Latest on UK WWE DVD Shop Launch, Royal Rumble 2013 DVD/BD Synopsis

January 14, 2013 by Daniel Bee

The latest from FremantleMedia on the launch of confirms they will launch the new website this week (expected Wednesday) and anybody who has registered already on the site will receive an email alert.

Fans in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe will be able to pre-order all new releases up to end of March 2013 and selected back catalogue titles. Pricing will be £13.99 for a single disc DVD, £14.99 for a Blu-ray, £23.99 for 3-Disc DVD, and £27.99 for a 2-Disc or 3-Disc Blu-ray.

Update: These intended prices have now been dropped! Read the follow up article:

Special promotions are being discussed internally for 2013, and they will have a Facebook and Twitter social media presence later in the year too.

According to the BBFC website, the following back catalogue titles are ready to be sold by FremantleMedia. Many others are expected at a later date.

– Extreme Rules 2012
– You Think You Know Me? The Story Of Edge
– No Way Out 2012
– Wrestlemania 28
– Top 50 Finishers
– Money In The Bank 2012
– Brock Lesnar – Here Comes The Pain Collectors Edition
– Survivor Series 2010
– Hell In A Cell 2011
– Rock Vs Cena – Once In A Lifetime
– Over The Limit 2012
– ECW Unreleased Vol 1
– Summerslam 2012
– Epic Journey Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
– Royal Rumble 2012
– TLC 2011
– Live In The UK April 2012
– Best Of RAW 2010
– Best PPV Matches 2011
– Wrestlemania 27
– nWo: The Revolution

Thanks to Josh and Stephen Galbraith for passing along this info.

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Below is the official synopsis promoting the Royal Rumble 2013 DVD and Blu-ray.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD

Pre-order the Royal Rumble 2013 DVD/Blu-ray for February by clicking here.

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WWE Raw 20th Anniversary

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  1. I got this site from my pal who informed me about
    this site and at the moment this time I am browsing this
    website and reading very informative articles here.

  2. Margery says:

    Good information. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

  3. It’s actually very difficult in this active life to listen news on Television, therefore I just use the web for that purpose, and take the most recent information.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Freemantle please take a look at your pricing and realize just because silvervision wont be around you cannot just jack up the prices

    Many on the Dvds you currently have listed are still avalible on silvervisions site for much less than you are asking

    Wrestling fans are loyal and we spend a lot of money but we will not allow ourselves to be ripped off

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Dan, what happened to the rest of the synopsis that said John Cena vs The Rock for the WWE Chamionship?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Removed on request, and on reflection it’s better this website sticks to confirmed DVD information rather than rumor. Best left to the dirt sheets.

      • Jeffrey says:

        Good point Dan. I didn’t know that was just a rumor in the synopsis. I hope it’s wrong and we won’t see Rock/Cena II but it definatelt seems like it might be true.

  6. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    Just recevived an e-mail from WWEDVD stating the following, I’m still a believer of it being Good & Bad News though.

    I can now confirm that we have reviewed the pricing and can announce the following

    We have also informed WWEDVDNEWS who have posted the announcement

    Night of Champions DVD rrp £17.99 our price £12.99

    Night of Champions Blu-Ray rrp £19.99 our price £13.99

    Hell in a Cell DVD rrp £17.99 our price £12.99

    Hell in a Cell Blu-Ray rrp £19.99 our price £13.99

    Top 100 Raw DVD rrp £29.99 our price £19.99

    Top 100 Raw Blu-ray rrp £34.99 our price £22.99

    The Attitude Era DVD rrp £29.99 our price £19.99

    The Attitude Era Blu-ray rrp £34.99 our price £22.99

    Live in the UK (DVD only) rrp £17.99 our price £12.99

    Best PPV DVD rrp £29.99 our price £19.99

    Best PPV Blu-Ray rrp £34.99 our price £22.99

    Survivor Series DVD rrp £17.99 our price £12.99

    Survivors Series Blu-Ray £19.99 our price £13.99

    TLC 2012 DVD rrp £17.99 our price £12.99

    TLC 2012 Blu-Ray rrp £19.99 our price £13.99

    I am also pleased to confirm that we will be offering fans a further 10% discount if they purchase 3 or more titles in one order.

