Latest Out-Of-Print WWE DVDs, Batista Hits The UK, What Is ‘Men of Mayhem’?

June 23, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Men of Mayhem DVD - Amazon

Back in April a new “WWE: Men of Mayhem” DVD listing surfaced which led to speculation what that title might be. The DVD has released and we now know what exactly it is.

WWE Men of Mayhem DVD - Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar & DX

Thanks goes to WDN reader MrBZac for passing along this photo!

The Triple Threat pack is called “WWE’s Men of Mayhem”, a 3-disc DVD set containing Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain, the first disc of Stone Cold: The Bottom Line, and the first disc of DX: One Last Stand.

These double/triple feature sets are typically Walmart exclusives, and this one will be available in-store at Walmart, but “Men of Mayhem” is also listed here on, where third party sellers have it from $9.46.

“Batista – The Animal Unleashed” officially hits the United Kingdom and Europe today! You can get your copy over at for £19.99 on DVD, or £22.99 on Blu-ray.

UK WWE Batista The Animal Unleashed DVD & Blu-ray

OUT-OF-PRINT: The following 6 WWE DVD titles have recently been found to have gone out-of-print in the United States market. You may recall around about this time last year word came through that 50 older WWE DVDs had been taken out-of-print in the same vein.

WWE PPV DVDs out-of-print

Unforgiven 2003 (WWE Home Video, 2003, 651191582440)
SummerSlam 2004 (WWE Home Video, 2004, 651191560844)
No Way Out 2005 (WWE Home Video, 2005, 651191560417)
SummerSlam 2006 (WWE Home Video, 2006, 651191945573)
Cyber Sunday 2007 (WWE Home Video, 2007, 651191946068)
Tagged Classics: SummerSlam 2003 / Unforgiven 2003 (WWE Home Video, 2008, 651191947195)

When pre-ordering the new “Harley Race: Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth” DVD here on before July 30th, you can get yours signed by Harley for FREE!

Below is the planned cover artwork of the DVD and the official synopsis to read.

Harley Race The Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth DVD

Harley Race: The Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth takes a look at one of wrestling’s biggest attractions of the 70’s and 80’s. In the world of professional wrestling there is no one else like Harley Race he is truly a one of a kind. When people talk about Harley Race they talk about respect and toughness.

On this 2 disc DVD set you will hear from Harley Race like you never have before as he opens up about his life and career. From his beginnings on the carnival circuit, to teaming with Larry Henning, the 8 NWA World Title reigns, passing the torch to Ric Flair at Starrcade 83, what it was like working for Vince McMahon, and so much more. Also you will hear from all the key figures throughout Harley’s career, the people who helped and witnessed his success.

When people put a list of all time great wrestler’s together Harley Race is at the top of most of them because he is The Greatest Wrestler On God’s Green Earth.

There’s a potential good deal ($9.50) to be had today on the “Ultimate Fan Edition: Edge” DVD box set, originally a Best Buy exclusive. Take a look here on for the auction.

WWE Edge Ultimate Fan Edition DVD



– Edge: Decade of Decadence DVD
– ‘Rated R’ Superstar Skullcap
– Edge Topps Trading Card
– Edge Coin



A few other WWE/F DVD goodies finishing up today on eBay are as follows:

$14.99 – Chris Benoit: Hard Knocks DVD (Free Shipping)
$20.50 – WWF Backlash 2001 DVD
$24.99 – WWF Judgment Day 2001 DVD
$25.00 – WWF Unforgiven 1998 DVD
$51.00 – WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD (Free Shipping)

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. David says:

    The Harley Race documentary looks great. Might have to jump on that. The signed DVD is a pretty cool bonus.

    Surprised those WWE DVDs were still in print. I doubt they will fetch that much second hand since in the past 10 years there must have been numerous copies floating. Amazon marketplace for example have them as low a $1.50.

  2. ekkoes4life says:

    I’m not getting the point with those double/triple discs sets, where there is one third of the original release.. now, in this case, I get it a little more with Lesnar and Stone Cold, cos they have docs on their first disc.. but..One last Stand missing the whole point of that release.. and apart from that..with that title: Men of Mayhem, why on earth will they put that PG version of Dx on then, instead of using the 2006 version or a disc from The new and improved Dx, if they really have to do these split up releases.

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