Exclusive: Latest Word on 2013 WWE DVD Schedule – Goldberg Still Planned?

April 14, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WCW Goldberg

We’ve had a peek at a latest draft of the 2013 WWE DVD schedule and can now give some exclusive updates on the titles in the works for the remainder of the year.



As you know this month there are the new Mick Foley and In Your House DVDs on the way. May has WrestleMania 29 and Top 50 Rivalries. The War Games DVD drops in June and the ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 set in July.

Beyond that we can confirm the Best of Madison Square Garden is still planned and according to our information this will be 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray. That is currently penciled in for August 27 release to the US, and September 9 to the UK at WWEDVD.co.uk.

“Best of Mid-South Wrestling”, which JR has confirmed he’s been working on with WWE lately, is the next along. That’s planned to be a 3-DVD and 2-BD set and is scheduled for September 10 US, September 16 to the UK.

The Triple H bio is also down as a 3 disc DVD, 2 disc Blu-ray and we know WWE has already begun production on it. As of now that’s coming September 24, October 7 to the UK.

Goldberg’s DVD is still on the schedule. It is emphasised on there as a match compilation so don’t expect a documentary. Perhaps no involvement from Goldberg at all. The 3-DVD/2-BD is down for October 8, and currently slightly earlier to the UK on September 30.

The Money in the Bank Anthology, which we recently learned will be hosted by The Miz is also down as a 3 disc DVD, 2 disc Blu-ray and as of now will be released on October 29, November 11 to the UK.

“History of WWE”, yet another title down as a 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray, is also still in the works right now. As of now that’s to be released on November 19 to the US, but slightly earlier to the UK on November 4.

We currently have no further details on the Raw 20th Anniversary box set which was listed for December release on previous schedules.

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WWE Bret Hart The Dungeon Collection DVD

The next release to UK/Europe is the Royal Rumble 2013 DVD and Blu-ray which is officially available from Monday. Fans there can order a copy now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD Blu-ray The Rock

This Wrestlemania X-Seven DVD sold for $103.50 yesterday here on eBay.com.

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

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  1. Anan says:

    Considering how long WWE’s been around, the fact that the set is a 3-DVD/4-BD set, expect a ton to be left out. A set like that should have more discs that any other before or after since its on the whole company and not just one star/tag team or event.

  2. Squared Circle says:

    I have a feeling that the MSG DVD will consist of matches most people probably own through various ppv’s. I don’t think there will be many exclusive matches here

    • Kane's Mother says:

      No way around it. Im sure there will be a few new goodies. But overall its impossible to put out a best of msg without using tons of classic matches. can u really call it best of if theres no WM1 or hogan title win? i think its just like an essentials piece for people to have together, and theer will probly be a few hidden gems added in to keep the collectors happy

    • Anan says:

      I don’t know if I agree. WWE’s done a ton of events there so there’s bound to be stuff there that weren’t anywhere else. Bruno’s matches come to mind.

      I doubt we’ll see this on there but I wanna see the entire “Breaking kayfabe in 1996” incident that took place between HBK, HHH, Nash, and Hall as it was big time buzz back then.

      Too bad Goldberg’s set isn’t a documentary.

      • Squared Circle says:

        The infamous “Curtain Call” will not feature on this set. As the only footage of this was sourced from a fan in the audience. The WWE cameras stopped rolling at this point.

  3. Daniel Almeida says:

    Wow tons of WWE dvds coming…thats awesome!

  4. Scott says:

    Those first 10 years they were also a chief member of the NWA. So its only fitting that they acknowledge that their history begins when they broke away, and created their own world title.

  5. Da Man says:

    HHH has already had DVD’s it should be noted. Goldberg has not. That’s why it is fine that both get 3 discs.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      but goldberg isnt know to have good matches or matches that go 20-30mins. a lot of his matches are remembered for being squash matches or just short. i reckon a lot of his decent matches are long forgotten except for the ones that really stand out and are talked about to this day.

  6. Darnell harris says:

    i hope that wwe put triple h wrestlemania 29 match on the 2 disc blu ray version an also his summerslam 2012 match against brock lesnar

  7. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    A Ryback DVD?? Lmao!! Shit u gotta be kidding!! God don’t make me laugh more….f’n Goldberg wannabe, Goldberg would take that f***er apart….how about some sets on guys who DESERVE to actually have one? Guys like DDP, Booker T or hell, even Kevin Nash. C’mon wwe make some that are worth the time & money.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      yes i was kidding about the Ryback comment but a kevin nash dvd? that dude was an awful wrestler & very limited who pretty much did the same thing in all his matches. not to mention all his title wins in wcw were all tainted.

      i dunno about goldberg ripping apart ryback, he had difficulty with chris jericho backstage. :S

  8. RCS1988 says:

    Well when the WWE started using the for over 50 years tag line, the line was first said in 1995, so 1945 to 1995 is 50 years, and 1945 was the year Vince was born.

