Length of Brock Lesnar WWE DVD Documentary & New Interviews

September 1, 2012 by Daniel Bee

As you know by now, WWE is coming out with a Collector’s Edition Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain DVD set for October 2012. This week, via BBFC, we now have some more information on the runtimes of the content to be included on there, including the new interviews with Lesnar.

WWE Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain DVD Collectors Edition

The total runtime of the DVD version is approx. 6 hours and 57 minutes, which is 3 hours and 46 minutes longer than the single-disc release of HTC back in 2003. The documentary, however, looks to be identical to the original and not extended, with a runtime of just over 1 hour. The new interviews with Brock are mostly no longer than 1 minute each.



Matches & Interviews

        Note: Content appears unordered but runtimes remain accurate.

(01:57) RAW – MARCH 18 2002
(06:38) RAW – APRIL 8 2002
(05:23) RAW – APRIL 2 2012
(08:10) OVW – JULY 28 2001
(06:13) OVW – NOVEMBER 10 2001
(09:46) BACKLASH – APRIL 21 2002
(09:04) KING OF THE RING – JUNE 23 2002
(15:15) RAW – JULY 15 2002 WWE Brock Lesnar DVD Collectors Edition
(14:02) SMACKDOWN – AUGUST 8 2002
(17:54) SUMMERSLAM – AUGUST 25 2002
(07:41) SMACKDOWN – SEPTEMBER 5 2002
(24:54) UNFORGIVEN – SEPTEMBER 22 2002
(32:48) NO MERCY – OCTOBER 20 2002
(11:29) ROYAL RUMBLE – JANUARY 19 2003
(10:38) SMACKDOWN – FEBRUARY 27 2003
(27:06) WRESTLEMANIA XIX – MARCH 30 2003
(19:12) BACKLASH – APRIL 27 2003
(01:04:18) SMACKDOWN – SEPTEMBER 18 2003
(14:30) SMACKDOWN – DECEMBER 11 2003
(12:07) SMACKDOWN – JUNE 12 2003
(20:44) WRESTLEMANIA XX – MARCH 14 2004

Runtimes of the Blu-ray exclusive content are not yet released.

The Lesnar DVD and Blu-ray is released in the United States on October 30th [order yours] and also in October for fans in the UK and Europe (when pre-ordering at Silvervision.co.uk). Australian fans can order over at WWEDVD.com.au for fastest release.

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  1. Harry Faversham says:

    Does anyone know if the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match includes Austin giving the Stunner to Goldberg after Lesnar at the end of the match?

  2. SRB says:

    The time to do a new documentary would be now if they were ever going to do one. To do one in the future, when Lesnar is likely not in WWE, when it probably wouldn’t even inlcude him wouldnt make sense anyways since he would no longer be with the company. Rather than releasing this recycled footage, they should corner Lesnar while they still have him under contract and have him do recent interviews. To do a rerelease isn’t a horrible idea, but WWE is only cashing in on an old theme and if they want to do that they should release the rest of Survivor Series.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? They’d make more off of rereleasing a DVD with extra matches then releasing an anthology set that no one really buys. I want the rest of the Survivor Series anthology too, but 9/10 WWE’s going to do what’s cost effective even if it’s not what a minority of fans want.

      • Dave says:

        I would love for them to finish the Survivor Series volumes too, but i learned to live with the fact that i don’t think WWE will release these anytime soon. I just imported SVS 97/98 and 99/00 Tagged Classics to complete my Survivor Series set.

        Also hope they would continue the Best of RAW.

        From a business standpoint i understand where WWE is coming from, like Anonymous said they’re going to do what is cost effective and producing DVDs that actually sell with the mass audience. Hardcore collectors like us are just a small segment of the market.

  3. Harry Faversham says:

    A documentary that was half made in 2003 and half made in 2012 would be really disjointed anyway, so I was was wondering how it was going to work and I’m not at all surprised thats its just intros. Its probably best this way if they aren’t going to make an entirely new doc. Hopefully Brock will be around for one in the future, but who knows about that. I totally agree that the extras make this a completetly different bakll game to the original DVD and for the same reason the blu ray is the only way to go for this one if you have the option at home. Brock deserves the credit for his career.

