Let WWE Know your Thoughts on Wrestling’s Highest Flyers DVD Inside

October 20, 2010 by Daniel Bee

The WWE, through WWEDVDNews.com, want to get your feedback on the recent Wrestling’s Highest Flyers 3-Disc DVD released earlier this month in North America.

So if you purchased it what did you enjoy and what didn’t you enjoy? And if you didn’t buy it, was there any particular reason why not? Leave your responses in the comments section below this article – legit feedback will be passed on to WWE.

For a reminder on all matches included on the set read here.

Thank you for your contributions.

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  1. Conor says:

    Please remove the side bar format, I found it really distracting and took away from the action.
    Aside from that a great collection of matches and I didn’t mind the seemingly random format. It helps break up the action thought that being said it really could have used an insert.

  2. Jim Young says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch it because I returned it due to there being no insert. If they ever decide to put a insert in I would be happy to purchase it.

  3. Erik M says:

    This was a great DVD.Besides Chavo vs.Noble being the only weak match. I think there was only 6 7 matches that were on other DVD’s. But besides that this was a stellar collection of matches.Few complaints were that Jushin Lygar & Billy Kidman were bunched together with WCW Cruiserweights,when they deserved they’re own segment. Also WWE has matches with Tiger Mask from MSG from the early eighties that would have fit in perfectly.

  4. gids says:

    probably will not get this dvd. sometimes watching old matches is fun, but the picture quality of the dvds is really bad. well at least in australia they are. this isnt worth the $30 to me

  5. Brett Mix says:

    I go back on my Brian Pillman comment, thank you for correcting it. I had completely forgotten that and that was my mistake. I still meant everything else though and keep these ideas coming WWE. Anything that lets us re-live the 80s and 90s from your massive library so many of us would love to own.

  6. BK says:

    Too many repeats on these dvds. Once a match goes on one dvd, that should be it. There are so many great matches in the history of wrestling and every time there is a new dvd we should get treated to matches that we don’t already have on a previous dvd. I’d also love to see a lot more ECW and WCW matches

  7. GayForHBK says:

    You guys should make a DDP dvd and dont just fill it up with his most popular matches. Also i’d like a “Absolute Greatness Of ‘The Greatest Of All Time’ Shawn Michaels DVD with his greatest matches.

  8. Dan E says:

    My biggest complaint…I love those inserts. I like knowing which matches are on what disc. Also, I really think there could have been a better match for Evan Borne. How about his match against Mysterio or one of his matches with Jericho.

  9. Robert Carter says:

    I like the high flyers of wwe because they are great to watch and the fans don`t know what they would come up with inside the ring my favourite is rey mysterio and kofi kingston

  10. Steve says:

    Enjoyed the set but would have preferred:
    1. Less repeated matches from other sets.
    2. A DVD insert with the content listings.

  11. Chris says:

    I really like the Highest Flyers DVD. The only thing that bothered me about it was all the edited music. Not so much they edited the music but what they chose to replace it with. I also didn’t like a few of the choices for who was included on the release. Great Muta was never a high flyer IMO. He did a moonsault and that was really all. I think they should have included Lance Storm for sure.

  12. Eric says:

    1st very happy with the set – thanks for giving us some nice rarities

    room to improve

    -chronological order – let’s see how the style evolved
    -insert – especially since there is no logic in the layout of the discs – (see above) i don’t want to guess (“bodies has been bruised…” oops wrong disc) or search the net to find out which disc a particular match is on
    -poll the fans for content – no tiger mask/dynamite blows my mind
    -4th disc – seeing the footage in the vignettes on various wrestlers just made me want more
    -repeats – i understand some matches (eddie/rey wm2k) are essentials in this style that’s ok but vader/michaels? try to limit the repeats
    -dump the widescreen filler designs (sidebars) with just black (i know i can do this manually on my dvd player)- the patterns chosen on the past 3 sets i purchased are distracting
    -sky cam didn’t seem to work – it came off as a blurry mess to me- i would rather hear how a move was designed or inspired by the people who perform them
    overall a very nice set – well put together – i was very happy to pick it up on day one

  13. William says:

    I love the High Flyer set as it was done like Tag Teams. I hope you guys do more like Greatest Techincal Wrestlers, Big Men, etc in the style of those two. For improvements Id ask for no repeat matches and a insert printed on the set somewhere if you dont want to waste paper/energy with a insert.

  14. TEDZ says:

    I loved it and we need more ECW matches and more WCW matches. i think they should release a best of the Cruiserweight title dvd(like teh IC and WWE and World title sets)I also agree we don’t need repeats. The people who give you the most money are the ones who collect all the box sets. I think WWE needs to realize that fans love rare gems. And the more CW matches we get the better. Fans love these matches. Thanks for putting this set out.

