List of Future WWE Network Shows Being Considered, WWE DVD Sale Improves

May 9, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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Several new show types are being considered for the WWE Network.

Revealed below are 14 concepts which include talk shows, news shows, documentaries and various reality series ideas. Take the poll to choose which shows appeal to you.

WWE Network - Talk Shows

News (Comedic):
News show about all things WWE. Presented with a comedic slant like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report.

News (Serious):
A news show about all things WWE. Presented with a more serious approach like ESPN’s SportsCenter.

New additions to the existing documentary line-up, such as Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan. In-depth programs about WWE related topics, similar to HBO’s Hard Knocks, or Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

New additions to the existing in-ring show line-up, such as RAW, Main Event, and NXT.

Game Shows:
Superstars hosting, or being involved in, WWE-themed game shows in which fans compete for cash prizes like on Cash Cab, Jeopardy!, and Family Feud.

Talk Shows:
Intimate and exclusive interviews with Superstars, Legends and Divas in a Late Show with David Letterman or Tonight Show format and similar to Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

New additions to the existing animated programming line-up, such as Slam City.

Reality: Docu-series:
Unscripted reality shows that explore the daily lives of Superstars, like seen on Total Divas or similar to Deadliest Catch or Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Reality: Lifestyle:
Reality shows that explore the lifestyle of a Superstar, like foods they crave and places they like to travel. Similar to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Reality: Competition (In-Ring):
“In-ring” competition shows, like Tough Enough. The new season of Tough Enough has been confirmed for the Network and begins filming soon at the WWE Performance Center.

Reality: Competition (Outside The Ring):
Competition shows that have Superstars, Divas and Legends competing against each other outside the ring like on Amazing Race or Shaq Vs.

Reality: Buying/Selling:
Reality shows looking at collecting habits of Superstars, or buying and selling pop culture memorabilia or antiques, like on Pawn Stars or American Pickers.

Reality: Survival:
Reality shows featuring Superstars, Divas, and Legends attempting to survive in the wild, like on Dude You’re Screwed, or Survivorman.

Reality: Prank Shows:
Reality shows featuring Superstars, Divas and Legends “punking” and pranking each other like on Punk’d or Impractical Jokers.

Choose FOUR (4) show types you'd most like to see produced in the future for WWE Network...

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  1. newton says:

    i like the game show and competition outside of the ring but isnt that legends house?

  2. newton says:

    anything with legends is gold. i love the roundtables and legends house. if they do news hope they have legends analyzie like a teddy bruski or bruce bowen does on sportscenter. if they do docs, they can check in on legends kind of like that real sports ddp segment (doubt theyd do negative stories, itd prob be about charity work but thats cool)

  3. Anan says:

    I agree with old shows needing to return on The Network.

    Of the shows listed above, I’d like to see the Comedic News and Serious News combined into one where there’s comedy here and there, but mostly serious. The documentary show intrigues me as I am a fan of both wrestling and documentaries.

  4. Kay says:

    Showing the old Superstars, Main Event, Shotgun, Confidential, Heat/Velocity. I would like to see those

  5. LP1 says:

    You notice the biggest thing missing from those choices are “Classic Wrestling Programs”. Bring on Superstars Of Wrestling, Wrestling Challenge, Prime Time Wrestling, Nitro, Saturday Night, Mid South, Mid Atlantic, etc, etc. That’s what I want more than anything.

    I think the last thing we need is more “In Ring” shows. Between 3+ hours of Raw, 2 hours of SmackDown, an hour of Main Event, an hour of Superstars and an hour or NXT, that’s over 8 hours a week of in ring shows. Its overkill.

    • mark says:

      Totally had the same thought reading the chioces. AWA, WWF and NWA/WCW old school shows are what I’d like to see. Not more reality or talk segments.

  6. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’d like to see the old Rock n’ Wrestling cartoons added to the WWE Network, as well as new cartoons. It would be something cool to see. And they should also bring back Tuesday Night Titans. Have Josh Matthews or Renee Young host it every week. Possibilities are endless.

    • Anonymous says:

      Supposedly, the next big upload after the Clash of the Champions went up is SNME, and if they can swing it, Rock N Wrestling is next. No idea how true or not that is, but that’s what I saw on a few other wrestling news sites.

      • David says:

        WWE Network FAQ lists Rock N’ Wrestling under shows coming in 2014 but had tentative in brackets. Could be due to licensing, if not confirmed.

        Nitro, Saturday Morning Slam, and Vault specials are also listed.

  7. TLKiller990 says:

    Give me Blackman’s Bounties and leave me alone.

  8. Mark D says:

    I’d have to go with: News (comedic), Docs, Game Shows & Reality (docu-series). I’m a huge (formerly closited, lol) “total divas” fan, so I’d like to see maybe a “total mid-carders” show. Also a game show sounds like a unique prospect too.

  9. ekkoes4life says:

    Might be me, but..where is the Wrestling Entertainment in all these upcoming possible shows?

    I think the WWE is loosing focus on what they are good at..but, I’m not into all this so called unscripted reality tv..

    • Mark D says:

      Don’t bank on WWE moving from new types of content, they’re hoping they can create a “Pawn Stars” type show. I wouldn’t be shocked to see wrestling used to force the Network into existence before they try and grab non-wrestling fans with non-wrestling content, THAT is where their biggest area of growth is.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        I do can see it from that point, sure.. rolling with the wave of “mow”.. It’s a matter of taste, I assume.. I literatly hate reality tv.. I think it is brain-dead and frankly, I really do not care for what kind of food Cena eats, what Bella twins are shopping today or how Daniel Bryan brushes his beard, and stuff like that.

        I care for the action and athletics excitement and story telling in the spuared circle..

        and quite frankly..the care for these are getting weaker and weaker, while the reality platform the wrestlers have to perform on are more and more..curious, right!? the performances and efforts and storytelling in the wrestling ring is lower and lower while the out of the ring performance increases..

        well.. guess, it is the old fashion me.. I love the wrestling product as a whole up to the first half of 2012.. now I only find pieces here and there that are great.. again, guess it is a matter of taste, as with all things in life.. 🙂

  10. Kenny says:

    News (Comedic)
    News (Serious)

    This “reality” garbage is not what I’m interested in at all. I don’t mind learning more about wrestling (docs), I don’t mind the in-ring stuff (SHOCKING!), and so long as it’s ACTUALLY funny, I enjoy poking fun at wrestling too. The comedy thing is something I’m a little apprehensive about, because they’re more *GROAN* than *LAUGH* when they try to do comedy.

  11. Daniel Bee says:

    My 4 choices would be…

    News – Comedic
    Talk Shows
    Reality: Buying/Selling (quite like the idea of it, for some reason…)

  12. Big Cal says:

    Reality: Survival – Total Divas Edition. I’d pay money to see the divas stuck on an island for a month or something. Anything to keep them out of the ring 😛

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