Limited Time Sale on WWE DVDs & Blu-rays – $5 to $20 Deals!

January 18, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Until January 31st, Amazon US has selected WWE DVDs and Blu-rays with price reductions of up to 50% off – view sale.

WWE DVDs Amazon Sale

Below is a rundown of over 15 titles included in the promotion, all priced at just $5 to 20. Worth a look!

Royal Rumble 2012 (DVD $5.99, Blu-ray $8.99)

Royal Rumble 2011 (DVD/Blu-ray Combo $7.99)

WrestleMania 27 (Blu-ray $9.99)

SummerSlam 2012 (DVD $11.69, Blu-ray $15.08)

Night of Champions 2012 (DVD $11.99)

CM Punk: Best in the World (DVD $15.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

nWo: The Revolution (DVD $15.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

The Attitude Era (DVD $15.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

Epic Journey of The Rock (DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $19.16)

Best PPV Matches 2011 (DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $19.16)

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves (DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

Rock vs. Cena: Once in a Lifetime (DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain (DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $19.49)

WrestleMania 28 (DVD $17.49, Blu-ray $19.49)

Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011 (DVD $17.99, Blu-ray $16.99)

Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 1 (DVD $20.49)


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  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m only missing 15 ppvs from 86-12. All I need are The Big Event, Tuesday in Texas, IYH: Final Four, IYH: Ground Zero, KOTR 93, One Night Only, Breaking Point, Cyber Sunday 07 and 08, Taboo Tuesday 05, Armageddon, Fully Loaded, and Backlash 00, and Fully Loaded and Backlash 99.

  2. Steve Baggett says:

    Got all the 2012 ppvs when they came out…finished off with TLC last week. Now I do need a couple from 2010 and one from 07…

    • Steve Baggett Jr. says:

      and if some has any of the following and wants to sell/trade…let me know:

      Summerslam 04
      Unforgiven 04
      Survivor Series 07
      Fatal 4 Way (2010)
      Night of Champions 10
      Hell In A Cell 10

      Other than that, i have 04-12 complete. LMK and i’ll see what i can do.

      • Ryan Scott says:

        Have a couple of those but region 2

      • Mr Z says:

        The older PPV’s you can usually find pretty cheap on Amazon anytime. Except for Vengeance 2002, that one is never cheap. I have all of them from Summerslam 2002 through TLC 2012, but I can’t bring myself to pay what people are charging for some of the earlier 2002 shows.

  3. I already have CM Punk: Best In The World, nWo: The Revolustion, The Attitude Era, The Epic Journey Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011 & The Best Of Raw & SmackDown 2011. I would like to get Rock vs. Cena: Once In A Lifetime.

  4. Geolink says:

    Ah man. Got the majority of those DVD/Blu-rays… Trying to get all the 2012 PPVs to complete the collection. I’m only missing a few still.

  5. Jacob says:

    Of course the Attitude Era blu-ray goes on sale a week after I bought it from Amazon.

  6. Carly says:

    Why the bluray of rock vs cena: once in a lifetime is cheaper than the dvd???

  7. Steviebreech says:

    Rrrr nothing I need I need all the 2012 PPVs. Maybe wwe shop will throw em up

    • Dave says:

      I’m sure WWE Shop will have their annual PPV DVD package deal. For 2011 they had 13 events for $40 but that was last summer. Initially it was 13 for $100.

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