  15. Tylor G. says:

    First off, no insert. WTF??? That just makes me mad. Secondly, quit slackin’ on the special features. There really should of hasve been at least 10 special features on this set. Not 6. Alot could of have been done extra-wise. Like some Nitro matches and a few recent MITB matches (High-Fliers Shine here). I’m tired of the Rey/Eddie Mask vs. Title match. Give it a rest! Rey’s match should of have been his WWE Debut Match. I really hate how it seems how this set was just thrown together. From Ricky Steamboat to Evan Bourne to Snuka. Really WWE, Really? That is all.

    I Want a Christian DVD Proto!

  16. Ger says:

    Nice to see WWE take an interest in their already released DVDs. Main positive would be the inclusion of some new-to-DVD WCW matches (such as Steamboat/Pillman; Pillman/Alex Wright). I feel the set lacks greatly overall though. First, the WWE’s own crusierweight/lightheavyweight matches on the set are terrible choices (Chavo/Noble?). Secondly, too much emphasis on recent matches (5 matches from the last 3 years is way too many). Finally, and most importantly, the repeat matches here are probably the worst I’ve seen on a WWE DVD yet. Rey/Eddie Halloween Havoc on DVD for what must be the 4th time. WM2000 Ladder match again. Michaels/Vader again (and surely they could have picked a Rockers match instead of this). If WWE continues to be lazy and puts similiar repeats on future releases, they’ll have lost me as a customer.

  17. MD says:

    I enjoyed the set and the inclusion of some rare matches was good, however WWE should stop including the same matches on several sets, i.e. the 3 way ladder match from Mania 16, which has been on quite a few releases in the past 3 years. I know everyone doesnt buy every DVD, but try and space out a repeat unless essential for the set (ie the Mania 3 on the Steamboat set).

    Regarding the ladder match why not include the ladder match between Edge/Christian and Hardys from the first raw on tnn (spike tv) in 2000). 

    I liked the Josh Matthews with superstars but hate the fake ‘sky base’ segments why nit have Josh in an empty arena, backstage, or even on the top rope with the tron behind.

    An insert would be good too, along with annother couple of discs!!! Why the limit in three?

    Also I know you can’t include everyone but no Liger match against Pilman, instead we got Das Wunderkind!

    No Dynamite/Black Tiger, a different ECW match would be cool maybe a Tajiri/Crazy death match or an FBI/Tajiri & Mikey match or the 3-way from Anarchy Rulz 99 and a Michinoku Pro six man from Hardcore TV (there was one from just before Barley Legal), what about a Savage/Steamboat Maple Leaf Gardens match.

    I hope that the digitalisation of the video library means that it will be much easier finding and adding these rarer matches.

    Also, I think WWE should utilise some if the archive footage from live events and Garden house shows (like the Hogan Unreleased Archives) this never before on DVD compilation would be great for other superstars like Bret, Shawn, Taker, Austin, Rock, Jericho, Flair, Triple H, etc.) also continue the History of Titles with the U.S, ECW, Tag, Women’s, then even other promotions. 

    I don’t mean to rant because WWE do a good job with their DVDs (much better than the number 2 company (no pun intended!). 

  18. Steve says:

    I want to see a Best of Kelly Kelly DVD!

  19. David T says:

    I am not liking the non insert in this set. I really feel like WWE could do a dvd set and mini documentary on the wcw cruiserweight division. I think it is what put high flying wrestling on the map. I understand it is a wwe dvd but it would be cool for wwe to put more non-wwe matches on upcoming sets.

  20. Erik Raether says:

    Actually, Brian Pillman is featured on this three dvd set. There are two Brian Pillman matches on this three dvd set and there’s also a Brian Pillman only chapter on it too. I already have this three dvd set and the two reasons why this isn’t a great dvd release is that there’s no insert included and that Jesse Ventura’s always brilliant commentary wasn’t included. I will always keep this three dvd set even though WWE should have done a much better job in making it. There isn’t enough 1980’s matches on it. It’s such a travesty that Macho Man Randy Savage, Greg Gagne and The Killer Bees weren’t included on this three dvd set.

  21. straightedgeenigma says:

    I wish there wasnt so many repeats from other sets on it, but its still worth a buy

  22. Brett Mix says:

    If the WWE wants legit feedback I will be more then happy to contribute. As a fan for two decades that purchases almost every DVD they put out, I think I have a right to voice my opinion. The match selections are great for the most part but one thing (and it seems like a re-occuring theme these days) needs to be changed and that is variety. Why ignore Flyin Brian Pillman, Jushin Thunder Liger and of course my favourite, Randy MACHO Man Savage, when those three were some of the most innovative wrestlers in this field. That would be like cutting Bret Hart out of a best techinical wrestler DVD. That is all I will say but other then that I like the set.

  23. Great Artwork on the set, But you could have had a few more established stars on the cover like Jeff Hardy, RVD or Morrison