List of Expected and Rumored WWE DVD Releases for 2011 Onwards

October 1, 2010 by Daniel Bee

The full WWE DVD schedule for the remainder of 2010 now appears to have been finalised with the titles we have been reporting on.

The following is a list of rumored WWE Home Video releases for 2011 and perhaps later. These are the one’s we’ve heard about in the running of this website since last April. Hope you find it useful.

100 Craziest Moments – This was mentioned in the WWE DVD schedule in an edition of WWE Magazine, for release in 2010. The other titles listed with it have now all been confirmed, except this one. Therefore if “Craziest Moments” was not cancelled, this may see a release in 2011.

Goldust – In August on his Twitter account, Goldust mentioned that a DVD on him is “in the works”. No other details are known.

Greg Valentine – In a recent interview this year “The Hammer” stated there are plans for WWE to produce a DVD on his career, in addition to a book.

Jerry Lawler – Most recently rumored is a DVD on The King’s life and career which WWE is reportedly working on right now.

Randy Orton – Earlier this year there were rumblings of an upcoming DVD based on Orton, which does seem likely. A rumored title of “The Viper Uncoiled” for this set also came out, though nothing is confirmed.

Big Show – It appears WWE want to release a DVD on the Big Show’s career which may come in 2011. Earlier on there were even reports that they may make a DVD profiling Big Show and Andre The Giant in the same set. These or a “big men” DVD may happen.

Best of WCW Nitro – At one point this year this title was mentioned in a report as a DVD being considered. Since it is WCW themed this is an anticipated release but also one that may not happen. We heard of this once and never again.

History of DX – This was mentioned in some online reports some time ago and having a DVD release on the whole history of the group does seem viable. This may have just been an idea being tossed around.

Divas – Since there hasn’t been a WWE Diva related DVD in a number of years this one may make sense. There were conflicting reports on this and whether it would highlight current performers in the WWE or act as a “history” of all WWE Divas.

History of US Championship – This would join the other DVD sets on the history of championship titles. Again, we heard of this one being rumored only once and haven’t again.

The continuation of the Survivor Series Anthology volumes and additional Raw “season” sets are also being speculated. As always, stick with for the latest information on confirmed WWE DVD & Blu Ray releases as they are known.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Nice spam, we prefer because it’s dedicated to the one subject and the only place with the exclusive updates 😉

  3. JerryC says:

    I can only hope 2011 with be a good year for DVD releases. To keep track of all the latest releases, I prefer

  4. ddfdfdfdfffs says:

    goldust dvd please!

  5. Nicola Jane says:

    I’m also looking forward to Randy Orton DVD – I think it has been along time coming…also I’m looking forward to seeing Randy Orton’ Movie debute in ‘That’s What I am’

  6. KING90 says:

    Looking forward to a Randy Orton dvd & a History of DX dvd as long as they don’t water it down. Would be cool to see some really good attitude era footage mainly 1998-1999 stuff

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