    We now hope to launch the website on Thursday, but will email you

  7. des says:

    the list above containing 2012 ppvs are only getting released on dvd. they might come out on blu ray.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are also saying the other ppvs before 2010 are going to be on iTunes ,so the Silvervision sale matters for fans ,if they took 10% of there ppv blu rays they are still over forty pounds and cheaper still is sainsburys .
    Silvervision are still £33 for three that’s what we want,maybe they are waiting for Silvervision to finish there sales before announcing any more old titles

  9. Anonymous says:

    They are saying they are releasing 2010 onwards only so what about the rest

  10. legend_killer says:

    If the people at FremantleMedia are reading this website and if they are ready to take into account some remarks, then I have some suggestions for them : first, I think they should make shipping outside Europe free (this is not very clear at this moment, moreover, I noticed they have removed this item from their FAQ-section). Secondly, I would suggest they produce blu-ray versions of the tagged classics. It would be great to see those ones (and in addition some more recent PPV’s never released in HD, such as Summerslam 2008 and Money in the Bank 2010) in upgraded, enhanced picture quality. Finally, I love the fact that they will continue to produce all current PPV’s on blu ray.

    • legend_killer says:

      In my previous post, I meant that they should make shipping outside the UK free (of course) 🙂

    • Paul says:

      You cant produce old tagged classics in blu ray, if they bothered to make the pictures better they would cost twice as much, tagged classics cost enough for ppv over 20 years old in some cases

  11. cmvag says:

    Silvervision was the real deal! Free shipping, cheap dvds and ALWAYS great services. This is probably the end of my collection! Of course i will keep on buying from SV! Shame on the new distributor

  12. Roly says:

    If these price hikes are true I am finished with wwe DVD collecting full stop. Will continue with UFC, TNA AND ROH. If we could get New Japan I’d collect them. Shame on wwe for allowing this, although I doubt free mantle will continue with license very long if they remain intent on ripping off loyal customers.

    To say I am disgusted is an understatement.

  13. Mark Markson says:

    The prices are a bit high. The post from RVD_MR_PPV_420 says shipping is NOT free outside the UK. That is very disappointing.
    I guess I will buy some blu-rays from them, but I’ll stick to their sales.

  14. tick317 says:

    Iv have been collecting for many years just like most of you guys on here. And I also believe the rumoured price to be very high. The silvervision pricing was fair i especially with the 10% discount. If these prices are true i will not be buying many DVDs from WWEDVD.CO.UK i will jus import from i mean the new blurays which are Region A are $24.99 And sometimes when you preorder they are $19.49.

  15. captain planet says:

    Urgh. Just do Cena vs Rock vs Punk to tie-up all the loose ends between the three over the past year. At least give Punk the main event slot that way. Cena can pin Rock and get his win back that way.

  16. Steve says:

    Please re-read the Royal Rumble advertisement and fix this article. This is advertising The Rock vs. John Cena AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE, not at WrestleMania 29. It’s an advertisement for the Royal Rumble and those are selling points for the Royal Rumble. Notice this part:

    “Who will add their name to the illustrious list of Royal Rumble winners this year, and will they have a date to go one-on-one with the great one, The Rock at WrestleMania 29?”

    It makes no sense for them to spoil the results in the selling points. Again, this is advertising The Rock vs. John Cena at the Royal Rumble, not at WrestleMania 29. Please fix this.

  17. rvd_mr_ppv_420 says:

    Took me 3 e-mails to finally get this out of Fremantle as the first 2 responses they just didn’t want to say anything or respond to my questions I had asked. Gave me about 2 line replies in their first responses.

