KLIQ WEEK: Shawn Michaels Day for WWE ‘KLIQ RULES’ DVD, New Blu-Ray Extras

June 12, 2015 by Daniel Bee

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Today it’s HBK day in our special week of exclusive content teasers, getting you ready for the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray release, “THE KLIQ RULES”!

Three more matches involving Shawn Michaels are your latest reveals.

Be sure to check back in with WDN again tomorrow for the final day of KLIQ WEEK.

WWE The Kliq - Shawn Michaels



— Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3 Kid
RAW • December 6, 1993

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel
In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies • April 28, 1996

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs. Jeri-Show (The Big Show & Chris Jericho)
TLC • December 13, 2009

How is the match listing shaping up for you so far? Leave a comment below.

“THE KLIQ RULES” will feature more than 20 matches in all, along with a documentary portion. The new WWE DVD/Blu-ray hits stores across the United States next month from July 28th, following to Australia from August 5th, and to UK/Europe from September 7th.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Blu-ray - UK Exclusive

Extreme Rules 2015 is getting a UK exclusive Blu-ray release this month (pre-order now from WWEDVD.co.uk). On top of the standard DVD extras, 5 more will be on the Blu-ray, a mix of matches and segments.

Below is a look at each of the extras and their runtimes.

WWE John Cena - With United States Flag

SmackDown • April 2, 2015
— John Cena is Proud to Be the WWE United States Champion (10:35)

WWE - Seth Rollins Curb Stomps Neville

Monday Night Raw • April 6, 2015
— WWE Title Free Match: Seth Rollins vs. Neville (14:45)

WWE - Big Show Chokeslams Roman Reigns on Taxi

Monday Night Raw • April 13, 2015
— Big Show Lays Down for No One (11:52)

WWE - Sheamus Interferes in Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler Match

Monday Night Raw • April 20, 2015
— WWE Title Free Match: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler (16:02)

WWE Tag Match - Seth Rollins/Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose

SmackDown • April 23, 2015
— Seth Rollins & Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose (12:14)

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  1. Brad Attitude says:

    Poor match choices to highlight Shawn Michaels besides the IYH match. I would’ve picked Shawn vs Razor from SummerSlam 1995 or Shawn vs Triple H from the final Raw in 2003 where he nearly won the world title only to get fired.

  2. Dom says:

    A good time capsule, pre-DX, match to include would be Shawn vs. HHH, very interesting and very good match from Raw 5/13/96. Shawn was on the run of his career as champion, Hunter still had the early soft music and a valet.

    In the age of the WWE Network, I mainly only want rare, previously unreleased matches; Action Zone, Superstars, Shotgun Saturday Night, Heat, Velocity, some Raw, some Smackdown, taped house shows, or international cards.

    Everything else is already easily avaliable somewhere else. Unless it’s a definitive documentary on someones career, those should have the persons most famous best known matches. But compilations like this should only have the rare, interesting, previously unreleased stuff.

  3. LP1 says:

    I’m sure during the next post about the WWE Network Dusty will be mentioned since there will be a Dusty special on the Network this Monday night. No need to call them heartless.

  4. me says:

    For tommorow I want HHH vs Big Show from the 1/3/00 Raw. That’s one of the few World Title changes that hasn’t been shown. That’s all I can think of for HHH. He’s the one I’m interested in the least. For the blu-ray exclusives I want some rare Coliseum Video matches from 1993-1994. There are quite a few they could show.

  5. me says:

    The Shawn vs Kid choice is okay but I would have prefered the 4/27/96 Superstars match. That one is unreleased.

    So far, there has been way too much 2009-2011 type stuff. More mid-90’s content would have been preferred. That’s the era I think of when I think of the Kliq.

  6. RK Morton says:

    For those questioning their decision to put the DX vs. Jeri-shows TLCTLC Match on a Kliq DVD, I assume it’s because *SPOILER* it was the first time Hunter and Shawn won the Tag Titles together. Whether it is worthy or not I won’t say, but that match does have significance.

  7. Mark Markson says:

    Just checked, the match from December 6, 1993 Raw is also on the 4 disc Best of Raw season 1 and 2.

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I know it’s not DVD related, but wouldn’t it be fitting and classy to at least address Dusty Rhodes’ passing in an article somewhere, rather than simply moving on the next shortlist of Kliq matches? Just seems a bit heartless when such a legend of the business we all love has passed to not at least acknowledge it.

  9. SCSA says:

    Well I wouldn’t say that the DX Vs Jeri-Show match is useless to the set as it sounds like 1 of the matches from a DX Blu-Ray that I ended up selling cos other matches were rather boring (though DX Vs Jeri-Show was a great match.
    Mainly I wanted to see the old DX matches involving HBK n HHH perhaps from 1996/-98!

    That’s also what I want from this set, matches from the older times – 96 towards the Attitude Era n Monday Night Wars along with some talk in the ring, etc.

  10. attitude.era.4life says:

    the tlc match should have been replaced by the hiac match from Unforgiven 2006, if some DX stuff is to be on this release. But, that match is problaly too violent and anti-PG these days.. but, still can happen of course, we’ll see.

    I think, it’s okay to have some recent matches, like the Sledge hammer ladder match, as long as it can be some how related to the Kliq theme..I really do’nt see the connection though with the tlc match against Jeri-Show, but long time since I saw that slightly boring match, so could have overlooked something.

    I am so much praying for that the match(es) with HHH vs. HBK will not again be: SS 2002 and RR 2004…since they both have been released several times…and rightfully so. But, I’d rather have the 3 Stages of Hell from Armageddon 2002..or even better, the epic nearly 1 hour HIAC match from Bad Blood 2004 on this.

  11. Kenny says:

    Between a main feature that I don’t expect will be very insightful, combined with the lackluster match list up to this point, this is really turning into a “much ado about nothing” kind of DVD.

    • Kay says:

      Since the launch of WWE Network, aren’t all home video releases “much ado about nothing” anymore? I used to be a fanatic collector, but I thought they went downhill pretty quickly (even before the Network). After the MSG release was so far behind its potential IMO, I gave up on these releases altogether.

      That said, I have always been a huge fanatic of The Kliq so I will likely buy this disc out of loyalty alone.

  12. Jammer says:

    I really hope there is gonna be more matches than just what is being said daily.

    Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon happened on a few Coliseum Videos in the past, as well as a Raw in 1994.

    Diesel vs. Razor from Superstars has been released before, but the SummerSlam 94 match would be nice to see on here if not the Superstars one.

    HBK vs. Razor Ramon from SummerSlam 95!!

    What I don’t care for about this DVD is the Kliq matches that involve other people. Why not have every match just be Kliq vs. Kliq??

    I don’t need to see Jeri-Show vs. DX again. Don’t get me wrong, the Aciton Zone 94 match and Survivor Series 94 match is a nice bonus for this set, but I don’t think we need the new stuff on here from 2009 – 2011.

    • Justin says:

      Youre close with HBK vs Razor SummerSlam 95. So far the WrestleMania X match has made it onto this set.

  13. Drey says:

    This is looking more disappointing everyday.

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