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July 28, 2011 by Mark D

Walmart.com have released a cover art for the recent Destination X PPV’s DVD release, this three hour release includes all the high-flying, death-defying action in its entirety. Bonus material includes interviews and much more. Destination X 2011 is set for release on September 20, 2011.

Another cover art is for the Sacrifice & Slammiversary Twin Pack – this 2 disc set is scheduled for release on August 23, 2011; the special features for this release include: Before the Bell, music videos and behind-the-scenes footage.


Finally we have just learned that November 22, 2011 will see the Twin Pack release of the upcoming HARDcore Justice and No Surrender PPVs.

Finally Jeff Hardy tweeted the following a few days ago about his upcoming DVD set:

JEFFHARDYBRAND Just Finished up tha shoot for my new DVD….2 days of good footage! I think you all will dig it when it drops in October!!

And also as we mentioned here previously (and first!) “Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy Vol. 2” is scheduled for release on October 18, 2011.

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  1. Parick Dykes says:

    tna should make these following dvds in 2012

    Rob Van Dam:The Whole F’N Show(2010-2011)
    1.rvd vs james storm(lockdown,2010)
    2.rvd vs jeff hardy(impact,2010)
    3.rvd vs aj(impact,2010)
    4.rvd vs aj(genesis,2010)
    5.rvd vs sabu(hardcore justice,2010)
    6.rvd vs abyss(bound for glory,2010)
    7.rvd vs rhino(final resolution,2010)
    8.rvd vs jerry lynn(destination x,2011)

    aj vol.3 dvd
    1.aj vs samoa joe(sacrifice,2007)
    2.aj and tomko vs lucius creed and ron killings(bound for glory,2007)
    3.aj and tomko vs nash and joe(final resolution,2008)
    4.aj vs kurt(slammiversary,2008)
    5.dudleys and kurt vs aj,christian,and rhino(victory road,2008)
    6.aj vs kurt(hard justice,2008)
    7.aj vs booker t vs christian(bound for glory,2008)
    8.aj vs sting(turning point,2008)
    9.main event mafia vs tna frontline(final resolution,2008)

    aj vol.4
    1.aj vs booker t(sacrifice,2009)
    2.aj vs hernadez vs kurt angle vs matt morgan vs sting(no surrender,2009)
    3.aj vs daniels(final resolution,2009)
    4.aj vs kurt(impact,2010)
    5.aj vs kurt(genesis,2010)
    6.aj vs joe(against all odds,2010)
    7.aj vs pope(lockdown,2010)
    8.aj vs dreamer(no surrender,2010)
    9.aj vs douglas williams(final resolution,2010)
    10.aj vs matt hardy(victory road,2011)
    11.aj vs bully ray(slammiversary,2011)
    12.aj vs daniels(destination x,2011)

    kurt angle vol.2
    1.kurt vs abyss(turning point,2008)
    2.kurt vs rhino(final resolution,2008)
    3.kurt vs matt morgan(bound for glory,2009)
    4.kurt vs desmond wolfe(final resolution,2009)
    5.kurt vs mr anderson(lockdown,2010)
    6.kurt vs kaz(slammiversary,2010)
    7.kurt vs jeff(lockdown,2011)
    8.kurt vs jeff(slammiversary,2011)
    9.kurt vs sting(hardcore justice,2011)

    i chose the ones that are 3 stars and above and arent on other dvds
    if they do these we will have the best matches of the recent years

  2. SRB says:

    Besides the Destination X cover, which although basic is very good, i think the hardy cover is truly amazing. i really like it. im very surprised theyre releasing anything on him at all considering what a mess he is. his talent cannot be denied and i will for sure be grabbing the set, but TNA always has a tendency to pick up and experience themselves WWE’s fallen mistakes.

  3. SRB says:

    @Mark.. on Saturday night I saw a post for the Hardy DVD cover on this site. It had it’s own post and column, not the one posted below by dt. Just curious because i wanted to see the comments.

    • Mark D says:

      @SRB There is a post just with the cover art over here it went up Sunday morning. What do you think of the artwork? I think it looks quite good. It’s going to be interesting how they deal with the Hardy’s current status.

  4. SRB says:

    what happened to the hardy post?

  5. Is4life says:

    Oops, I ment Volume 3, sorry!
    I didn’t realize that.

  6. SRB says:

    is there an AJ volume 3?

  7. Isrs4life says:

    I think it’s due timeing for a new Sting dvd set.
    Plus a Kurt Angle: Volume 2 one and AJ Styles:Volume 4
    because all these guys have had so many matches since 2007
    that were good and love to see the top 10 or so of them each.
    I hope these are working DVD’s for 2012.

  8. Mark D says:

    @John, Destination X will be released nationally (no ShopTNA.com exclusive) in fact it’s already up for pre-order from places like Amazon.com.

  9. john says:

    i hope dx won’t be a tnashop.com exclusive like last yrs

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