    “I apologise if you think we are avoiding your questions, this is not our intention

    We are working hard to ensure the website offers fans an enjoyable shopping experience and we welcome feedback and comments from fans I’m sure once the site goes live next week some fans will like the site and others will suggest changes that we will evaluate and consider

    Pricing is important and because we also sell to all the main high street and online retailers it can be a sensitive subject, but I do cover pricing in detail later in my email

    I will now attempt to answer some of your questions

    Fremantle have the rights to the back catalogue and will be releasing about 80 of the back catalogue titles some will be available when the website launches next week and some will follow shortly afterwards. The back catalogue titles will mainly be titles from 2010 onwards and be priced between £9.99 and £14.99 depending on if the title is a boxset or single disc release

    We also have digital rights unlike the previous licensee and we are in negotiations with digital providers such as ITunes about making as much of the back catalogue available as possible digitally

    It is a big job reworking the back catalogue and as you know there have been 1000’s of releases over the years so it has to be commercially viable what we release

    The previous licensee are in their sell off period so are currently selling off their stock very cheap we have no intention of dropping our prices to these levels and de-value the brand / lose money

    The back catalogue initially will only be on DVD but we will consider Blu-ray if it makes commercial sense

    Boxsets are key to our plans and our marketing team are looking at ideas for new concepts I have passed on your suggestions (e.g. Raw & Smackdown yearly boxset)

    The layout of the website will be similar to the previous licensees website as we appreciate that fans have been buying from that store for a long time and like it

    We do however hope that our website has some additional functionality for example

    (1) Moving images rather than everything being static

    (2) Three different product images for all releases front, 3D and back shots

    (3) Trailers for all new releases

    (4) Links to WWE ticket suppliers

    (5) WWE look and feel rather than being a Fremantle website

    (6) Facebook and Twitter links (although this will not be live from day one as we are in the process if employing a social media person to interact with the fans)

    (7) Competitions

    (8) Newsletter feature

    Regarding pricing, I can confirm shipping to the UK will be free and Night of Champions and Hell In a Cell the first two releases will be reduced from £17.99 to £13.99 and the Blu-ray £14.99 (it is our intention to release as many new release titles as possible on Blu-ray, of Jan, Feb and Mar releases only Live In The UK isn’t being released on Blu-ray)

    A lot of customers have asked about the 10% discount if you buy 3 or more products and whilst this will not be available initially it is something that is in discussion internally as we appreciate it has been popular

    Tagged classics was created by the previous licensee and to be honest they had started to run out of products to release under the Tagged classic range. We are looking at similar concepts so any suggestions of “product doubles” would be appreciated and presented to our marketing team

    We are launching a new website and have tried to take the good parts of the previous licensee website / functionality but it will take time to evolve and have its own identity

    I hope the above answers some of your questions in more detail as we do appreciate you taking time to express your concerns and give us valuable feedback

    Best Wishes

    WWEDVD The new home for WWE DVD and Blu-ray”

    The thing that annoys me about the justification of their Prices compared to SilverVision is trying to say SilverVision’s current pricing range is a sale price………. NO IT IS NOT! The prices listed below from other mebers & what I put in my e-mail have bene the permanent price for a good couple of years now, NOT SALE PRICES!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to give Fremantle the benefit of the doubt & give them a chance, but so far, thy’re not really giving me any hope of putting any faith in them with the WWE License & with these ridiculous price point or the ‘excuse’ / ‘reason’ behind it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Too bad PUNK marks/banwagoners. aka Never Happy f***ing fans Rock vs Cena 2 will happen Screw Punk having his moment

    • NickP says:

      So you buy into the overrated Cena vs. Rock crap too, just like other mindless sheep that think and feel what Wwe tells you Everyone uses that Mark term without really understanding it. The mindless, unopinionated, feel how Vince wants you to feel fans are the marks

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Why can’t people like yourself just sit back and watch the show and watch how things play out? Why must you care who is in what match? Just enjoy the show and let it be. I love how you think you’re insulting people because they don’t share your opinion. But I forgot, you’re not “cool” on these forums until you bash WWE.

        It’s WrestleMania season. Instead of enjoying the great heel run CM Punk is having with the WWE championship for the past year, joining up with Paul Heyman – you’d rather complain about nonsense. Instead of enjoying Daniel Bryan’s rise to the main event during the past year, all you do is complain. Instead of enjoying the fact that The Rock is back to once again headline another WrestleMania, you’d rather complain.

        Just watch the show, and if you don’t like what goes on – DON’T WATCH THE PROGRAM.

