughter would make this “must see”.

    2. Sting documentary – With his likely only WM appearance this year, and the HOF likely next year, it seems to be the right time for a career spanning doc on Sting. The match compilation was fine, but a 90 minute look at his career would be really, really great. May hold off until 2016 however.

    3. Kurt Angle compilation – A great look back at one of the most naturally gifted performers ever. More likely than a career doc right now.

    4. Hulk Hogan documentary – I think we’ve seen his story told a few times, but rarely with much depth from others who were a part of it. This is also overdue.

    5. One Man Show: Jericho – I think this could be hilarious, but I don’t see it happening.

  11. Shane A. says:

    Kurt Angle match compilation please!! Then United States Championship….

    We also need Best of Divas dvd. Including matches from the start up until present!

  12. MJN says:

    Why has WWE stopped doing the Diva DVD’s on location?

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Because it’s not 2002.

    • LP1 says:

      The honest answer is because they’re PG now. They stopped doing the yearly Divas dvds and magazines once they went PG. Also the same reason why they stopped having divas in Playboy around the same time too.

      • David says:

        Also Diva DVDs hardly sell anyways. I found them a waste of time…if kids are that horny go on the internet.

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          comparing the Divas releases from the Attitude Era and Ruthless Agression Era to porn is absolutely rubbish.. it was part of a product, that was more edgy, outstanding and had grapefruits sized balls in daring to do storylines, that made it much more interesting to watch and above all: re-watch..than todays Flintstone/Scooby-Doo – “reality”-tv – Twitter era garbage.

  13. Erik says:

    I voted for the Andre The Giant documentary because I think that it’s such a travesty that WWE still hasn’t ever made an Andre The Giant documentary. It would need to be a three disc DVD set and a two disc Blu-Ray set with a large amount of previously unreleased Andre The Giant matches included. In my opinion, there’s no chance of WWE releasing a match compilation DVD or Blu-Ray set of Kurt Angle this year because he is still signed to TNA. Kurt Angle is by far one of the very best professional wrestlers of all time and I’m really looking forward to the time when he eventually returns to WWE. I pay no attention to TNA whatsoever. When Kurt Angle eventually gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he would definitely be the headliner for that year’s class. WWE certainly won’t be releasing more than one Chris Jericho DVD or Blu-Ray set this year. I don’t see a Sting documentary getting made by WWE until another year or two.

  14. Hasan says:

    what is confirmed is Cesaro vs Neville was taped for an upcomng dvd.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Fair enough, and from that the sheets say it’s a “Best of NXT” DVD in the works. A little premature to say as gospel just yet.

  15. Hasan says:

    Many wrestling sites reported NXT dvd , is it true ?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Let’s face it, one wrasslin’ news site reports something and then they all do.

      As far as we heard in recent months an NXT DVD wasn’t planned. It might have changed recently but we can’t say for sure until we hear something solid on it.