  4. Zach says:

    His last interview clip is 18 seconds. Lol.

  5. Fer says:

    What matters to me is that the iron man match seems to be the unedited version, great! now I’m glad I did not get that horrible 21s century superstars set only for that match

  6. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nothing I didn’t already expect with this release… Can’t wait to pick up the Blu-ray. The original documentary is actually really good.

  7. Dave says:

    Got the DVD already, but cannot wait to get the Blu-ray. This looks great!

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    When the details first came out, I was hoping Brock would’ve expanded on the documentary a little bit further like his thoughts on SummerSlam 2003, The Iron Man Match, His beef with Hardcore Holly, Dropping the belt to Eddie Guerrero, WrestleMania XX, Motorcycle Accident, Trying for the NFL, Wrestling in Japan, UFC, WWE Lawsuit, Return to WWE. There would have been heaps to contribute to and to talk about during his time away. And it would’ve given fans (newer fans) of what he’d been up to since depart WWE in 2004 and returning this year.

    • Geolink says:

      He probably forgot about most of those things not named UFC.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s probably best that he doesn’t because WWE would censor the hell out of it. I recently read his biography, and the stuff about New Japan definitely wouldn’t make it in there since most of it involved Lesnar being in a huge court case and saying a ton of disparaging things against WWE.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Well I still would’ve liked to hear about wrestlemania xx, NFL, Motorcycle Accident, the positives on wrestling in Japan and holding the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and making the transition into MMA. I’d still think it would be rather more interesting if the documentary was close to complete than half done.

  9. nightmare says:

    I feel that this one will flop because everyone who has the original might not get this because all that will be new is matches that you seen so many time already .

    Just have to wait and see for me I stick with my original even though I am not a fan of his at all .

    • AJ says:

      Shocking…you don’t think this DVD will sell…like every other DVD that is reported.

      • Dave says:

        Yet Nightmare thinks a sets like Best of Thunder and Best of Brookyln Brawler will sell buttload of copies.

        Nightmare complains about every DVD and Blu-ray that is announced and that he will not buy it. Well, if thats the case, maybe you should post elsewhere, this site ain’t for you. This is for actual fans, not people that think they’re too cool to not buy WWE DVDs and Blu-rays.

        The extra content alone on the Lesnar DVD/Blu-ray will get people to buy it, even if they bought the original.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          Maybe a Nightmare DVD would sell. Could be a double pack with Flash Funk.

          • SRB says:

            I’d buy a best of Thunder set! Can’t wait for Nightmare’s DVD release. “What A Nightmare – The Self-Destruction of The 17 Year Old Typing Machine.”

            • Harry Faversham says:

              How about ‘Nightmare: Here Comes The Pain in The Arse’. A 6 week documentary covering all the highs and lows of his incomparable career. Packed with a dozen thousand of his favourite matches from Thunder, previously unreleased on DVD! Exciting Action!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If that’s the exact documentary there are some comments that are hilarious in retrospect. Comments from WWE staff saying that Brock will be wrestling forever, and Brock himself saying that God put him on the earth to be a pro wrestler.

  11. Joe Israel says:

    I actually am going to be in the minority that doesn’t really have a problem that they didn’t make a whole new documentary. I think taking that doc and then tacking on an extra 30-45 minutes as a “sequel” documentary would have been the right way to go. It sounds like the new stuff is too short to really equate this, which is definitely a big disappointment. For those who don’t own it, the original HCTP doc is actually not bad.

  12. insanetombstone96 says:

    Damn, looks bad ass.

  13. scott says:

    How much do you really need to hear Brock say? It his actions and matches that really define who he is. Plus the documentary more than covers his history. I think this is looking like an excellent representation of Brock’s career to date. Blu-ray extras are icing on the cake.

  14. Geolink says:

    A little disappointed at the interview runtimes.