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December 23, 2023 by Daniel Bee

☃️ Merry Christmas! We hope you are feeling festive and looking forward to the big day, despite the sad news from earlier this month.

WWE DVDs and Blu-rays will be no more beginning 2024.

Following that announcement, there was a little bit of confusion in the online reports that followed. Some coverage inaccurately suggested the cancellation of WWE DVDs will only be affecting the UK and Europe – this likely stemmed from the fact that Fremantle in the UK were the ones making a statement that day, however in that same statement Fremantle did specify that “no licensing deals will be renewed worldwide after 2023″.

So, to clarify, this does affect the US releases via Warner Bros., just like it does the UK releases via Fremantle.

WWE Will No Longer Dedicate Time & Resources To Home Video Business – Exclusive — Haus of Wrestling

Later the same day as the announcement, Haus of Wrestling reportedly reached out to a WWE source on the matter, and they received the following statement:

“The home video business has long been in decline, and it will no longer be a place where the company dedicates time and resources.”

And with that, it’s goodbye to new WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Goodbye WWE DVDs & Blu-raysImage credit:
Video credit: Ollie Harper

The team at the UK-based WWE DVD shop site has addressed the news:

“It is with regret that we acknowledge WWE’s decision to exit the Home Video market. Our team deeply appreciates the unwavering support and enthusiasm from our dedicated customers over the years, and we sincerely hope that we have served you well. We are fully dedicated to keeping up and running for as long as feasible, exerting every effort to provide ongoing service during this period of transition.”

This week, the last-ever WWE DVD for the UK market was officially released – Crown Jewel 2023. Crown Jewel and other past DVD and Blu-ray titles are still available to order via for the time being.

The final WWE DVD for the US Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 is just days away now, scheduled for release on December 26th, marking the end of the Warner Bros. distribution run which began in 2015.

WWE Survivor Series 2023 DVD - Box Artwork, Featuring Cody Rhodes & CM Punk

GRAB THEM; Crown Jewel 2023 on | Survivor Series 2023 on

Meanwhile, AEW DVD releases appear to have resumed.

The four new titles we mentioned back in November have now been reaching fans’ collections.

Four New AEW PPV DVDs Released for 2023!

These are:

  • All Out 2022
  • Full Gear 2022
  • Revolution 2023
  • Double or Nothing 2023

Some titles sold out initially, but stock has been replenished since, and all of these AEW PPV DVDs can be purchased in both the US and the UK at the time of writing.

The company also released the original “All In” event on both DVD and Blu-ray formats before those.

New AEW DVDs Added to Collection of Pro Wrestling DVDsPhoto credit: Daniel Hodges
New AEW DVDs Added to Collection of Pro Wrestling DVDsPhoto credit: John Service

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Jay says:

    The reason you should be buying the DVD releases is because Vince is a nut jib that edits the history of wrestling to suit him and literally deletes wrestlers from the online wwe network catalogue faster than a North Korean dictator.
    If you own the original live event you can play that on DVD when you wish or go back and check it. 2024 we live in a society that gets offended by everything and a minority of idiots get people and things cancelled.

    I grew up watching wrestling from 1988. Born in 1984. There are definitely storylines that people would be what? Just look at the Attitude era which was just uncomfortable to watch with the bra and panties matches. Especially when you are a teen watching in front of your mom and 5 sisters haha.

    But it’s history and history should ALWAYS be remembered even if it’s ugly or bad.

    I will just do as I did as a kid record it. Instead of it being on a VHS I will use DVD recorder and hard drives.

    Wwe are the worst in how they treat their fans though.
    AEW prices are ridiculous.

  2. DDT says:

    any dealers importing survivorseries 2023 in to the UK……?…
    also TNA_IMpact wrestling still putting out four dvds a year at time of writing…
    and yeah wwe do suck they dont treat fans well…as much as i love cm punk john cena and randy orton and Bayley and Rhia Ripley im rooting for tna and aew. Im rooting for Samoa Joe, swerve Strickland and Julia Hart and MOOSE.

  3. RICHARD W says:

    I would hope they would at least reconsider just one title and that is Wrestelmania only as that is their best-selling DVD set(s) on a consistent basis, so maybe some hope there, but again, just a thought that hopefully it might and could happen.

    We shall see.

    • DDT says:

      me too but why would Freemantle or Warnerbros want to support one title when WWe has forbidden them from realeasing the usual 14 realeases a year they were doing. i would nt in there shoes

  4. David says:

    Meh. It would have been sad if there was anything worthwhile, but that hasn’t been the case the last several years. Don’t see the demand owning mediocre HD PPVs in crappy DVD quality.

    • whut says:

      Okay, but that’s still leaving out the fact that the “big 4” were released on bluray by Fremantle.

      (Which afaik *beats* the Network stream in quality)

  5. RDC says:

    When those last ones hit the secondary market — the prices will definitely be outrageous.

  6. BAS says:

    I could be wrong because I obviously don’t know this for a fact, but when the initial report of no more WWE DVDs came about two years ago, that applied to everywhere except the UK. I wonder if the last minute turn around for the US/Canada was them obviously extending the WB deal, but only for the same duration of what was left of the UK’s Fremantle deal and they decided no more would be official once all deals expired. Again, I don’t know this for sure, but it’s the only thing that could make sense.

    Obviously not happening at this rate, but it would be nice if we could still get WrestleMania, if not all Big 4 shows. WrestleMania has always been the best selling release of the year, even more than the best selling special release of the year. Safe to say the last couple of WrestleMania releases didn’t sell well enough considering how bare bones they were, which is probably where the admission of the home video market being on decline comes from. But if they still sold well enough, I don’t see why Mania has to get the shaft.

    Also interested in seeing if we’re still gonna get the WWE Legends biographies considering they were released by lion’s gate instead of WWE Home Video, but lion’s obviously did so with WWE’s permission so it’d be interesting to see what happens from here with that.

    • Raymond Cullum says:

      Wwe you suck

      • Patrick McNamara says:

        Just go to Etsy I’m sure they’ll make DVDs if you want to still buy them. Just saying

        • whut says:

          The only way that would make sense was if someone bought the ppv (which is definitely not possible anymore around the globe) and did NOT stream it via the WWE Network, recorded the live feed and put it onto a disc.

          Otherwise (and that’s among the issues with Network and streaming-only), the shows have a lot of compression. That might not be as much of an issue in comparison to dvd (which of course has its own issues) but certainly in comparison with a 1080p Bluray.

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