    • LP1 says:

      When the WWF started using the “…for over 50 years…” opening in 1995, that was in reference to Vince’s grandfather promoting boxing and pro wrestling shows in the 30’s and 40’s, not how long the WWF was in existence. This was also during the time they were going against WCW and both companies would say things that weren’t factually accurate and nobody cared about people looking up the truth because the internet was in its infancy at that time and nobody could prove them wrong.

      The truth is WWE ran their first show on January 7, 1953 in Washington, DC. The name of the company was Capitol Wrestling and it was owned by the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. In January 1963 they changed the name of the company from Capitol Wrestling to the World Wide Wrestling Federation after pulling all of their talent out of the NWA. A common misconception is that Vince Sr. quit the NWA and went out and formed his own company from scratch at that point. Not true. The company already existed for 10 years. The only thing they did was change the name of the company. Everything else remained the same: management, stockholders, the roster, Champions, booked arenas, tv timeslots, staff, etc. Then in April 1963 they created the WWWF Heavyweight Championship.

      The same thing happened in March 1979 when they changed the name of the company from the World Wide Wrestling Federation to the World Wrestling Federation. And again in May 2002 from the World Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment, It’s been the same company for over 60 years, but just for whatever reason a lot of folks like to pretend those first 10 years never happened or that it was a completely different company.

  9. Brad Attitude says:

    Has Ryback had enough matches for a 3 disc dvd?

  10. Lawrence says:

    I’m excited by the potential of the MSG set. That said, I too hope it is not a repeat of matches on other sets.
    I am hopeful this DVD set will encompass more old school matches from the 1970s and ’80s with a lot of Backlund, Graham, Hogan and Sammartino matches (as long as there aren’t a ton of repeats on matches either on other sets or planned sets).
    There is a wealth of material from MSG so I hope the WWE finds some hidden gems that can stand alone as its own DVD without having to borrow from other sets.

    • Kane's Mother says:

      How can you do a best of MSG with no repeats? There are bound to be a bunch, and i don’t know how they could avoid it. How do you do Best of MSg without Hogan winning the title, the Ladder match, the Backlund towel… if you dont have them, its not a best of

  11. Ryan says:

    The History of WWE could be interesting. The doc would have to be long to give it proper justice. You can’t cram 50yrs into 2hrs.

    • LP1 says:

      WWE is actually 60 years old, but for whatever reason they like to pretend that the first 10 years(1953-1963) never existed.

  12. Wonderllama says:

    Triple H’s DVD has the same amount of discs as Bill Goldberg’s?? That’s wrong and you know it!

  13. Brandon says:

    I’m a little curious to see if on the MITB Anthology, they put the first MITB match on there. I’m just curious as it includes “he who shall not be named”. It’s not a big deal to me as I’ve already got it on DVD a few times but still, just wondering what they’ll do.

    • straightedge47 says:

      I see no reason why they wouldn’t, it’s an anthology and they included the New Year’s Revolution 2005 match on the Elimination Chamber Anthology.

  14. Simon says:

    Am hoping that the Royal Rumble 2008 match makes it onto the MSG set as a Blu-Ray extra.

  15. Da Man says:

    Andre’s run was too long ago for even the older fans to remember, and his era was so much slower paced that his appeal might be lost on younger viewers. However, WWE did mention a potential title on a survey called “Best of the Giants”, so that is something that could have a lot of Andre.

    • LP1 says:

      You do realize that Bruno Sammartino(whose WWE career predates Andre’s by over a decade) is getting a dvd made next year.

  16. Big Jon says:

    Goldberg was in wrestling for five years and he gets a DVD, Andre the Giant 20 plus and we get a recycled 1-disc from ’85, just Wrong!! Shame on WWE!

  17. KarlKayfabian says:

    I’m afraid that MSG set will be a huge stinkeroo. It will probably be repeat city with 90% of the content already released. I really hope I am wrong.

  18. Da Man says:

    I love reading all the British English on this site. I didn’t even realize Brits and Americans spelled so many words differently!

  19. Thomas Goodearl says:

    $103 for WWF WrestleMania X-Seven? Wow

  20. Bill says:

    Sounds like some good shit on the way

  21. Da Man says:

    Goldberg better come out! That’s the only one I care about this year.