  19. Gaz says:

    I started buying blu-rays a few months before Silvervision announced they were finishing at the end of December. Those new prices are crazy, like others I will be shopping elsewhere for cheaper options.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If it were £17.99 for 2 Disc Blu Ray, that would be fine, but seeing as it is only a single disc with same extra RAW & Smack Down content, well, the £11.99 price tag should stand!

  21. SRB says:

    Can’t really comment on the UK prices since I don’t live in the UK… But… Rock/Cena II? IF Rock wins at the Rumble, Punk will use his rematch clause at the Chamber? But… the chamber has 4 other guys in it so this remains to be seen. Let’s also not forget about Ziggler and MITB.

  22. Scsa says:

    WOT THE HELL?!?! I aint payin d £27.99 for a 2-Disc or 3-Disc Blu-ray! Thats a rip off! It better not b the case!

  23. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Don’t worry about HMV prices at the moment, they have just gone into Administration.

  24. des says:

    i just got a email from fremantle. i asked if these were the correct prices. all they said was that they were being market competitive.they said that the reason there more than silvervision is because when silvervision lost there license they reduced there prices. does anyone know how much was a single disc blu ray from silvervision cost when they first started selling blu rays.

    • Steven says:

      When Silver Vision first started doing PPVs on blu ray they were 2 discs and 17-99 each. when the went to just 1 disc they were £11.99

    • Stephen Dever says:

      A look on their website at some of the Blu ray titles shows £19.99 for singles before the price was reduced and £34.99 for multi disc sets again before price reduction. With DVD’s it was £29.99 for 3/4 discs and £17-19.99 for PPV and Tagged Classics

  25. Daniel Bee says:

    I remember in their FAQ (I think it was) they said their prices will include free shipping to all of Europe, so if that’s still the case that’s something else to factor into the prices above.

  26. Mean Gene says:

    27.99 for a 2-disc or 3 disc blu ray is too much > Especially since i live in Norway, here we have

    import duty & tax if you order over 200 kr(about 23 punds).

  27. Anonymous says:

    The only reason Fremantle were made the new licensees is because of the digital download media they can provide for WWE, personally, I’m not a big fan of digital download even though this seems to be the way the future is going.

    I’m old school & much prefer a physical disc, in a box on display on a shelf. Digital downloads will kill physical discs eventually.

    Shame SilverVision couldn’t provide digital download content as that was only the key thing in making WWE leave them.

  28. benoit.lecoq says:

    On the prices are a little bit lower. 13,00 for a ppv on dvd. 13,99 for a ppv on blu-ray, 22,49 for a dvd set and 26,20 for a blu-ray set. It’s not a huge win but it’s already something.

  29. Steven says:

    Just Notticed that “TLC 2011” is one of the back catalogue events there bringing out , im hopeing the bring this out on Blu Ray as silver Vision dident bother to! its 1 of the odd 4 they dident.

    • NoseyPosey says:

      Err TLC 2011 (CM Punk on the Cover) was Released on Blu-ray last year by Silvervision, Its Currently £10.49 on and £11.99 on

      Its TLC 2010 they did not release on Blu-ray, Was DVD Only!!


      The only positive to come out of the prices is that places like Sainsbury Entertainment and Amazon uk are cheaper than Free-Mantle

      Currently Night of Champions 2012 and Hell in a Cell 2012 Blu-rays Are Priced at
      £1.00 up from Silvervision
      and at
      The 2 Blu-rays are priced at £13.99

  30. Dave says:

    Those prices are likely MSRP set by Freemantle. Stores could charge what they want.

    For example on WWE Blu-rays have an MSRP of $40, which was probably set by the supplier (Vivendi in this case), but Amazon don’t charge anywhere near those prices.

    You guys would be better off getting them from the stores than directly from Freemantle.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Very surprised. You’d think in the age of internet downloads, that dvds and blu-rays prices would drop.

  32. I totally understand that people are not pleased with the price increases that look to be implemented by Freemantle. The price for the two or three disc blu-ray sets are far too high. However, the best thing to be is vote with your wallets and simply not buy the things.

  33. Big Cal says:

    Well, their site isn’t even open yet and they already f***ing FAIL.

  34. John says:

    I hope they aint the prices Fremantle said they where confident pricing will be similar to the previous licensee or some think they said I would like to know what site they where looking at they need to match silvervision

  35. Ross D says:

    I was planning on buying a lot of blu rays , but if I’m paying an extra £5 each time , I’ll just get the normal sets unless its absolutely necessary

  36. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Prices do seem a bit high but there will always be Special Offers & they are a business that needs to make money at the end of the day.

    Also, the Fremantle releases can be Pre-ordered at HMV stores now, including the Attitude era BD & DVD. Fact from within 😉

  37. Anonymous says:

    Pricing has been THEE most avoided question by fans Fremantle has had asked.

    No wonder they’re keeping tight lipped at those prices, probably just trying to shock us whenever Pre-Orders go up on the site live.

    Bet they’re sick at the prices being leaked early.

    WWENews have rumbled you.

  38. NoseyPosey says:

    WTF £23.99 for 3 disc dvd and £27.99 for 2 disc blu-ray they can go and suck a d***
    Rip off HMV Prices, disgrace,
    Cheaper at Sainsbury Entertainment
    Trying to make more money now idiots
    Similar price structure as silvervison
    My ass and bullshit we see on wednesday
    I aint paying for nothing, i just guna download the 720p rips i dont care if it aint official
    this is a disgrace

  39. Chloe says:

    CM Punk has been WWE Champ for over a year. He deserves to main event Mania for that alone. WWE have given Cena his chance… time to let Punk finally have his moment.

    • Philip says:

      So WTF was last years wrestlemania if that was not punk’s moment Punk is getting more like Cena every show same old and stale not to mention downright boring he needs to drop the title and go in a different direction.

  40. Throbbin Robin says:

    It’s about time there was a divas thread on here!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Seems odd that WWE would give the DVD publisher or whoever advance knowledge like that when they can’t do the same to keep their games up to date upon release.

  42. Daniel Bee says:

    Keep your comments (and nicknames) clean or you risk being banned.

    To those who asked, those behind the new website do read the comments on articles here and use them as a means of feedback. It’s possible price changes are made as a result, it’s possible these are just RRP prices and the panic is before time, so I guess we’ll just have to see on Wednesday.

    • Jonathan Woss says:

      Hey Daniel just cause it’s a WWE dvd site it doesn’t have to be PG aswell!

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Ha. Just because you are eleven years old, doesn’t mean you have to act eleven years old.

        It’s about how to conduct oneself. I can see today alone you have used 8 different nicknames here to talk all that unrelated garbage. Keep it up and you’re gone. Then again a troll will always keep it up, so I should probably just ban you now.

        – Daniel “PG” Bee.

  43. 8Incher says:

    All of the woman that i entertain at the weekend know how “big” i am now go and watch your Cena matches you fag.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Only an IDIOT would Wank over Divas Do New York!

    I’ll bang my Lass whilst debating this topic over my phone.

    I doubt you’re an ‘8incher’ either, but enjoy your Palm for the foreseeable future.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Big Juicy Tit, the prices are confirmed in this article, that’s why people are kicking off because they are ridiculous & greedy price increases from Fremantle.

  46. 8Incher says:

    While all of you idiots fight over a couple of quid being added to a dvd i’m gonna stick the WWE Divas Do New York dvd on and jerk off.

  47. PeeWee says:

    just seen sainsbury’s website indeed they are 12.99 for single blu ray and 22.99 for sets which is all good i looked at the studio it still says silver vision hoping only a typo if no they could change 🙁 seems fremantle have lit the touch paper

  48. Anonymous says:

    Did anybody really think Fremantle would match or keep SilverVision’s prices?! They’ll tell you what you want to hear to keep you happy & then just let you down big style as they please.

    Totally agree with UK Buyer, definitely not a good way to kick off the new site / business!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Big Juicy Tit says:

    Has anyone actually seen the price list? The new site doesn’t open until Wednesday.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t WWENews say they were going to be staying in direct contact with Fremantle, I think you guys need to tell them to check out this thread / article!

  51. Uk Buyer says:

    Expensive will be shopping around rather than buying direct. Thought freemantle were going to match silvervision prices or maybe a £1 or so more. Not a good way to kick off a new business.

  52. Case Closed says:

    The thing i don’t like about blu-ray’s are the cases. I just hate blu-ray cases they suck!