    Smackdown Unreleased Matches would be a good one. Still lots of unreleased stuff.

  22. Jason Bing says:

    Next Blu-ray I get is In Your House set, might get the Triple H one.

  23. RCS1988 says:

    Interesting title’s coming. Any update on the Bruno Sammartino DVD? I’m guessing that will be a 2014 release.

    • Anan says:

      The Bruno DVD must have a documentary as a compilation set won’t do the man or his career any justice. Now that he’s in the HOF, its the perfect time to work on a doc. He stated that a possible DVD was part of the new deal with WWE when he agreed to enter the HOF. So there’s a good chance it’ll get done and I think you’re right in saying it’ll be a 2014 release. Hopefully they’ll start work on it soon though.

      I hope Bruno will be hands on with the project and even takes suggestions from anyone who’s still alive that has seen him wrestle.

  24. David says:

    Interested to see the details on RAW 20th Anniversary boxset. I doubt we will get full seasons of RAW, it will likely be similar to Best of Seasons 1 and 2 – two or three discs for each year with best matches and segments.

  25. Anan says:

    I agree. RAW gets more releases than Smackdown. Granted, RAW’s been around longer. But the fact that that show gets more releases and is currently 3 hours tells me they care more about RAW then SD. RAW may be viewed by WWE as the A show. But that doesn’t mean that have to leave SD out when it comes to releases.

    The Box set might have an actual documentary on RAW. That’d be cool.

    Also agree that HHH should have a 3-disc BD/4-DVD set as his career has been long and successful enough to warrant such a release. But Austin’s had many more releases than HHH before having his 3-BD/4-DVD set, which was releases after he went into the HOF. The amount of HHH’s releases isn’t anywhere close to Austin’s. My belief is that WWE will do another HHH set around his HOF Induction or after and that that set will be a 3-BD set. IT does make sense as they’ll include matches that were omitted from the set that is getting released this year and it’ll also be able to extensively cover his backstage work.

    • LP1 says:

      Austin has had 9 WWF/WWE home video releases…

      Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line (2011)
      The Legacy Of Stone Cold Steve Austin (2008)
      The Stone Cold Truth (2004)
      Stone Cold Steve Austin: What? (2002)
      Stone Cold Steve Austin: Lord Of The Ring (2000)
      Austin vs McMahon (1999)
      Hell Yeah (1999)
      Austin 3:16 Uncensored (1998)
      ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So (1997)

      This new Triple H release will be his 8th WWF/WWE home video release…

      Triple H (2013)
      DX: One Last Stand (2011)
      Triple H: The King Of Kings (2008)
      The New And Improved DX (2007)
      Triple H: That Damn Good (2002)
      Triple H: The Game (2002)
      HHH & Chyna: It’s Our Time (1999)
      D-Generation X (1998)

      So Austin hasn’t had that many more than Triple H. Plus Austin was a far bigger star and a much bigger draw than HHH so it made sense to put more of his stuff out there.

    • A fan of wrestling says:

      Triple H get’s a 4-DVD sit ?! ..
      Really !!.. That guy is an average wrestler at best lol .
      Triple H = 4/10 .

  26. Anonymous says:

    Picked up a copy of X-Seven for less than ten bucks a couple years ago. I’m sort of shocked to see it go for that much.

  27. NickP says:

    It would be nice to see Goldberg involved on his dvd. It really takes a lot away from a dvd when the wrestler profiled does not take part in the project.

  28. Jeff Copeland says:

    they need to stop doing raw dvds jesus theres like 20 of them all ready as far as hhh that should of been out years ago since that 09 08 one was just ok in my book mitb antholgy WHY jesus why i get cage i get hell in a cell but why mitb should just rename that ladder match 3 lol

  29. Shawn says:

    I know they usually have segments from the go home shows on PPV blu-rays (snas Mania), but this year’s Mania release would be good for another 3 disc BD set. The Post-Mania RAW needs to be a part of this release.

  30. James Crossley says:

    Agree Triple H should get Austin treatment which is 4 disc DVD/3 disc BR, Dolph would have been good host for MITB, as its a late release I hope it includes his cash in!

  31. pmdmf says:

    I’m disappointed to read that Triple H is only getting a 3 dvd/2 blu ray as opposed to a 4 dvd/3 blu ray. If anyone deserved the 4/3, it’s him.

  32. kyle willard says:

    We have so many Raw DVDs at this point, is another really necessary? All of the major moments are covered. Whats the boxset going to be? Whole seasons would be cool, but I doubt it’ll happen. Maybe like unreleased raw matches or something like that.