  53. I thought I’d mis-read those prices. Obviousley not…

  54. Anonymous says:

    Now, now! Stop making this thread a U.S. / U.K. Flame war!

    Keep things concentrated on the Greedy Corporations that bleed us dry of our hard earned money!!!!!!!!!!

    I shan’t be ordering directly from Fremantle!

    I’ll go with whoever the cheapest store is that they will be supplying!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Checkers only charge $2 for meals. The Yanks will always find change to stuff their Faces!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Cold Stone, £3 & £5 is ridiculous!

    A £1 increase & £2 increase over things wouldn’t be so bad, but no more than that.

    £3 & £5 is a bit much, especially for DVD format as well as it WILL DIE eventually as HD becomes more popular & affordable.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Well if you’re from the U.S. this doesn’t really concern you then Stevie does it, no offence, but is Brits & European’s have a right to vent our fristrations.

    You people in the U.S. complain about your Gas Prices, yet it’s still cheaper there for you guys than what we pay in the U.K. so will yous stop complaining about that.

    • Chuckles says:

      Maybe it’s a good thing that they have to pay more for their dvd’s in the usa cause they wont have much money left over to stuff their fat faces with cheese burgers. They will feel better for it. lol

      • Mr Z says:

        Come on, no need to get like that. I’m American and I feel your pain. I’d be pissed if prices suddenly got jacked up here. Hopefully, like others on here are suggesting, that’ll just be the list price and they’ll mark it down to something better for you.

        And to the American who claimed you’re not a loyal WWE fan if you’re complaining about prices, that’s ridiculous. I’ve been a huge (please no cheeseburger jokes) WWE fan for a long time, that doesn’t mean I have to buy everything they’re selling.

  58. Cold Stone says:

    At the end of the day if it’s only a couple of pound extra i don’t mind but not an extra fiver or tenner per item!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Yes Stevie, good luck to Sainsbury’s, Play & Amazon.

    I wonder if enough of us complained to trading standards about these ludicrous price increases if they would be able to ey Ftemantle to drop them back to what THEY SHOULD BE!

    I don’t even care if they don’t do the 10% deal, but, £3 & £5 increases are just not justifiable!

  60. Anonymous says:

    It’s not about being loyal to WWE Stevie you muppet! It’s about being RIPPED OFF by the new licensee!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Steve Breech must work for Fremantle!

    Utter goon!

    Well, the stores usually set their own prices, so, Screw you Fremantle directly & Hello Sainsbury’s!

    • Stevie Breech says:

      I live in the US genius. DVDs and Blu-rays here are much more expensive than what you guys pay in the UK. Just suck it up, we all have to pay more.

  62. Philip says:

    Are those the prices they will sell for or just the RRPs? Remember that Silver Vision, for example, lists a 2-disc bluray at £34.99 but regularly sells it for £22.99. So until we know which prices are listed above we don’t know whether it’s an increase or not.

  63. Stevie Breech says:

    So much for loyal WWE fans…after being spoiled by Silver Vision the last 20 years, good luck getting your WWE DVDs/Blu-rays elsewhere…

  64. Anonymous says:

    Sainsburys – 1 Disc Blu Ray = £12.99 and 2 Disc Blu Ray = £22.99….no need to buy from Freemantle, there is no incentive, release date is the same as the street date for every other retailer. So why waste more money when you clearly dont have to. God even HMV are cheaper and that is rare! They wont be very successful if they stick to those prices!!

  65. Amy Miller says:

    £27.99 for a 2 or 3 disc Blu ray is extortionate. I am an avid WWE DVD collector, but I won’t be at those prices.

  66. Cold Stone says:

    This could be an error on HMV’s part but they have the pre-order up for the Attitude Era dvd for only £13

  67. Cold Stone says:

    Good look selling those back titles because anyone with common sense would buy them from Silvervision for a lot less.

    • Stevie Breech says:

      Yea…until they’re gone.

      Here in the US, WWE have MRSP on DVDs for $20 and Blu-rays for $40…so those are probably the MRSP…stores don’t have to charge that much, they could sell for less.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Stevie Breech, you absolute moron!

    It’s MORE than just a ‘LITTLE’ price increase!!!!!!!!!!

    Some people have more money than sense!

    Don’t play into the hands of con artists, even if you can afford it’s a RIP!

    Make a stand instead of complain about people with common sense when it comes to price increases!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Absolute DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!

    DVD’s increased from £10.99 – £13.99

    Blu Ray’s increased from £11.99 – £14.99

    3 Disc DVD’s increased from £17.99 – £23.99

    2 Disc & 3 Disc Blu Ray’s increased from £22.99 – £27.99

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!

    Then you get idiots like Stephen Dever below alright in being conned! There is no reason Fremantle couldn’t stick to SilverVision’s price plan or to keep the buy 3 or more get 10% off incentive.

    If this annoys you people, DON’T BUY FROM THEM & MAKE THEM A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY, go elsewhere to who they are supplying where they are being sold cheaper!

    We’re in a double dip recession, the economy is bad, DVD’s & even Blu Ray’s now are cheap enough to produce.

    Robbing Bastards!

    • Adam Gunnell says:

      Spot on mate, I will only now buy when reduced as a collector. If i really want to watch a documentary straight away we all know how to get them quicker.

    • Stephen Dever says:

      Me conned? Hardly, I can barely afford them as it is, just don’t let the prices bother me unlike some. More to life than buying every single DVD/Bluray set that gets released you know? People need to live in the real world

  70. Stevie Breech says:

    LOL! at all the spoiled little kids whining about a little price increase. These things happen, not a big deal.

  71. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Won’t be buying Blu Ray’s on release date anymore. Them prices are ridiculous. Either will be finding a different site or getting them cheaper from Australia.

  72. Stephen Dever says:

    Oh boo hoo so Fremantle have put their prices up meaning cheap skates can’t afford them. Newsflash they are a business not a charity

    • Adam Gunnell says:

      A business who will lose a lot of customers now with higher prices you fat douche

      • Stephen Dever says:

        Thought I recognised that name, Mr Megadumbass from SV’s Facebook. And thank you for noticing hadn’t realised I was fat. That the best you could come up with?

  73. john rega says:

    Please no not a rematch. That would take away from the once in a lifetime theme. And I was there live. That would ruin my WrestleMania. It would no longer be a battle like no other it would be just like every other match. The best part of the Rock vs Cena was the build and the fact that it was only going to be once. If this happens I will be a very upset and feel like I was lied to fan.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Royally pissed off with the new prices, I’ll have to pick and choose what I buy a lot more harshly now.

  75. Adam Gunnell says:

    I collect all WWE Blu Ray’s and I used to always pre-order for Silvervison 3 at a time so I received the 10% off. I used to enjoy getting the blu ray the day of release or sooner. Now unless Fremantle have some sort of promotion I shall no longer be pre-ordering at that ridiculous price. I was hopeful about fremantle but those prices are f****** disgrace and insult. With Blu Ray & DVD’s struggling and prices always on the decline this is laughable.

    I see Sainsbury’s Entertainment website have them at £22.99 & £12.99 …. if those prices stay at that I may well end up pre-ordering from them instead.

  76. Alan Shore says:

    Yep, I’m afraid I won’t be buying either. Think I’ll have to look into getting a multi-region blu ray player, £28 for something I can get off for £13-£15 is beyond taking the piss.

  77. Philip says:

    £23.99 for 3 Disc DVD sets and £27.99 for 2/3 Disc Blu-ray sets? Holy crap, that’s insane pricing in this day and age. I’ll certainly be spending a LOT less on WWE DVD’s and Blu-rays from now on, that’s for certain.

    And Freemantle said that their pricing would be “similar” to the previous licensee? What a joke. When the cost of producing DVD’s is at an all time low, Freemantle should not be extorting customers like this, in my opinion. The prices in the USA are far, far less than this.

    Freemantle; you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  78. Steve Dawson says:

    So the prices are going up? Wonderful! Looks like I’ll be buying much more stuff in the sales and at CEX then. £28 for a 2 disc Bluray? £6 more than SIlver Vision charged? No thanks. What a shame, I was looking forward to the Fremantle releases but now I’ll probably just wait til most of the ones I want are in a sale.

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